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20 Multiplication Word Problems for 3rd to 5th Grades With Tips On Supporting Students’ Progress

Steven eastes.

Multiplication word problems are mathematical word problems that use real-life scenarios involving multiplication to find the solution. Multiplication word problems teach students to apply their knowledge of their times tables and build up skills in standard algorithm multiplication.

As children advance through elementary school, they will develop their times tables skills. Skills to tackle word problems involving multiplication develop alongside this from 3rd grade to 5th grade.

How to build mathematical skills to tackle multiplication word problems

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As children develop their knowledge of multiplication, it is essential that they are exposed to visuals and concrete manipulatives to understand the concept of multiplication. These resources aim to aid children’s understanding of multiplication and allow them to make connections to real-world situations.

As children become more confident in their ability to multiply they will start to apply their skills to beyond one-step problems and begin to solve complex word problems, and multi-step problems that may involve more than one operation.

In two-step problems children may need to use their addition word problems , subtraction word problems , fraction word problems and division word problems skills to find the solution. These skills are built upon throughout lower and upper elementary. Furthermore, having a student who understands place value will also aid them in their problem solving skills.

It is important that children are exposed to arithmetic activities and fluency tasks together with regular word problems. To help, in this blog you will find multiplication word problems for all grades from 3rd grade up to 5th grade, complete with examples and solutions for you to use with your students.

Word Problems Grade 5 Addition and Subtraction

11 grade 5 addition and subtraction questions to develop your students' reasoning and problem solving skills.

Multiplication in 3rd Grade

In 3rd grade, children should be able to recall all products of two one-digit numbers and division facts for these tables. Additionally, they begin writing the multiplication, division and equals signs and show that multiplication of two numbers can be done in any order due to the commutative theory. 

They will also develop efficient mental methods using commutativity and associativity such as 5 x 8 = 40 and so 8 x 5 = 40 as well as deriving related facts such as , if 2 x 3 = 6 then 20 x 3 = 60. Students will also practice their written multiplication strategy starting with calculations of two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers via arrays and area models.

3rd graders use arrays, repeated addition, concrete materials and mental methods to solve word problems. By the end of 3rd grade, they also begin to successfully write and calculate multiplication statements and solve missing number problems. 

It is also important to develop our students’ vocabulary and to consider the different ways of saying we are multiplying. Multiplication word problems are fantastic at doing this by using phrases such as ‘the product of’, ‘equal groups’, ‘use multiplication tables’ and ‘arrays’. Concrete materials will obviously assist in this understanding too.

By the end of 3rd grade students will mentally know and use place value to understand about multiplying by 10 and 100, recognize and use factor pairs and be able to multiply three-digit numbers by one-digit numbers. 

When working on multiplication word problems, students will look at integer scaling problems and more complex correspondence problems such as ‘n objects are connected to m objects’. These two-step problems will be based on real-life scenarios around: measure, money and fractions.

Multiplication in 4th and 5th grade

In 4th grade, students continue to practice multiplying using the area model, multiplying 4-digit by one-digit numbers. In 5th grade, students are introduced to standard algorithm multiplication, where students will multiply 4-digit numbers by two-digit numbers. 

Children should use their knowledge of factors, multiples, and prime numbers to assist them in their problem solving. Being familiar with multi-step word problems and knowing how to apply their knowledge of multiplication in a quick, accurate manner is essential.

Word problems are a great opportunity to bring math to life. They enable children to see the link between the math they do in the classroom and how they can apply it in real-life scenarios and avoid the phrase ‘why do we need to learn this anyway?’

In lower elementary word problems allow for the chance to use concrete materials and manipulatives rather than a constant stream of multiplication word problem worksheets. 

Children get a hands-on opportunity to problem solve and visually see how to create arrays or use repeated addition. While this continues into upper elementary, learners will use concrete materials less and instead embark on the formal written methods of standard algorithm multiplication so that they become confident with mental and formal methods.

In addition, children develop key skills such as:

  • building problem solving skills
  • developing mathematical language skills
  • develop an understanding between multiplication and division and how we can use, and may need to use both, to solve two-step problems. We may need to multiply before we use standard algorithm division for example.
  • be able to apply mathematical concepts to real life situations.

Once the concept of multiplication is embedded and children understand how to use concrete materials, for example how to visually create an array to represent the multiplication needed, the next step is to advance to multiplication word problems.

When providing children with multiplication word problem worksheets or multiplication word problems challenge cards, it is important that children are able to read the question carefully and understand the context before extracting the math from it. 

Students need to be able to interpret what they are being asked. What operation do they need to do? Or do they need to do two operations? Is it a one-step problem or a two-step problem? In the word problems below the focus will be multiplication, whether representing it visually, like in lower elementary, or moving up to formal written methods in upper elementary.

Amy is making the party bags for her birthday party. She has invited 10 friends and they will have three chocolates in their bag. How many chocolates will Amy need altogether?

How to solve this:

Firstly we need to know that Amy has invited 10 friends so there will be 10 party bags. She will put 3 chocolates in each bag. So we know:-

  • There are 10 friends/party bags
  • They will have 3 chocolates each
  • We therefore need to multiply, or use repeated addition, to times 10 by 3 to solve the problem.
  • So to solve this problem we could draw a number line starting at zero (0) and repeatedly add three (3) each time. We need to repeat this ten (10) times to attain the answer.
  • We could mentally use our times table knowledge to do 10 x 3, or 3 x 10 or visually represent this as an array. We could even show this as a bar model.
  • We could formally use multiplication to solve this problem.

How would we represent this visually?

Below are visual representations of the above problem to show how a child may represent this problem using any of the strategies above:

How we would represent this with repeated addition:

Visual representation of multiplication problem

Or as an array:

Visual representation of how to use arrays to solve multiplication problem

Below are examples of what can be expected at each grade level from grades 3 to 5. Through our tutoring program at Third Space Learning, our tutees will become familiar with word problems throughout their learning. They will encounter word problems on a regular basis with each lesson personalized to develop the learning our tutees need. 

solve word problems involving multiplication

The word problems will increase their confidence, familiarity with vocabulary and mathematical understanding whether using our materials in tutoring sessions, in the classroom or in small intervention groups.

3rd grade is the first year that multiplication is formally introduced.  When solving word problems for 3rd grade, students will first use concrete materials to discover how to use repeated addition and arrays to solve word problems that have a context to them. They should be encouraged and aided in representing the word problem visually as well as developing their mental methods to solve such problems.

By the end of 3rd grade, students should be using their full knowledge and recall of times tables to 10 x 10 to help with multiplication of 2-digit and 3-digit numbers by a 1 digit number. Word problems may also involve multi step problems and there will be exchanges taking place too.

Mia is picking flowers. A flower has 5 petals on it. How many petals will be on 6 flowers?

Answer: 30 petals

How we can solve this using repeated addition:

Example of repeated addition

How we can solve this using arrays:

How to solve problem using an array

How we can show this visually:

How to solve multiplication problem visually

Sam is at the store and sees a bouncy ball is 10¢.

Sam wants to buy 8 balls. How much will it cost?

Answer: 80 ¢

Hansi has 4 packets of stickers with 5 stickers in each packet.

Robert has 3 packets of stickers with 10 stickers in each packet.

Who has the most stickers? Why?

Answer: Robert because Hansi has 20 stickers (4 x 5) but Robert has 30 stickers (3 x 10).

Daisy and Ollie are sharing some marbles. They have 5 boxes of marbles, and once they have shared them they have twenty marbles each. How many marbles are in each box?

Answer: 8 marbles.

If they have 20 marbles each then in total there are 40 marbles (20 x 2 = 40). If there are 5 boxes of marbles then there are 8 marbles in each box as 40 divided by 5 is 8. Some may also know the inverse here in that 5 x 8 = 40.

It is Christmas break and a family of 4 are going to the cinema! Each ticket costs $8. How much would it cost for the family to go to the cinema?

Answer: $32.

As 4 multiplied by 8 equals 32. We can solve this mentally and by knowing the times table fact 4 x 8 = 32 or 8 x 4 = 32.

We could also show this in bar model method:

Using the bar model method to solve multiplication problem

In 4th grade, students should be using their full knowledge and recall of times tables to 12 x 12 as children begin to multiply 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers and 2-digit numbers. Word problems may also involve multi-step problems and there will be exchanges taking place too.

Jack and Ella are practicing their area models and have both attempted the same question.

The question is: What is 1,235 x 7?

Jack says the answer is 7,259 but Ella says the answer is 8,645.

Who is correct and what mistake has one child made?

multiplication to solve multiplication word problem

Answer: Ella is correct, the answer is 8,645 and the mistake made is that Jack forgot to add the two zeros when multiplying 7 x 200.

If a shop makes $2,782 in a day, how much will it make in one week?

Answer: $19,474

Note: For this question we must know that there are 7 days in one week as we then have to multiply 2,782 by 7.

A group of friends go for lunch at the local restaurant. 6 of them decide to buy chicken nuggets and fries which costs $7 each and the other 4 friends decide to buy pizza and salad for $8 each. What do friends spend more on, chicken nuggets or pizza?

Answer: Chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets = 7 x 6 totals $42 whereas pizza = 8 x 4 totals $32. Therefore, they spend more on chicken nuggets.

A high school football team has a mean (average) attendance of 1,298 people each game. There are 9 games in a season, what is the total attendance for the whole season?

Answer: A total attendance of 11,682

With the end of the elementary school journey in sight, word problems for 5th graders are expected to be able to use mental methods to solve the more simple multiplication word problems, such as multiplying by a multiple of 10. The standard algorithm is formally introduced in 5th grade. They will be able to multiply decimals as well as 4-digit numbers multiplied by 2-digit numbers. They will also be versed with two-step problems and using more than one operation in a question.

There are 67 candies in a bag. If the grocery store orders 8,657 bags, how many candies would there be altogether?

Answer: 580,019 candies 

multiplication workings to solve multiplication word problem

Bobby chooses a number between 300 and 320.

She divides it by 6 then subtracts 17 from it.

She then divides that number by 4.

Her answer is 8.5.

What number did she start with?

Answer: 306

Here it is essential to work backwards from the answer 8.5 and do the inverse at each step. So we multiply instead of divide and we add instead of subtract.

Miss Dobson is making cakes to sell at the school fair.

Strawberries cost $5.60 per lb.

Eggs cost $1.70 per box.

Icing costs 89¢ per lb.

Cake cases are $3.25 for 10.

She uses 8 lbs of strawberries, 10 boxes of eggs, 11 lbs of icing and 40 cake cases to make 40 cakes.

Calculate the total cost for 40 cakes.

Answer: $84.59

The strawberries are: $5.60 x 8 = $44.80

The eggs are: $1.70 x 10 = $17.00

Icing costs are $0.89 x 11 = $9.79

Cake cases are $3.25 x 4 = $13.00

There are 26 white buttons in a pack and 13 blue buttons in a pack.

The school buys 1,460 packs of white buttons and 730 packs of blue buttons.

Is it true that the school would have four times as many white buttons as blue buttons? Show your working in your answer.

Answer: It is true because there are 37,960 white buttons and there are 9,490 blue buttons.

If we then multiply 9,490 by 4 we get 37,960. Or alternatively we could divide 37,960 by 4 and get 9,490.

Third Space Learning offers a big collection of practice word problems covering a wide range of topics for all elementary grade levels. Take a look at our addition and subtraction word problems , time word problems , ratio word problems and percentage word problems .

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The content in this article was originally written by former Deputy Headteacher Steven Eastes and has since been revised and adapted for US schools by elementary math teacher Christi Kulesza.

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Includes a corresponding PowerPoint to engage the class and answers to allow for swift marking.

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Word Problems on Multiplication

Word problems on multiplication for fourth grade students are solved here step by step.

Problem Sums Involving Multiplication: 1.  24 folders each has 56 sheets of paper inside them. How many sheets of paper are there altogether?

We can add 56 sheets 24 times

Since multiplication is repeated addition we can multiply 56 and 24 to get the answer.

Word Problems on Multiplication

[Sometime, more than one calculation is required.]  Therefore, altogether there are 1344 sheets.  

2. A carton holds 24 packets of biscuits. Each packet has 12 biscuits. How many biscuits can be packed in 45 cartons? 

In one carton we can pack 24 × 12 biscuits.

In 45 cartons, we can pack 24 × 12 × 45 biscuits.

24 × 12 = 288

Therefore, altogether there are 12,960 biscuits.

3. There are 226 pencils in a packet. How many pencils are there in 212 such packets?

Consider the following Examples on Word Problems Involving Multiplication:

1. A book costs $ 67. How much will be paid for 102 such books?  Solution:

The cost of one book            = $ 6 7                   6 7 Number of books                  = 1 0 2              × 1 0 2 The cost of 102 books          = $ 67 × 102        1 3 4                                           = $ 6834          + 6 7 0 0                                                                    6 8 3 4

Therefore, cost of 102 books = $ 6834  

2. A bicycle costs $ 215. How much will be paid for 87 such bicycles? 


The cost of one bicycle            = $ 2 1 5                   2 1 5 Number of bicycle                    = 8 7                        × 8 7 The cost of 87 bicycles            = $ 2 1 5 × 8 7        1 5 0 5                                              = $ 6834             + 1 7 2 0 0                                                                           1 8 7 0 5 Therefore, cost of 87 bicycles = $ 18705

3. The monthly salary of a man is $ 2,625. What is his annual income by salary? 

Monthly income               = $2,625                   2 6 2 5 Annual income                 = $2,625 × 12              × 1 2                                          = $31,500                 5 2 5 0                                                                  + 2 6 2 5 0                                                                      3 1 5 0 0

Therefore, annual income = $ 31,500

4. A chair costs $ 452 and a table costs $ 1750. What will be cost of 15 chairs and 30 tables? 

(i) Cost of one chair         = $ 452 Cost of 15 chairs             = $ 452 × 15                                     = $ 6,780 (ii) Cost of one table        = $ 1,750 Cost of 30 tables             = $ 1,750 × 30                                     = $ 52,500 Therefore, cost of 15 chairs and 30 tables = $ 6,780 + $ 52,500

Questions and Answers on  Word Problems on Multiplication:

1. Each student of class IV $ 75 for the flood victims. If there are 368 students in class IV, what is the total amount of money collected?

Answer: $ 27600

2. An orchard has 46 rows of mango trees. If there are 150 trees in each row. What is the total number of mango trees in the orchard?

Answer: 6900

3. A showroom has 165 bicycles. Each bicycle costs $ 4500. What is the total cost of all the bicycles? 

Answer: $ 742500

4. The teller in the bank received 814 notes today. If the value of each note is $ 500, what is the total amount of money collected by the teller?

Answer:  $ 407000

5. A car factory manufactures 75 cars each month. How many cars will be manufactured in the factory in one year?

Answer:  900

6. The National Library has 502 book shelves. In each shelf there are 44 books. What is the total number of books in the library?

Answer:  22088

7. Our heart beats about 72 times in a minute. How many times will it beat in an hour?

Answer:  4320

8. Shyam works for 10 hours in a day and Ram works for 9 hours in a day. Ram works for 6 days in a week and Sham works for 5 days in a week. Who works for more hours in a week and by how much?

Answer:  Ram, 4 hours

9. There are 100 baskets of fruit. Each basket has 24 kg of fruit. If half of the baskets are kept on the weighing machine, then what weight will be shown by the weighing machine?

Answer:  1200

10. A truck has 673 boxes of candies. Each box has a dozen candies in it. What is the total number of candies on the truck?

Answer:  8076

11. A packet consists of 600 chocolates. How many chocolates are there in 248 such packets?

Answer:   148800

12. A book contains 543 pages. How many pages are there in 22 such books?

Answer:   11946

13. A boat can carry 635 people. How many people can travel in 240 such boats?

Answer:   152400

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Solve Word Problems Using Multiplication

Key concepts.

  • Use a bar diagram to solve a multiplication problem

Solve word problems using multiplication 

What are the steps in solving word problems involving multiplication?  

  • Read and understand the problem. 
  • Know what is asked. 
  • Find what the given parts are. 
  • Determine what operation to be used and take the word clue that will represent multiplication. 
  • Solve the problem. 
  • Verify the answer. 

The monthly salary of a man is $2,625. Find the annual income. 

salary of a man


Monthly income               = $2,625 


Annual income                 = $2,625 × 12 


Therefore, annual income = $31,500.[Text Wrapping Break] 3.7.1 Use a bar diagram to solve a multiplication problem  

Bar diagram 

Bar diagrams are the pictorial representation of data (generally grouped) in the form of vertical or horizontal rectangular bars.  

Uncle Ray is 3 times as old as Lenin. Lenin is 13 years old. Find the age of Uncle Ray. 

Uncle Ray

What am I asked to find? 

Let a = The age of the uncle. 

Draw a bar diagram to represent the problem. 

Solution: uncle ray

Write and solve the equation using the variable. 

13 x 3 = a 

Uncle age = 39. 

Example 2:  

Charmin bought 6 Fun Fest tickets. Each one cost $135. What is the total cost? 

6 Fun Fest tickets

 Let p = The cost of 6 tickets. 

Solution: fun ticket

Write and solve equation using the variable. 

$135 x 6 = p 

$135 x 6 =$ 810  

So, p =$ 810  

6 Fun Fest tickets cost is $ 810. 

repeated addition

Example 3:  

Sharon’s Stationery store has 1,219 boxes of cards. May’s market has 3 times as many boxes of cards. Find the total cards May’s market have. 

Stationery store

Let b= boxes of cards. 

solution Sharon’s Stationery store

1,219 x 3 = b 

1,219 x 3 = 3,657. 

May’s market has 3,657 boxes of cards.

  • The capacity of a drum is 50 liters of milk. How much milk can be collected in 5 drums of such capacity?
  • In a school, a fee of $1,345 is collected per student. If there are 24 students in a class, how much fee is collected from that class?
  • A train has 14 coaches. In each coach, there are 172 seats. Find the total number of such seats on the train.
  • Lenin bought a room-cooler. The cost of the room-cooler is $1958. Find the total cost of 5 such room-coolers.
  • One watch costs $896. Find the cost of 10 such watches.
  • 18 theaters are there at the mall. Each theater has 175 seats. How many seats are there in all?

18 theaters are there at the mall. Each theater has 175 seats. How many seats are there in all?

  • 2,456 x 7 = p. Find the value of p.
  • 134 x 34=_______.
  • 3,145 x 5 =_________.
  • ____ x 98 =98,000

Concept Map

Concept Map

What have we learned

  • Understand how to solve word problems.
  • Identify bar diagram.
  • Use a bar diagram to solve a multiplication problem.
  • Understand how to solve equation using variable.

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Multiplication word problems

Interesting multiplication word problems .

A detailed explanation on how to do the multiplication is shown below:

       6 0     × 1 2    ______     1 2 0  + 6 0 0   _______     7 2 0

       5 0     × 1 4    ______     2 0 0  + 5 0 0   _______     7 0 0

         5 0 0       ×    5 2       _______       1 0 0 0    2 5 0 0 0   _________    2 6 0 0 0

Take a look also at the multiplication word problem in the figure below

Multiplication word problem

Division word problems

Have A Great Basic Math Word Problem?

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100 Tough Algebra Word Problems. If you can solve these problems with no help, you must be a genius!

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Multiplication word problems for grade 3

Simple multiplication.

These worksheets contain simple multiplication word problems. Students derive a multiplication equation from the word problem, solve the equation by mental multiplication and express the answer in appropriate units. Students should understand the meaning of multiplication before attempting these worksheets.

solve word problems involving multiplication

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solve word problems involving multiplication

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solve word problems involving multiplication

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Analyzing word problems involving multiplication.

Many problems can be solved in different ways. Decide if the following word problems can be solved using multiplication. Explain your thinking. Then solve each problem.

  • Liam is cooking potatoes. The recipe says you need 5 minutes for every pound of potatoes you are cooking. How many minutes will it take for Liam to cook 12 pounds of potatoes?
  • Mel is designing cards. She has 4 different colors of paper and 7 different pictures she can glue on the paper. How many different card designs can she make using one color of paper and one picture?
  • Nina can practice a song 6 times in an hour. If she wants to practice the song 30 times before the recital, how many hours does she need to practice?
  • Owen is building a rectangular tile patio that is 4 tiles wide and 6 tiles long. How many tiles does he need?

IM Commentary

The purpose of this task is for students to analyze different contexts in which multiplication is appropriate. Research indicates that students often do not make sense of word problems. Instead, to come up with an answer, they just apply the most recent algorithm taught, chose operations based on the types of numbers involved, or apply other approaches that do not require sense making. In this task, the students are asked to analyze the problems and explain their thinking before they find an answer. In the process, they are thinking more carefully about different contexts that can be represented by multiplication.

Note that none of the contexts involve multiplicative comparison, which is intentionally left until 4th grade (see 4.OA.A.1).

Solution: Analysis

  • While you can solve this by repeated addition (5+5+5+….), this problem can also be solved by multiplication since adding 5 together 12 times is the same as $12\times5$.
  • This can be solved by multiplication, because for each of the four colors, there are seven different pictures from which to choose, so 7 pictures on the first color + seven pictures on the second color + 7 pictures on the third color + 7 pictures on the fourth color gives four groups of seven or $4\times 7$.
  • This is a division problem since the number of hours needed can be determined by counting the number of groups of six needed to make 30, or $$30 \div 6 = ?$$ On the other hand, we can think about this in terms of multiplication by asking what times six equals 30, which we can write symbolically as $$? \times 6 = 30$$

It is a good idea to draw a picture:

We can count the number of tiles one by one, or we can see that there are four rows, each with six tiles, so we can think of it as a multiplication problem $4 \times 6$.

Solution: Solving explicitly

$12\times5$ is 12 groups of 5, which we can see in the picture below:

12 groups of 5 is the same as 6 groups of 10:

which is 60. So Liam needs 60 minutes to cook the potatoes.

An array makes it easier to see:

There are 28 different possible cards.

  • If we multiply the number of hours she practices by 6, we know the answer must be 30: $$?\times 6 = 30$$ Since 5 times 6 is 30, she has to play for 5 hours if she wants to practice the song 30 times.
  • Looking at the picture above, we can see that Owen needs 24 tiles.


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Common Core: 3rd Grade Math : Multiplying Within 100 to Solve Word Problems

Study concepts, example questions & explanations for common core: 3rd grade math, all common core: 3rd grade math resources, example questions, example question #1 : multiplying within 100 to solve word problems.

solve word problems involving multiplication

Example Question #2 : Multiplying Within 100 To Solve Word Problems

solve word problems involving multiplication

Example Question #3 : Multiplying Within 100 To Solve Word Problems

solve word problems involving multiplication

Example Question #4 : Multiplying Within 100 To Solve Word Problems

solve word problems involving multiplication

Example Question #5 : Multiplying Within 100 To Solve Word Problems

solve word problems involving multiplication

Example Question #6 : Multiplying Within 100 To Solve Word Problems

solve word problems involving multiplication

Example Question #1 : Multiply And Divide Within 100 To Solve Word Problems: Ccss.Math.Content.3.Oa.A.3

solve word problems involving multiplication

Example Question #9 : Multiplying Within 100 To Solve Word Problems

solve word problems involving multiplication

Example Question #10 : Multiplying Within 100 To Solve Word Problems

solve word problems involving multiplication

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