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Best Apps for Problem Solving: Top Picks for Effective Solutions

problem solving

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, problem-solving skills are becoming increasingly crucial for personal and professional success. It is important to recognize that problem-solving involves more than just finding answers to a problem; it’s about understanding the problem, identifying potential solutions, and making informed decisions. In this regard, problem-solving apps have the potential to drastically improve one’s abilities in a variety of areas, as well as provide educational benefits.

problem solving app ipad

These apps come in many forms, addressing everything from math and science problems to enhancing attention and concentration. They offer accessibility and support for users seeking to bolster their problem-solving capabilities. In addition to educational applications, many of these apps are also tailored to address challenges in industries like business and mental health or even to provide career guidance.

Key Takeaways

  • Problem-solving apps cover a wide range of topics and can improve both personal and professional success.
  • Educational benefits are a significant aspect of these apps, as they deal with various subjects such as math, science, and concentration.
  • Apps that provide support for problem-solving extend beyond education, addressing challenges in business, mental health, and career guidance.

Recognizing Problem-Solving Apps

problem solving app ipad

Today’s technology landscape is filled with mobile apps that aim to address various challenges we face daily. Recognizing essential problem-solving apps for iOS and Android devices can significantly improve our efficiency and simplify our lives.

  • Lumosity : This app is designed to improve mental skills with engaging activities that target memory, flexibility, information processing speed, and concentration levels. Lumosity is perfectly suitable for individuals looking to enhance their problem-solving capabilities.
  • Braingle : Braingle stands out for its focus on mental sharpness and reasoning through riddles and visual illusions. Compared to other apps, Braingle offers a unique approach to problem-solving, instead of relying on memory and reaction-based tasks.

Android Apps

  • Educurious : This website offers supplemental apps that aim to turn students into “developing experts” by connecting them with real-world mentors and providing problem-based learning activities.
  • Photomath : An app that simplifies mathematical problem-solving, Photomath allows users to scan a math problem with their device’s camera and receive instant solutions, explanations, and step-by-step instructions on how to solve it.

By incorporating these problem-solving apps into daily routines, users can enhance their mental abilities and find solutions to everyday challenges more effectively. Focusing on the right technology and investing time in useful software will undoubtedly improve one’s overall problem-solving skills.

Educational Benefits of Problem-Solving Apps

Boosting learning skills.

Problem-solving apps provide a variety of educational benefits to users, aiding in the development of crucial learning skills. These apps target different aspects of learning, such as memory, reading, writing, and listening, by presenting engaging challenges and activities. As users navigate through these tasks, they gain valuable insights and ideas that contribute to their overall understanding of an array of subjects.

Incorporating elements such as Lumosity with a personalized approach to learning can offer tailored activities to improve memory, attention, speed, and problem-solving skills. This adaptability allows users to progress at their own pace while receiving appropriate guidance and support.

Enhancing Critical Thinking

Problem-solving apps also play a vital role in enhancing critical thinking abilities. By offering various challenges and exercises, these apps motivate users to employ creative thinking, logical reasoning, and decision-making skills. Through continuous practice and application, the users develop a deeper understanding of concepts and improve their ability to analyze and evaluate scenarios.

Moreover, apps like Educurious , which connects students with real-world mentors and incorporates the Common Core aligned curriculum, help students build their critical thinking abilities and problem-based learning skills in line with the 21st-century technology demands.

In conclusion, problem-solving apps offer numerous educational benefits, from boosting learning skills to enhancing critical thinking. As users engage with these apps, they become more confident in their learning abilities, paving the way for higher academic achievement and lifelong learning.

Applications in Math and Science

In this digital age, there are numerous apps and websites available to help students develop problem-solving skills in math and science. These resources provide interactive, engaging, and adaptive platforms to enhance their educational experience.

Apps for Math Problems

From basic calculations to more complex topics like algebra, calculus, and word problems, math apps offer an excellent way to empower students with the tools they need for success.

One such resource is Mathway , which caters to a wide range of mathematical topics. Mathway enables students to input math problems, offering step-by-step solutions and explanations to further their understanding. The app even has a graphing feature for visual learners.

Another engaging resource is Moose Math , a free app that focuses on math games. These games assist younger students in refining their math skills, such as counting, addition, and subtraction, through points earned for completing challenges.

Applications for Science Tasks

When it comes to science, students need a comprehensive understanding of various concepts across physics, chemistry, and biology. Several apps can help with this intricate learning process.

For common core science concepts, Brilliant offers hands-on, interactive lessons to build quantitative skills. This platform covers core topics like algebra functions, quadratics, and even computer science concepts. Brilliant is designed to help students dive deep into problem-solving by breaking down complex topics and providing in-depth examples.

To assist students with their science homework, websites like Educators Technology can offer a selection of math problem solver apps. These apps not only tackle math problems but also provide additional reinforcement for understanding scientific concepts.

In conclusion, utilizing these various apps and online tools can significantly improve students’ problem-solving abilities in both math and science domains, paving the way for academic success.

Enhancing Attention and Concentration

A critical aspect of improving problem-solving skills involves enhancing one’s attention and concentration. Numerous apps are designed to target these cognitive abilities, allowing individuals to perform tasks efficiently and manage their time effectively.

One popular app that aims to maximize attention span is Lumosity . Developed by a team of game designers and scientists, Lumosity offers a range of interactive games and training exercises. These games are specifically tailored to improve memory, processing speed, attention span, and overall cognitive ability. By engaging in these activities regularly, users can strengthen their focus and address their weaknesses.

In addition to Lumosity, other apps are well-regarded for their positive influence on attention and concentration. For instance, Calm Sage lists several brain training apps to help improve memory and cognitive function. These apps provide fun, challenging exercises that test users’ problem-solving skills and logical thinking abilities while also identifying areas of improvement. Engaging in these activities can foster perseverance, allowing individuals to tackle tasks with greater determination and success.

To ensure that users can effectively manage their time, it is essential to incorporate strategies that promote enhanced attention and concentration. By utilizing apps like Lumosity and those mentioned on Calm Sage, individuals can train their brains to focus on tasks more effectively and allocate their time more efficiently. Ultimately, these tools can lead to meaningful improvements in one’s ability to approach complex problem-solving scenarios with confidence and clarity.

Support and Help within Apps

When it comes to problem-solving apps, efficient support and help features are crucial for users to navigate through the platform and find the solutions they need. A good app will provide diverse support mechanisms, whether it’s tutorials for first-time users, FAQs to answer common questions, or customer service to address specific concerns.

In-app purchases often play a significant part in enhancing app experience. They might offer advanced features or additional resources, allowing users to unlock their full potential when solving problems. However, it’s essential for the app developers to offer a clear and transparent payment system, helping users to make informed decisions on whether the additional content is worth the investment.

Problem-solving apps rely on user reviews and feedback to constantly improve their features and functionalities. Therefore, it’s essential to have an efficient way for users to communicate their experiences, suggestions, and issues. Developers should ensure that they actively monitor feedback and provide prompt responses to users who might need assistance with the app.

When it comes to navigating through an app, a well-designed interface and smooth user experience will keep users engaged and motivated to solve problems. This includes logical menu structures, consistent design elements, and clear labeling for different sections or features. Visual aids, such as color-coding or iconography, can further help users find their way around the app, streamlining the overall problem-solving process.

By addressing these aspects, problem-solving apps can create a holistic experience with clear solutions and support mechanisms in place. When users feel empowered to access the help they need, it enables them to tackle challenges effectively, enhancing their overall problem-solving experience.

Problem-Solving Apps for Business

Applications for business challenges.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies face various challenges, such as improving customer service, addressing operational inefficiencies, and managing resources effectively. With the help of innovative mobile apps, businesses can tackle these issues and find effective solutions.

Lumosity is a prime example of a problem-solving app designed to improve mental skills. By enhancing memory, flexibility, and information processing speed, this web app can indirectly contribute to the development of employees’ problem-solving capabilities.

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly useful in improving customer services by providing quicker query resolution and 24/7 support. AI-based chatbots, often embedded in mobile apps, can help businesses respond to customer queries and questions more efficiently, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

In addressing business operations , many organizations turn to Microsoft Power Apps to identify and solve problems. Power Apps allow developing custom applications tailored to specific business needs without requiring extensive coding experience. By streamlining processes and automating manual tasks, these apps can significantly impact operational efficiency.

Furthermore, numerous apps on the market solve everyday problems faced by both businesses and individuals. For example, Google Play offers 2.56 million mobile apps, while the App Store provides access to 1.85 million apps. Among these vast selections, businesses can surely find applications that cater to their specific requirements, from project management to financial planning.

In summary, as businesses traverse the ever-evolving landscape of challenges, adopting problem-solving applications can undoubtedly provide valuable assistance in finding the most effective and efficient solutions along their path to success.

Mental Health Support through Apps

In today’s fast-paced world, finding support and solutions for mental health issues is crucial. Numerous apps have been developed to help individuals cope with and manage their anxiety and depression. These digital tools offer a variety of approaches to maintaining mental well-being, from cognitive training exercises to resources for professional guidance.

Apps for Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest in different ways, but common symptoms include constant worrying, restlessness, and even physical symptoms like rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath. The following apps aim to provide support and techniques for managing anxiety:

  • Headspace : This popular meditation app teaches mindfulness techniques, which have been found effective in managing anxiety and reducing instances of negative, repetitive thinking.
  • MindShift : Designed specifically for anxiety, MindShift provides resources and tools to help users develop healthy coping strategies and face their fears. This app embraces Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles, which are widely considered as an effective approach to dealing with anxiety disorders.

Apps for Depression

Depression can be a debilitating condition resulting in persistent sadness, loss of interest in daily activities, and even physical symptoms like lack of energy or changes in appetite. The following apps offer support and solutions for those experiencing depression:

  • Lumosity : This brain-training app focuses on cognitive exercises that stimulate different areas of the brain and encourage users to develop healthy cognitive habits. By improving memory, attention, and problem-solving skills, Lumosity can help individuals coping with depression maintain their mental abilities and gain a stronger sense of control.
  • Elevate : Like Lumosity, Elevate is a cognitive training app aimed at improving focus, memory, and comprehension through engaging games and activities. Regular use of the app can lead to better mental clarity, which may help alleviate some depressive symptoms.
  • BetterHelp : This platform connects users with licensed therapists, offering a convenient way to access professional mental health support. BetterHelp provides therapy sessions through phone, video, or messaging, making it easier for those experiencing depression to receive the guidance they need.

Using apps for mental health support can be an effective and accessible way to manage anxiety and depression. It is important, however, to remember that these apps are not a substitute for professional help but can serve as valuable supplementary tools in one’s mental health journey.

Popular Puzzle and Brain Games

Memory-boosting puzzle games.

A variety of memory-boosting puzzle games are available for those who wish to sharpen their cognitive skills. These games are designed to challenge the brain and improve memory, logic, and problem-solving abilities. Some popular memory-boosting puzzle games include:

  • Lumosity : This app offers over 40 puzzles and games that test your brain and help train memory, logic, and math skills for a well-rounded mind workout. It features specific challenges for attention, flexibility, problem solving, language, math, speed, memory, and more ( source ).
  • Grindstone : A strategy puzzle game where players plan each move carefully to complete levels efficiently, thus encouraging the development of critical thinking and planning skills ( source ).
  • Monument Valley : This beautiful and captivating game requires players to manipulate the environment to progress through an M.C. Escher-inspired world, enhancing spatial reasoning and creativity.

The New York Times Crossword

The New York Times Crossword is a classic app that has stood the test of time, providing avid fans with daily crossword puzzles to stimulate their brains and expand their vocabularies. The puzzles range in difficulty, offering varying levels of challenge for both new and experienced solvers. The app is easily accessible on both Android and iOS devices, enabling players to indulge in a moment of problem-solving fun anytime and anywhere.

By engaging in these popular puzzle and brain games, players can keep their minds sharp and refine their problem-solving skills. These activities not only provide a fun and engaging form of entertainment but also promote cognitive growth and development.

Career Guidance through Problem-Solving Apps

In today’s competitive job market, individuals seeking career success must continually hone their problem-solving skills. By utilizing problem-solving apps, they can sharpen their cognitive abilities, find solutions to challenges, and stay on the right path to achievement. In this section, we will discuss some of the best apps that are designed to help improve problem-solving skills.

Braingle is a unique app that pushes the limits of mental sharpness through the use of riddles and visual illusions. By presenting different types of puzzles, Braingle encourages users to strengthen their reasoning and analytical skills, which could be beneficial in various aspects of career growth.

Another outstanding app is Lumosity , specifically designed to enhance cognitive function. It offers various activities that focus on memory, flexibility, information processing speed, and concentration. Incorporating Lumosity into one’s routine can ultimately lead to better problem-solving capabilities necessary for career advancement.

The third app, Elevate , is an award-winning brain training program offering a wide array of exercises and games. These activities are aimed at improving cognitive abilities critical for effective problem-solving. With a progress tracking feature, users can monitor their improvement over time and see how they are progressing in their problem-solving skills.

In addition to these apps, individuals must also practice problem-solving strategies in the workplace. Asana recommends a four-step approach, starting with identifying the problem, gathering information, formulating a plan, and executing the solution. Following this process can efficiently solve issues faced in a professional environment.

By using these problem-solving apps and adopting a methodical approach to tackling career challenges, individuals can pave the way for continuous growth and achievement. It is vital to remember that enhancing one’s problem-solving skills is a journey, requiring dedication and persistent effort.

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problem solving app ipad

Best Puzzle and Problem-Solving Apps for Kids [Updated for 2022]

Learn spatial skills, critical thinking and visual perception

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best Puzzle and Problem-Solving Apps for Kids So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Puzzles stimulate the centers of the brain for spatial skills, critical thinking and visual perception. Download the best puzzle apps for your iPhone or Android and improve your abilities while having fun trying to beat the puzzle. We’ve got a collection of puzzle apps that has been tested and tried by teachers and parents to meet your skill level and challenge your children.

Here are some awesome puzzle and problem-solving apps to keep little minds learning! Our roundup of some of the best puzzle and problem-solving apps for little kids will help your young ones put on their thinking caps and engage their brains. These are not your typical, put-the-pieces-where-they-go puzzles, but more of the creative, problem-solving kind.

Wonderful Words

Endless wordplay.

Price:  Free with in-app purchases

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

Endless Wordplay will quickly become a favorite. Brought to you by the team at ORIGINATOR, the same team behind Endless Alphabet, Endless Reader, and Endless Numbers, this app sets the perfect stage for spelling, word-building, and rhyming.

It will teach children how to recognize spelling patterns and phonograms, which are crucial skills for learning to read and write. There are 3 spelling lessons (9 words) to try for free, and additional lessons available as an in-app purchase. Additional packs are $6.99 and all words are $14.99. The animations and graphics are top-notch. Be sure to share this fun word puzzle with your child!

Kids Puzzles Games Puzzingo

Puzzingo offers loads of jigsaw puzzles with a twist: each piece is named and helps your young child build vocabulary skills while they play. The app supports learning in a multitude of languages, as well. Let your child exercise motor skills, visual-spatial skills and more as they play. Best of all, adults can easily play with children to expand the learning experience in ways recommended by experts.

The free version of the app comes with ten puzzles, and users can purchase additional sets for $2.99 each or an all-access pass for $24.99. The purchases are protected by a parent gate, so no worries about your child accidentally accessing something that costs money, though.

Building Readiness Skills

Pango hide & seek: fairy tales.

problem solving app ipad

Pango Hide & Seek is an observation and exploration game for preschoolers. The app includes adaptations of 5 favorite fairy tales, with 3 scenes in each. The scenes support the story, but also have a wealth of hidden secrets that get progressively more challenging. Children will need to explore thoroughly to find all of the hidden pictures.

An in-app purchase of $2.99 will unlock additional stories. Games such as this one nurture a wealth of foundational skills to get your child ready for academic work in school, including concentration, perseverance, fine motor skills, and more.

Shape Gurus: Preschooler Game

Price:  $2.99 on iOS App Store; $1.99 on Google Play Store

This app uses shape and color puzzles to teach 2-5 year olds basic readiness skills such as matching, sorting, classifying and more. These readiness skills are crucial to later reading and school success.

Shape Gurus features 27 interactive puzzles with 4 shapes and 9 colors. It supports play in twelve languages, too. The app is very child-friendly, with no advertisements or in-app purchases so it’s perfect for young players.

Logic and Thinking Puzzles

Winkythink logic puzzles.

Price:  $2.99

iOS App Store

WinkyThink features 180 puzzles presented in order of difficulty. Players must not only match, but solve problems, use tools, figure out patterns, and much, much more. This app provides hours of fun that will build problem solving skills, coordination, basic readiness skills, logic and memory.

Developers did an outstanding job of finding the right balance for each puzzle, so that players’ skills are challenged, but they will be able to make progress in the game. The puzzles are completely nonverbal, so there’s no need for reading skills or even following directions. Everything is very hands-on, figure-it-out-as-you-go. It costs $2.99 to download.

Where’s My Water?

Price:  $1.99 with in-app purchases

The Where’s My Water? App has previously won the Game of the Year award. Meet Swampy the Gator; he needs your help guiding water to his broken shower. Each level of this game features challenging physics-based puzzles with amazingly life-like water mechanics. In this kids’ puzzle app, children will cut paths through the dirt to guide fresh water, dirty water, toxic water, steam and ooze to their proper places.

Every drop counts! Can you get enough clean water to Swampy’s shower? There are four original characters, each with their own scenario. Along the way, kids can collect special items they find in the dirt, as well as complete challenges and bonus levels. If you would like to share a new game with your preschooler, be sure to check out this physics puzzler! And if your child finds this one enjoyable, there are several sequels and related apps, including “Where’s My Water? 2”, “Where’s My Perry?” and “Where’s My Mickey?” All are $1.99 with in-app purchases.

Cut the Rope: Experiments GOLD

Price:  99 cents on iOS App Store; Free on Google Play Store; both with in-app purchases

Here’s another great kids’ problem-solving app! Meet Om Nom, the adorable little candy eating monster. With Cut the Rope: Experiments, kids will experiment to feed Om Nom candy throughout 200 challenging levels.  The little green monster is hungrier than ever, and kids can team up with the Professor to study Om Nom’s candy-eating behavior through a series of experiments.

There are 8 level packs with 200 levels; all of the levels feature innovative physics gameplay. Kids will use suction cups and lots of other funny devices to feed Om Nom, while collecting shiny gold stars, uncovering hidden prizes and unlocking new levels along the way. If your child enjoys this fun app, look for Cut the Rope 2 and other great sequels. The app has in-app purchase offers to unlock most content.


Price: Free with in-app purchases

Inventioneers allows kids to create their own crazy, fun inventions!  With the help of the Inventioneers – tiny helpers with unique characteristics – kids can create fun, creative and quirky inventions.  This problem solving app allows children to learn about physics while exploring with inventions in realtime and learning the science behind different features, including: air, fire, magnetism and jumping.

In the free version, kids can explore the first chapter with 14 inventions, as well as hang out with the first Inventioneer, Windy; there are 40+ different objects to use in the inventions.  With the full version (purchase: one time fee), kids can explore 6 chapters with a total of 84 inventions, 40+ new objects, 10 characters that you can help, and 6 Inventioneers – Blaze, Sporty, Zappy, Bunny, Magneta and Freezy.  If you would like to check out a fun creative app, be sure to share Inventioneers with your little inventor! This free trial includes the first three chapters. If you like it, the rest of the app is available as an in-app purchase for $4.99.

Price:  $3.99 on iOS App Store; $2.99 on Google Play Store

For older kids, this unique puzzle app might be just the ticket. The app is a story told in comic book-style frames, but the frames are all mixed up. In order to see how the story progresses, players must bring order to the chaos by putting the frames into their correct positions.

The app has won multiple awards. It’s definitely for older kids, due to some mildly-objectionable content, so parents will want to screen the app carefully.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Super puzzle kids jigsaw game.

problem solving app ipad

Here are dozens and dozens of kid-friendly digital jigsaw puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers. The puzzles can be adjusted in size and complexity from 6 to 72 pieces, so there’s loads of room to grow and improve. Each puzzle also includes an animated surprise when finished, so there’s always a cool reward awaiting.

An in-app purchase of $2.99 is required to unlock the full game. You can try a few puzzles, then if your child has fun, you can complete the set.

Baby Shark Jigsaw Puzzle Fun

problem solving app ipad

Even if the adults have had it with the Baby Shark Song, children can’t seem to get enough of it. If you have an addict, check out these puzzles based on Baby Shark. The app offers 14 Baby Shark puzzle activities, each with 5 levels of difficulty.

Doing puzzles like this promotes problem solving skills, observation and visual skills, and many other important skills to help your child succeed in school later in life. The app offers a variety of in-app purchases, ranging from $2.99 to remove the ads to a monthly ($8.99) or annual ($59.99) subscription to unlock still more Baby Shark content.

Jigsaw Puzzles Real Jigsaws

problem solving app ipad

Here’s one of the most customizable jigsaw apps on the market. It includes 2400 pictures, and you can also upload photos from your own device. You can pick the number of pieces and the rotation freedom. While it’s not clear that it would be simple enough for toddlers/preschoolers, the control over the number of pieces will certainly make it a hit with slightly older children as well as adults.

There is an in-app purchase available to remove the ads. Other than that, the app is completely free to download and play. A real bargain for puzzle fans!

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7 of the best Math apps for iPad – STEM series

Robyn Hobson

We’ve put together a list of the best math apps for iPad and iOS, that come highly recommended by both teachers and parents. In fact, some of them were even designed by teachers themselves! From challenging puzzles, to basic flash card drills, this list features apps focused on improving math skills across K-5th Grade levels. Many on this list include reporting features, to help identify areas where children are struggling. These math apps for iPad are a great way to liven up your maths lesson, and a brilliant way to make homework fun. 

This post is the first in our STEM series and focuses on apps that help make maths easier. We’ve also got a list featuring some of the the best science apps for iPad .

Best Math Apps for iPad

1. math vs zombies .

problem solving app ipad

2. Operation Maths

problem solving app ipad

3. Motion Math: Cupcake 

problem solving app ipad

4. Mathspace 

problem solving app ipad

5. Monster Math: Games for Kids

problem solving app ipad

6. Addition and Multiplication Number Bubbles

problem solving app ipad

7. Multiplication Flash Cards

problem solving app ipad

Need an MDM with classroom management tools?

Mobile Guardian Campus offers schools a complete, single-vendor solution when it comes to MDM. Our multi-OS platform supports Android, ChromeOS, iOS and macOS devices. It’s priced and purpose-built for education. Mobile Guardian simplifies managing iPads in the classroom and out.  Explore Mobile Guardian Learn .

Our STEM series for iPad apps

This post is part of our STEM series for iPad apps. Click to see our posts on Science  and Engineering apps, to help bring STEM concepts into your classroom. We’ve also put together a list of free Science iPad apps, which you can find here . Visits our webpage .

Robyn Hobson

Team Mobile Guardian

Inspired by technology that meaningfully impacts student learning. Probably surrounded by pot plants.

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Apps and Websites with Lots of Problem-Solving

Perseverance and grit are important character strengths that help kids develop the skills they need to tackle life's challenges. Help them practice sticking with things with these excellent (and educational) apps, games, and websites that encourage problem-solving. Kids will be inspired to brainstorm, make sense of clues, and try different solutions on their path to problem-solving fun. As apps that help kids cheat or solve problems with the click of a button rise in popularity, these tools will actually support kids' learning as kids try and try again while working through interesting challenges. For more social-emotional learning support, try these Games That Support Kindness and Compassion .

Bedtime Math Poster Image

Bedtime Math

Daily math inspires, but word problems have little variety.

Peg + Cat Poster Image

Delight in pre-K problem-solving duo's quirky adventures.

PlayKids - Cartoons and game‪s‬ Poster Image

PlayKids - Cartoons and game‪s‬

Content galore with shows, games; strong parent controls.

The Cat in the Hat Builds That Poster Image

The Cat in the Hat Builds That

Upbeat feline offers fun STEM exploration on- and offscreen.

Elmo Loves 123s Poster Image

Elmo Loves 123s

Kids learn numbers with beloved Muppets.

Hidden Pictures Puzzle Play Poster Image

Hidden Pictures Puzzle Play

Fun, digital version of the beloved find-it magazine game.

Intro to Math, by Montessorium Poster Image

Intro to Math, by Montessorium

Early math presented in varied and interesting ways.

Magic Math Academy Poster Image

Magic Math Academy

Learn math skills through instruction and story-based game.

Peep Ciencias: Rampas Poster Image

Peep Ciencias: Rampas

Awesome tool to explore STEM concepts on- and offline. Poster Image

Brought to you by the letter "F" -- for fun.

Tami's Tower Poster Image

Tami's Tower

Build a tower, test, and improve to help a hungry monkey.

DreamBox Learning Math Poster Image

DreamBox Learning Math

Online math games adjust in difficulty as you play.

Monkey Math School Sunshine Poster Image

Monkey Math School Sunshine

Early math game uses earning aquarium fish as incentive.

Montessori 1st Operations Poster Image

Montessori 1st Operations

Math concept work with clear instruction and fun rewards.

Thinkrolls Poster Image

Adorable physics platformer creates little problem-solvers.

Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens Poster Image

Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

Fairy tales inspire fun, challenging puzzler.

Thinkrolls Play & Code Poster Image

Thinkrolls Play & Code

Delightful puzzles inspire innovation and problem-solving.

Arithmagic - Math Wizard Game Poster Image

Arithmagic - Math Wizard Game

Spell-binding math game with increasing challenge.

BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! Poster Image

BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!

Think outside the box with this charming, fun puzzler.

Odd Squad: Blob Chase Poster Image

Odd Squad: Blob Chase

Capture blobs and problem-solve in fun, leveled games.

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These 15 best problem solving game apps for kids will truly make them think.

I know I'm not the only one who feels just a tad less guilty about extra screen time for my kids when they're engaged with an app that is helping them learn. Having a folder of problem-solving game apps for kids lets them exercise their minds and stretch their imaginations instead of just zoning out like they do while watching endless unboxing videos. (Although, I admit, those videos are oddly fascinating.)

Educational apps for kids aren't necessarily hard to come by and your kids likely already have a few that they love. However, these games will help kids hone in on specific problem-solving skills in various forms to keep their minds sharp and give them the chance to learn new things. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends kids engage with apps that "require more than 'pushing and swiping,'" which these 15 problem-solving game apps certainly do.

Strategy and planning are key components to solving any problem, so it is no surprise that all of these games help to make these concepts come to life for kids in a way that is fun and engaging. STEM-forward games engage physics and engineering to help kids create and invent to solve mechanical and structural problems, while traditional puzzle games allow kids to use their strategical skills to put together digital riddles.

The problem-solving power of puzzles cannot be overstated, and apps like Tozzle bring practice of this skillset right to your toddler's digital-loving fingertips. Instead of tripping over a pile of puzzles in your child's floor and risking losing critical pieces, let them explore the 40+ puzzles available on Tozzle. Designed for kids from toddler through early elementary, Tozzle's puzzles range in complexity so there is truly something for every kid.

Cut The Rope

My own kids adore playing this game. The goal of the game Cut The Rope is to feed a cute little monster named Om Nom as much candy as you can. The trick though is that to feed him, you must strategically cut a rope that the candy is hanging from so that it drops in Om Nom's mouth, dodging obstacles along the way. It's actually harder than it looks and requires quite a bit of critical thinking. Best suited for kids ages 4 and up, I have played this one myself a time or two, and it is actually entertaining and engaging for adults as well.

What do you get when you combine the physics of water with puzzles? The problem-solving app Busy Water . Kids can use their critical thinking skills to use pipes, wheels, blocks, and paddles to help Archie the fish find his way out of the open water and back into his fish tank. Aimed at children ages 6 to 10, this app will help engage children's creativity, as well as stretch their cognitive ability and reasoning skills.

Laugh & Learn Shapes & Colors

These 15 best problem solving game apps for kids will engage their brains and help them learn.

Even babies and toddlers can learn through simplistic problem solving apps. Designed for babies ages 6 months and up, this app by Fisher Price features a baby and toddler-friendly design with bright colors and simple shapes to sort. Two levels of play allow babies and toddlers to learn through tapping or tilting the screen to move the shapes and hear their names.

Mystery Math Town

Older kids who could benefit from brushing up on their math skills can do exactly that while enjoying the problem-solving app Mystery Math Town . The app engages kids in a mission to help a friendly ghost rescue fireflies hidden within Mystery Math Town by using math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to unlock passages and enter rooms. The app is customizable to fit your child's specific math needs, but recommended for kids aged 7 and up.

Savings Spree

As an adult, I can confidently say that money can sometimes causes big problems that must be solved. Let your kids learn how to mitigate money issues before they get their hands on the real thing with the Savings Spree app . Kids ages 7 and up can practice problem solving skills related to money by engaging in the game show-style format of this game, choosing when to spend, save, invest, or donate their virtual money.


For kids who love to experiment and invent new things, the Inventioneers app allows them to do so in a digital way. Kids ages 4 and up can build with 50+ objects and tools that utilize physics and engineering to create inventions that solve problems for the three fun Inventioneers characters working within the app.

Where's My Water?

This Disney app allows your kids to practice their problem-solving skills while also bringing attention to the global issue of clean water access. In Where's My Water? players must cut through dirt and manipulate pipes to deliver clean water through a sewer system to Swampy the alligator. Additional scenarios to solve involve creating steam to power another alligator's musical instrument and clearing algae from a picky alligator's plate.

Winky Think Logic Puzzles

The logic puzzles included in the Winky Think app start out easy, but get increasingly harder as the levels progress. From matching shapes and colors, to twisting and switching objects to maneuver through puzzles, each game encourages players to use reasoning skills as they work through each level. The lower levels of the app are best suited for kids around age 5, but older kids and teens can work through the low levels quickly and be challenged through 180 levels.

Shiny Picnic

Kids can learn new skills with these 15 best problem solving game apps for kids.

The Shiny Picnic app provides engaging and fun game play for toddlers and preschoolers to practice their problem-solving skills. Kids can sort and match objects like fruits and vegetables by color, following along with the game's fun animal characters as they help the crew pack for and set up picnics.

'The Cat In The Hat' Builds That

If your kids love The Cat In The Hat , this PBS Kids app will help them hone in on problem-solving skills right alongside their favorite feisty feline. Kids can engineer their own creations to help solve dilemmas using physics and scientific concepts. Preschoolers will love this fun and easy-to-explore app set in a backyard where The Cat In the Hat and friends build tree houses, playgrounds, and more.

When you combine STEM concepts with traditional logic games, you get a game that kids can truly get lost in while learning about engineering, physics, and mechanics. Kids ages 3 to 8 can help the adorable monster creatures in the app Thinkrolls make their way through obstacle courses by manipulating objects to clear paths and trying different methods to finish the game.

Cyberchase 3D Builder

This app from PBS Kids uses geometry and three-dimensional shapes to help take traditional puzzle games to the next level. Kids ages 6 and up are tasked with using shapes to re-build the city of Botropolis after it is accidentally zapped by Delete and Buzz from the classic Cyberchase game .

The Zoombinis app is a recreation of the classic '90s computer game Logical Journey of the Zoombinis , which stars tiny blue creatures attempting to journey home. In this app, kids will solve logic puzzles that engage analyzation skills, pattern creation, and more within each level in order to unlock each additional level until the Zoombinis complete their travels and wind up back at home.

Tami's Tower

The Tami's Tower app allows kids to use their problem-solving skills to build towers that help Tami the tiger reach fruit to eat. Created by the Smithsonian Institute , the game takes basic engineering predicaments and allows kids to stretch their minds to create solutions to those problems by stacking and manipulating objects.

problem solving app ipad

iOS Hacker

Apple Seeds iOS 17.2 And iPadOS 17.2 Release Candidates Along With macOS 14.2 RC

Best stick-on mouse holders for macbook.

  • Accessories

Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitters With AirPods Support

12 best christmas gift ideas for tech guys in 2023.

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Best iPhone Apps To Solve Math Problems

problem solving app ipad

In the age of technology, there are best math solver apps with steps for solving maths problems on iPhone and iPad. With these math solution apps, solving complex mathematical problems is as simple as clicking pictures, as they provide step-by-step instructions. 

Best iPhone App to Solve  Math Problems In 2023

Math solver apps let you solve equations with the simple touch of your camera. They help track formulas and teach algebra.

Here are the best math solver apps that will help you solve nearly any math problem. 

1. Photomath

Millions of students use Photomath every month to check homework, study for tests, and make new discoveries in math.

You can obtain the basics of solutions and explanations for free, but if you’re ready to embark on a new learning experience, you can buy the premium features.

You’ll have access to a comprehensive library of explanations with word and geometry problems for selected textbooks! The content has been approved by some of the world’s leading math teachers, so you will learn at your own pace.

This app features detailed AI animations and verbal explanations that will help you visualize and understand math.

Learn how and why math problems are solved with the embedded glossary, or refresh your memory with forgotten terms and concepts.

The app will get you where you need to be, whether you’re learning basic arithmetic, or tackling advanced geometry. Slowly but surely.

Install Photomath from the App Store now

2. FastMath – Take Photo & Solve

FastMath is a useful math app that solves any problem. You can take a photo of a math problem and get an instant solution.  It is also capable of solving math problems written in handwriting.

The app displays step-by-step solutions accompanied by explanations. It will allow you to compare your results, improve your understanding, and check your homework.

Install FastMath – Take Photo & Solve from the App Store now

3. Mathway: Math Problem Solver

The Mathway calculator allows you to solve algebraic, graphing, and calculus problems faster than ever before! Using Mathway, you can access unlimited math solutions to help you understand complex concepts. If you are having trouble solving your math homework, you can snap a photo or type the answer for step-by-step assistance.

Designed by Mathway LLC, this app is compatible with all iDevices. 

There is a free version of this app that only gives you the answers to your math problems, but a subscription will provide you with step-by-step solutions to each type of math problem. Math solution apps like this are highly recommended for students who are struggling with math. A User-friendly interface and an excellent topic glossary make this app easy to use.

Install Mathway: Math Problem Solver from the App Store now

4. Math problem solver, photo

With the Math Problem Solver app, you can solve mathematical problems instantly using the camera of your iPhone. Using smart technology, it reads math problems and provides step-by-step solutions to address them.

This is one of the best apps available for learning algebra, graphing, calculus, and other complex math problems at any time and anywhere. For anyone who is anxious about mathematics, this app is highly useful.

Install Math problem solver, photo from the App Store now

5. MathPapa – Algebra Calculator

A MathPapa tutor allows people to learn algebra at their convenience by practicing when they want.

MathPapa walks you through each step of solving algebra problems. In particular, it is useful for solving linear equations and quadratic equations, linear and quadratic inequalities, graphing equations, factoring quadratic expressions, determining the order of operations step-by-step, and more. 

With the algebra calculator, you can easily enter your algebra problem and get step-by-step instructions.

Basically, all the MathPapa features are found in the tabs already explained. Most algebra problems can be solved with a calculator. A variety of math lines will appear beneath the “Calculate” button, explaining how that conclusion was reached. Various math problems are provided in the Practice section, so you can practice solving them.

You will be shown how to handle problems using the Lessons feature, and subsequently get the chance to answer them yourself. In the Lessons section, there are also quizzes that seem more like math games, but once you master them, they can be really fun.

Install MathPapa – Algebra Calculator from the App Store now

6. CameraMath – Homework Help

With CameraMath, you won’t have to worry about math problems anymore. Take a picture of the question and CameraMath will automatically figure out the answer.

The CameraMath app is an essential tool for students who want to learn and solve math problems! 

In addition to Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, and Calculus, this math solution app with camera includes a variety of other math courses.

You can easily learn math with CameraMath because it gives you detailed explanations of the questions.

Also, you are always welcome to join the community group to meet more people, provide feedback, solicit help from others, and discuss more topics.

Install CameraMath – Homework Help from the App Store now

7. Math Word Problem Solver

Is your community college math course causing you anxiety? Need help with a math quiz or a tough math homework problem?

There’s no need to worry, Math Word Problem Solver has you covered.

This app can help you with the following topics in college math:

  • Word Problems
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Precalculus & Calculus
  • College algebra

Get a picture of your math problem for College Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Precalculus, or any other sort of math problem. Expert tutors will help you with all your college math concepts.

Step-by-step instructions on how to solve the math problem will be provided to you.

If you want to study better, you can save all the answers you have received.

Install Math Word Problem Solver from the App Store now

Problem Solved?

One of the main strengths of all the above-mentioned best apps for maths solution is that they help students visualize the process of solving problems. Following the step-by-step instructions enables students to consolidate knowledge and learn math skills.

So, install any of the apps on the list and ace your math exam.

Was this list helpful? Let us know in the comments section. 

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  • iPhone apps

problem solving app ipad

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Improve Your Problem Solving Skills With These Apps

  • Improve Your Problem Solving Skills…

Industrial Worker Using a Device

From learning how to work a remote desktop to keeping small children occupied while writing emails, on-the-job problem solving during the COVID-19 pandemic is at an all-time high.

Hopefully, you’re successfully dealing with these challenges and more. That said, if you’re looking to improve your problem-solving skills, there are apps for that. Below is a short list of mobile apps that can make you a better problem solver.

This popular app includes games that concentrate on improving the user’s memory, problem-solving ability, attention span, and creativity. Games are constantly changing and typically involve completing timed challenges.

Fit Brains Trainer

This problem-solving app has 10 groups of games that are meant to trigger different areas of the mind. Focusing on memory and concentration, this app asks users to complete tasks from each group on a daily basis. Users are shown their progress using a color-coded graph.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

Created in part by neuroscientists, this app is also meant to enhance problem-solving by boosting memory and focus. More important than ever right now, this app also has a social aspect, as users can challenge their friends who are also on the app. CogniFit Brain Fitness also adjusts the difficulty of tasks to match the user’s profile. It also provides tips founded on performance. Investing 20 to 30 minutes every other day can provide significant improvement in problem-solving ability.

Eidetic is an app designed to boost memory using a ‘spaced repetition’ system that can help users remember things like keywords, credit card numbers, and internet passwords. Alerts help to keep users on track, as periodic memory tests are essential to the process.

This app helps to preserve mental sharpness and enhance reasoning through the use of riddles and visual illusions. As you can probably tell from that description, it is quite different from other problem-solving apps, most of which are based on memory and reaction-based tasks. This app does include a social aspect, allowing users to play riddle-based games against friends and family.

Not the Hole Story

If you have a fondness for solving difficult riddles, then Not the Hole Story is a must-have app for your phone. Stuffed with unique riddles as well as a simple-to-use interface, this app provides you with riddles you have to unlock through a book. You will be provided with tips as you go along, and if you give up, the solutions are revealed. Not the Hole Story will motivate you to expand your thinking and challenge your brain.

Personal Zen

This entertaining brain training app is based around the story of two animated characters who move through a grassy field. Personal Zen is mostly focused on lowering anxiety and training the brain to concentrate on the positivity. According to the developer, you should use the app for 10 minutes each day to get optimal results.

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Educators Technology

Educators Technology

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6 Great iPad Apps to Enhance Students Critical and Strategic Thinking Skills

By Med Kharbach, PhD | Last Update: May 19, 2023

April 19, 2015 In today’s post we have curated for you a collection of some wonderful iPad games to boost students critical thinking skills and enhance their cognitive abilities. Playing these games, students will be able to engage with a variety of mental and abstract forms of reasoning where they will need to use their strategic and problem solving skills to find answers. While they are so much fun to play they are also a great way to help students approach the world from a critical thinking perspective. Have a look and share with your colleagues.

1- Brain Teaser Extreme

problem solving app ipad

At first, this might look like the good old Tile Puzzle – but it is not. You move the tiles the same way: You have one empty square and you have to move the tiles in the correct position using the empty square. The problem is, you don’t know what the picture looks like and you don’t know the position of the empty square – the correct position of the empty tile might be anywhere.

2- Mental Math Cards

problem solving app ipad

Want to improve your math skills with out having to memorize a hundred tricks? Mental Math Cards is designed to help people of all skill levels improve their arithmetic abilities through easy to remember (and use) tips, practice question sets, and an addictive game. Unlike many other math apps, advanced problems are also supported to keep things challenging as your skills improve.

3- Clockwork Brain

problem solving app ipad

Discover a series of uniquely challenging and stylish mini-games, created specifically to test and improve your cognitive abilities across six areas – memory, perception, language, logic, reflexes and calculation. All puzzles come with adaptive difficulty which changes as you play, so each playthrough leaves you hooked and energized. With its bite-sized, fast-paced gameplay, A Clockwork Brain will help you form the great habit of training every day.

4- Knowledge Trainer

problem solving app ipad

Each lesson tests your wits with 10 questions from 10 different categories. The difficulty level depends on you: get an answer right, you’ll move up a level. A wrong answer leads to an easier question. You’ll want to move up to improve your Knowledge Quotient, which is recalculated after every round.

problem solving app ipad

Analogy questions are often asked in gifted and talented programs. Our newest creation “Analogy” app (to challenge young minds on their cognitive skills), plays a significant role in analytical thinking, problem solving, perception, spatial skills, memory, and creativity. They are often seen on IQ and placement tests as well. This app contains: 6- ABA Problem solving

problem solving app ipad

Touch and Learn is a powerful new gaming platform that allows you to introduce new concepts in a fun and exciting new way. You can use Touch and Learn to teach basic concepts such as new shapes or advanced concepts such as colors or characteristics (e.g. big, bigger, small, smaller, etc.). The possibilities are truly endless and just up to your imagination.

problem solving app ipad

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Meet Med Kharbach, PhD

Dr. Med Kharbach is an influential voice in the global educational technology landscape, with an extensive background in educational studies and a decade-long experience as a K-12 teacher. Holding a Ph.D. from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Canada, he brings a unique perspective to the educational world by integrating his profound academic knowledge with his hands-on teaching experience. Dr. Kharbach's academic pursuits encompass curriculum studies, discourse analysis, language learning/teaching, language and identity, emerging literacies, educational technology, and research methodologies. His work has been presented at numerous national and international conferences and published in various esteemed academic journals.

problem solving app ipad

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The most common iPad problems, and how to fix them

Tyler Lacoma

Apple’s iPad remains one of the best tablets on the market. Apple has sold well over 350 million worldwide, and there are currently a number of different models to choose from. While these tablets are certainly well-engineered pieces of digital machinery, they are not immune to a few snags and glitches. We've taken a look at some of the most prevalent iPad problems in an attempt to find workable solutions for them. Sometimes it will take more than a simple reset to get your iPad back in working order.

Problem: There are dead or stuck pixels on the iPad

Problem: the latest ipados isn’t installing on my ipad, problem: frozen screen, issue: ipad won’t turn on, glitch: itunes or finder doesn’t recognize ipad, problem: ipad won’t charge, issue: ipad won’t connect to wi-fi, glitch: ipad is running slow, problem: cellular data connection dropping, issue: ipad is randomly crashing, problem: your ipad battery is charging very slowly, problem: the apple pencil isn't working with my ipad, problem: your ipad is stuck in bootloops, what you need.

You may also want to take a look at our suggestions for the best iPad cases and the best iPad games .

It can be frustrating if a pixel isn’t working on your iPad. You’ll first notice this as an unresponsive dot on the display that doesn’t change, or stays black no matter what happens. Sometimes there may be more than one pixel like this.

Possible solutions

  • If the pixel still lights up but is simply stuck or never goes to the right color, you can try manually fixing it yourself. Wrap your thumb in a clean cloth and apply gentle, firm pressure to the area of the display with the pixel, slowly moving your thumb as you do so. Sometimes this can help fix any issues the panel is experiencing.
  • Flashing bright, changing colors can also help reset a pixel. You can plenty of Pixel Fix videos on YouTube to run at full screen to help with this, or even find an app that does the same thing.
  • If the pixel is permanently dark no matter what you do, it’s dead. You cannot fix a dead pixel. If it’s a minor issue and not distracting, you can leave it. But it’s a good idea to take your iPad into an Apple Store and ask about a display replacement.

Eager to get the latest iOS/iPadOS updates and all the new features offered? You may discover that your iPad is obstinately refusing to download the update, even if it says it will or if it was scheduled to update at a specific time. Fortunately, this is usually due to not meeting specific requirements needed to update, not a permanent flaw on your iPad.

  • Double check to make sure your iPad is compatible with the latest versions of iPadOS. Check out our list of iPadOS 15 compatible devices and iPadOS 16 compatible devices .
  • Make sure your iPad battery has at least a 50% charge. To be safe, it’s a good idea to just plug your iPad in before you start a big update.
  • Make sure you are not using a cellular data connection for your internet. The iPad will not start such a big download when on a data connection to avoid using up cell data.
  • Check that Low Power Mode is turned off. If it’s accidentally enabled, the update probably won’t work.
  • Disable your VPN if you are using one. While you can whitelist sites on many VPNs, that doesn’t really work for downloading a software update straight from Apple, so disable it for this change, and turn it back on afterward.

You may find from time to time that your iPad screen freezes and remains unresponsive to your touch. It’s a common complaint at Apple’s support forum . The most likely culprit is a specific app, but it’s not always easy to identify which one. If it happens repeatedly, take note of what you have running and try uninstalling it to see if that solves the problem permanently. Whatever the cause, your immediate solutions to a frozen iPad screen are the same.

  • Try restarting your device first by pressing and holding the Power button until you see “slide to power off” on the screen, and then slide to power off. Press and hold the same button to turn it back on. You’ll know it worked when you see the Apple logo.
  • If the screen isn’t responding, you might need to force restart the device in which case you should press and hold the Power button and the Home button at the same time for around 10 seconds. You’ll know it worked when the Apple logo appears. For newer iPads without the Home button, press and quickly release the Volume Up button, press and quickly release the Volume Down button, and then press and hold the Power button until the device restarts.
  • If it stubbornly refuses to react to a restart or reset, then you’ll need to try a restore. Plug it into your computer using the cable provided. Load up iTunes on the computer, select your iPad, choose the Summary tab, and hit the Restore iPad button. This will erase your content, so you may prefer to choose Restore Backup on the Summary tab. Bear in mind that you’ll lose anything you haven’t backed up.

It’s a nightmare with any electronic device when it refuses to turn on at all. Don’t assume the worst, though, it may prove easy to revive. This is another common post in the Apple support forum .

  • Try holding down the Power button and the Home button together until you see the Apple logo. For newer iPads without the Home button, press and quickly release the Volume up button, press and quickly release the Volume down button, and then press and hold the Power button until the device restarts.
  • Maybe the battery is just empty. Plug the iPad into the wall charger using the original cable and charger that came in the box and wait an hour before trying the first step again.
  • If your iPad turns on but gets stuck during startup, then plug it into your computer with iTunes running and repeat step one, except this time, don't let go of the buttons when you see the Apple logo, keep holding them until you see the recovery mode screen. You should get the option to Restore or Update . Choose Update and it will try to reinstall iOS without wiping your data.
  • If none of this works, then it's time to contact Apple or drop into an Apple Store if you're able to.

Some people have reported issues with plugging the iPad into the computer and booting up iTunes only to find that the iPad isn’t there. If iTunes or Finder isn’t recognizing your iPad then you can try a few things to solve the problem.

  • Check the battery icon on the iPad when you plug it into your computer. If it has a lightning bolt on it to denote charging or it says Not charging next to it then you know the port and the cable are working and you can move to the next solution. If it doesn’t, then try another port. If that doesn’t work, then try another cable.
  • (If you are running MacOS Catalina you can skip this as you'll be using Finder to interface with your iPad.) Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. If it’s on a PC then go to Help and then select Check for updates . If it’s on a Mac then hit the iTunes tab and select Check for updates . If you have the latest version or updating makes no difference, try the next solution.
  • Turn the iPad off. Turn the computer off. Turn them both back on again and plug the iPad back in. If you see a Trust this computer alert, unlock your device and tap Trust .
  • Still no joy? Take a look at Apple's support article for further suggestions on how to fix this glitch.

If you find that your iPad won’t charge when you plug it into a power adapter, there are a couple of possible reasons. If it doesn’t charge when you plug it into the computer, it may just be the port you are using, try the power adapter instead. You can see whether the USB port on your computer is charging it or not by looking at the battery icon on the iPad. If it is charging, you’ll see the lightning symbol; if not, it will say Not charging next to it. Some computer ports can’t provide enough juice to charge the iPad, and it will always charge more slowly via the computer, even if it does work.

  • You want to check if it’s the cable or power adapter itself so, if possible, try the cable and power adapter with another compatible device, or try a different power adapter and cable.
  • It's always worth rebooting your iPad to see if that helps.
  • Some people report success after turning on Airplane mode, so it's worth a try.
  • If the cable or power adapter is not the problem and nothing else has worked, then there could be a fault with the iPad and you’ll need to contact Apple, contact the retailer where you bought it, go into an Apple Store, or take it to a third party repair shop as the culprit could be a damaged battery, or a damaged charge port, both of which are repairable.

A lot of people have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks with their iPads. Before you start serious troubleshooting, you should check Settings > Wi-Fi on the iPad and make sure that it is turned on. It’s also worth making sure that Wi-Fi is accessible on another device.

  • There’s a reason IT departments the world over tell everyone to turn a device off and on again as a first troubleshooting step — because it so often works. Try turning off your iPad and router and then turn them both on again and wait a few seconds before trying to reconnect.
  • Try telling the iPad to forget the network in Settings by tapping the network name and selecting forget. Turn the iPad off and on again and then reconnect to the network and re-enter the details as necessary. You can also try Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings .
  • Make sure you have the latest iOS software by going to Settings > General > Software update . You should plug your iPad into the power adapter before updating. Older iPads can be updated via iTunes on the Summary tab via the Check for update option.
  • If your iPad still won’t connect then it’s worth checking with your ISP for help or advice. The problem could be related to your specific router. You might want to update the firmware or change the channel.
  • If nothing so far has worked, then you may consider trying to connect to a different Wi-Fi network with your iPad just to test if it works. If not, then it's time to contact Apple for further help.

If you find that your iPad is not its usual zippy self and you are experiencing some lag when you navigate, you can try a couple of fixes. You may just have too many things running.

  • Double-tap the Home button and swipe up on each open app or game to close it. If you have a newer iPad without the Home button, then swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen and pause slightly in the middle of the screen to open the recently used apps list.
  • You could also just reset the iPad by holding down the Power button and the Home button simultaneously for 10 seconds. For newer iPads without the Home button, press and quickly release the Volume up button, press and quickly release the Volume down button, and then press and hold the Power button until the device restarts.
  • You really need at least 2GB of free space for smooth operation, so take a look in Settings > General > iPad storage and check. You may need to delete some files or uninstall some apps. Some apps take up more and more space over time, so it can even be worth uninstalling and then reinstalling an app to clear it. You may also consider going to Settings > Safari and tapping Clear history and Website data , then Clear history and Data to clear out your cache, but this will also log you out of websites you've signed into.
  • As a last resort, you might try a factory reset . This will wipe everything though, so make sure you back up first. If you do a factory reset, test the iPad without restoring a backup just to see if it runs any better. If you subsequently restore a backup and it slows down again, then you'll know the issue is with something in the backup.

Quite a few iPad owners have been complaining about cellular data connections dropping frequently. Obviously, this will be seriously influenced by how good the coverage is in your area. If you have good coverage on the same network with your phone, but the iPad is struggling, you could try a couple of things. First, check in Settings > General > Cellular and make sure it’s on. You could also try a restart. If it continues to be a problem, go through the steps below.

  • Make sure you have up-to-date carrier settings in Settings > General > About .
  • Check that you have the latest iOS software by going to Settings > General > Software update .
  • Remove the SIM card and put it back in again.
  • You can also try Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings .
  • Some people have found success by disabling LTE in Settings > Cellular data > Enable LTE .
  • If none of that works, a factory reset might be worth trying, just make sure you back up first.
  • If you’re still having problems, it’s time to contact your carrier’s support or visit an Apple Store for more help.

A lot of iPad owners suffer from random crashes where an app spontaneously closes or the iPad suddenly restarts. You might find that this is a bigger issue on older iPads. You can try a few different things to alleviate the problem. It is quite likely to be related to specific apps, so take note of what you were doing when it crashes and see if a pattern emerges over time.

  • Press and hold the Power button and then slide to power off. Press and hold the button to turn it on again. You could also reset by pressing and holding the Power button and the Home button at the same time for 10 seconds. For newer iPads without Home buttons, press and quickly release the Volume up button, press and quickly release the Volume down button, and then press and hold the Power button until the device restarts. Neither of these solutions is liable to affect a permanent fix, but it may offer some relief.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi and go to Settings > General > Software update to ensure that your iPad has the latest software. If there’s an update available then download it and install it.
  • Open the App Store and select Updates and then update all of your apps.
  • If your crashes are occurring in Safari specifically then try going to Settings > Safari and tap Clear history and website data , then Clear history and data . Note this will log you out of websites that you're logged into.
  • If you’re still having problems then try wiping the iPad with a factory reset and restoring it.
  • If none of the above has worked for you then try contacting Apple. If you’re able to reproduce the crash and you can take it into an Apple Store to show them, then you will be able to get some help.

When everything is running as it usually should, your iPad should take about three hours to recharge. If you own an older model, it still would only take about four hours, at a maximum. That said, many users report that it takes much longer for their iPad to recharge fully. We have a couple of tips to try and speed up the charging process.

  • Make sure your iPad is updated. Infamously, iPadOS 13 caused these types of battery charging issues for many users. If it's an issue with iPadOS, you can't do much except live with it until Apple improves the software and releases a new version.
  • Check your ports and connectors. Look for any signs of damage, grime that's blocking ports, or anything else that may be interrupting the connection. If you aren't sure, try to find another compatible charging cable and switch it out to see if this makes a difference. Do not use an off-brand cable or charger to charge your iPad! If you are using one, stop right away and switch to a version straight from Apple.
  • Make sure your iPad isn't trying to do a lot when you are charging it. Disconnect from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or put it into Airplane mode first. Don't use your iPad when it's charging, and see how much this helps.
  • Always remember to make sure that your iPad isn't put in a particularly hot or cold place. This can damage the battery and cause long-term problems that can't really be fixed without a full replacement.

We completely understand how frustrating this issue can be, mainly because you likely bought the Pencil to pair specifically with your iPad. We have several solutions to try out to get the two working together again.

  • Make sure you have the right Apple Pencil and iPad. Compatibility issues do exist. We have a full Apple Pencil compatibility guide , and certain Apple Pencil and iPad combinations simply won't work. Also, if you have an iPad Air 2 or earlier model, the Pencil won't be able to work with your screen at all, although some third-party stylus models could work for you. We know, it's confusing. But it's important to find out what Pencil and iPad model you have to see if they can work together.
  • Restart your iPad and try again. When you restart, take a look at Settings and Bluetooth to make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. If you already see the Pencil as a recognized device in the Bluetooth settings, then select the information icon, and choose Forget this Device . Then try reconnecting.
  • Make sure the Pencil is charged. It's obvious, but this problem really does happen a lot.

A bootloop is when your device gets stuck in a cycle of turning off and turning back on; The iPad continues repeating that over and over again on a seemingly endless loop. We’ve found that these frustrating cycles tend to result from a bug in whatever app you were last trying to use. That said, there could also be a couple of other factors causing the bootloop. We have several recommendations to try out to stop the looping before you take your iPad to the Apple Store for help.

Possible solutions * Wait for an update. Unfortunately, bootloops are often caused by bugs in specific apps or the iPad’s current operating system. In that situation, you just need to wait for an app or OS update to be released. A recent example of this happened in June 2020, when a version of iPad iOS caused iPads to bootloop unexpectedly while working, usually around a minute or so after starting up. Apple doesn’t waste a second when it comes to releasing patches for these problems. Just keep an eye out for new updates. * Force a manual restart, or “soft reset,” and see if it solve the problem. A manual reset is a powerful troubleshooting tool. To start the reboot, hold the Power and Home buttons down for about 10 seconds simultaneously. You don’t have to count it down; you’ll see when the reboot has started because the Apple logo will appear on the screen. Some newer iPads don’t have a Home button. For those devices, press and quickly release the Volume up button, press and quickly release the Volume down button, and then press and hold the Power button until the device restarts. If this doesn’t work, you may need to force a factory reset, unfortunately. Before resetting anything, though, may sure you back up all of your important data. * Go into recovery mode. This feature prevents bootloops and opens the door for your iPad to fully update if your device is stuck in an infinite bootloop. Apple has a full guide , but to explain it briefly — connect your iPad to a computer; then press and release the Volume up button, the Volume down button, the Top button, and then hold the Top button as your iPad restarts. If this is completed correctly, your iPad will reboot into recovery mode. If your device has a Home button, hold the Home and Top buttons simultaneously. Continue holding them until you see that recovery screen.

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Tyler Lacoma

Over the years, Apple has made significant changes to how to customize wallpapers on iPhones. Currently, you can create wallpapers in pairs for both the home screen and lock screen of your iPhone. You can also add widgets to wallpapers and automatically activate a Focus mode when specific lock screens are in use.

Unfortunately, these features are somewhat difficult to use, and the process of deleting a wallpaper is confusing. This guide will help alleviate that confusion and make doing so a breeze

Apple did not release new iPads this year, despite October rumors to the contrary. However, it's likely to do so in 2024 with one significant change on the horizon.

According to ET News, Apple will release the first iPad Pro models with organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) sometime next year. Perhaps in even bigger news, Apple also plans on increasing the size of the iPad mini from 8.3 inches to 8.7 inches.

If you have blocked a phone number on your iPhone and wish to unblock it, you can easily do so in just a few steps. This can be helpful if you've accidentally blocked a number you didn't mean to, have made up with an ex, made good with a friend you were having a dispute with, or in other circumstances.

Whether you have an iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, or an older version, the steps to unblock a number are the same.

Google Docs will now solve simple math problems faster than you can

The new Google Workspace feature is rolling out now.

Google Docs logo on a laptop screen

What you need to know

  • The Smart Compose feature in Google Docs is now able to solve simple math problems as you type them. 
  • The tool is rolling out now for Google Workspace business and education users on the rapid release schedule. Users with scheduled releases will see the feature starting Dec. 18. 
  • Aside from Google Docs, the feature also works in Slides, Sheets, and Drawings. 

Google is using its machine learning tech to make Smart Compose in Google Workspace more powerful, it announced today. Now, when you enter a simple math equation in a Google Doc, Slide, Sheet, or Drawing, the Smart Compose assistant will automatically suggest the answer. It's rolling out now for paid Google Workspace business and education users, but not everyone will see the feature immediately. 

Smart Compose was originally released to help users write in Google Workspace apps, and it's based on Google's machine learning. That's not to be confused with "Help me write," which is Google's writing assistant with artificial intelligence . With both tools, Google warns that it cannot guarantee accuracy. 

However, the Smart Compose feature should be a lot more helpful with math than words. It's essentially looking for an equal ( = ) symbol in text with a preceding math equation. After Smart Compose detects the equation, it will use ML to solve the equation like a calculator would. But this happens almost immediately, as soon as you press the equals key. 

Like other Smart Compose applications, the solutions will be presented as a suggestion. That means it will appear greyed-out, and users need to press the tab key to insert the solution. To ignore it, simply press the space bar instead.

Google says that the Smart Compose feature will work with "simple" math problems, and we don't know exactly what that means. However, Google's demo of Smart Compose solved an equation with multiple steps using the correct order of operations. 

The feature will be turned on by default for paid Google Workspace business and education customers. It's rolling out today for users whose organizations are on rapid release schedules, but it can take 15 days for the tool to reach all users. Smart Compose won't start rolling out for users with scheduled releases until December 18 and won't finish until 15 days after that. 

Our Google Workspace account didn't have access to the new Smart Compose tools just yet. You can check to make sure Smart Compose is turned on by opening a document, clicking the tools tab, selecting preferences , and then looking for the checkbox that says Show Smart Compose suggestions . To stop seeing the suggestions, simply click the checkbox. 

Google says the new Smart Compose functionality "will increase productivity and accuracy when solving math equations across Workspace." This is probably true, but we suspect teachers and educators might not be thrilled with their students using this feature. Surprisingly, Google says there is no admin control over Smart Compose.

This feature won't be available in personal Google Workspace accounts, at least for now. 

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Pixel Camera app update hints at dual-screen capture mode for Pixel Fold

Major Discord overhaul for Android and iOS makes it easier to chat, search, and more

The Google Files app is getting a powerful search option

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problem solving app ipad

9 Basic Troubleshoot Steps to Fix Almost Any iPad Problem

If your iPad isn’t working properly, one of the basic troubleshooting tips in this guide is almost guaranteed to fix it.

The iPad is arguably one of the best tablets on the market. But while many people swear by it for entertainment and productivity, it’s not immune to problems. Most of us know how to troubleshoot common issues on a computer—you just open the task manager and close the troublesome program. But how do you do that on an iPad?

If your iPad is acting up, we’ll walk you through all the most useful troubleshooting solutions you can use to fix. These will cover everything from a quick restart to a complete reset, and everything in between to make sure your tablet is working as good as new.

What Are the Common Issues Many iPad Users Face?

As you use your iPad and install apps over through the years, you might encounter various problems, such as:

  • Your iPad won’t turn on
  • The screen isn’t responding
  • It won’t connect to Wi-Fi
  • An app has become unresponsive
  • The iPad isn’t charging
  • It runs slower than it used to
  • iPadOS randomly crashes
  • You can’t get past the boot up screen

So, if you encounter any of these issues—or others—don’t take your tablet to the Genius Bar just yet. Try some of our basic troubleshooting steps below and see if they’ll fix your issue.

1. Charge the iPad

If you press the Home or Power button and your iPad doesn’t respond at all, check if your tablet is charged. One reason it won’t turn on is that someone might have borrowed your device, used it until empty, and forgot to tell you about it. Alternatively, you might have neglected the low battery sign when you put it away and totally forgot to recharge the tablet.

Also, when you’re recharging the tablet, don’t just plug and leave it. Wait for the iPad to show the charging prompt before leaving it—that way, you can be sure it’s really charging and there’s no issue with the charging cable or brick.

2. Check the Lightning or USB-C Cable and Charging Brick

In case the iPad refuses to charge after you plug it in, check if the issue is with the cable or the charging brick. To do so, try another cable and charging brick combination to recharge your device. If this works, then your tablet doesn’t have a problem, but your charging accessories do.

Before buying a new charging brick or cable, determine which of them has a problem. Test your cable by plugging it into another brick that you know works, then attach it to your iPad. If the tablet recharges, the issue lies with its original charging brick, but if it doesn’t, you need to replace your Lightning or USB-C cable.

3. Close Frozen Apps Completely

Sometimes, you have to deal with an unresponsive app. If the open app doesn’t respond, you might think you’re stuck until the issue resolves itself or your tablet runs out of battery. But don’t despair: you can still recover your tablet. All you need to do is switch to the Recent Apps view.

If your iPad has a Home button, double-click on it to open Recent Apps. If you have a newer iPad without a Home button, swipe up from the bottom and pause your finger in the middle of the screen. Once done, you will return to the Recent Apps view if you have other open apps; otherwise, you’ll see your tablet’s main screen.

4. Force Restart the iPad

For cases where your iPad has completely stopped responding to your taps and button presses, your next option is to force restart your tablet . This can also help fix a variety of other bugs that might be afflicting your iPad. There are different ways to do this, depending on your iPad’s model.

If your device has a Home button, press and hold it simultaneously with the Power button. The screen will go black after around three seconds, and then you’ll see the Apple logo appear after another 12 seconds.

If your iPad doesn’t have a Home button, you’ll have to use this procedure:

  • Quickly press the Volume Up button.
  • Quickly press the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Top button until your iPad restarts.

5. Check for iOS and App Updates

Although force restarting your iPad might clear some temporary issues, some problems might crop up again if they’re caused by a persistent software bug. For this reason, you should check if either the relevant app developer or Apple has released an update for your iPad software.

First, look at your installed apps to see if they need an update. To do so, open the App Store , then tap on your Profile Icon in the screen’s upper-right corner. In the Account view, scroll down until you see Upcoming Automatic Updates . If all your apps are updated, you won’t see it. But if you see this list, tap on Update All .

Now, to check if your iPad has the latest iPadOS version, go to Settings , then tap General > Software Update . A new window will load while your device checks Apple’s servers for any new iOS versions.

If there’s a new version, you will see it under Software Update. Tap on Download and Install . Your iPad will ask you to enter your passcode when you do that. When the download is complete, you’ll see a notification next to General in the main Settings menu. Tap on it, then tap Install Now . The tablet will verify the update, restart, and install it.

If you encounter an error during the upgrade process, here are some ways to fix the iPadOS update process and ensure you’re on the latest version.

6. Free Up Some Space

One factor that many iPad users neglect is storage space. If you only have an entry-level iPad, chances are it only has 32GB or 64GB of storage. While this may seem like ample storage at first, you’ll soon find yourself running out of space as you add photos, videos, apps, and documents.

For an iPad to run smoothly, you should keep at least 2GB of available space. To check your free space, go to Settings , then tap General . In the General view, tap on iPad Storage . From there, you’ll see how much free space your device has left.

We recommend that you enable the Offload Unused Apps option to offload any apps you haven’t used in a while to save space. This will remove the app while keeping all your data saved to the iPad. After doing that, follow these iPhone tips to free up more storage on your iPad .

7. Reset Your iPad’s Network Settings

Another problem that many users run into is their iPad’s inability to connect to the internet. If your iPad won’t connect to a specific network, but can connect to other Wi-Fi networks, then the issue might be with your router. But if it can’t connect to any network, there might be a settings error.

The best course is to reset your iPad’s network settings. This makes the iPad forget all connections saved on it, including any Wi-Fi passwords you saved. Reset this by opening the Settings app, then tapping on General > Transfer or Reset iPad . In the Transfer or Reset iPad window, tap on Reset > Reset Network Settings . Once you’ve entered the passcode, tap on Reset to confirm.

8. Reset All Settings

If any of the steps above fail to resolve your issue, try to reset all settings. This will remove any customizations you made to the settings on your iPad, including inside any third-party apps. But, all your data and the apps themselves will remain.

You will find the Reset All Settings option in the Settings app under General > Transfer or Reset iPad . You then need to tap on Reset > Reset All Settings to execute the command. Like the previous step’s procedure, enter your passcode to confirm your action and tap on Reset to proceed.

9. Erase All Content and Settings on Your iPad

If you find your iPad still not working after all the steps above, it’s time for the nuclear option—reformatting your tablet. This iPad factory reset option removes all the data on your tablet: apps, movies, music, pictures, and everything else. It wipes your tablet clean, making it like new. So, if you’re resorting to this, be sure to back up your iPad to iCloud or iTunes first.

To completely erase your iPad , go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset , then choose the option to Erase All Content and Settings and follow the prompts on screen. Once you’ve completed the reset process, your iPad will then return to the Hello screen from when it was new.

Know Your Basic iPad First Aid

While it isn’t likely that you’ll encounter a major error before you upgrade your iPad, you should know how to deal with any that do crop up. That way, you won’t need to wait for a Genius Bar appointment to be able to get your iPad working again. You can just troubleshoot it for free and fix it yourself.

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8 Reasons Why Your iPad Keeps Crashing

If a full charge and deleting apps doesn't help, check for software updates

problem solving app ipad

  • Emporia State University

When an iPad crashes, it could be specific apps to blame, or maybe a broader issue with the iPad hardware itself. You can try many fixes that are easy to complete on your own, all of them listed below.

Most iPad troubleshooting guides overlap to some degree, but follow these links if you have any of these more specific issues: How to Fix a Frozen iPad , What to Do When Your iPad Won't Turn On , and How to Fix a Slow iPad .

Why Does My iPad Keep Crashing?

There are several possible reasons why it's shutting down by itself:

  • A memory overload or hiccup.
  • Low or drained battery.
  • iPadOS is outdated and full of bugs.
  • A recent OS update is causing adverse effects.
  • Too little free storage space.
  • The iPad is jailbroken.
  • Failing RAM or other hardware.
  • The hardware is too outdated to run your apps.

We've seen some users conflate "crash" with "auto-lock." An iPad that appears to "crash" to the lock screen every so often does this keep your data safe and conserve battery. It's a feature kicking in if you haven't used the iPad for a couple of minutes. It's a setting you can customize in iPadOS, and it's most definitely not a bug in need of fixing. Nevertheless, you can delay or disable the auto sleep setting to prevent this.

How Do I Fix My iPad From Crashing?

Some of these solutions resolve particular problems but feel free to step through them to test each fix.

Reboot your iPad to clear out anything in memory that might be causing the crashes. This step is the simplest and tends to fix problems where the cause is unclear.

If a normal reboot isn't enough, try a hard restart .

Plug in the iPad to charge, and leave it there for a few hours. Do this to confirm you're giving the battery plenty of time to juice up, thus isolating low battery as the source of the problem.

If your iPad is acting strange, like if it's slow or apps are closing down unprompted, it could be related to low battery.

Check how much storage you're using , delete unused apps , or temporarily remove apps taking up lots of space. Bouts of crashes could be due to insufficient storage space.

If this is your issue, learn how to save storage on your iPad to prevent this from happening again.

Install any available iPadOS updates . Do this even if the most recent update you installed is the likely cause of the crashes, especially if the update has been out for a long time but you haven't yet applied it.

One reason you shouldn't jailbreak your iPad is that it could make it more vulnerable to crashes. If you have a jailbroken iPad, upgrading should replace the OS with the official version from Apple and likely free it from whatever was causing it to shut down on its own. If this doesn't remove the jailbreak, see Step 6.

It's crucial to update your iPad's operating system whenever possible. New updates often apply bug fixes that could fix the issue.

If specific apps keep crashing, enable automatic app updates to ensure they are always kept fresh with the latest updates from their respective developers.

Downgrade to a previous iPadOS version . If the version you're on now is the latest available, but you still suspect it's the primary cause of the crashes, return your iPad to the previous OS.

It might seem like a useless step to have right after we recommend upgrading the OS. However, testing the latest OS is best before assuming a previous version is better. As long as you've completed the last step and are caught up with all updates available from Apple if you think the software is still to blame, downgrade to the most recent version you know works fine on your iPad.

If completing this step stops your iPad from randomly crashing, stay on top of any news from Apple about an even newer update than the one in Step 4, and apply it when it's available. Chances are, any bugs causing this problem won't last through more than one update cycle.

Completely reset your iPad . Doing this erases everything stored on it, hopefully including whatever is causing it to crash. Although it's an irreversible, drastic step, it's the final step you can take to solve a software-related reason for an iPad that keeps shutting down by itself.

If you can't follow those steps because it shuts down too soon, try resetting the iPad with iTunes .

If you chose to restore from a backup during the reset, and the issue remains, try this step again, but this time set it up as a new iPad as the backup could be corrupt.

Your iPad's hardware might not meet the minimum requirements to run whatever it is you're trying to do. Check the hardware requirements for the apps causing trouble—quit using them or consider upgrading to a newer iPad with better hardware components.

Another sign you might need a more modern iPad is if it's too old to run the latest iPadOS version . An outdated OS, as described above, might be contributing to the crashes.

Make an Apple Genius Bar Appointment if none of the above steps have been helpful. At this stage in the troubleshooting process, the iPad suffers from a hardware problem that Apple can explore further.

What most likely needs to happen is replacing the iPad battery . It's probably the case if it repeatedly dies sooner than the battery level would indicate.

If websites in Safari keep crashing on your iPad, try clearing Safari history and website data. Tap Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data . You should also restart the iPad and see if this clears up the issue. If these options don't work, try disabling the autofill feature: Tap Settings > Safari > Autofill and toggle off Use Contact Info . You can also try disabling Safari iCloud syncing: Tap Settings > [your name] > iCloud and move the Safari slider to off/white.

Roblox may be crashing on your iPad due to technical issues, network issues, or OS issues. To troubleshoot Roblox crashing on your iPad, ensure your Roblox app and iOS version are up to date. Check that your internet connection is stable. Close other applications and check to ensure no applications are running in the background. Check your iPad storage ; if you're running low, the game won't run well. You can also try restarting your iPad and removing and reinstalling the game.

If Facebook keeps crashing on your iPad, a common reason is that your iPadOS needs to be updated. To make sure you have the latest iPadOS version, go to Settings > General > Software Update and see if an update is available. If it is, install it. You should also make sure you're using the most up-to-date version of the Facebook app on your iPad.

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Ios 17.1.2—update now warning issued to all iphone users.

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Apple has released iOS 17.1.2, an emergency iPhone update fixing two flaws—both of which are being ... [+] used in real-life attacks.

Apple has released iOS 17.1.2, along with a warning to update now. That’s because iOS 17.1.2 fixes two iPhone security flaws —both of which are already being used in real-life attacks.

Apple doesn’t give much detail about what’s fixed in iOS 17.1.2, to give iPhone users as much time as possible to update before more attackers can get hold of the details. Both issues fixed in iOS 17.1.2 affect WebKit , the engine that underpins the iPhone maker’s Safari browser.

Tracked as CVE-2023-42916, the first flaw fixed in iOS 17.1.2 could see an iPhone user disclose sensitive information to an adversary. The second issue patched in 17.1.2, CVE-2023-42917, could allow an attacker who has tricked an iPhone user into interacting with web content to execute code.

In both cases, Apple is “aware of a report that this issue may have been exploited against versions of iOS before iOS 16.7.1,” the iPhone maker wrote on its support page .

Best High-Yield Savings Accounts Of September 2023

Best 5% interest savings accounts of september 2023, why you should update to ios 17.2.1 now.

Make no mistake, iOS 17.1.2 is an update you should apply right now. The reasons for this are multiple: iOS 17.1.2 has been pushed out before iOS 17.2 because it is security-only, containing no bug fixes or features.

At the time of writing, there is no update to iOS 16, beyond already available iOS 16.7.2 . Apple said the issue was exploited on iPhones running iOS 16.7.1, so devices on iOS 16.7.2 may not be impacted. However, if you haven’t updated to iOS 17 yet and have a compatible device, I recommend you upgrade to iOS 17.1.2 now.

Interestingly, iOS 17.1.2 hasn’t been issued as a Rapid Security Response update—a new feature designed to push out important security fixes. However, a few months ago, the iPhone maker was left red-faced after having to pull one of these updates when it broke something else, so I suspect that Apple doesn’t want to risk the same thing happening again.

The iPhone maker also sees the advantage of alerting people to iOS 17.1.2, rather than pushing out updates in the background. If people take notice, they are more likely to apply the fix.

Both of the issues fixed in iOS 17.1.2 were reported Clément Lecigne of Google's Threat Analysis Group, indicating they could have been used in spyware-related attacks.

Attacks utilizing spyware are scary, because they often take place without any interaction from the user, via an iMessage, for example. Thankfully, they are highly targeted at certain businesses, dissents and journalists. If you fall under this category, consider using the iPhone’s Lockdown Mode in addition to upgrading to iOS 17.1.2.

It’s essential that users update to iOS 17.1.2 as soon as possible, warns Sean Wright, head of application security at Featurespace. “It is possible for an attacker to exploit these vulnerabilities just by persuading a user to visit a website,” he says.

The consequences of an attack taking advantage of the issues fixed in iOS 17.1.2 could be dire, he adds. “If successfully exploited, attackers could gain the ability to execute code and access sensitive information.”

Also important to note is you need to apply iOS 17.1.2 manually, even if you have automatic updates enabled. That’s because Apple rolls out security updates gradually, with some users waiting a week or more for their iPhones and iPads to update overnight.

So what are you waiting for? Go to your Settings > General > Software Update and download and install iOS 17.1.2 now to keep your iPhone safe.

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Bug in iOS 17 is switching apps while users type - but there's a fix

Malcolm Owen's Avatar

There are increasing reports of users being inconvenienced when typing away on their iPhone , and the device suddenly opening the app switcher interface. With users typing in full flow, the sudden appearance could result in them tapping on another app without thinking, interrupting and inconveniencing them mid-sentence.

The problem is one that has been around for quite some time, impacting all versions of iOS 17 from its initial release to the latest update, iOS 17.1.2.

While the reports on the Apple Community forums and Reddit first spotted by MacRumors shows there are quite a few people who are encountering this problem, Apple doesn't seem to have acknowledged there's an issue at this time, but a fix could always be included in a future update.

Due to the sporadic nature of the bug that seemingly is difficult to reproduce, it is believed that most instances occur when someone has been typing on the keyboard for a fairly long time. Though the actual cause of the problem isn't fully known, some users have found ways to work around the problem temporarily.

By turning off Reachability , which helps users reach UI elements in the top half of the display more easily, users report that the bug stops happening. A

How to disable Reachability in iOS 17

  • Open Settings
  • Select Accessibility
  • Scroll to Physical and Motor, and select Touch
  • Toggle off Reachability

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App stop working? Here's how to easily force quit on your Mac or iPhone

problem solving app ipad

Our smartphones, tablets, and computers do a lot for us. 

They help us access puppy videos, stay in touch with our loved ones and keep people of all ages entertained.

If you’re a regular user of Apple products, you’ve probably encountered the spinning rainbow wheel or a frozen app. It’s usually not a good sign when this happens, as it signals that something isn’t working as it should.

There is often a relatively easy fix when this happens, so you can easily get back to what you were doing.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to force quit any unresponsive app.  

How to force quit an app on iPhone, iPad

Apple has a very simple solution for dealing with an unresponsive app on your iPhone and iPad. 

Here's what to do when an app stops responding:

  • If your device has a home button, double press that instead.
  • This will bring up a carousel of all the open windows on your device. 
  • Swipe the app you want to close. It will disappear from the carousel. 
  • Reopen the app.

If the troublesome app means you can't do anything on your phone, turn it off and then turn it back on. 

Force quit on Mac

When the spinning rainbow wheel appears on your computer, take solace in the fact there’s an easy way to force quit on your computer, too.  

First, click out of the unresponsive app. You can do this by switching to another app or clicking on your desktop.  

This changes your cursor from the rainbow wheel to the standard arrow.

There are three different ways you can force quit on your Mac: 

  • Click and hold on the app in the dock and click Force Quit. 
  • Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen and select Force Quit.
  • Press the Option + Command + Esc keys at the same time to bring up the Force Quit menu.

If none of these options remedy the problem or if the force quit menu won't open, restart your computer.

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  • The best USB-C cable: Anker 6 Foot USB-C Cable, Pack of 2  


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    The second issue patched in 17.1.2, CVE-2023-42917, could allow an attacker who has tricked an iPhone user into interacting with web content to execute code. In both cases, Apple is "aware of a ...

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    Open Settings. Select Accessibility. Scroll to Physical and Motor, and select Touch. Toggle off Reachability. Malcolm Owen. Product Comparison Expert. Based in South Wales, Malcolm Owen has ...

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    Click and hold on the app in the dock and click Force Quit. Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen and select Force Quit. Press the Option + Command + Esc keys at the same ...

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