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Caribou Coffee Medium Roast Review

[spoiler title=’Click For Transcript’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]hey welcome to coffee coffee coffee your place for average Joe coffee reviews today is yet another review may be our mhm right and what pray tell is le coffee it is Caribou Coffee and it’s their medium roast it’s supposed to be smooth and classic and we bought it before it was like $7.98 a bag for 12 ounce bag and that’s about $10.68 per pound it was from Walmart.com shipped for free in two days so I didn’t have to go to a Walmart yep so there you go so the bag looks kind of girly it’s just thinking how pretty it was like it’s got a lot of yeah it’s like pretty it’s got a lot of good information on it like it talks I mean it’s kind of like funny and you know it’s all marketing stuff basically but it says do they use the top 1% of the world’s beans so I mean how would we ever know yeah and it’s Rainforest Alliance Certified 100% you know yeah sometimes it’s a 50/50 but not this um what else oh they also guarantee your coffee like if you don’t like it well wait it says if it’s not except exceptionally fresh they’ll gladly replace it ya know right the problem is how do you no no nope sorry it says freshness and enjoyment guaranteed 100% so if you’re not happy you can just return it Wow pretty good they stand behind their stuff and fun fact there recently well their parent company is JAB and so that’s the company that also owns Peets oh conglomeration yep yep so anyway thought that was interesting all these companies buying each other okay but there is an interesting story because the founders you know why they call it Caribou Coffee because meesen Oh what no this the founders went to Alaska and Denali National Forest and they were so inspired that they decided they wanted to open up a coffee shop and not in Alaska the first one was in Edina Minnesota so some Minnesotan interesting they’re so nice up there I’ve heard about Edina right Edina Realty I don’t know I had that sticking in my head yeah never heard of it before they also have a instructions for cold brew you take the coffee this says a half a pound of coffee to one gallon of water and then you just let it steep overnight like 12 to 14 hours and then strain it and then you enjoy it over ice do you you don’t brew it you don’t brew it no you just put it in the water and let it steep huh that’s it yeah I didn’t even know that was possible so it’s it’s actually truly cold brew right it’s not that iced coffee you brew it and make it cold right well very good so shall we try the coffee yes yes I think so let’s see is it delicioso mm-hmm I want to applaud all of you watching I don’t I don’t necessarily want to watch people drink something or eat mm-hmm but you do it every week twice a week yeah I’d like to think that we try to add value to people’s lives by like helping them not to drink bad coffee or at least give our opinions on the coffee oh yes I agree there’s value in the show okay but they also have to watch us drink it they do and they don’t get any and they don’t get it whether we know if we’d like it then that’s a problem sorry I disappeared off the camera the the question is do we like it do we I have an opinion but I wonder what your opinion is cuz I I might’ve actually said my opinion earlier I don’t know I don’t remember it because I don’t listen to you I’m just kidding so what do you think it’s good I like it mm-hmm tastes like coffee I can’t think that flavor but it does say what smooth and classic they think of coffee yeah just coffee I really I love it I it’s not the most expensive coffee is that the cheapest either but it’s right it’s like really nice I really like it I think it’s a it might be a go to of mine in the future yeah I mean it’s what you just said it’s not the most expensive or the cheapest yeah yeah yeah it’s like a kind of a you know I mean but I was looking and we were right the public’s brand was like $11 a pound like before and then this is like same price really good yeah Publix was terrible yeah especially because you can get this at Walmart.com and have it shipped to you free well your order has to be $35 yeah or more but yeah good stuff mm-hmm yeah really good so mm-hmm any flavor in it I don’t think yeah coffee right that’s probably goes against all law about coffee tasting yeah you know the people with the spoons like yeah there’s like a nutty okay that’s enough they’re probably mad at us watching this right now they probably are sending comments into Youtube yeah oh well but it’s good for normal people it is yeah like this is just it’s like a completely like I think anybody could drink that cup of coffee and be like ah that was a good cup of coffee mmhmm yeah I would think so yeah well if you want to find out more I’ve almost drunk the entire cup I know gulping it down it’s that good if you want to find out more about our other coffee reviews or if you have comments for us you can find us on Facebook Instagram and YouTube as a Coffee Coffee Coffee Show sometimes you have to do a little bit of searching to find this out but we’re there and then also on our website at coffeecoffeecoffeeshow.com where actually you can hit the links for all of our social media and then find us easier that right mm-hmm but yeah so anything else to add on there yeah really good coffee I thought I had a thought but now I can’t remember it so oh yes if you’ve tried this coffee leave us a comment below and let us know what you thought about it yeah we’re starting to get some feedback from people who have tried other coffees that we’ve done or they said they’re going to buy it and you know but we want to hear yeah what do you think that in that way people also know is it consistently good or like if it’s inconsistent because you know that can be a thing with certain brands so absolutely well thanks for joining us keep grindin [/spoiler]

Review Recap

reviews of caribou coffee

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reviews of caribou coffee

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reviews of caribou coffee

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reviews of caribou coffee

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Blend

Blind assessment.

Pungent dark-roasted blend. Scorched wood and pruny sweetness in the aroma soften and complicate in the cup: dark chocolate, raisin, hints of lemon and savory cardamom. Surprisingly smooth, silky mouthfeel. Flavor thins and fades in the finish, though the pleasing dark chocolate suggestion persists.

Combining coffee from Indonesia, Central and South America, this blend is Rainforest Alliance certified, in this case meaning a minimum of 75% of the blend components were produced following sustainable ecological and socio-economic criteria developed by the Sustainable Agricultural Network, a coalition of independent, environment-focused non-governmental organizations. Caribou Coffee is a large (second largest in the U.S. after Starbucks) retail roasting chain based in the upper Middle West whose rather irreverent motto "Life is short. Stay awake for it" belies a serious approach to coffee. Visit www.cariboucoffee.com or call 888-227-4268 for more information.

Who Should Drink It

Those who can accept some aromatic finesse in an otherwise rugged dark-roasted blend.

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reviews of caribou coffee

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reviews of caribou coffee

Caribou Coffee Reviews

  • Average: 4.4

Caribou Coffee

Read 22 Reviews

Nothing beats fresh ground coffee.

I love a good cup of coffee. I love it even more when it is freshly ground right before I make a pot. Caribou is fresh and light and provides me with all the caffeine I need to make it through my long none-stop days without giving me a case of the jitters. It is smooth and enjoyable. Finding a good brand of coffee can be some-what challenging for me, the majority of what is out there can give me rather nasty heartburn, But Not Caribou whole bean or pre-ground. The whole bean in my opinion makes it all the more smoothly balanced.

Maple Shade, NJ

Best taste best atmosphere..a delightful place

5 stars for caribou... The products, the atmosphere, the service... I can't believe there is any better coffee shop Only negative is... They all really need more space ! Kudos on the fireplaces though'nn

Wheaton, IL

The flavor is amazing

The flavor of this coffe is amazing...I recommend when you first buy this brand to try the Caribou Blend. It has fruit and chocolate tones and is so yummy! I do agree that it beats Starbucks coffee. I look foward to making this coffee every morning...something that gets me outta bed. If I don't finish the entire pot of coffee, then I put the pot in my ice box and drink it later in the day when its cold. The coffee taste great cold with cream with out a  speacial trip to the coffe shop. This is the highest-quality coffe that I have tried so far so I diffenitly recommend you give it a try.


Midland, TX

Caribou Coffee is the best mainstream coffee chain

I am a picky coffee drinker and I find that the best coffee is the coffee I make at home or find in a more homespun/local coffee shop. But, if I need a coffee on the go and a Caribou Coffee is around: I am very happy.  Caribou Coffee has good coffee (from there blends of regular coffee to their specialt drinks).  I love that they do not have flavored blends, since flavored blends can be very artificial tasting.  The blends I enjoy is the Daybreak and the Peaberry.  The blends are very smooth and more high quality than Starbucks.  I enjoy that they have free wi-fi in there stores.  Their specialty drinks are great too.  They can be very sweet...but I kind of like sweeter drinks if I am in the mood. Also, I love the ambiance.  The rustic/cabin look is comforting when it's cold outside. Caribou coffee is a great place to get a cup of joe. Also, sign up for their emails and you could find some great deals (right now they offer great specials on Mondays).

Caribou Coffee is a good way to wake up.

I am a true coffee drinker. When I say that I mean that it's the first thing I look for in the morning and I don't want to start a day without it. I make coffee at home, but I prefer to just grab one at my local coffee shop or gas station. The first time I tried Caribou Coffee I was in Minnesota. I assumed it was something original to the state since I couldn't remember seeing the business before or hearing about it. I had a latte and happily enjoyed it while I walked around the Mall of America. I've been a loyal Starbuck's customer for years, but I was more impressed by Caribou Coffee. The coffee they make is a very high quality, I felt their service was better than Starbuck's, and they have a large selection of coffees. I HAVE to have a big menu to choose from because I'm constantly trying new kinds of coffee. They are also much cheaper than Starbuck's. I was thrilled to figure out that I did have some local locations in Missouri. I've since spent most of my coffee money at Caribou Coffee and I'd still say that they are better than Starbuck's.


Kansas City, MO

Caribou Coffee fooled my husband!

I had some coupons for Caribou Coffee so I thought I would try it. When we ran out of his favorite brand he annouced "We are out of Coffee" I said no we weren't he stomped off to bed. I smiled an said " It's OK , I have an extra can". i went to the pantry and opened a new bag of Caribou Coffee and dumped it into the old container. He has to get up early so I didn't mention the coffee. That next weekend I poured my husband his coffee and didn't say anything until he asked me if I had bought a different blend of his favorite coffee. I smiled and didn't say a word I have been buying Caribou Coffee whenever I can get coupons for it and I have been saving money and I only recently told my husband it was not his usual blend. A month or so later I bought his old brand of coffee and put it into the same can as all the others. I poured him a cup of coffee and he surprised me when he noticed a change in the flavor. He asked if I changed his coffee again I said I had he said "switch back" . So Caribou Coffee is now his favorite ! Thanks caribou Coffee ... send out more coupons


Myrtle Point, OR

Great flavor, balanced coffee

I first had this coffee on Frontier Airlines. It was so good, not acidic, nor bitter, with a good coffee flavor. I immediately had to buy it when I returned home from my trip. Of course, the store had many varieties to choose from, and it took me a few tries to get the correct balance of flavors to my liking. I've found that the Caribou Blend is probably the best and most balanced flavor. Since this coffee is not over roasted, (like Starbucks), the lighter blends are actually a little too light in flavor. It helps that the Caribou Coffee bags in the stores show a roast-meter, telling you how the flavor and roast will be. I find this feature of the bags to be very helpful in finding the right flavor.

Mercer Island, WA

the best cofee I've ever had

 I am a coffee snob/lover living with another coffee snob/ lover. I do not drink instant coffee or store brands. I am picky about my creamer,my sweetener,and especially my beans! We usually buy Starbucks to brew at home because of it's rich flavor. I have tried many other gourmet brands. Caribou is the best hands down. The pre-ground beans taste better than other brands I've ground fresh right before I've brewed.The flavor is rich and robust without being overpowering. There is no over-roasted aftertaste like you get sometimes with Starbucks. I was really surprised I hadn't heard about it before. I have no idea why it's not why it's not more popular than it is. I absolutley love this coffee. When I switched, I didn't tell my teenaged daughter. When she drank the first sip she exclaimed, "wow!". Needless to say if I buy something different to try, I am always dissappionted I didn't buy Caribou instead... everything  just comes up short compared to it.

Mont Alto, PA

Caribou is good, but stronger

We recently received a Keurig from my mother-in-law, and we bought a coffee sample pack of K-cups.  The Caribou coffee was a very strong coffee to me.  I am also someone who drinks my coffee with milk and sugar, so I'm not looking for as much coffee taste as some people.  However, the taste of the coffee was so strong, I thought something was wrong with it.  My husband, on the other hand, loves strong coffee.  He drinks his coffee plain, and he feels this is makes a great cup of coffee.  So, depending on your coffee preferences, you might or might not like this coffee.  I'm also not sure if the K-cups are stronger than the home brewed coffee, or they are a little stronger.  Either way, my hubby still thinks its a great cup of coffee. If you are in to stronger coffees, then you should be in heaven! I don't know that I would consider it better than Starbucks.  However, it still packs a powerful punch.

Chambersburg, PA

Caribou coffee Great in the kcup form!!

**Well I love many brands of coffee, and Caribou coffee kcups are definitely on the list now as well. A lot of new coffee brands that I am in love with are because I tried their kcup and fell in love with them. I tried just one of the plain Caribou kcups and really liked it. It's a nice medium blend coffee. Regular not flavored. Very nice for everyday drinking.  I know there are other Caribou flavors/ varities which I definitely would like to try now. My husband likes Caribou kcups as well. So if you are a coffee diva as I am , definitely try this in the kcup form  if you have a keurig, or the bag form if you have just a regular coffee maker. Either way I think you'll definitely like it ! **


Caribou Coffee

Best bold coffee.

Caribou Coffee

Top Coffee Brands

  • 2. Starbucks
  • 3. Dunkin' Donuts
  • 5. Maxwell House

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Customer Ratings & Reviews

Alt View Zoom 11. Caribou Coffee - Caribou Blend K-Cup Pods (44-Pack).

Caribou Coffee - Caribou Blend K-Cup Pods (44-Pack)

User rating, 4.8 out of 5 stars with 364 reviews.

  • 1 Answered Question

Customer reviews

Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars with 364 reviews

Rating Filter

Rating by feature.

Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars

Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The nest coffee

The best coffee soft and awesome taste will never try another brand i highly recommend tjis cogfee all my family loves it

Customer provided, click to load a larger version

Caribou wins my vote

YUM. Caribou is simply delicious! Use the latte machine to whip up the cream and it’s over the moon!

Customer provided, click to load a larger version

great flavor and super value!

my wife loves this flavor and the Rev great value and flavor!

Customer provided, click to load a larger version

Smooth, good coffee!

Glad I tried this—it’s now my preferred choice over my usual 2 brands.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Caribou K Cups

This coffee was good but I much prefer McCafe Premium Roast. There is nothing wrong with this brand it is just my personal preference.

So happy I finally found this brand. It’s not available in our area. Thank goodness for Best Buy

Great coffe

Tried it for the first time and I got it on sale definitely recommend it

Great K-Cup Pods

One of the best flavored K-cup pods I have tasted. Got a great price too. Will definitely be buying these again in the future.

These are my favorite k-cups, good quality and brews nicely. I always order them.

good,buy again,The taste is good, I like it very much, and the price is good

Happiness in a cup!

Tried it out and gotta say its got bold flavor and just hits right in the morning. Get some and try for your self!

Good coffee

My wife and I enjoy this coffee. I purchased a box while it was on sale which made it taste that much better.

Start your day!

Robust flavor every time. Rich and moderately strong.

Cups coffee

On special is good prices all time i love coffee ☕️

Great deal on great coffee

Love this coffee! Great deal though Best Buy. Smooth transaction and picked up at Best Buy

Good Coffee

One of my favorite coffees and shipped it quickly.

Caribou fan

Exceptional cup of medium roast coffee, as good as Donut Shop

A good medium coffee blend. Taste is always consistent regardless of water temperature. I've never met anyone that didn't like this coffee.

This was a great deal you can't buy coffee for a cheaper price so always wait for the special

The coffee tastes great

I love the coffee and it tastes great. Caught it on sale. I'm happy with the purchase.

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Caribou Coffee

Ratings and reviews, location and contact.

Although it's a fairly small environment, the warm and welcoming atmosphere feels quaint in a positive way. The aroma of coffee fills the air as customers sit at small tables while studying or using their laptops. Music plays in the background, which gives it a... relaxing feeling. The employees are friendly and helpful. My chai was excellent - exactly what I asked for. Quick, friendly service. Drive-thru is also available for those who don't have time to stop in. More

I love their cafe mocha. The flavor of their beans is amazing. The chocolate coated coffee bean adds a great touch to the coffee flavor.

Stopped in to Caribou to have a meeting with a potential customer. Usually coffee houses are great. Not very loud, just some rumblings of conversations in the background but this place is so loud in the area where they are making the drinks that it's... hard to hear what you are saying yourself, let alone who you're with. But...the staff there is so incredibly friendly. They have a crazy good menu of drinks and treats. And I have to say, the very best hot chocolate I've had in very long time. So not I will go there alone, get some work done and bring headphones and I'll be happy all the way around. More

My blueberry muffin was so stale, it must have been sitting out for many days over the Labor Day weekend. The indoor seating is noisy because the seats are few and are located near the counter. On the plus side, the staff was courteous.

reviews of caribou coffee

Freezing cold day 2 hot mochas through drive through. We even went back later for 2nd cups. Great service great coffee.

Great visit! Greeted by courteous staff and served with thankfulness and a smile! Coffee was great! Courteous help in a large city is a pleasant surprise!

So happy to find a Caribou here. We went through the drive-thru. Service was speedy, the hot campfire mocha was excellent, perfect mixture of ingredients. The drive-thru attendant was very personable.

Visited on a Saturday morning. The staff was friendly and we received our orders promptly. Everything was delicious!

First, the service was lackadaisical at best. She had no dark roast, only a brewed light roast. No offer to pour over or anything. The coffee was bland, weak, and bitter. There is a MUCH better coffee place across the street.

Never been to Caribou before. Went through drive thru the woman was super nice and the coffee was sooo good!

We were just driving through town and desperately needed coffee. It was easy to get here from the interstate and easy to see from the road. As always we had great customer service and were very satisfied with our coffee!

reviews of caribou coffee

Great Coffee, Great Service, perfect location, extremely friendly staff. nice atmosphere. I would get my coffee there any time.

The service was great. I had the mint condition and it far outdoes any drink Starbucks has. If this coffee shop were in Cedar Rapids it would be my #1 choice. Love going to Coralville, because this will be my last stop before heading home!

Better then Starbucks for a quick cup. Awesome service and get people. Right across the street from my hotel

I like hot tea and bread of here. People are so nice and if you guess the answer of today's trivia, you can get $ .1 off of your order. Very comfortable place for enjoying tea and coffee.

CARIBOU COFFEE, Coralville - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor


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  5. Caribou Coffee

    reviews of caribou coffee

  6. Caribou K-Cup® Pods Caribou Blend 96ct

    reviews of caribou coffee


  1. The 10 Best-Reviewed Coffee Brands

    There’s nothing quite like a steaming hot cup of coffee to get you going in the morning, but if that coffee doesn’t taste good, it can ruin your entire day. It can make you late for work or make that traffic jam seem even more congested tha...

  2. What Are Adaptations of Caribou Moss?

    Caribou moss, like other Arctic lichens, can make its own food, has strong and hardy tissues, and can survive for long periods of time without water. Caribou moss belongs to the class of lichens.

  3. Who Were the Caribs and the Arawaks?

    The Caribs and the Arawaks were the original inhabitants of the island of Trinidad. When Christopher Columbus arrived in Trinidad in 1498, both tribes of people were enslaved or killed or died off from various diseases.

  4. Customer reviews: Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend, Single-Serve

    Let's face it, we love k-cups more for the convenience of a quick cup of coffee than the actual taste. I no longer have an auto drip because of the Keurig

  5. Caribou Coffee Medium Roast Review

    Caribou Coffee Medium Roast Review · Review Recap · How to Buy. Buy this coffee on Amazon using our affiliate link. It doesn't cost you anything

  6. Caribou Blend

    Pungent dark-roasted blend. Scorched wood and pruny sweetness in the aroma soften and complicate in the cup: dark chocolate, raisin, hints of lemon and

  7. Amazon.com : Caribou Coffee, Medium Roast Ground Coffee

    It is rich smooth and no aftertaste. Cup after cup, it does not get harsh and the Left cup taste as good as the first cup...." "I wish it was a little cheaper

  8. Caribou Coffee Reviews

    Caribou is the best hands down. The pre-ground beans taste better than other brands I've ground fresh right before I've brewed.The flavor is rich and robust

  9. Just wanted to share some info about Caribou Coffee

    by Coffee Review. Caribou seems to roast coffees from light to very dark instead of just dark and darker like Starbucks. Employees have access

  10. Caribou Coffee Mahogany Review

    Caribou Coffee Mahogany Rating. It shouldn't come as a surprise that I rate this product as 5 out of 5. Caribou Coffee Mahogany flavors are

  11. CARIBOU COFFEE, Ankeny

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  12. Customer Reviews: Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend K-Cup Pods (44

    A good medium coffee blend. Taste is always consistent regardless of water temperature. I've never met anyone that didn't like this coffee.

  13. CARIBOU COFFEE, Coralville

    Caribou Coffee, Coralville: See 19 unbiased reviews of Caribou Coffee, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #39 of 118 restaurants in Coralville.

  14. Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee

    4.9 ; 5 star. 88% ; 4 star. 11% ; 3 star. 0% ; 2 star. 0% ; 1 star. 0%.