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Unlock Your Mind with Free Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. They can also help to improve your cognitive skills, memory, and problem-solving abilities. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why jigsaw puzzles have become so popular. But if you’re looking for something a little different, why not try free jigsaw puzzles for adults?

Benefits of Free Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

Free jigsaw puzzles for adults offer a variety of benefits that make them an ideal choice for those looking to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Not only do they provide an entertaining way to pass the time, but they also help to stimulate the brain and improve cognitive skills. In addition, free jigsaw puzzles can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels while providing a sense of accomplishment when completed.

How to Find Free Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

Finding free jigsaw puzzles for adults is easier than ever before thanks to the internet. There are numerous websites that offer free jigsaw puzzles in various levels of difficulty. You can also find apps that offer free jigsaw puzzles on your phone or tablet. Additionally, many libraries and bookstores have a selection of free jigsaw puzzles available for checkout or purchase.

Tips for Enjoying Free Jigsaw Puzzles

When it comes to enjoying free jigsaw puzzles, there are some tips you should keep in mind. First, choose a puzzle that is challenging but not too difficult – this will ensure that you stay engaged without becoming frustrated or overwhelmed. Second, take your time – don’t rush through the puzzle as this can lead to mistakes and frustration. Finally, make sure you have plenty of space – having enough room will make it easier to find pieces and complete the puzzle faster.

Free jigsaw puzzles are an excellent way to relax and unwind while improving your cognitive skills at the same time. With so many options available online and in stores, it’s easy to find the perfect puzzle for you. So why not give it a try today?

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problem solving quiz for adults

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Problem Solving Exercise – Try this quick logical reasoning test to see how you do!

logical reasoning test

  • Problem Solving
  • Young Professional

This 15-question online visual quiz can help you prepare for any logical reasoning tests you might do on a group assessment day interview. Give it a try!

Problem solving is a Young Professiona l skill that’s all about staying calm and thinking things through when challenges crop up in life and work. Logical reasoning sounds hard, but you do it every day – and it’s one of the most useful skills you will ever learn. When you feel lost and can’t see the forest for the trees, logical reasoning will guide you!

Why practice logical reasoning tests?

Logical reasoning tests are sometimes handed out to candidates on group assessment days and interviews. It’s really good to practice doing them before you ever have to do one in an interview. It helps you learn from your mistakes, so you can get better at thinking in a way that will bring you success in these tests. With the Assessment Day Test website, you can also practice experiencing time limits and get a feel for the test layout. This practice will get you familiar with logical reasoning tests so they won’t seem new and scary when you’re asked to do one in interviews.

Give yourself the edge over other less experienced candidates and have a go at one now!

Logical Reasoning Test – Easy Level

This logical reasoning test has 15 questions, with 70 seconds to answer each question. Your challenge this week is to play this quiz and see how you do.

For each question, you’ll have to use logic to fill in the missing symbol on a grid.

Now take the test and see how you do!

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Problem-solving tests for adults: Your top recruitment guide

problem-solving tests for adults - A recruitment guide

Problem-solving is fundamental for achieving targets in the workplace: Good problem solvers will work productively and efficiently. But how can you evaluate and recruit applicants with excellent problem-solving skills? 

Our Problem Solving skills test offers one of the best options to help you spot logical thinkers, especially when you follow it up with effective problem-solving questions in an interview. Get all the information about these recruitment methods in this recruitment guide.

Table of contents

What is problem solving, and what makes it so important in the workplace, 2 examples of creative problem-solving, what are good problem-solving questions, what are some examples of problem-solving questions for adults, what are some examples of excellent problem-solving skills, find a problem solver fast: review your applicants’ skills with testgorilla.

Problem solving is a process in which employees complete four essential steps:

Step one – employees define a problem that they need to solve

Step two – they find out the root cause or causes of the problem

Step three – they identify and prioritize potential solutions for the problem

Step four – they implement the most efficient solutions

It’s a process that requires perceptive deduction, effective tools, and the best practices to help your team tap into innovative solutions for complex challenges. 

Problem solving is vital in the workplace , helping your organization achieve its objectives. It will ensure your business implements effective solutions to resolve critical issues and keep your organization performing well.

If your employees and new hires have exceptional problem-solving skills, they will be less apprehensive when confronting challenges and have the confidence to assist their team members. 

Let’s now consider a couple of examples of creative problem solving in the work environment.

2 examples of creative problem-solving

1. Aligning a company’s customer service to the changing needs of consumers

Even when an organization considers its customer service to be exceptional, it can strive to better align its standards with the changing requirements of its consumers. Organizations hoping to ada[t their customer service in this way will have to implement top problem-solving strategies, such as gathering information through interviews, creating journey maps to review the consumer experience, and building insights reports.

Having completed the research, organizations can then identify and prioritize potential solutions (such as rolling out inquiry centers or online support for products) and implement the most efficient solutions.

2. Catering to clients’ online services requirements during a pandemic

When face-to-face communication isn’t possible such as during a global pandemic), organizations must seek creative ways to meet their clients’ online service requirements. 

Businesses may consider solutions few organizations offer, such as developing and finding universally accepted and easily navigable tools that all clients can use. Your company may plan to build inclusive software, solution, or tools, and the smoother the user experience, the better.

With such plans developed, you simply need to set up the software or solution to resolve the issue and retain customer loyalty.

You can ask your applicants problem-solving questions for adults to review their problem-solving abilities, which may include gathering data, assessing a problem, reviewing the advantages and disadvantages , and implementing a decision. You should decide on several creative problem-solving questions and answers before beginning the interview to streamline your hiring process. 

To hire exceptional problem solvers, you will need to ask candidates creative problem-solving questions. Here are five problem-solving interview questions and the answers you may consider asking your applicants before hiring.

Some examples of problem-solving questions for adults

1. Which method do you use to consider solutions to a problem?

Applicants and employees may mention that research is critical to finding solutions for a complex problem. They may also consider methods that others have used to solve similar problems and review the efficiency of these methods to decide which is the best solution.

2. What is the ideal way to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a solution?

Do your candidates know that making a list of the advantages and disadvantages of a strategy is critical when weighing up the potential solutions they want to implement? Do they know that seeking the support of their co-workers or manager can also help them review these pros and cons?

3. Which approach would you use to satisfy an unhappy customer?

Applicants and employees may begin by using empathy to diffuse tension and learn the root cause of the customer’s dissatisfaction. They may also discuss other important details, such as the previously implemented solutions, to determine what has gone wrong. Can your candidates use the information they gather and communicate with the customer to solve their problem?

4. Have you ever had to find a solution to a problem without sufficient information? 

When responding to this problem-solving interview question, interviewees should note that gathering information is a critical first step to solving the problem. They may use strategies such as conducting interviews or distributing surveys to receive the information required to understand the problem. Finally, they may implement solutions based on the information they have.

5. Have you ever had to alter your plans when solving a complex problem? 

Your interviewees may have had to change their plans in the process of addressing complex problems. One strategy might be to gather ideas for an article or change their software development plans to create the perfect end product. Listen for answers that prioritize planning.

When hiring a top problem solver, make sure to pay attention to the top three problem-solving skills:

3 examples of problem-solving skills

1. Analytical skills and attention to detail 

If your candidates are analytical, they can pinpoint a problem’s causes and foresee its potential knock-on effects. They should also know how to identify the effectiveness of different solutions, using reason to deduce which solution is most suitable. To find the best candidates, review your applicants’ analytical skills with our Attention to Detail skills test before you hire.

2. Communication and active listening skills

Communication and active listening skills help individuals gather accurate and valuable information from co-workers and customers. Employees effective at this are more likely to implement appropriate solutions based on relevant information. Use our Communication skills test to ensure your candidates and employees have top communication and active listening skills.

3. Critical thinking

Deductive reasoning and critical thinking are fundamental for problem-solving. These skills help employees evaluate any information they gather and make logical conclusions when deciding on the best course of action. Make sure your employees and potential new hires have critical-thinking skills by assessing them with our Critical Thinking test .

Finding a problem solver doesn’t have to be impossible. Combining our problem-solving questions for adults and skills tests is the best way to identify the best candidates for your open role.

Gauge every candidate’s analytical skills to learn more about their creativity and problem-solving abilities, and make use of our Problem Solving and Critical Thinking skills tests to simplify your hiring process by signing up for your free plan today.

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Dyninno Group improves recruitment productivity by 400% using TestGorilla

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Hire the best candidates with TestGorilla.

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problem solving quiz for adults

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The benefits of diversity

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problem solving quiz for adults

Problem Solving And Critical Thinking: Quiz!

Problem Solving And Critical Thinking: Quiz! - Quiz

You receive a call from a customer and they are upset because they received a barstool defective. They want to get a part sent out and be compensated for the delay. You:

Apologize for the inconvenience and complete the part request while offering a small compensation.

Research the situation and wait for the results before offering compensation.

Start the parts request and consult with the team/ lead for proper compensation.

Offer the customer a full replacement on expedited shipping instead of the parts request and partial refund.

A customer calls in and has a problem with their shipping address. It is listed incorrectly and they need it corrected before the item arrives in 3 days. You:

Look for the most cost efficient way of resolving this and decide on a resoltion from there.

Discuss the options with the customer and have them find the most efficient way to continue.

Analyze the situation to ensure that the new address is not fraudulant and that the intercept can be processed accordingly.

Advise the customer that we will request an intercept and if the package is not intercepted then we will send a full replacement.

Your quality scores have been gradually declining and you have been given 2 weeks to get them back above goal. You:

Figure out specific areas to improve and focus on those the most. Gather information and utilize it.

Request that you be scored more often and ask the quality coach to provide detailed information in your coachings.

Use reminders that will help you remember your quality in a fun and positive way.

Advise the quality coach that you have worked hard and that you will make a stronger comitment to the job in the future.

You have been given a Written Warning for being late and absent to work on several occasions. You:

Convince your lead that you will be changing your schedule and that your are dedicated to the companies success.

Create a routine by waking up earlier each day and eating healthier to avoid being absent.

Find specific days that were missed and evaluate what happened each day in order to find a solution to the problem.

Request that you get a wake up call everyday and focus only on the positives about your job.

You have become burnt out at work and are no longer motivated to do the job you signed up for. You:

Figure out specific areas that you have lost interest in and determine why you no longer care for them.

Recognize your emotional state and figure out how you can motivate yourself to improve.

Advise your team and/or lead of the situation and ask for ideas to help.

Come up with creative ideas to help keep you motivated such as games or pictures.

You have been having trouble sending out your coaching emails in time and are always behind on your incidents. You:

Utilize your wrap-up time in order to catch up on your incidents and put it on the off phones since it is justified.

Ask your lead for extended time each day or ask the team if they can follow up for you.

Try different ways each day to stay caught up on your incidents and send coachings as well.

Ask the team how they typically accomplish the goal and ways to stay ahead.

The customer calls in and is requesting that we add an in-store credit because their discount isn't working. The discount is 20% off. You:

Ask the customer where she got the coupon and research it prior to issuing the instore credit.

Issue the customer the discount as a one time exception and advise them that for future reference they will need a code.

Advise the customer that we dont have a discount for that much money however, depending on what they purchase they may be eligible for the 20%

Advise the customer that we can only do a 10% discount without the coupon code and push to upsell them.

A customer calls in and wants to complain about the last agent they dealt with. You:

Advise the customer that we will take their comments and submit them to our training department.

Let the customer know that we normally do not handle our customers this way and provide small compensation for the problem.

Let the customer know that we value their business and ask how they would like us to proceed with the issue at hand.

Advise the customer that we will go back and listen to the call and coach the specific agent accordingly.

A customer called in and is worried that an item may arrive in the incorrect color and doesn't trust ordering an item online. You:

Focus on the positives of ordering online and re-assure the customer that we stand behind our products.

Advise the customer that we continuously correct the items as we notice any errors and rarely have problems like this.

Let the customer know that we will replace the item if there is any problems or offer compensation.

Re-assure the customer of our policies and procedures and advise that we are rated #2 in customer service.

A customer called because they received a bed from us and the center support leg was missing. You have contacted the partner and they cannot locate the part in question. You:

Ask the partner for a layout of the bed so you can determine which item specifically the customer is referring to.

Provide various options for the customer to choose from so that they can decide on a better resolution.

Continue to explain to the partner what the issue is and request that the customer provide detailed information on the part in question.

Ask the customer to find a local hardware store to build a suitable part and we will cover the cost.

The customer would like to have a rug ordered and sent to them in Canada. They only have a canadian card. You:

Advise the customer that we only accept domestic cards and offer solutions to this such as having someone in the U.S. place the order.

Have the customer do a money order and have the item delivered to WSL so we can ship it out from here.

Evaluate the customers rating and determine if they are valuable enough now or eventually to make this exception.

Consult the team and your lead and ask the customer if they could provide another form of payment via domestic credit card.

A customer calls us because they have ordered an electric range hood and it blew their circuit box after installation. You:

Advise the customer that we will replace the order however, we cannot be held liable for the damage.

Advise the customer to send us the estimate for the damages and/or have someone come out and repair the item.

Issue a full replacement, free return and give them a refund for the circuit box repair once they send in an estimate.

Research the item and determine if the voltage is too much for the power source. Consult with the warehouse and electrician to find out who is at fault.

A customer ordered a couch 6 months ago and now the item is ripped. They do not have a warranty and it is well out of the return policy. You:

Ask probing questions on why the couch got ripped and evaluate costs for repairs.

Ask the customer to have an upholstery shop inspect the damages and provide estimates for the cost.

Send the customer the part in question or replacement as a one time exception.

Advise the customer that this has fallen out of our return policy and we can only offer partial compensation for the repairs.

A customer contacts us because they received the wrong item and was told to dispose of it while we send a full replacement. There are no notes stating this and now the customer is getting a recharge notice. You:

Advise the customer that we will complete the return so they are not recharged.

Consult with the team to figure out if this is appropriate to complete for the customer.

Research the notes and previous phone calls to determine if we advised them to dispose of the item.

Let the customer know that we do not show record of this however; we can make an exception.

A customer called us because they received a damaged Armoire and need it in time for their house remodel that is coming up in 1 week. You:

Advise the customer that we can replace the item however; if they need it expedited they will need to pay for it.

Find out what the extent of the damage is and who will be responsible for the replacement.

Send a full replacement to the customer on expedited shipping and tell the customer to dispose of the other one.

Find out if the item can be repaired and cover any and all costs to do it.

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