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In the highly competitive era of today, case studies have become vital for every business. Companies that have been in a particular industry for years are likely to have dealt with and successfully managed a number of projects. They would have delivered exceptional results and gained a strong reputation. For such companies, it is important to document their project management case study examples effectively. It can help companies to market their brand better and attract more leads. 

Case studies serve as an excellent means of showing the capabilities of a business to potential customers. It can help in highlighting the past performances of the company and making the customers believe in its potential. Moreover, it can help in establishing a long-lasting relationship with the customers.

However, some companies fail to manage projects and require the assistance of professionals. For this reason, the demand for project management professionals is on the rise. If you want to make a successful career in the field of project management, getting a project management training certification can help.

What is Case Study?

A case study refers to an in-depth examination of a specific case within the real-world context. It is a piece of content that sheds light on the challenges faced, solutions adopted, and the overall outcomes of a project. To understand project management case studies, it is important to first define what a project is . A project is a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end, aimed at achieving a specific goal or objective. Case studies are generally used by businesses during the proposal phase. However, they are also displayed on the websites of companies to provide prospects with a glance at the capabilities of the brands. It can even serve as an effective tool for lead generation. In simple words, case studies are stories that tell the target audience about the measures and strategies that the organization adopted to become successful.

What is Project Management Case Study?

A project management case study is a piece of content that highlights a project successfully managed by the organization. It showcases the challenges that the organization faced, the solutions adopted, and the final results. Keep reading in order to explore examples of successful project management case studies.

Top 15 Project Management Case Studies and Examples 

Are you looking for some examples of PMP case studies? If yes, here are some of the best examples you can explore. Let’s dive in!

1. Mavenlink Helps Improve Utilization Rates by 15% for BTM Global

The case study is all about how Mavenlink helped BTM Global Consulting to save hours of work and enhance utilization with resource management technology. BTM Global Consulting offers system development and integration services to diverse clients. The challenges that the company faced were that tools like Netsuite OpenAir and Excel spreadsheets were not able to meet the customization needs as the company grew. It impacted their overall productivity.

In order to overcome the challenge, the solution they adopted was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was that it increased the utilization of the company by 10% and enhanced project manager utilization by 15%. It also reduced resource allocation work from 4 hours to just 10 minutes.

2. Boncom Reduces Billing Rate Errors by 100% With Mavenlink

Boncom is an advertising agency that collaborates with different purpose driven brands to create goods worldwide. The challenge was that the company relied on several-point solutions for delivering client-facing projects. However, the solutions failed to offer the required operational functionality. An ideal solution for Boncom was to adopt Mavenlink. The result was that the billing rate error got reduced by 100%. Accurate forecasting became possible for Boncom, and the company could generate reports in much less time.

3. whyaye! Reaches 80% Billable Utilization with Mavenlink

whyaye is a digital transformation consultancy delivering IT transformation solutions to businesses operating in diverse sectors. The challenge was that whyaye used to manage resources and projects using tools such as emails, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. However, with the growth of the company, they were not able to access project data or gain insights for effective management of the projects . The ultimate solution to this challenge was to make a switch to Mavenlink. The result was an increase in the utilization by 6%, doubling of new clients, tripling of the company size, and seamless support through business growth.

4. Metova Increases Billable Utilization by 10% With Mavenlink

If you are looking for a project planning case study, Metova can be the right example. Metova is a technology firm, a Gold Partner of Microsoft, and an advanced consulting partner of AWS. The challenge was that the company handled several projects at a time. However, its heavy dependence on tools like Google Sheets limited the growth capabilities of the organization. So, the company looked for a solution and switched to Mavenlink. The result was that it was able to increase its billable utilization by 10%, increase its portfolio visibility, and standardize its project management process.

5. Appetize Doubles Length of Forecasting Outlook with Mavenlink

Appetize is one of the leading cloud-based points of sale (POS), enterprise management, and digital ordering platform that is trusted by a number of businesses. The challenge of the company was that its legacy project tracking systems were not able to meet the growing needs of the company. They experienced growth and manual data analysis challenges. The solution they found was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was an increase in the forecast horizon to 12 weeks, support for effective companywide scaling, easy management of over 40 major projects, and Salesforce integration for project implementation.

6. RSM Improves Client Satisfaction and Global Business Processes with Mavenlink

RSM is a tax, audit, and consulting company that provides a wide array of professional services to clients in Canada and the United States. The challenge of the company was that its legacy system lacked the necessary features required to support their work- and time-intensive projects and delivered insights relating to the project trends. An ideal solution to this challenge was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was better to risk mitigation in tax compliance, improved client-team communication, templatized project creation, and better use of the KPIs and project status.

7. CORE Business Technologies Increases Billable Utilization by 35% with Mavenlink

CORE Business Technologies is a reputed single-source vendor self-service, in-person, and back-office processing to the clients. It offers SaaS-based payment solutions to clients. The challenge faced by the company was that its tools like spreadsheets, Zoho, and Microsoft Project led to a hectic work schedule owing to a huge number of disconnected systems. The solution to the challenge was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was the enhancement of team productivity by 50%, time entry compliance by 100%, and enhancement of the billable utilization rate by 35%.

8. Client Success: Health Catalyst Improves Business Processes and Increases Consistency in Project Delivery with Mavenlink

Health Catalyst is a company that delivers data and analytics services and technology to different healthcare organizations. The firm provides assistance to technicians and clinicians in the healthcare sector. The challenge of the company was that the tools like Intacct and spreadsheets that is used for project management were not able to provide the required data insights and clarity for better project management. It also limited effective resource management. The solution was to embrace Mavenlink. The result was better resource forecasting, enhanced interdepartmental communication, consistency in project delivery, and better resource data insights .

9. Client Success: Optimus SBR Improves Forecasting Horizon by 50% with Mavenlink

Optimus SBR is a leading professional service provider in North America. It offers the best results to companies operating in diverse sectors, including healthcare, energy, transportation, financial services, and more. The challenge was that legacy software tools that the firm used gave rise to project management issues. The company was not able to get a real-time revenue forecast or gain insights into its future financial performance. The solution that the company adopted was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was better data-driven hiring decisions, efficient delivery of remote work, and enhancement of the forecasting horizon by 50%.

10. Client Success: PlainJoe Studios Increases Projects Closing Within Budget by 50% With Mavenlink

PlainJoe Studios is an experimental design studio that focuses on digitally immersive and strategic storytelling. The company has a team of strategists, architects, and problem solvers to create value for the clients. The challenge of the company was that the manual processing of the company affected its ability to grow and manage the diverse project effectively. They lacked clarity about their project needs and profitability. The solution to deal with the challenge was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was an enhancement in the billing rates by 15%, better project closing within budget by 50%, better data insights for the success of different projects, and a faster shift to remote work.

11. Client Success: RPI Consultants Decreases Admin Time by 20% With Mavenlink

If you are looking for an example of one of the best software project management case studies, then RPI Consultants can be the ideal one. RPI Consultants offer expert project leadership and software consulting services for enterprise-level implementation of solutions and products. The challenge was that the task management solutions adopted by the company gave rise to a number of complications. It resulted in poor interdepartmental transparency and time-consuming data entry. The ultimate solution that the company embraced was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was a rise in the utilization rate by 5%, lowing of admin time by 20%, better forecasting and resource management, and a single source for gaining insights into the project data.

12. Client Success: CBI's PMO Increases Billable Utilization By 30% With Mavenlink

CBI is a company that is focused on protecting the reputations, data, and brands of its clients. The challenge that the company faced was that the solutions used were unable to meet the growing needs of the organization. The systems were outdated, data sharing was not possible, and time tracking was inconsistent. The solution to the challenge was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was better interdepartmental alignment, enhancement of time tracking to support business growth, an increase in the billable utilization rate by 30%, and detailed insights for a greater success of the projects.

13. Client Success: Butterfly Increases Billable Time by 20% with Mavenlink

Butterfly is a leading digital agency that provides digital strategy, website design and development services, and ongoing support to businesses across Australia. The challenge was that the different legacy systems used by the agency limited its capability of effective project management and reporting. The systems were time consuming and cumbersome. In order to deal with the challenge, the solution was to make a switch to Mavenlink. The result was the enhancement of billable time by 20%, fast reporting insights, enhancement of productive utilization by 16%, and better Jira integration.

14. Client Success: TeleTracking Increases Billable Utilization by 37% With Mavenlink

TeleTracking Technologies is a leading provider of patient flow automation solutions to various hospitals in the healthcare sector. The challenge of the company was that it used different systems such as Microsoft Excel, Sharepoint, MS Project, Jira, and Netsuite. The use of a variety of solutions created a number of challenges for the company. It had poor forecasting capability, an insufficient time tracking process, and unclear resource utilization. The solution was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was the enhancement of time tracking compliance by 100%, rise in hours to date by 18%, and enhancement of billable utilization by 37%.

15. Client Success: Taylors Improves Utilization Rates by 15% with Mavenlink

This is a perfect example of a construction project management case study. Taylor Development Strategists is a leading civil engineering and urban planning organization in Australia. The challenge that the company faced was that the systems that it used were not able to support the growth of the business. There were a lot of inefficiencies and limitations. The solution to the challenge was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was better global collaboration, an increase in the utilization rate by 15%, consistency of timesheet entry, and in-depth insights relating to utilization and project targets.

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Start Creating Your Project Management Case Study

Not that you have a detailed idea about project management case studies, it is time to prepare your own. When doing the project management case study exercise, make sure to focus on covering all the important elements. Clearly stating the challenges and the solutions adopted by the company is important. If you want to get better at project management, getting a PMP Certification can be beneficial.

Case Study Best Practices and Tips 

Want to prepare a project management case study? Here are some tips that can help. 

  • Involve your clients in the preparation of the case study. 
  • Make use of graphs and data. 
  • Mix images, texts, graphs, and whitespace effectively.

Case Study Template 

Here is a simple project case study template that gives a quick glance at what must be included in your case study. 

  • About the client’s company 
  • The challenge 
  • The solution 
  • The results 

By now, you must have gained a comprehensive knowledge of preparing a project management case study. Follow the tips and use the template for the best-case study. To master your project management skills , knowledgeHut’s project management training certification can help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. how do you write a project management case study.

In order to write a project management case study, keep everything brief but mention everything in detail. Make sure to write it with clarity and include graphs and images. 

2. Why is a case study important in project identification?

It is important to highlight the story of the success of your company and your clients.

3. What are case studies in project management?

A case study in project management is the success story of how effectively a company was able to handle a specific project of the client.

4. What should a project case study include?

A project study must include information about the client, how your company helped the client in resolving a problem, and the results.

5. Which are the best-case studies on project management?

The best-case studies on project management have been listed above. It includes BTM Global, Butterfly, Boncom, and more.


Kevin D.Davis

Kevin D. Davis is a seasoned and results-driven Program/Project Management Professional with a Master's Certificate in Advanced Project Management. With expertise in leading multi-million dollar projects, strategic planning, and sales operations, Kevin excels in maximizing solutions and building business cases. He possesses a deep understanding of methodologies such as PMBOK, Lean Six Sigma, and TQM to achieve business/technology alignment. With over 100 instructional training sessions and extensive experience as a PMP Exam Prep Instructor at KnowledgeHut, Kevin has a proven track record in project management training and consulting. His expertise has helped in driving successful project outcomes and fostering organizational growth.

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Top 20 Project Management Case Studies [With Examples]

Top 20 Project Management Case Studies [With Examples]

Project management case study analyses showcase and compare real-life project management processes and systems scenarios. These studies shed light on the common challenges that project managers encounter on a daily basis. This helps project managers develop effective strategies, overcome obstacles, and achieve successful results. 

By leveraging project management case studies , organisations can optimise their operations by providing insights into the most effective approaches. With effective implementation of these case studies, strategies, and methodologies, ensuring successful project completion is achievable.

Criteria for Selection of Top 20 Case Studies

The top 20 case studies are selected based on significance, impact, challenges, project management strategies, and overall success. They provide diverse insights and lessons for project managers and organisations.

1. The Sydney Opera House Project

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The Sydney Opera House Project is an iconic example of project management case studies as it faced multiple challenges during its construction phase. Despite facing leadership changes, budget overruns, and design failures, the project persevered and was completed in 1973, a decade later than planned. The Opera House stands as a symbol of perseverance and successful project management in the face of humankind.

2. The Airbus A380 Project

The Airbus A380 Project is a project management case study showcasing the challenges encountered during developing and producing the world’s largest commercial aircraft. The project experienced massive delays and impacted costs of more than $6 billion, with several issues arising from the manufacturing and delivery process, outsourcing, and project coordination. 

However, the Airbus A380 was successfully launched through carefully planned project management strategies, delivering a world-class aircraft that met customer expectations.

3. The Panama Canal Expansion Project 

The Panama Canal Expansion Project serves as a compelling case study, illustrating the management’s encounters in expanding the capacity of the Panama Canal. The project included multiple stakeholders, technological innovations, environmental concerns, and safety challenges. 

4. The Boston Central Artery/Tunnel Project

The Boston Central Artery/Tunnel Project serves as a project management case study of a large-scale underground tunnel construction project. It successfully addressed traffic congestion and was completed in 2007. The project was completed in 2007, with numerous hurdles delaying progress like complexity, technology failure, ballooning budgets, media scrutiny, etc.

5. The London 2012 Olympics Project

The London 2012 Olympics Project stands as a successful project management case study, showcasing the management of a large-scale international sporting event. This project involved the construction of a new sports infrastructure, event logistics and security concerns. The project was successfully accomplished, delivering a world-class event that captivated the audience.

6. The Hoover Dam Bypass Project

The Hoover Dam Bypass Project was a construction project in the United States of America that intended to alleviate traffic from the Hoover Dam by building a new bridge. Completed in 2010, the bridge spans across the Colorado River, connecting Arizona and Nevada and offers a safer and more efficient route for motorists.

7. The Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project

The Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project is a case study example constructed in San Francisco, California. Its objective was to enhance the bridge’s resilience against earthquakes and aftershocks. Completed in 2012, the project included the installation of shock absorbers and other seismic upgrades to ensure the bridge’s safety and functionality in the event of a major earthquake.

8. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Project

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Project is a massive case study that intends to connect Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau with a bridge-tunnel system of 55 kilometres. Completed in 2018, the project required massive funds, investments and innovative engineering solutions, providing a new transport link and boosting regional connectivity.

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9. The Panama Papers Investigation Project

The Panama Papers Investigation Project is a global case study of journalistic investigations into offshore tax havens. It involved leaked documents from Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm. Coordinated by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the project resulted in major political and financial repercussions worldwide, garnering widespread media attention.

10. The Apple iPhone Development Project

The Apple iPhone Development Project started in 2004, aiming to create a groundbreaking mobile device. In 2007, the iPhone transformed the industry with its innovative touchscreen interface, sleek design, and advanced features. This project involved significant research, development, marketing, and supply chain management investments.

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11. The Ford Pinto Design and Launch Project

The Ford Pinto Design and Launch Project was a developmental project intended to create an affordable, fuel-efficient subcompact car. Launched in 1971, because of its fuel tank design, it became infamous for safety issues. The project was rigged for ethical and safety concerns, lawsuits, and recalls.

12. The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response Project

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response Project was a response to the largest oil spill in US history, caused by an offshore drilling rig explosion in 2010. This crisis response project utilised a waterfall project management approach, where the project team followed a pattern of planning, executing, monitoring, and closing phases. 

13. The NASA Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster Project

  The NASA Challenger Disaster Project was a tragic space exploration mission in 1986, resulting in the loss of all seven crew members. Extensive investigations revealed design and safety flaws as the cause. This disaster prompted NASA to address decision-making processes and improve safety cultures.

14. The Three Gorges Dam Project

  The Three Gorges Dam Project was a large-scale infrastructure project developed in China that aimed to build the world’s largest hydroelectric dam on the Yangtze River. Completed in 2012, it encountered environmental, social, and engineering challenges. The dam currently offers power generation, flood control, and improved navigation, but it has also resulted in ecological and cultural consequences.

15. The Big Dig Project in Boston

The Big Dig Project was a transportation infrastructure project in Boston, Massachusetts, intended to replace an old elevated highway with a newer tunnel system. Completed in 2007, it serves as one of the most complex and costly construction endeavours in US history. Despite facing many delays, cost overruns and engineering challenges, the project successfully improved traffic flow and urban aesthetics but also resulted in accidents, lawsuits, and financial burdens.

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16. The Uber Disruptive Business Model Project

  The Uber Disruptive Business Model Project was a startup that introduced a new ride business model that disrupted the taxi-cab industry by connecting riders with drivers via a mobile app. Launched in 2010, this project required innovative technology, marketing and regulatory strategies and faced legal actions and ethical challenges related to labour, safety, and competition. Uber has since then dominated the market with its ride-sharing business plan.

17. The Netflix Original Content Development Project

The Netflix Original Content Development Project was an initiative created to launch its original content for its platform. This launch by the online streaming giant in 2012 was a huge success for the company. The project required huge investments in content creation, distribution and marketing and resulted in award-winning shows and films that redefined the entire entertainment industry’s business model.

18. The Tesla Electric Car Project

The Tesla Electric Car Project was a revolutionary project that aimed to compete for its electric vehicles with gasoline-powered vehicles. The project required a strong project management plan that incorporated innovation, sustainability, and stakeholder engagement, resulting in the successful launch of the Tesla Roadster in 2008 and subsequent models. Tesla has one-handedly revolutionised the entire automobile industry on its own. 

19. The Johnson & Johnson Tylenol Crisis Management Project:

The Johnson & Johnson Tylenol Crisis Management Project was a case study in crisis management in 1982. The project required quick and effective decision-making skills, stakeholder communication, and ethical leadership in response to the tampering of Tylenol capsules that led to deaths. 

20. The Airbnb Online Marketplace Platform Project  

The Airbnb Online Marketplace Platform Project was a startup that created an online platform which connected travellers with hosts offering short-term rental accommodations in flights. The project required innovative technology, user experience design and stakeholder management. Airbnb’s success has led to the disruption of the hospitality industry and inspired many other project case study examples of sharing economy platforms.

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Future developments in project management.

Future developments in project management include all the insights on the increased use of artificial intelligence, agile methodologies, hybrid project management approaches, and emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility, along with many more developing ideas that will address the evolving market innovations. 

Key Takeaways from the Case Studies

The project management case study examples illustrate real-life examples and the importance of project management in achieving project success. The cases show the use of innovative technologies, tools, techniques, stakeholder engagement, crisis management, and agile methodologies. 

Project Management also highlights the role of ethical leadership and social responsibility in project management. To learn more and more about case studies, upGrad, India’s leading education platform, has offered an Advanced General Management Program from IMT Ghaziabad that will equip you with in-demand management skills to keep up with the changing trends!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Project Management is extensive planning, executing, monitoring and closing of a project before its deadline. Project management ensures accuracy and efficiency across all organs of a project, right from its inception to its completion.

Project Management case studies are real-life examples of projects to put an insight into all the tools, techniques and methodologies it provides.

The role of a project manager is to ensure that all day-to-day responsibilities are being met by the resources deployed in a certain project. They have the authority to manage as well as lead the functioning members as well.

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Project Management Examples: Success Stories Case Studies, and Examples

By Kate Eby | January 3, 2023

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The best real-world project management starts with meticulous planning and ends with achieving goals. Take charge of your next project with the techniques and tools that experts use to avoid failure and deliver stellar results.

In this article, learn about eight real-world project management examples , project success criteria , five famous project management failures , and how modern project management software supports success .

Successful Real-World Project Management Examples

Successful real-world project management examples have one thing in common: they support company strategy. Examples show how detailed research, planning, and organization of resources helped real-world project managers achieve a particular aim that moves the organization forward.

Successful project management examples reveal that, in order to reach the final goal, you must have and maintain a big-picture view. Other success factors include involving stakeholders, reviewing multiple frameworks and solutions, and keeping the lines of communication open.

Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Case Study: Increased Outpatient Surgical Center Performance

Jay Arcilla

Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital is a 357-bed not-for-profit community hospital and trauma center in Santa Clarita, California. Jay Arcilla, Director of the Performance Excellence Office, is charged with studying and adapting the functions and processes to increase the achievement of desired outcomes, better meet patients' needs, and assure quality. 

  • Challenge: In every hospital, starting the day's first scheduled in-patient or out-patient surgery on time has a knock-on effect on subsequent surgery timelines. Meeting schedules can always be challenging. The pandemic created even more hurdles, from having the right supplies and equipment on hand to keeping up with documentation and ensuring the right personnel are available to cover every patient's needs. Arcilla focused on raising surgery on-time start times to 70 percent. 

HMNH implementations

  • Work Sessions: A team work session helps frontline staff analyze the root cause and create a consensus-driven, interdisciplinary team.

HMNH dashboard

  •  Communication: Disseminating information and encouraging discussion for all stakeholder groups.
  •  Accountability: The operating room executive leadership created and enforced an Outpatient Surgery Center First Case On-Time Start (OPSC FCOTS) Escalation Plan, holding all staff accountable for showing up to first cases on time.
  • Takeaway: In complex, multi-layered project situations, there is often no single silver bullet. Instead, results manifest over time. In this case, within seven months, monthly performance went past the 70 percent target to 89 percent for April 2022.

Behr Process Corporation Case Study: Paving the Way for Road Show Marketing Achievement 

Lisa Kudukis

Behr is one of the largest purveyors of architectural paint and exterior wood care products in the United States and Canada. Lisa Kudukis, Director of Professional Products and Services for the Behr Process Corporation , oversees promotions, including a major road show.

  • Challenge: Kudukis created the BehrPro Experience Tour to connect with U.S. contractors. The annual event employs five tour teams covering 75 markets and 500 Home Depot locations in 34 states. Initially, each manager used different tools and organizational tactics to run their activities. Supervising people and processes and collaborating to maximize efforts was challenging. The Behr marketing team needed a way to operate more efficiently and stay on task. 
  • Solution: After an exhaustive review, Kudukis chose Smartsheet as the group's project management tool. Everyone on the team now uses a single, custom template. A master dashboard relays information about key initiatives and features a drill-down menu so anyone with access can check on small details.  
  • Takeaway: For the team, it is a huge time and money saver since anyone can view the project status and provide assistance if necessary. It also helps the team identify new business development opportunities or obstacles to inform future promotions and projects.

Successful Software Project Examples

Software projects involve generating an overall plan, scheduling, allocating resources, executing, tracking, and delivering quality software and apps. These examples show that successful software projects deliver the product with the pre-agreed level of quality within the given time and cost. 

Software companies create, change or maintain valuable products. Software project management is one of the most complex and fastest-growing endeavors in business today.

Hyland Software: More Responsive Updates and Website Requests

Jacob Huston-Lowery

Jacob Huston-Lowery manages web operations at Hyland Software , a content services platform and developer of Onbase, an enterprise content management (ECM) and process management software suite. Hyland cuts dozens of hours from the website request process while capturing data to drive ongoing improvement for its clients. Clients include insurance, manufacturing, higher education, and finance businesses that provide web-based services to their customers.

  • Challenge: Providing efficiency and seamless services is paramount to maintaining Hyland's standards. Service requests from internal staff who noticed system issues, along with those on behalf of customers, created log jams and confusion. When Huston-Lowery came on board, there were five different contact forms, and some requesters were bypassing the process and sending emails. 
  • Solution: Huston-Lowery turned to Smartsheet to find an easy-to-use solution for the critical challenges his team faced. Using project messaging and alerts within the app helped eliminate email delays. When users complete an online form with an alert for urgent projects, Smartsheet routes website requests to a sheet Huston-Lowery manages. As requests come in, all projects are prioritized, scheduled, and assigned to team members or third-party website management agencies.
  • Takeaway: By replacing email trails with built-in alerts and update capabilities, the Smartsheet solution saves communication time and eliminates duplication. The ability to handle requests strategically helps the team implement a support program that runs 24 hours a day, 5 days a week – a process that was impossible before instituting the new project management process.

Examples of Successful IT Projects

Information technology (IT) projects ensure that software, devices, and systems work together to help people get things done. 

Managing IT projects and creating efficient IT project plans involve all aspects of planning, design, implementation, project management, and training.

Convergint: A Single System of Record Improves Processes and Customer Service

Jenn Hilber

Jenn Hilber is the Business Architect, Operations for Convergint , the largest privately held security integrator in the United States. Convergint has more than 175 locations worldwide, providing a range of services, including installation and management of card readers and cameras, alarm systems, fire systems, building controls, and more.

  •  Challenge: The company prides itself in creating an outstanding customer experience, but managing all the details seamlessly was difficult. Convergint relied on manual practices and printed playbooks, with no single unified process for most of its activities.
  •  Solution: Convergint turned to Smartsheet to capture all of its data, best practices, and resources in a single place. As a result, teams can make strategic decisions and act on customer priorities with confidence knowing that they have the most current and accurate information at their fingertips.
  • Takeaway: Convergint teams now enjoy better cross-team and global communication, a clearer insight into customers' needs and status, and greater accountability for internal processes. Customers also experience quicker turnaround time for requests.

Exoft: Shifting to Mixed Methodologies Rescue an IT Project Management Client Relationship

Bohuslava Zhyko

Bohuslava Zhyvko is Head of Marketing for Exoft , a software development services company located in Lviv, Ukraine. Exoft builds robust web and mobile solutions with a focus on increasing clients' efficiency and solving technology challenges. 

  • Challenge: Zhyvko began a new assignment with an IT client previously managed by another project manager. Zhyvko learned the IT client didn't want to hear about Agile methodology or process at Exoft; he simply wanted to complete his project ASAP. 
  • Solution: Zhyvko immediately requested a kick-off conference call. During the call, she discussed the goal and purpose of the project and clarified the main issues that were creating stress points. After the call, Zhyvko gathered the team and included Exoft's CTO. The weaknesses of the client's planning and reporting systems became apparent, and Zhyvko offered the solution: Agile, after all. The team used a mix of Scrum and Kanban to replace Waterfall , which wasn't the right approach for the nature and goals of the project. They divided the project's scope into milestones and sprints, then switched the look of the workboard in Jira. Zhyvko supplied the client with a process improvement proposal and SOW with all the features he wanted. Zhyvko explained how the project's formal change request procedure worked and shared the documentation, so the client could clearly understand the development process, which they accepted and signed.
  • Takeaway: After three months, when two milestones were closed, the client was pleased with the deliveries and the Scrum working process. The project concluded after milestone 11 with a client who was pleased with the outcome. His startup is growing extremely fast, and the company and Zhyvko have an excellent relationship. Solid planning, reporting, and communication can turn around even the most complex project management challenge.

Examples of Successful Completed Business Projects

Efficiently reaching project objectives is a key element of project management success. Efficiency relates to how the project’s limited resources are managed to meet its goals while building good relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Whirlpool: Regional Alignment for Smoother Operations

Thiago Zapparoli

Thiago Zapparoli is a Senior Planning Engineer at Whirlpool Corporation . The global home appliance company relies on regional project managers to manage its extensive portfolio.

  • Challenge: When you're responsible for managing a project portfolio of a global home appliance company — including approximately 400 individual projects across five worldwide regions — you need a comprehensive system to keep everything on track. That's why Zapparoli looked for a way to get project managers, leadership, and other stakeholders on the same page with the laundry and dryer portfolio he manages.
  • Solution: Zapparoli knew he needed an effective and unique system for all project managers to aggregate the 400 projects that covered multiple regions around the globe. At a minimum, the project management system needed to identify responsibilities for each project and task; key performance indicators; and open, completed, and delayed tasks. Smartsheet offered an all-up view of an entire region, providing real-time visibility into the overall project status and numerous tasks. First deployed in Brazil, the holistic tracker transformed how the 10 project managers and cross-functional leaders in that region approach their daily work and stay in sync.
  • Takeaway: After implementations in Brazil and the United States, Zapparoli’s Smartsheet trackers are used in all three remaining regions and assisted deployment in four other Whirlpool internal organizations. Project managers are engaged because they have control over projects. Cross-functional leaders are satisfied with the visibility, and senior leadership can now see how they can help.

Simplus: Improved Sales Process

Katherine Albiston

Katherine Albiston is a Content Manager for Simplus , an Infosys company that provides a strategic, industry-focused digital transformation for customers in the Salesforce ecosystem. She shares how Simplus’ customer Ziehm Imaging needed to improve its sales process to garner maximum efficiency and profits, as well as the company’s solution for them.

  • Challenge: Simplus customer Ziehm Imaging, Inc. was using a legacy configure, price, quote (CPQ) system process for defining new products or modifying bundles. As a result, it took up to a week to go to market. A Microsoft Excel-based process further complicated managing market-specific annual pricing updates, which required a manual price override to apply pricing for each segment. The manual work increased errors, eroded margins, and led to customer communications about pricing adjustments – not good for relationships. 
  • Solution: Simplus simplified Ziehm's bundle configuration process and centralized compatibility management rules. It now uses a lookup-based rules setup for products that enforces business policies in real time as sales reps interact with the CPQ system. 
  • Takeaway: Streamlining and installing coherent systems decreased Ziehm's quote creation time by 93 percent, troubleshooting time by 87 percent, and the time to add products by approximately 87 percent. The lesson is clear: A holistic approach to process improvement can reap impressive benefits.

designdough: A More Refined Recruitment Process

Molly Govus

Molly Govus is the Marketing Manager of designdough , a full-service U.K. design firm. The company tightened its use of project and time management tools to run projects and realized it needed to do the same for managing internal projects.

  • Challenge: designdough audited its recruitment process and discovered four key issues: Permanent and temporary staffing ebb and flow was always in flux depending on client project demands. There were no clear start-to-finish timescales, and they lacked transparency with staff regarding project timescales. Staff capacity related to assigned tasks was unclear. Finally, the firm lacked designated client communication points.  
  • Solution: They started by planning and documenting every resource and task using a project management tool that provided visibility for all team members. They wanted to clarify the audit's issues and organize information and project processes around recruiting by implementing clearly delineated stages (Administration, Interview, Offer, Induction, and Confirmation). Now, they set start dates for each step and complete tasks before moving to the next stage. Additionally, they add relevant tags, such as meeting , to tasks so they can easily identify who is assigned the task assignment and dates attached to every job. 
  • Takeaway: Thanks to a straightforward process and an efficient project management tool, the team met its recruitment project goals. They now encounter fewer bottlenecks and have an easier recruitment process that has improved staff and client satisfaction and relationships.

What Is the Measure of Project Success?

The measure of project success is meeting the initial criteria established by the internal or external client and the project team. Teams use these specs, milestones, and deliverables to evaluate a project after it closes. 

Jason Scott

“Project managers are experts at helping people define problems,” notes J. Scott, CEO of 120VC and author of The Irreverent Guide to Project Management . “Data drives and measures success to control the outcome and move the project forward as aggressively as possible, leaving no time or money on the table.”

In its 2020 report, “Ahead of the Curve: Forging a Future Focused Culture,” the Project Management Institute (PMI) found that organizations that operated from mature ROI capabilities geared toward meeting strategic goals, working within predetermined budgets, delivered segments and the entire project on time with limited scope creep . High-maturity companies had 50 percent fewer project failures than low-maturity organizations.      

A success measurement framework includes:

  • Buy-In: Worthy projects and outstanding ideas can fail if critical stakeholders aren't behind the effort. With buy-in, resources will be available, and you can move the project forward.
  • Strategic Approach: One of the best ways to guarantee buy-in is to make a business case that shows how the project fits into overall company goals and will positively impact the organization’s future. According to an article on the six questions to ask before starting a big project in the Harvard Business Review, a good distribution of resources is 60 percent in support of the core business, 30 percent in the adjacent business area, and 10 percent unrelated to your core business.
  • Meticulous Planning: Completing projects on budget and on schedule relies on thorough advanced planning. Professional planning includes defining the scope and objectives of the project and operating from an understanding of the resource and budget limitations that affect your project. 
  • Continuous Monitoring: Once the project begins, it's essential to monitor all activities, resources, and expenditures almost constantly. You will likely find that you’ll need to make adjustments to some elements in every project. You will want to monitor the execution of tasks against milestones, keep an eye on quality, track whether you are on schedule, and verify money is spent according to plan. 
  • Make Relationships a Priority: Stay in touch with clients, vendors, and internal team members to stay informed about project status and build relationships. Once the project concludes, check in with stakeholders to see what worked and what didn't so that you can apply winning strategies and tactics to subsequent projects.

Setting Success Metrics

For the best results, the only way to measure project failure or success is by collecting and tracking data from the first day until the project closes. "You can't manage what you don't measure" is Peter Drucker’s time-honored adage for setting project success metrics. 

Management consultant Drucker's gold standard in project management metrics is his specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals framework, known as SMART . To start setting those strategic types of project metrics, the Performance Management Institute (PMI) suggests asking three questions to inform the metrics you will use to measure the success of your project .

 The key questions to help set metrics are the following:

  • Why is the project needed? Understand the purpose or goal of the project or work.
  • What are the success factors? Determine what critical success factors are mandatory for you to succeed and achieve the goal.
  • What are the metrics? Identify how you will measure the fulfillment for each critical success factor for the project or program, and collect and share data.

Common Project Management Success Metrics

Metrics for on-target project management track productivity, assess resource utilization, monitor the scope of work changes, and measure quality. Assuring a low number of defects throughout the project and providing a quality deliverable at its end should be a metric for any project. 

Examples of crucial project metrics include the following:

  • Resource Utilization: This metric assesses how individual team members or the project team spend their time against the total number of hours allocated for the project. Periodically checking time spent on the project can help assess how human energy is being used. For organizations that bill hours, this is an important metric to monitor and review at the end of a project.
  • Schedule Variance: This metric helps project managers determine if projects are running according to the planned budget or ahead of it. A negative schedule variance means the project is behind schedule.
  • Cost Performance: This metric measures efficiency. Divide the work performed or earned value by how much money it took to accomplish tasks. Accurate budget estimates rely on forecasting cost performance. 
  • Cost Variance: This metric pinpoints how you are operating within a planned budget. The purpose is to see if you are running below or within budget. If cost variance is negative, the project is over budget. If it’s under budget, that means you are achieving budget and project success.
  • Gross Margin: A strategically planned project aims to contribute to the company by increasing profits. The gross margin is the difference between the total income and total project spend. It’s best to establish the gross target margin before a project begins and measure it on an ongoing basis. Achieving or exceeding a gross margin is the primary mark of project management excellence.

With project metrics in place and the right tools to track that data, it is easier to crunch the numbers on previous projects to see what went right and what task ended up causing a significant delay.

What Skills and Tools Support Project Management Success?

You need various tools and skills to guide projects to the desired goal. Soft skills are people skills or emotional intelligence. Hard skills are specific to project managers and can be learned through formal training or on the job. 

The exact project management techniques and tools you need depend on your industry, company, and team preferences. The vital foundation for success is to create your project plan and lean into best practices that focus on organization, communication, and team leadership. "There are many methodologies project managers employ," says 120VC’s J. Scott. "Waterfall, Agile, Lean, and more – but the most important skill to have is leadership and a people-centric framework since it is people that get [expletive] done.”

Project management skills and tools to help you meet project management challenges – and win –  include the following:

  • Soft Skills: Soft skills are interpersonal skills such as communication, flexibility, leadership, teamwork, and time management.
  • Project Management Tools: Tools is another word for software. Purpose-built project management software supports teams in the planning, tracking, and managing of projects to meet stated goals on time and within budget. These also serve as a repository for data that will inform the post-project analysis.
  • Project Management Methodologies and Frameworks: The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide describes all the PM methodologies and techniques available to manage projects. Project managers choose frameworks such as Critical Chain Project Management, Lean, Scrum, and Waterfall for their projects.

Reasons Projects Fail and How Modern Project Software Supports Success

Projects fail for many reasons. Those include inadequate preparation, poor documentation and tracking, and poor communication. Modern project software can help solve those problems and support success. 

"Project management, particularly at the enterprise scale, is about getting to desired outcomes as efficiently as possible under any conditions," says 120VC's Scott. "You must be agile (with a lowercase a) to get things done to reach those outcomes." Modern software is the way forward.

“IT projects have an exceptionally high failure rate of 44 percent,” says Scott. “These projects fail due to a lack of alignment between business and project objectives. As software project failure statistics show, the lack of alignment of projects with the business objectives is why nearly half of the strategic initiatives fail.”

5 Famous Project Management Failures and How They Could Have Been Solved

Project management failures are part of most projects. The key is to learn from past failures and track projects closely to get back on track when things go awry. 

1. Citibank Interest Payment Failure Citibank intended to make a $7.8 million interest payment to creditors of its client Revlon. Instead, the company paid $900 million because of errors due to aging software. Citibank's employees set up a transaction as if they were paying off the entire loan to calculate the interest correctly, then check numerous boxes to deliver the majority of the sum to an internal Citibank account. Three different people signed off on this transaction, most of which wasn't due to creditors until 2023, but the Citibank employees didn’t check all the proper boxes. Creditors kept more than $500 million of the payment. A judge ruled that they didn't have to return the money because he said it was not believable that one of the largest and most sophisticated financial institutions on earth could make such a mistake. 

  • Takeaway: The big lesson is to modernize your software and user interfaces, so employees can perform their duties in a streamlined, logical fashion. Remember: You might suffer less when you make mistakes if people aren't angry enough to take advantage of those errors.

2. J.C. Penney Rebrand Failure Ron Johnson, who has a successful branding track record, took over as J.C. Penney's CEO in 2011. Johnson's "cheap chic" rebranding for Target was enormously successful, as was his previous work with Apple to generate its outstanding and consistent brand experience. Defying expectations, Johnson's rebrand for Penney's was a dismal failure. His goal was to revitalize the chain by making "hip" changes. He wanted to shake things up at the company by doing away with sales and coupons, nixing some of the legacy merchandise, and modernizing the store’s physical layout. It failed miserably. Revenues dropped from an already low level, and after 17 months, Johnson was out.

  • Takeaway: No matter how cool or innovative a new brand concept seems, robust market research is mandatory. J.C. Penney's poor financial state forced Johnson to act too quickly. As such, he failed to align the likes and dislikes of J.C. Penney's loyal existing customer base with new tactics. That's not to say the change involved in rebranding has to be totally at the mercy of your customers' extant preferences. When a brand has long-standing customer favorite factors such as discounts and coupons, it may be best to roll out changes slowly rather than all at once to acclimate existing customers to a new direction.

3. McDonald's Arch Deluxe Burger The fast food giant put an unprecedented $150 million into advertising for the Arch Deluxe Burger, only to discover its customers weren't interested in the sophisticated, ”gourmet” menu option. Mistakes include marketing to a new, disinterested Gen X demographic while neglecting the brand's core audience, overpricing the burger to cover the additional costs it took to create, and franchisee disinterest. 

  • Takeaway: The message is to never ignore your buying base and pick the right metrics when you start and run a project. If McDonald's had a more accurate picture of what its customers wanted and conducted more testing with existing customers, the company could have saved its money, resources, and reputation. 

4. Dyson Electric Car James Dyson spent a small fortune – more than $600 million – on a seven-seat electric car with a 600-mile range. Then Dyson scrapped it before the prototype ever hit the road. Electric vehicles are costly, and the battery, battery management, electronics, and cooling system are much more expensive than an internal combustion engine. Tesla — hailed as a success by many — has burned through $19 billion of investor cash and is still not profitable. It turned out that each Dyson would have had to fetch roughly $183 million to break even. 

  • Takeaway: The British government wants to ban sales of all fossil-fuel cars by 2035, so Dyson shifted its focus. The company continues to work on solid-state battery manufacturing. Solid-state batteries are the key to making electric vehicles functional and desirable. Highly efficient, as well as smaller and lighter than ion batteries, solid-state batteries generate less heat and are easier to recycle. Dyson says he could return to electric vehicle production when commercial and financial circumstances change.

5. Coca-Cola and New Coke The company tested New Coke with 200,000 consumers. Most people who tried it preferred New Coke over the traditional product. Based on that information, Coca-Cola launched New Coke in 1985. But the new product did not sell, and product loyalty and people’s old-fashioned habits got in the way. The cost to the company was $30 million in unsellable backstock and $4 million lost to development. New Coke remains one of the most famous failures in marketing history.

  • Takeaway: While Coca-Cola researched the market, it missed the mark when assessing the power of brand loyalty. Understanding customers is imperative in product development. Ensure your information is comprehensive and those insights are realistic and accurate.

How Modern Project Management Software Cures Common Project Woes

Modern project management software provides real-time visibility into work conducted across projects, programs, and processes. Store, track, manage, and automatically report on all work, so you can save time and help your team focus on the work that matters most.

Take Charge of Your Next Project with Real-Time Work Management in Smartsheet

From simple task management and project planning to complex resource and portfolio management, Smartsheet helps you improve collaboration and increase work velocity -- empowering you to get more done. 

The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed.

When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time. Try Smartsheet for free, today.

Discover a better way to streamline workflows and eliminate silos for good.

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Case Studies

Learn about the people behind the projects, the projects they deliver and the organisations raising the bar of project professionalism. We recognise what people can achieve through project management, and have been celebrating excellence in the profession for over 20 years.

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HKS Case Program

Project Management

The teaching cases in this section address the challenges related to implementation and scale faced by project managers in a variety of settings.

project management case study examples free

Shoring Up Child Protection in Massachusetts: Commissioner Spears & the Push to Go Fast

Publication Date: July 13, 2023

 In January 2015, when incoming Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker chose Linda Spears as his new Commissioner of the Department of Children and Families, he was looking for a reformer. Following the grizzly death of a child under DCF...

Issue Brief - APSI Monograph

Architect, Pilot, Scale, Improve: A Framework and Toolkit for Policy Implementation

Publication Date: May 12, 2021

Successful implementation is essential for achieving policymakers’ goals and must be considered during both design and delivery. The mission of this monograph is to provide you with a framework and set of tools to achieve success. The...

Teaching Case - Different Approaches to Building a Unified Government Website in Argentina, Peru, and Mexico

Different Approaches to Building a Unified Government Website in Argentina, Peru, and Mexico

Publication Date: August 21, 2020

Government digitization has proven to benefit both citizens and public agencies. On the one hand, citizens are able to find a consistent interface and reliable information on a single site and are able to access streamlined digital government...

Teaching Case - Mothers of Rotterdam: Scaling a Social Services Program in the Netherlands

Mothers of Rotterdam: Scaling a Social Services Program in the Netherlands

Publication Date: June 7, 2018

Board Chair Nanne Boonstra was about to learn the details of a scaling strategy proposal for Mothers of Rotterdam, a fledgling social service program that helped the city’s disadvantaged pregnant women.Boonstra’s employer, a venture...

Teaching Case - Lesotho Hospital and Filter Clinics: A Public-Private Partnership Sequel

Lesotho Hospital and Filter Clinics: A Public-Private Partnership Sequel

Publication Date: October 17, 2016

This sequel accompanies case number 1999.0. This case looks at a public-private partnership (PPP) between the Health Ministry for the government of Lesotho and a private consortium headed up by Netcare, a South African company, to build and...

Teaching Case - Lesotho Hospital and Filter Clinics: A Public-Private Partnership

Lesotho Hospital and Filter Clinics: A Public-Private Partnership

Publication Date: October 03, 2013

This case looks at a public-private partnership (PPP) between the Health Ministry for the government of Lesotho and a private consortium headed up by Netcare, a South African company, to build and operate a new referral hospital and four feeder...

Teaching Case - TransMilenio:  The Battle Over Avenida Séptima

TransMilenio: The Battle Over Avenida Séptima

Publication Date: May 10, 2011

In August of 2007, the mayor of Bogotá, Luis Eduardo Garzón, had to decide whether to proceed with plans to build a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line in Avenida Séptima, one of the most important transportation corridors in the...

Teaching Case - California High-Speed Rail

California High-Speed Rail

Publication Date: November 18, 2010

In January 2010, the California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) was waiting to hear whether the Obama Administration would approve its application for $4.7 billion in federal stimulus funding to begin the construction of a $50-billion,...

project management case study examples free

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator: A Model for Reducing Unemployment in South Africa

Publication Date: April 20, 2023

 In the fourth quarter of 2021, South Africa's unemployment rate rose to 35%, the highest since 2008. Though some of the job losses could be attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic, the country had already been experiencing high unemployment...

Teaching Case - Health Care & the Isolated Poor in the Lower Rio Grande Valley: The Quest to Make a Lasting Change (Sequel)

Health Care & the Isolated Poor in the Lower Rio Grande Valley: The Quest to Make a Lasting Change (Sequel)

Publication Date: December 14, 2006

The spring of 2005 marked a tricky juncture for the leaders of a program designed to improve health care access for thousands of residents living in impoverished, isolated settlements just north of the Mexican border in the Lower Rio Grande...

Teaching Case - Health Care & the Isolated Poor in the Lower Rio Grande Valley: The Quest to Make a Lasting Change

Health Care & the Isolated Poor in the Lower Rio Grande Valley: The Quest to Make a Lasting Change

Teaching Case - To What End? Re-thinking Terrorist Attack Exercises in San Jose (Sequel, part 2)

To What End? Re-thinking Terrorist Attack Exercises in San Jose (Sequel, part 2)

Publication Date: November 03, 2005

This case study tells the story of San Jose, California, one of the first 27 cities in the country to participate in a federal domestic preparedness program. Between 1997 and 1999, a specially created city task force mounted several full-scale...

Case Studies

This page provides an overview of the various case studies available from These case studies demonstrate successful transforming organizations, uses of Scrum, Nexus, Evidence-Based Management and more. Read them to understand where people and teams have struggled and how they have overcome their struggles.

Organizational and Cultural Transformation

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MPMM Method123 Project Management Methodology

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Project Management Examples

MPMM Project Management Methodology

Project Management Example Case Study

MPMM includes an entire suite of project management examples which give you practical, hands-on examples of managing successful projects.

Each example provides a project management case study describing how a project was managed, the challenges faced and the tips and tricks used to deliver the project successfully. By reading the extensive suite of examples included within MPMM, you will advance your project management knowledge and skill set.

Project Examples

The example case studies included in MPMM help you to perform:

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Project Closure
  • Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Quality Management
  • Cost Management
  • Issue Management
  • Time Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Acceptance Management
  • Communications Management

More than 30 comprehensive project management example case studies describe how to undertake every activity within the Project Life Cycle. These examples will:

Initiation Examples

MPMM TM includes a suite of examples which help you to initiate projects, by defining the business case, undertaking a feasibility study, completing a project charter, recruiting the project team and setting up a Project Office. The following topics are described in depth, within the Project Initiation Example suite:

  • Develop a Business Case
  • Undertake a Feasibility Study
  • Establish the Project Charter
  • Appoint a Project Team
  • Set up a Project Office
  • Perform a Phase Review

Planning Examples

After defining the project and appointing the project team, you're ready to enter the detailed Project Planning phase. This involves creating a suite of planning deliverables to help guide your team through project delivery. The following topics are described in depth, within the Project Planning Example suite:

  • Create a Project Plan
  • Create a Resource Plan
  • Create a Financial Plan
  • Create a Quality Plan
  • Create a Risk Plan
  • Create a Acceptance Plan
  • Create a Communications Plan
  • Create a Procurement Plan
  • Define the Tender Process
  • Issue a Statement of Work
  • Issue a Request for Information
  • Issue a Request for Proposal
  • Create a Supplier Contract

Execution Examples

Execution is the phase within which the deliverables are physically built and presented to the customer for final acceptance. While each deliverable is being constructed, a suite of management processes are undertaken to monitor and control the deliverables being output by the project. These processes help you manage time, cost, quality, change, risks, issues, suppliers, customers and communication. The following project management examples will help you to execute projects efficiently:

  • Perform Time Management
  • Perform Cost Management
  • Perform Quality Management
  • Perform Change Management
  • Perform Risk Management
  • Perform Issue Management
  • Perform Procurement Management
  • Perform Acceptance Management
  • Perform Communications Management

Closure Examples

Project Closure involves releasing the final deliverables to the customer, handing over project documentation to the business, terminating supplier contracts, releasing project resources and communicating project closure to all project stakeholders. The last remaining step is to undertake a Post Implementation Review, to measure the level of project success and identify any lessons learned for future projects. The following project management examples will help you to complete these closure tasks quickly and efficiently:

  • Perform Project Closure
  • Review Project Completion

MPMM Project Management Methodologies

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Bold EPMO Value Improvement for Insurance Company Preferred Mutual Comes from Process Agility and Innovation

“With agile & organizational change, we have reached out for professional assistance to improve.” — Michele Graham, SVP, Strategic Services

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11+ Project Case Study Examples in PDF | DOC

project case study examples

Project Case Study

End game goggles, 10+ project case study examples, 1. project case study template example, 2. design project and case study example, 3. construction of highway project case study example, 4. primary school pilot project case study example, 5. funded project case study example, 6. phono-post project case study example, 7. formal project case study example, 8. water quality project case study example, 9. educational project case study example, 10. project agreement case study example, 11. bridges project case studies example, 12. project case study in doc, how to make a project case study.

project case study template

  • Google Docs

design project and case study

1. Identify a Highlight

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Project Management Case Studies Samples That Help You Write Better, Faster & with Gusto

When you need a slight spank to write a proper Project Management Case Study, nothing does the job finer than a great sample you can use for inspiration or as a model to follow. And hardly can you find a finer website with so many remarkable Case Study samples than open-access catalog of Project Management papers. Each Project Management Case Studies example you see here can do one or several of these elements for you: give you a tip about an interesting topic; inspire you to come up with an unusual viewpoint on a well-researched question; demonstrate the best writing techniques you can use; and/or present you with proper structure patterns. Apply this valuable wisdom to write a superior paper of your own or use our professional authors' assistance to get a custom Project Management Case Study sample sent right to your email inbox.

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Easy Project Management Case Studies

project management case study examples free

Project portfolio management using Easy Project in finance - AXA Group Czech Republic and Slovakia

Project Management Officer

AXA Group provides products and services in the area of life and non-life insurance, pension insurance, and investment mutual funds in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It has 1.5 million clients, 523 employees, and manages assets of EUR 5.3 billion.

Project portfolio management using Easy Project in energetics - innogy Czech Republic

Project portfolio management using Easy Project in energetics - innogy Czech Republic

Innogy's business focuses on the supply of natural gas, electricity, and heat to customers, combined heat and power generation in district heating plants, and clean mobility solutions.

Smart Home solutions delivery improved by project management software

Smart Home solutions delivery improved by project management software

myComfort - a small Czech business company providing both end users and B2Bs with Smart Home solutions and technologies integration and implementation.

Project management innovations supported by Easy Project - JIRI models

Project management innovations supported by Easy Project - JIRI models

Czech company based in Pisek. The company focuses on publishing and merchandising products, mostly fun and creative books with popular children's motifs. For many years, they have been cooperating with both domestic and leading foreign licensors (Walt Disney, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Krtek, etc...).

Complete project life-cycle management in the banking sector - PPF Banka

Complete project life-cycle management in the banking sector - PPF Banka

Before Easy Project implementation, PPF Banka was using classical Microsoft Office tools such as MS Excel (to track milestones, tasks, budget, and resources), MS PowerPoint (to create project status reports) and also MS Project (to track milestones and project schedule).

Odense Letbane

Interface management in the public transportation industry - Odense Letbane

Odense Letbane (Light Rail) is a planned tram system in Odense, Denmark. Under this project, a light rail track of 14.5 km is planned to be developed by 2020. There are different contractors to deliver the outcome of this project. To coordinate their activities an interface management will be applied throughout this project.

Support System for heavy machinery - Wirtgen America

Support system for heavy machinery - Wirtgen America

Wirtgen America provides service at more than 250 locations in the United States and Canada, operated by 35 dealers. The dealer network sells and delivers construction machinery incorporating the traditional product brands: WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN, and BENNINGHOVEN.

Project Portfolio Management in the production industry - Bosch Diesel

Project portfolio management in the production industry - Bosch Diesel


Bosch Diesel s.r.o in Jihlava is a Bosch Group subsidiary, which is running a plant that costs over 700 mil Euros. From a company of 160 employees in 1994, it has gradually expanded into the largest production plant in the world within the Bosch Group for Common Rail diesel injection systems.

Change Management  - Schneider Electric - Easy Project

Change management in the production industry - Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric develops connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and processes in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. The Group invests in R&D in order to sustain innovation and differentiation, with a strong commitment to sustainable development.

Air Technology - a case study of construction project management

Air Technology - technological units, buildings

HVAC, energy management

Air Technology develops its activity in design and construction of air-conditioning, refrigeration and electrical equipment. Air Technology uses  Easy Project in comprehensive implementation of construction project management, installation, service management, administration and marketing.  Easy Project is connected to the ERP system SAP.

ESONIC - Linking existing accounting FlexiBee with Easy Project - Case Study

Project management in manufacturing & construction

Industrial Automation

ESONIC Inc. is a Czech company engaged in the areas of industrial automation of technological processes and production units.  In order to streamline external and internal management, the company decided to look  for a software for project and process management.

Boomerang Publishing -EEA projects in production company (case study)

Boomerang Publishing - project management in a production company

Media company Boomerang Publishing uses Easy Project in its full extend -  project planning, resource utilization, invoice flow, making orders and monitoring of finance the financial profitability of each project.  The company has more than 5000 active projects in Easy Project.

Transporeon case study on efficient resource management in transport logistics

Transporeon - effective resource management in logistics

IT solution in logistics

TRANSPOREON group offers 3 SaaS solutions, which currently connect more than 1 000 of shippers, 45 000 of carriers and 100 000 of users from more than 85 countries. Easy Project allows to the group more effective resource management.

Banzai - a case study on the successful implementation of the project software

Comprehensive project management software in the company Banzai

At the end of the year, we implemented a feature-packed Easy Project for the comprehensive project and task management within the company  for Banzai. Look how cooperation has been taking place.

Ministry of Transport - a case study of the project management office operations

The Ministry of Transport - Minister´s Office Management

Easy Project Implementation for the cabinet of the Minister of Transport. Minister´s Office Management -  project managing across the intermingling sub-organizations, simplifying of entering tasks from appointments  (removing quantities of confusing text documents), coordination of operations in the Cabinet.

Bohemia Energy - případová studie softwarového řízení servisních projektů a požadavků zákazníků

BOHEMIA ENERGY - internal requirements management

Bohemia Energy is the largest alternative supplier of electricity and gas in the Czech Republic. To date of  December 31,    2013 Bohemia Energy gained over 500 000 customers.  They use Easy Project for service project management and requirements of internal customers.

Project Management in Minkenberg Medien GmbH (Case Study) -EAS Project Client

Client project management in an advertising agency Minkenberg Medien

Advertising agency

Advertising agency Minkenberg Medien GmbH specializes mainly on contracts in digital environment where clients' requirements usually change quickly. Elmar Branch, CEO, told us that  Easy Project helps the agency to manage everything to the satisfaction of the most important people - their clients. 

Elektrowin - Case Study Implementation Project Management Software

Elektrowin a.s. - project management and organization

ELEKTROWIN a.s. runs a collective system for the return, separate collection, processing, re-use and disposal of electronic equipment and electric waste.  Elektrowin a.s. uses Easy Project to streamline regular organization management and project management.

Inteli - projects, supplies and AV technology installation

The leading Czech supplier of audiovisual equipment. Exclusive distributor of world leading brands in audio equipment. Inteli  uses Easy Project for  project management installations, management of internal development projects , marketing, sales and administration.

Pharma Future - A case study on project management

Pharma Future - project management in the pharmaceutical industry

Pharma Future is engaged in the research and development of unique medical, health and nutritional products.  They use Easy Project for complex implementation of coordination, management of research and development projects  and in the process of marketing products.

PeckaDesign - an example of effective project management through software

PeckaDesign - project management of webdesign

"We create custom web solutions in PeckaDesign . We enjoy this job. For 10 years, we keep the highest workmanship quality of your projects."  They switched to project management in Easy Project from Basecamp which was insufficient due to its simplicity.

Cemex - a case study of IT project management

Cemex - IT Project Management

Multinational company Cemex, that is engaged in the construction and production of building materials, uses  Easy Project for IT project management.

Keratech - project management in engineering

KERATECH, project management in engineering


KERATECH is a modern enterprise with its own manufacturing base, founded on the basis of engineering and manufacturing of fireproof materials.  They use Easy Project to track orders for clients and for contact management.

Hobra-Školník - A case study of the implementation project management software in the industry

Project management in a production company Hobra-Školník

Hobra-Školník is East-Bohemian company producing and supplying industrial filtration and isolation technology across Europe. They acquired Easy Project under the IT operational program in companies, and they  use it for the new product development, project research , marketing and sales.

Chomutov - managing EU projects - a case study

Regional Authority, Local Authority - Project Management

Statutory town of Chomutov implemented  Easy Project for managing EU projects and investment projects.  The goal was to gain an overview of ongoing projects, coordinate and monitor their progress. 

DIGITECH the Czech Republic - a case study on effective project management software company

DIGITECH ČR - project management in software company

Company DIGITECH ČR operates on the market over 15 years and is a supplier of information technologies for logistics and distribution fields. The company uses Easy Project for the  implementations of Project Management and Helpdesk Management.

Awara IT Solutions - a case study on the implementation of software project management

Awara - IT Project Management

IT Consulting

Awara IT Solutions is one of the leading providers of IT services and solutions for efficient business in Russia. In addition, Awara provides service for customers from Scandinavia and Western Europe. They implemented Easy Project to  connect support with project management.

Case study how to manage time more effective - MARSHALL CAVENDISH EDUCATION - Easy Project plugin

Easy Project for working time reports

MARSHALL CAVENDISH EDUCATION (MC Education) is the leading e-learning solutions and services provider in Singapore. Easy Project helps to manage company (especially time reports) more efficiently and stay ahead of competition.

Projectile - managing architectural projects

Projektil - project management in an architectural studio

Architectural Studio Projektil is the leading Czech provider of architectural services and the winner of the Grand Prix.  It uses Easy Project for monitoring time worked on the projects  in their various stages.

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project management case study examples free

Case Study Hub | Samples, Examples and Writing Tips

Project management case study, introduction.

Nowadays such concepts as project, project manager and project management have become rather widely used in business to describe a set of special activities, an occupation or a process. Despite of the fact that the majority of people have heard about these three notions, not everybody understands their meanings. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to relate the notion pf “project” with the notion of “management”. It is clear that project management is a process, but what kind of process is it? What steps does a person who manages the project (a project manager) has to take in order to reach a success? All of this may remain unclear unless a person faces project management very closely.

We Can Write a Custom Case Study on Project Management for You!

The main goal of delivering the speech is to give clear and concise explanation of the concept project management. Also, it is necessary to determine what the steps of project management are and what functions should be performed by project managements in order to fulfill projects correctly and in time.

What is Project Management?

Before getting closer to discussing the notion of project management, it is necessary to define the term “project” in order to gain a better understanding of it. First of all, a project is a complex or a set of tasks that should be accomplished by a certain date in the future. Secondly, project always has important goals, which have to be achieved while fulfilling a project. Thirdly, a project is characterized by a clear objective which has to be completed within certain start and end dates and using limited resources. Every project may consume material (money) resources and non-material resources (human efforts, creativity). Thus, while managing a project, a project manager is limited by financial resources, time and the scope of a project. Projects can be fulfilled by one person (individual projects), or by a group of people (team projects). Project management is both a process consisting of several steps and a complex of techniques, knowledge, skills and tools applied by a project manager solely or a group of people headed by a project manager to fulfill a combination of tasks in order to reach the goals of a project. There is no secret that project management did not receive much attention until recently. For many years, the profession of a project manager was not even considered as such. However, things have changed. Project management has become a subject of major studies, the goals of which were to determine what meaning the notion of project management carried. Project management is a challenging process and requires development and usage of a specific strategy and methodology. An important characteristic feature of project management is that it is should be always planned very carefully and be well-organized.

Important parts of any process of project management are:  the process of project planning, which consists of such tasks as, identifying the main purpose of the project, tasks specification, calculation of necessary resources and scheduling;  implementation of the project plan; 3) controlling and monitoring of the fulfillment of the project.

The first and the most important step in project management is project planning. Project planning in its turn also consists of several steps and it usually begins with setting principal objective of the project and defining its scope.

The second step involves determining what task should be accomplished within the scope of the project. When the objectives and the tasks of the project are identified, it is time for the next step, which involves determining in what sequence the tasks will be accomplished. The following step is to decide what assignments will be performed by each of the team member, in case when a project is to be fulfilled not individually but by a group of people. The main goal of the last step of project planning is to find out how much time it is necessary to spend on the accomplishment of every task and development of project scheduling. Also, it is essential to correlate the goals of the project with the resources possessed during the process of project planning.

The following step of project management is the implementation of the plan and the fulfillment of the project task. This step presupposes that all team members already know what they should do; thus, they should put all their efforts into the best possible fulfillment of the project task. Project manager, in this case, may or may not directly accomplish these tasks. Instead, he/she may be only guiding the process to achieve the best results.

The last step of project management is controlling, during which the results of the project are compared with the objectives set at the planning stage. It is possible to correct some little errors during this step if time and resources permit to do so.

As it has been stated above project management is a rather challenging process, which requires not only time and money, but also a lot of efforts from the side of the individuals who are engaged into bringing the project to life. This is especially relevant when speaking about project managers, who are supposed to perform a lot of functions and to possess certain skills in order to make project a success. The first function to speak about will be planning. The process of project planning has been already discussed; however, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of performing this function by the project manager and his ability to involve all team members into this process. Second function is organizing, which means finding out what resources will be used, what task have to be completed; a project manager should also assign task to the team members, delegate authority, if necessary, and motivate workers to concentrate on the project goals. In the context of this function, a project manager should schedule all the tasks, determine who will do what and motivate the team to work effectively and to cooperate for the sake of one common goal. The third important function of a project manager is controlling, which lies in constant tracking of the progress of project and comparing the results with what has been planned. In the context of this function a project manager should complete progress reports and determine what can be improved. Besides performing these three basic functions, a project manager also should possess certain skills. These skills include leadership (a project manager should be also a leader of the team, otherwise he/she won’t be able to organize its work); forecasting (should be done in order to avoid unpleasant surprises); communication; problem-solving skills; time management; and human resources. A project manager is responsible for establishing a comfortable environment inside of the team, to help the team members resolve problems if necessary, to keep the team focused on the project’s goals and motivated by the results and etc. Provided a project manager has all of the described above skills and performs all of the functions the project is condemned to success, which is 50 per cent sure. The other 50 per cent of success largely depend on the desire of team members to reach it and availability of resources.

Having spoken about the project management, its steps and functions of a project manager it is necessary to make a conclusion. Project management is a complex process, which requires certain knowledge and skills, which means that not every person would be able to become a project manager. Nowadays, there are special programs and courses which aim at educating people on the matter of project management. People are learning planning and scheduling techniques, gain skills of working with groups of people, organizing, motivating and controlling their actions. Because all projects are accompanied by certain amount of risk, it is also necessary for project managers to foresee possible risks and quickly come up with the measures to solve various problems. This is what constitutes the process of project management, the ability to perform which is somewhere between experience and talent, knowledge and intuition, skills and random attempts to do something.

NOTE: Do you flinch when someone mentions dealing with a case study? Not surprising! This task can be horribly tangled up. Once you find yourself confused with it, our field experts with a strong academic background are here to help you out. Place an order now, set the deadline, and one of our esteemed writers will jump into action!

Custom Case Study on Project Management

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Project Management Case Studies Examples

Type of paper: Case Study

Topic: Project , Report , Activities , Annual Report , Management , Team , Teenagers , Young

Words: 1500

Published: 03/30/2023



The report is aimed to develop the plan for project management of developing upscaled and advanced annual report of Young at heart. It is a national non for profit medical research center that conducts researches on the diseases related to aging. The center, for now, develops simple and easy annual report in black and white color. As the center works as a nonprofit organization, therefore, it is very important for it to provide more accurate and clear reporting of where it utilizes the funds provided by thegovernment, corporation and foundations and other donors. Therefore, the director of the external affairs is provided with the project to design and develop a new annual report to publish on the website of Young at heart. The report must be attractive too to use for the marketing purposes. The project plan to design new annual report includes the scope of the project along with objectives and assumptions work breakdown structure (WBS), scheduling, critical path, and cost estimation, resource utilization and risk management.

Scope of the Project

The project scope is the most important aspect of project planning, and therefore, it is very important to define and explain the scope of the project of developing a new annual report for Young at Heart. The scope statement is actually meant to define the aims, objectives, milestones, limitations and assumptions of the project. Scope statement of the project can be defined as the documentation of the milestones, roles and responsibilities, objectives, limitations, strategies and assumptions of the project (Gido& Clements, 2014). The scope of "New Annual Report Development of Young at heart" is to develop a new annual report to publish on the website of young at heart that must be easy to read, shorter, simpler and attractive. The project of report development must begin on 14th September 2016 and must be completed on 13th March 2017. The purpose of the project is to provide the well designed and attractive annual report so that it can easily be used for the marketing purposes.

The project is aimed to develop a new annual report of Young at heart to improve its purposes, such as to use it for the marketing purposes, to distribute to the stakeholders and for the effective management of the funds. Based on these aims and purposes, the major objectives of the project include: The project must successfully design an effective annual report that would help to get the Young at heart towards the center of attention in the competitive market

The report must be attractive and eye-catching

The report must include pictures, graphics, and colors The report must contain the information that must be easy to understand by the average existing and potential donors The project of report design, print and distribution must be completed by 13th March 2017 Assumptions The assumptions are the facts and things that are considered as true based on the information and knowledge of the stakeholder and project team members. The assumptions for the project of annual report design for young at heart include the following:

The project team will receive all the funds prior to the beginning of the project according to the estimated cost.

The project team members will successfully access to the information of all three locations of the research centers. The project will be completed within the given time and budget. The project will find the colorful and attractive pictures and images from the sites successfully. Work Breakdown Structure It is very important to design and develop a work breakdown structure in the planning stage of the project as it provides the complete path and logical flow of the work. Work breakdown structure (WBS) is the decomposition of the project activities and tasks into many sub tasks and smaller activities to distribute the work responsibilities among the team equally to complete the work on time (Globerson, 1994). The project of developing new annual report requires many different works and activities to be done. These works and activities are as follows:

Responsibility Assignment Matrix

The Project team Joanne- marketing specialists, Hanare- A writer/editor, Priyanka –Staff Assistant and a project manager. The team will also hire vendors for designing, printing and distribution, therefore, the team responsibilities will also distribute to them. The roles and responsibilities based on the work breakdown structure is divided among the team members as follows:

Gantt chart The scheduling is very important in the project management plan for the successful completion of the project on time (Kerzner, 2013). Below is the Gantt chart that scheduled that work from the work breakdown structure in a timely manner:

Network Diagram

Below is the network diagram of the project of annual report design and distribution at Young at Heart. The diagram shows the link between the activities and tasks and the flow of the work. The task 1.6 below is linked with the task 1.5 in the above diagram: The task 3.1 below is linked with the task 2.5 above.

Critical Path

The critical path shows the critical and non critical activities in the project. The critical path in the Network diagram above shows some red highlighted activities. These activities are known as critical. The critical activities can impact on the other activities in case of their completion in early or late, while, the non critical activities (blue highlighted) do not impact on other activities and the whole project in case of delay. It means that the project team is required to consider and control the red highlighted activities to avoid delay in the whole project. The four major tasks planning, design, execution and closing of the project are critical as all these four tasks are highly dependent on each other. The designing cannot begin until the planning is completed. Similarly, the project cannot be closed until it is completely and accurately executed. Within sub tasks, only 1.2, 2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 3.4 are the non critical tasks as they are blue highlighted in the network diagram. These tasks will not impact on the other tasks in case of delay. It means the project is needed to focus on all the remaining tasks as they are critical and can cause the risks to the success of the project.

Cost Estimation

The table below is designed to allocate the budget to each task and activity to complete the project, and the budget is estimated in percentage of the total budget:

Resource Utilization and Resource Profile

Resource Profile and Cost The chart below shows that which resource will be used for which task and how many resources are required to complete each task in the project of annual report development at Young at heart: The total hours estimated above are the sum of the working hours for each member of project team. Although, the project is to be completed within six months, however, the total hours include the hours allocated for each resource going to utilize to complete different activities. Six month is the time to complete the whole project, however, different resources will be used in the same time and therefore, all resources in combination will utilize the total hours as mentioned in the table above.

Resource Usage

The table below shows the resource usage with working hours: Risk Management The risks are an obvious part of the project, and every project faces some sort of risks at any stage during the project life cycle (Young, 2013). The uncertainties can occur at any stage of the project, and it is very important for the project manager and team to control and manage these uncertainties and risks as these risks and uncertainties can impact and influence on the project both negatively and positively (Chapman & Ward, 1996). It is the responsibility of project manager to identify all the possible risks at any stage of the project. The project management team can even try to complete the project before time by controlling these critical activities and complete them early or on time. The risks identification is going to be done in the form of risk register that will be upgraded throughout the project life. Risk Register

Chapman, C., & Ward, S. (1996). Project risk management: processes, techniques, and insights. John Wiley. Gido, J., & Clements, J. (2014). Successful project management. Cengage Learning. Globerson, S. (1994). Impact of various work-breakdown structures on project conceptualization. International Journal of Project Management, 12(3), 165-171. Kerzner, H. R. (2013). Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley & Sons. Young, T. L. (2013). Successful project management. Kogan Page Publishers.


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    Initiation Examples. MPMM TM includes a suite of examples which help you to initiate projects, by defining the business case, undertaking a feasibility study, completing a project charter, recruiting the project team and setting up a Project Office. The following topics are described in depth, within the Project Initiation Example suite:. Develop a Business Case

  13. Project Management Case Studies, 6th Edition

    PROJECT MANAGEMENT CASE STUDIES The latest edition in the gold standard of project management case study collections As a critical part of any successful, competitive business, project management sits at the intersection of several functional areas. And in the newly revised Sixth Edition of Project Management Case Studies, world-renowned project management professional Dr. Harold Kerzner ...

  14. 15+ Project Case Study Examples & Templates

    Project Case Study Examples Templates What is a Case Study? Components of an Effective Project Case Study 15+ Project Case Study Examples and Templates In conducting research, you will need procedures and techniques for selecting, processing, and analyzing the information about your research topic.

  15. Project Management Case Studies by PM Solutions

    View project management case studies and successful project management examples for a variety of industries from PM Solutions. Learn how we can help.

  16. Project Case Study

    1. Project Case Study Template Example Case studies provide in-depth treatment of a subject matter because of the extensive reporting and comprehensive writing style they entail. They put the spotlight on how a team made a project a success despite the challenges and how it is making strides in the industry.

  17. Project Management Case Study

    Download Citation | Project Management Case Study | KK6024 Project Management Assignment 1 Using internet, find a profile of an engineering consultancy company. Prepare a presentation on this ...

  18. Project Management Case Study

    Each Project Management Case Studies example you see here can do one or several of these elements for you: give you a tip about an interesting topic; inspire you to come up with an unusual viewpoint on a well-researched question; demonstrate the best writing techniques you can use; and/or present you with proper structure patterns.

  19. Easy Project Management Case Studies

    January 2023. The Pannon Solar Boat Team needed better transparency of projects and tasks as they only used Excel to delegate tasks. This community of students, who constructs a solar-powered ship supported by the university, needed to manage the tasks of every department in the same space. They implemented Easy Project with an easy-to-use ...

  20. Project Management: Case Studies, Second Edition

    The use of cases studies is applicable both to undergraduate and graduate level project management courses, as well as to training programs in preparation to pass the exam to become a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) administered by the Project Management Institute.

  21. Project Management Case Study Sample

    The following step of project management is the implementation of the plan and the fulfillment of the project task. This step presupposes that all team members already know what they should do; thus, they should put all their efforts into the best possible fulfillment of the project task. Project manager, in this case, may or may not directly ...

  22. Free Case Studies About Project Management

    Introduction. The report is aimed to develop the plan for project management of developing upscaled and advanced annual report of Young at heart. It is a national non for profit medical research center that conducts researches on the diseases related to aging. The center, for now, develops simple and easy annual report in black and white color.

  23. Top 15 Project Management Case Studies with Examples

    Check out the top Project Management Crate Studies with Sample are this article. Included the highly cheap era of today, case studies have become vital for every business. Check leave this top Project Betreuung Case Studies with Examples in this article.