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teaching practice report

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How To Write Report On Teaching Practice [SAMPLE]


On the 6th of September, 2021, we arrived at Yendi R/C Block A Basic School of which we met the absence of the headmaster and the teachers. Myself with my co mentees assisted the students to clean the school environment later to which some teachers came around to assist and supervise work done.

Fast forward to the 8th of December, 2021, the headmaster organized orientation for us where he made us know the dos and donts of the school likewise the community un which we found ourselves. Beneath are some salient point made by the headmaster during the meeting; 1. The organogram of the school was well stated 2. Punctuality to school was stressed on 3.Reporting to school early and assist duties was also talked about 4.Seriousness of our teaching should be our hallmark 5.Students and teacher’s affair (He advised us not to practice such) 6.He enlightens us on some of the teacher’s code of conduct

Classes were assigned to us to which Basic 6 was assigned to me as my permanent class by the headmaster. I was introduced to my mentor Mr. Abdulai Iddrisu. After the introduction, Mathematics, Integrated Science and Our World Our People was handed to me as my area of expertise demanded.

The first day of lesson delivery was a bit full of difficulty but since it was first day at classroom I did best which was worked on in my subsequent deliveries.

On the third week at school, my mentor educated me on how effectively manage a class through the use of the class register, assessment and other necessary thigs needed for me. Due the nature of the town and school, Muslim names dominated and it became tongue twisting as student make joke after their names were mentioned by me but all this were mastered as I stayed there longer.

After observing the weakness and strength of my learners during my first delivery, a new strategy of delivery that is morning mentals was introduced to Basic so as to keep them up to task when and where necessary.

On the 23rd of September, 2021, an in-service training was organized where the use of role play in teaching and learning was practically elaborated and addressed. After the lecture on the use of role play by the circuit supervisor, it helped me in my lesson delivery as the child with disability also benefit in lesson now.

The quiz competition session which was introduced by my lead mentor Master Laar Bawa also placed the school on stand still as many applauded this event as it brought a high sense of competition between the pupil of Basic 4,5, and 6. The last quiz which was held between Basic 6 A1 and 6A2 was challenging as the result ended 90 against 91 respectively. Due to the activeness and how impressive the quiz went; the circuit supervisor was invited to witness the final one held in October which was held in a grand style. On the 12th of November, 2021, we had a friendly football match with a sister school called Safalia which landed us with a 1 to 0 win.

Supervision during teaching practice was done in batches where my mentor supervised me five times and my college supervisor did four times. Flaws during the supervision was well taken into consideration and worked on.

During my teaching practice, below are my achievements in Yendi R.C. Block A Basic School; Increase in students’ performance: I devoted my time to teach my people extra classes for free since I detected their problems in Mathematics and Integrated Science and God being so good this classes have let the learners understand concepts in Mathematics and Integrated Science and now they have taking Mathematics and Integrated Science friendly than any subjects.

Good teacher and teacher communication . I built good communication and collaboration among the students and between me the teacher and the students. I was friendly because of that all the students like to come to me though I don’t understand their local language but their try to come closer to share their concerns with me, surprisingly I didn’t know childrens too have personal issues until they came closer to me.

Discipline . I together with my co mentees ensured high rate of discipline, we always guide students to do needful and what’s right and stopped from behaviors such as They stopped dressing improper and started dressing neatly They stopped insulting Colleagues and teachers They stopped coming to school late.

With the ideas of my co mentees we initiated something called “SILENCE HOUR” in the school. This silence hour was initiated so that the pupil gets themselves ready for teaching and learning every day. We observed that some students which are many always don’t do their homework at home, due to their errands for the family after school, so during silence hour it help all such students to do so and also, they come to school early to observe silence hour

I initiated excellent awards and special quiz: for everyday in the morning right after the assembly I write question on the board which me and the students have titled it problem of the day , these are always lessons that we learnt a day before. So, anyone who answer the question correctly is awarded with items like (book, pen, money, biscuits, money and taking a picture with the person), the special quiz was organized at the end of every month and always the top five are awarded.

I came into consensus with my students to initiate and implement rules and regulations in the class to promote high moral and discipline in addition to class time table.

During my teaching practice, I encountered some challenges and some of these challenges are listed below

Language barrier: sometimes during teaching and learning some students with less understanding need L1 for further explanation but because I wasn’t familiar with their language, so I always delegate one of the students to translate whatever I have taught to their local language to benefit such students but I realized still they don’t get satisfied with their colleague`s explanation.

High enrollment : The school has large number in classes which they need to divide it to ensure classroom management and effective teaching and learning because sometimes is very difficult to control large number of students in the class. Lack of furniture: some students in the class don’t have chair and table to sit during lessons time, sometimes some students have to stand throughout the lessons.

Lack of TLR’s and text books, because there’s no textbook for some of the subjects like ICT we didn’t do it throughout the term

After thorough investigation, beneath are some recommendations and suggestion the school should take into consideration; 1.Maintain the silence hours initiated by the mentees so as to help the pupil in time management. 2.Lobby from the District through the Circuit Supervisor the following a. An ultramodern ICT LAB b.Adequate teaching and learning materials c.Class room desk or school furniture d.6-unit classroom block, be it from Pencil Of Promise or from the SMC/PTA

Credit: Francis Yeboah

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