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Definition of 'lit up'

Lit up in british english, examples of 'lit up' in a sentence lit up, trends of lit up.

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English [ edit ]

Pronunciation [ edit ], adjective [ edit ].

lit up ( comparative more lit up , superlative most lit up )

  • illuminated
  • 1998 , Josephine Tey, The Franchise Affair , page 97 : You wondered what she would be like when she was lit up . Excited, I mean; not tight.
  • 2005 , Jim Greer, James Greer, Steven Soderbergh, Guided by Voices: a brief history I don't know if Bob remembers the whole thing either; he was pretty lit up .
  • 2010 , Jeff Somners, The Terminal State Her thin, pretty face was lit up with an ancient sort of rage.
  • ( slang ) Under the influence of alcohol or drugs , intoxicated , buzzed .

Synonyms [ edit ]

  • ( illuminated ) : lighted , luminous ; see also Thesaurus:illuminated
  • ( exhilarated, excited ) : ebullient , thrilled , worked up ; see also Thesaurus:enthusiastic

Derived terms [ edit ]

  • lit up like a Christmas tree

Verb [ edit ]

  • simple past and past participle of light up

Anagrams [ edit ]

  • TULIP , Tulip , tulip , uplit , uptil

what is lit up

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drugged, esp on heroin

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Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

How to use lit up in a sentence

Her eyes lit up as she saw her uncle and aunt, there to welcome her back into the real world.

At that point, a sphere lit up , resembling the landing of the UFO in E.T., and the overheard lights descended on the stage.

Former coach Vicki Chliszczyk recently told WBAL TV, “When she was on the floor she just lit up the arena.”

And hey, Beyoncé gave them a banner—a big, lit-up sign that says “feminist”—to join together under.

I jammed my thumb into my mouth and almost choked on it while the screen lit up with sunny skies on a gleaming lake.

It lit up every ridge and hollow for two or three seconds, and showed me four riders tearing up the slope at a high run.

Coming back along the well-beaten sandy track, my heart sank to see our mess tent still lit up at midnight.

Coming back found mess tent brilliantly lit up and my staff entertaining their friends.

And then she saw him before her in the darkness with a painful clearness, as if he were lit up by the burning rays of the sun.

Whenever a potato lit up dangerously she gave it a poke into a new position.

Cambridge Dictionary

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Meaning of light (something) up in English

Light (something) up.

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  • agreeableness
  • all things to all people idiom
  • delightfully
  • distraction
  • divertingly
  • indulgently
  • serendipitous


  • anti-tobacco
  • big tobacco
  • chain-smoker
  • cigarette butt
  • cigarette holder
  • nicotine patch
  • passive smoking
  • roll up! idiom
  • roll-your-own
  • second-hand smoke

light up | American Dictionary

( look happy ), light up something, ( make bright ), ( make burn ).


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Tucking in and pigging out (Eating phrasal verbs)

Tucking in and pigging out (Eating phrasal verbs)

what is lit up

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  • light (something) up (EXPRESSION)
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  • light up (LOOK HAPPY)
  • light up something (MAKE BRIGHT)
  • light up something (MAKE BURN)
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Definition of light up phrasal verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

  • There was an explosion and the whole sky lit up.
  • The night sky was lit up with fireworks.

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  • His eyes lit up when she walked into the room.
  • A smile lit up her face.
  • Her face lit up with pleasure.
  • Stacey's face immediately lit up.
  • They all lit up as soon as he left the room.
  • He sat back and lit up a cigarette.

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  4. Lit up Definition & Meaning

    The meaning of LIT UP is drunk.

  5. LIT UP definition and meaning

    LIT UP definition: drunk | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

  6. lit up

    Adjective edit · illuminated · (slang) exhilarated, excited; showing signs of emotion quotations ▽. 1998, Josephine Tey, The Franchise Affair , page 97: You

  7. LIT UP Definition & Usage Examples

    lit up · drunk · drugged, esp on heroin.

  8. lit up

    Translations in context of "lit up" in English-Russian from Reverso Context: When his board lit up with signals that indicated an American launch


    to make something bright or shiny: When I'd say there was a letter for him you could see his eyes light up.

  10. Lit-up Definition & Meaning

    Lit-up definition: (slang) Exhilarated, excited; showing signs of emotion..

  11. light-up phrasal verb

    light up · ​to become or to make something become bright with light or colour. There was an explosion and the whole sky lit up. · ​if somebody's eyes or face

  12. meaning of light up in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

    1 light something ↔ up ; 2 BRIGHT ; 3 a) HAPPYEXCITEDif someone's face or eyes light up, they show pleasure, excitement etc with His eyes lit up with laughter.

  13. Lit-up

    1. illuminate, light up, brighten, lighten, put on, turn on, clarify, switch on, floodlight, irradiate, illumine, flood with light The giant moon lit the road

  14. Lit up

    light up · 1. To brighten or illuminate something. · 2. To become illuminated. · 3. To focus a light source on someone or something. · 4. To become noticeably