How to Track U.S. News Using Social Media

Digital technology is overtaking traditional sources of information like newspapers, radio and television, and social media is now growing as a popular news source. It’s accessible through computers and smartphones for quick access to the latest news. Many users share the latest news and updates, further extending audience exposure.

Facebook leads social network in terms of users and as a news source. Facebook posts can link to a specific article and provide website referrals. The online articles and stories can be shared through Facebook, and comments can be made. Conversations ensue, and some stories go viral, reaching broad audiences. Many news sources have their own Facebook business accounts to post their stories to the public.

YouTube is a way to get news through videos, and the video links can be shared on other social media platforms. It’s a valuable news pathway, with nearly half the population using this social media platform. It’s also used for entertainment, such as music videos, exercise videos and demonstration videos for DIY projects.

Twitter and Instagram

Twitter is another social media news source. The following on Twitter isn’t as large as on Facebook and YouTube, but social media is an evolving industry. Tweets give snippets of news information to Twitter followers, and links can be included to redirect the user to a more lengthy news story. Tweets can also be shared. Instagram is a picture-sharing social media platform that can be used to share news as well.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps for social media and news sources are another way to get news when it first becomes available. The user clicks on an icon to be directed to the desired platform. Researchers have discovered that about half of the people in the U.S. obtain news on their smartphones. Smartphones can also be set up to receive breaking news alerts.

Types of News

The types of news articles shared on social media vary. Entertainment, sports and community news rank high on the list, while government, politics, international news and crime stories are also popular news items. Weather, traffic and business news are also read and shared regularly. In recent times, readership has changed to the extent that many news sources are posting links to their articles directly on social media themselves.

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Can Social Media Balance Free Speech With Accountability?

presentation what is social media

From dawn until dusk, many of us sneak moments here and there checking our socials. Refreshing our feeds on social media platforms may be the first thing we do in the morning and the last thing we do at night. And it all adds up: On average, according to data from Statista , most people in the United States spend over two hours a day scrolling, liking and perusing. Those two (or more) hours open all of us up to a lot of fun content, sure, but they also expose us to out-of-control amounts of viral headlines, “fake news” and other questionable content that can be surprisingly — and dangerously — influential.

The growing prevalence of fake news on various social media platforms is no secret — nearly a quarter of people in the United States rarely trust the news and other information they read on social media, another Statista survey reveals. But what about the other three-quarters who may put themselves and others at risk by trusting everything they read? This proliferation of harmful fake news is raising the question of how social media platforms can tackle the balance between free speech and false information — and whether those platforms are obligated to do so at all.

The nation is more divided than ever, and it’s largely up to the media to find a way to regulate disinformation. But does doing so run contrary to our free speech rights? To better assess this dilemma, it’s essential to look at how fake news really spreads and affects people, along with whether governments and platforms should mitigate the escalation.

How Does Fake News Actually Spread?

“Spreading like wildfire” is a term that perfectly describes the sharing of fake news once it goes viral. But first it has to gain steam among everyday social media users. Typically, fake news stories start out as deliberate misinformation or as accidentally inaccurate information that someone didn’t fact-check before reposting.

presentation what is social media

The first type often involves information that purposefully promotes a certain point of view or a person and omits any negative facts, similar to propaganda meant to change the way people think about a subject. The second is often a result of misinterpreted satire or even a snippet of a parody or a joke that people unintentionally take seriously. The difference lies in intent, too: The first type is meant to deceive, and the second is meant to entertain. But both can have similar effects.

Normally, the sharing of fake news starts among smaller groups before reaching increasingly wider audiences on social media. The news first spreads among groups of people with similar interests or among close friends. They repost something on their social media feeds when they find it interesting or shocking or when it reinforces their points of view. Then, curious people and friends of friends may start to repost it to their circles, the members of which then share the news further. Soon, the inaccurate piece of information has reached the masses before it’s been properly fact-checked (or questioned at all).

At this stage, the fake news might go viral. According to Oxford University and the Reuters Institute , social media personalities with large followings are often the culprits. They’re considered “super-spreaders” who can very easily share inaccurate information with their impressionable followers (whom they tend to have a lot of). If you have an extremely active network, you might also frequently come across false information shared between your own friends and family.

How Serious Is the Fake News Problem on Social Media?

To evaluate how powerful fake news is, it helps to look at some examples of incidents when viral news turned out to be complete misinformation. The majority of many of these recent “facts” tend to focus on the coronavirus pandemic and the 2020 election; however, fake news can encompass just about any topic. Below are two examples of viral news that turned out to be factually false.

presentation what is social media

The Original Claim: An NPR study revealed that 25 million votes cast for Hillary Clinton in 2016 were fake.

The Breakdown: These claims originally came from a website called YourNewsWire, which stated that the report was made by the Pew Research Center — an organization that’s generally regarded as one of the most credible, unbiased polling centers in the United States — with statements cited from an InfoWars article. The source of this information was twisted to fit a narrative trying to invalidate Clinton’s popular-vote victory. It turned out that the original report the fake news was based on was actually made in 2012 and stated that 24 million voter registrations were no longer valid due to deaths or were inaccurate due to voters moving to other states, not that they had voted fraudulently. It had nothing to do with the results of the 2016 election.

The Original Claim: Page 132 of a mysterious Pfizer “vaccine report” stated the vaccine could cause birth defects via genetic manipulation.

The Breakdown: A viral photo shared on social media stated that page 132 of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine safety instructions revealed that the vaccine may lead to birth defects. It was accompanied by a link that took users to the alleged instructions. However, this link only led to documentation from a publicly available Pfizer clinical trial rather than the official government document. Furthermore, page 132 outlined abbreviations, not fertility impact information. Another page contained a brief mention that trial patients should avoid getting pregnant for 28 days after receiving the last dose of the vaccine — common pharmaceutical advice for all vaccines in relation to pregnancies.

There are costs to this type of fake news; when people believe it and spread it, it can put others in danger. For example, in the case of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation — and fake news about the virus itself — consequences can be dire. BBC reports that, in addition to an unchecked increase in the spread of the novel coronavirus because fake news led people to believe the virus was a hoax, people put their own and others’ lives at risk in various ways as a result of “facts” they learned about COVID-19 on social media. Arson, assaults, attacks and other notable acts of violence occurred, all of which pose “potential health threat[s]” both to believers of the fake news and those who speak out against those who believe it.

What Role Does Freedom of Speech Play?

Fake news clearly has the potential to cause harm. But does that mean the social media platforms where it spreads are obligated to take steps to reduce users’ exposure to potentially harmful information? Many people cite the First Amendment in justifying the argument that social media sites shouldn’t be held accountable for the damaging fake news that proliferates on them.

presentation what is social media

The First Amendment is a section of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights that protects, among other things, freedom of speech — our right to express ourselves, our ideas and our opinions without being punished for doing so. This makes content regulation a much harder task online. Unless misinformation presents serious harm, the content of fake news is generally protected by the First Amendment. And some people argue it should remain protected because censorship would be a form of oppression and a violation of human rights.

In contrast, those who argue freedom of expression doesn’t fully apply to fake news note that the First Amendment doesn’t necessarily protect an individual’s right to lie or to “intentionally mislead an audience and sway public opinion for political gain,” according to the Center on Human Rights Education . In addition, according to Dr. John L. Vile, the dean of political science at Middle Tennessee State University, “the First Amendment is designed to further the pursuit of truth, [but] it may not protect individuals who…display actual malice by knowingly publishing false information or publishing information ‘with reckless disregard for the truth.'”

While it’s valid to point out the dangers of government censorship, it’s equally important to acknowledge the dangers of spreading false information and to demand change.

What Can Be Done to Regulate Fake News?

It’s clear that fake news can spread quickly — so quickly that it may appear nearly impossible to contain. So what can be done to balance free speech with accountability and potentially stem the flow of all the fakeness? It’s relatively easy, at least on a personal level, to create new consumption habits by making a concerted effort to seek out fact-checking websites — two reliable choices are Snopes and — and verify a claim’s veracity. But that alone doesn’t stop fake news from spreading.

presentation what is social media

While social media platforms may not be legally obligated to protect users from fake news, they may be morally compelled to do so. If they can recognize that their platforms, by design, are contributing to the dissemination of harmful media, they should take it upon themselves to place limits on that information. It may not be possible for governments to step in and levy restrictions without compromising or violating freedom of speech — and it may not be their place to do so. “In that case,” states the Center on Human Rights Education , “the onus to address this issue should not rest solely on the government. Corporations such as Facebook and Google should ensure that the entities responsible for creating inaccurate content are regulated appropriately.”

Fortunately, it appears that some sites are working towards this. NBC News reported that, during the second quarter of 2020, Facebook removed 22.5 million posts containing hate speech and 7 million posts “sharing false information about the novel coronavirus, including content that promoted fake preventative measures and exaggerated cures.” This is a step in the right direction, to be sure, but Facebook, other platforms and even media outlets will need to increase these efforts if real change is to be achieved.


presentation what is social media


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What is Social Media? And how best to use it.

Published by Harvey Payne Modified over 8 years ago

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Essay on Social Media

  • by Refresh Science
  • July 26, 2020 January 6, 2022

What is Social Media ?

Social media is an digital application that allows the user to create and share information’s, ideas, careers etc., with each other. We can say social media is an online communication and information sharing platform. This sharing is done through virtual communities and networks.

Many individuals uses social network to be in touch with friends and family. To interact with them to share their memories and so on.

Businessman uses social media as a platform for marketing to promote his product.

Similarly various fields use social media according to their required necessity.

Top 10 Social Media sites:

Here are the top ten social media platforms popularly used:

It is the most popularly used social networking site in the world. Facebook allows one to be in touch with their friends and family and also to create new friends. Apart from this one call sell products and promote the business  by using Facebook advertisement. There are nearly 2.45 billion users approximately.

presentation what is social media

Facebook PPT

WhatsApp is the most trending app among all age groups . It was acquired by Facebook on 2014 but still this messaging platform exist independently. Using this app we can chat with the person or with a group of persons. We can also share photos, Documents, live locations, Videos, Audios. This app made video call very easier by using a single click across the world. There are approximately more than 1 billion users.

It is an unique platform for sharing photos and videos. Photo filters in Instagram are very popular. We can capture the best moments of life and share it with our friends. There are nearly 500 million active users.

Twitter also allows to share photos and videos. We can also post short text messages. Most of the celebrities uses this platform to share the important messages to their followers. One can even promote and sell products through twitter. Number of users are approximately 350 million per month.

It serves as a social media as well as micro blogging platform. We can post anything like multimedia  to a short form blog. It has nearly 600 million users.

It is a visual bookmarking site that helps to bookmark the ideas we have and save it. We can plan our travel agenda and do any kind of projects using it . Number of active users are approximately 100 million.

It is a popular professional site and available in many languages. It is a best platform for different business and is used by all kind of professions. Linkedin has more than 100 million active users per month approximately.

It is app where we submit a content and later vote for it. Based on the number of vote the content moves position up or down . Reddit has more than 100 million active users per month approximately.

It is a video channel where we can get wide range of information’s. It gives job to more persons from home. We can watch videos posted by other persons and also post our own videos.

It is also an instant messaging platform All the messages are self encrypted and self destructive . It is similar to WhatsApp. Telegram has more than 100 million active users per month.

Download Essay on Social Media PowerPoint Presentation:

Types of social media.

There are seven popular types of social media platforms, they are:

  • Social Networking – Facebook
  • Discussion forum- Quora
  • Micro blogging- Twitter
  • Photo sharing- Instagram
  • Bookmarking Networks- Pinterest
  • Consumer review network – Zomato
  • Video sharing- YouTube

What is Social Media Marketing ?

Social Media Marketing is the process of using social media sites to promote a company’s product or service. By doing so many new customers can be obtained. It is easy to be in touch with the existing customer. It has the power to increase the customer loyalty.

Benefits for Students and Business

Social media plays an important role in students life. Nowadays most of the colleges conduct online discussion forums and webinars on trending topics. It helps students from any corner to connect and gather information. Employment opportunities are easier via various sites like Linkedin. Just by posting resumes a student can connect with the job seekers. Huge amount of study materials are uploaded in various sites for students use. There are also networks for connecting students and teachers.

presentation what is social media

Social Media

Social media is a great tool nowadays to reach the customers increase the sales and grow the business. Branding is the first step to make the business a success one . By using social media we can easily review the feedback’s from the customers. We can find what a customer like or dislike or what he prefers. By posting the link of the content on the social media we can increase the traffic of our site. The biggest advantage is it is cost effective.

Negative impact of social media

Researches found that one may become addictive by using social media too much. It may also lead to depression and anxiety. It could lead to distance in a relationship. We fall into a trap of comparing our life with others which is mentally unhealthy. Another harmful impact of  social media is lack of sleep.

Impacts and Health problem in children ?

Studies shows that health impact due to social media in children affect them mentally specially in self esteem and well being. Most of the children isolate themselves from the real world and become addictive to social media. It may lead to depression.

Moreover by using Smart Gadgets for a long time creates problem in vision. Due to which kids are forced to wear specs at a very small age.

Advantages of Social Media

  • Best way of connecting with peoples.
  • Access to paid advertising services.
  • Bring traffic to our website.
  • We can easily evaluate our performance.
  • Can create a viral content.

Disadvantages of Social Media

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Frauds and scams
  • Security issues
  • Health issues

While social media provides valuable information and opportunity to learn wide variety of new things, there is more addiction towards it. Hence, its peoples responsibility to set their own limitation of usage and children should be always under the supervision of parents.


presentation what is social media

  • Google Slides Presentation Design
  • Pitch Deck Design
  • Powerpoint Redesign
  • Other Design Services

How to create a social media presentation for any business and brand?

  • Business Slides
  • Design Tips

How to create a social media presentation for any business and brand?

What is social media presentation.

Each audience is different. And each platform to reach them differs too. When a business is looking for a social media manager (SMM), they want to know what will be done before it is done: what numbers they’ll get and what methods you’ll use to achieve them. And social media presentation is the most attractive and informative way to introduce a business PowerPoint presentation based on a sophisticated content strategy.

If you wonder how to present social media strategy, consider our tips to present high-quality research, analytics, and methods to boost the business. A social media presentation is a great way to show your expertise with an attractive visual attachment, so use it wisely.

social media campaign presentation

How to Create a Social Media Strategy Presentation?

Before you design slides, you need to have text, images, or infographics to add. A social media PowerPoint presentation must be related to content like social media strategy. For example, you cooperate as SMM with a trip, retail, or even a ceramics business. Below, we describe the steps you must follow and fulfill to create a social media strategy presentation with corresponding slides.

Disclaimer: You should not limit yourself to one slide, e.g., to show the target audience, and we instead give you an approximate skeleton to follow and extend.

Set Goals: Slide 1 ⎼ Social Media Goals

To present informative social media presentation slides, you need to have a solid discussion with the client to discover their business goals and transform them into social media goals. It will impact further brand presentation and research on the target audience, competitors, and promotion methods. In such a presentation, your clients will expect clear and tangible metrics.

For example, a shoe company wants to boost its sales using Instagram. Thus, you have to create goals of getting more conversions in sales, like increased clicks over your website. And the slide depicts how a specific promotion method on a specific social media platform gives specific numbers.

Pro tip: use Google Analytics for enhanced tracking and PowerPoint redesign services to create beautiful diagrams.

Research Your Audience: Slide 2 ⎼ Target Audience

Most clients know the “persona” they are talking to, but your task is understanding if desirable business goals match the typical buyer image. If the client doesn’t know their target audience, you should make recommendations but still try to discover the location, age, occupation, or favorite game of the people they want to reach. The more criteria you know, the correct tone and voice you choose to influence people’s choices.

Research Competitors: Slide 3 ⎼ Competitors

An effective social media marketing presentation ppt has to analyze competitive companies, which definitely exist. And their SMM has already tried promotion strategies for you to learn from or avoid. Researching competitors is about thinking outside the box and analyzing their mistakes or success. Your customer should not be present on every platform, so observe and analyze which ones work best for your business.

When looking at competitors, consider two main things:

  • MARKET GAP, e.g., there is no podcast about house plant care.
  • LEAD ENGAGEMENT, e.g., they get amazing traffic from Instagram.

Therefore, researching competitors teaches you what to do and what not to do: posting frequency, type of content, followings of their followers, and more.

Do Social Media Audit: Slide 4 ⎼ Social Media Analysis

Any social media report presentation must summarize what the company is already doing. It may be a new company you have to launch social media channels for, and it may be an experienced business looking for a new SMM.

If you create social media strategy for an existing company , you audit their media with personal criteria to define baseline metrics: the number of followers, demographic data, average engagements, content performance, and other important analytics.

If you create a social media strategy for a startup , you have what to propose after previous research steps: persona image and suitable social media. For example, the target audience is women, ages 40 to 55, living in the suburbs, so you offer Facebook.

Set Up the Infrastructure: Slide 5 ⎼ Content Posting Tools

In the case of a new company , setting up the infrastructure means, e.g., setting up a scheduling tool or doing SOPs . Answer the next questions if you’re going to do everything by yourself:

  • Am I going to post things natively?
  • How are we going to get the content calendars approved?
  • Am I the only one to contact/answer the audience in DM/messaging?

In the case of established companies , they will most probably onboard you on a tool they already use and assign a colleague for you to master the operating system quickly.

Create Content Calendar: Slide 6 ⎼ Instagram/Facebook/TikTok Content Calendar

The last thing is putting together a content calendar and content into motion, which can be the hardest part. The last slides in the social media presentations ppt show an example of a post and calendar in tools like CoSchedule. For example, you will post stories daily, behind-the-scenes images twice a week, and product posts thrice a week.

Regardless of plenty of scheduling tools, we advise building a simple content calendar in Excel Spreadsheets to send it to a client and get approval/feedback.

This is how you create your social media strategy and presentation. We hope these tips were helpful since we added only important things to know before going in and starting to post randomly. And your client will appreciate social media campaign presentations portrayed on attractive slides rather than telling an endless story without visual attachment.

If you need help with social media slide design, contact us and get professional assistance.

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How to create a business plan presentation?

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