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Galaxies & the Universe

Published by Melody Tabron Modified over 9 years ago

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Galaxies & the Universe

Objectives Vocabulary

presentation on the universe

Notes 30.3 Star Groups Std 2a: Know that the solar system is located in the outer edge of the disc-shaped Milky Way galaxy Std 2b: Know galaxies are made.

presentation on the universe

Week 8 Galaxies Reading: Chapter 15, Sections 1, 3 (9 pages)

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Comprehend other Galaxies and their Classifications Comprehend Dark Matter and Energy Comprehend the Electromagnetic Spectrum Comprehend the Big Bang Theory.

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Galaxies and the Universe

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The Milky Way Galaxy Contains more than 100 billion stars Is one of the two largest among 40 galaxies in the Local Group Our Solar System is located.

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Class 3 The Universe And everything else…. Are there explosions in space? Are there explosions in space? If, so, what do you think causes them? If, so,

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GENS X1Galaxies1 Lecture 5: Galaxies Dr Michael Burton.

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Chapter 31 Galaxies & the Universe Review & Recap It does this by precisely measuring the speed of gas and stars around a black hole. This provides clues.

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Astronomy The scientific study of matter in outer space, especially the positions, dimensions, distribution, motion, composition, energy, and evolution.

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Galaxies. Galaxies A galaxy is a huge region of space that contains hundreds of billions of stars, planets, glowing nebulae, dust, empty space, and possibly.

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The Big Stuff Galaxies The Universe and The Big Bang.

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Galaxy Review.

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Ch. 31 – Galaxies & the Universe   Have you seen the Milky Way at night? The Sun is one of over 100 billion stars that make up the Milky Way. The Sun.

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Galaxies and the UNIVERSE.

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The Milky Way Appears as a band of light stretching across the sky There are dark regions along the band, giving the appearance of a lack of stars This.

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Historical background Until the 1920's it was believed that our Milky Way was all there was to the universe. As early as the 18th century, the philosopher.

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UNIT NINE: Matter and Motion in the Universe  Chapter 26 The Solar System  Chapter 27 Stars  Chapter 28 Exploring the Universe.

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25.4 Galaxies and the Universe  Objectives:  Describe the different types of galaxy  Describe the solar system’s position in our galaxy  Describe the.

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  1. Why Did People Once Believe That Earth Was the Center of the Universe?

    The belief of early astronomers that the Earth was the center of the universe stemmed from limited astronomical tools and geocentric attitudes. The Ptolemaic Model, developed around 100 A.D., presented the Earth-centered solar system in whi...

  2. When Can You See Mars?

    Mars and Earth both rotate around the sun, but at different speeds. Their location relative to each other is constantly changing, as demonstrated by simulations presented by Windows to the Universe.

  3. What Makes up the Universe?

    The universe is made up of ordinary matter, dark matter and dark energy. Only 4.6 percent of the universe is made from ordinary atoms, the other 95.4 percent is composed of matter that humans cannot see.

  4. Our Expanding Universe (ppt)

    What is Cosmology? The Study of the Universe: its structure, origin, evolution, and destiny. Our universal “world view”. Our cosmological model.

  5. The Universe

    The universe is infinitely old, it has no birth date and will never end. The universe is endless in time and space. This model accounts for the

  6. The Universe

    The Universe · 1. The Universe is everything that exists- Stars , Planets , Moons , other Heavenly bodies , everything that exists on these heavenly bodies

  7. The Universe Information PowerPoint (Teacher-Made)

    Download the Universe Information PowerPoint and read through the facts on each slide with your child. This PowerPoint explains the big bang theory in a child-

  8. The Universe and Galaxies

    Space The final frontier. The Universe Includes all existing matter, energy, and space Includes all planets (can't count them), solar systems (billions),.

  9. The Universe

    PPT slide on The Universe compiled by Ravikiran.

  10. Slide 1

    Discoveries in astronomy and physics suggest that the Universe had a definite beginning. The Big Bang theory is the prevailing theory that describes the origin

  11. Galaxies & the Universe

    The Milky Way Galaxy Contains more than 100 billion stars Is one of the two largest among 40 galaxies in the Local Group Our Solar System is located.

  12. Formation of the Universe Big Bang Theory

    1. The Universe. 2. A. The Universe. Only one exists; Composed of space and 100 billion galaxies

  13. The origin and evolution of the universe

    Physics studied in the Earth and applied to the rest of the universe is Astrophysics. Albert Einstein discovered that the energy can be converted.

  14. PowerPoint Presentation

    The basic goal of this course is to elaborate on fundamental scientific ideas, with particular interest in astronomy and our solar system.