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When dragging and dropping items from the BizInsight Navigation Pane or refreshing a BizInsight report, users receive the following error:

The request failed with HTTP status 503: Service Unavailable.

reporting services 503

This error occurs when either the SQL Server and/or the SQL Server Reporting Services services are not running or cannot be accessed.  There are two possible causes for this issue.   

  • Start the Reporting Services Service
  • Check that Reporting Services is licensed

reporting services 503

  • Go back to the client workstation and test BizInsight again to see if the issue is resolved.
  • NOTE :  The default location for the LogFiles directory is C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services\SSRS\LogFiles.
  • Sort the directory contents by Date modified and open the most current "RSManagement" log file with Notepad.


  • To resolve this issue, the Reporting Services installation must be repaired and the SQL Server product key entered.  To locate the SQL Server product key, follow the steps in this Microsoft Docs article:  Find the product key for SQL Server Reporting Services .  


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SQL Server Reporting Services Web Portal URL returns a 503 error

Article id: 226059, updated on:, issue/introduction.

Accessing the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Web Portal URL while troubleshooting reports displays no content and returns a 503 error. The following error is captured in the SSRS server log:

ERROR: Throwing Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.ServerConfigurationErrorException: Invalid PBI Configuration, Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.ServerConfigurationErrorException: The report server has encountered a configuration error. ;


Release: All

Component: Reports

To troubleshoot this error, follow this procedure:

  • Locate the SSRS configuration file rsreportserver.config on the server hosting SSRS; e.g., %SystemDrive%\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS13.<instance name>\Reporting Services\ReportServer\rsreportserver.config
  • Open the file with a text editor
  • Inspect the <URLReservations> key for duplicate <Application> keys; e.g., <Name>ReportServerWebApp</Name>
  • If duplicates are found, delete the duplicate entry or entries
  • Save and close the file
  • Restart the SQL Server Reporting Services service
  • If no duplicates were found in step 4, open Reporting Services Configuration Manager (RSCM)
  • Connect to the server and instance hosting the IT Analytics reports
  • Select the Encryption Keys page
  • Click the Delete button to Delete Encrypted Content
  • Click the Yes button to confirm the deletion
  • Click the Exit button to close RSCM
  • Open the IT Management Suite console
  • Navigate to Settings > Notification Server > IT Analytics Settings > Connections > Symantec CMDB
  • Click the Update Dependencies button
  • Navigate to Settings > Notification Server > IT Analytics Settings > Configuration
  • Select the pencil icon to edit the Report Server Virtual Directory URL
  • Click the Verify Connection button to verify the ReportServer Virtual Directory URL
  • Edit the Authentication Type to use stored credentials and enter the credentials of the account specified as the Service Account identity in RSCM
  • Navigate to Settings > Notification Server > IT Analytics Settings > Reports and install the reports you wish to use

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N-central   Troubleshooting

reporting services 503

Report Manager - Error when generating a report : HTTP status 503: Service Unavailable.

Last modified.

Thu Mar 30 18:25 GMT 2023


  • When attempting to generate a report the error "HTTP status 503: Service Unavailable." is returned.


  • N-able N-central
  • All versions

The reporting services is not running or not working correctly.

  • Either start the SQL Server Reporting Services service or restart it.
  • Check http://localhost/reports and troubleshoot any errors that occur. Note that if this website is not available, you will want to troubleshoot Microsoft SSRS, not Error when generating a report : HTTP status 503 , such as updating the Webservice URLs and Report Server URLs and possibly rebuilding the SSRS database. See MSDN for details.
  • See the Report Manager Online Help for further troubleshooting.

SSRS trial has expired.

Open Report Server Configuration Manager.

Check the top tab with your server name.

Verify that Edition and Product Version are valid.

If the SSRS trial is expired, fix the SSRS licensing, repair any SSRS settings that may have been broken and reinstall Report Manager.


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