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PowerPoint vs Other Presentation Tools: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to creating impactful presentations, there are numerous tools available in the market. However, one of the most popular and widely used applications is Microsoft PowerPoint. While PowerPoint has been the go-to choice for many professionals and educators, it’s important to consider other presentation tools as well. In this article, we will compare PowerPoint with other presentation tools to help you decide which one is right for you.

PowerPoint: The Classic Choice

Microsoft PowerPoint has been around since 1987 and continues to dominate the presentation software market. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities that make it ideal for creating visually appealing slideshows. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can quickly learn how to use it effectively.

One of the key advantages of PowerPoint is its compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows and Mac. This means you can easily create presentations on one device and present them on another without any compatibility issues.

PowerPoint also provides a vast library of templates, themes, and design elements that allow users to create professional-looking presentations in no time. It offers a plethora of customization options, allowing you to tailor your slides according to your specific needs.

Prezi: The Dynamic Alternative

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that takes a different approach than traditional slide-based tools like PowerPoint. Instead of using slides, Prezi allows users to create dynamic presentations on a virtual canvas where they can zoom in and out and navigate through content freely.

This unique feature makes Prezi an excellent choice for storytelling or when you want to present information in a nonlinear format. It enables presenters to create engaging visuals that captivate their audience’s attention from start to finish.

Additionally, Prezi offers seamless collaboration features that allow multiple users to work on the same presentation simultaneously. This makes it an excellent choice for teams or individuals who need real-time collaboration capabilities.

Google Slides: The Collaborative Solution

Google Slides is a web-based presentation tool that is part of the Google Workspace suite. Similar to PowerPoint, it offers a range of features to create visually appealing presentations. Its intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools make it accessible to users of all skill levels.

One of the standout features of Google Slides is its collaborative capabilities. Multiple users can work on a presentation simultaneously, making it ideal for team projects or remote collaboration. It also allows for real-time commenting and editing, ensuring seamless communication among team members.

Another advantage of Google Slides is its integration with other Google Workspace apps such as Google Docs and Sheets. This integration allows users to import data directly from these apps, saving time and effort when creating presentations.

Keynote: The Mac-Friendly Option

If you are an Apple user, Keynote is the presentation software designed specifically for you. Keynote offers a sleek and modern interface with powerful tools that allow users to create stunning presentations effortlessly.

One of the key advantages of Keynote is its seamless integration with other Apple devices and software. You can easily create presentations on your Mac and present them using your iPhone or iPad without any compatibility issues.

Keynote also provides a wide selection of pre-designed templates that cater to various presentation styles. Additionally, it offers advanced animation and transition effects that can enhance the visual appeal of your slideshows.

Choosing the right presentation tool depends on your specific needs and preferences. PowerPoint remains a solid choice for its versatility, while Prezi offers a dynamic alternative for nonlinear storytelling. Google Slides excels in collaborative capabilities, especially for remote teams, while Keynote provides an excellent option for Apple users seeking seamless integration across devices.

Consider the features, ease-of-use, collaboration options, and platform compatibility when deciding which presentation tool suits you best. Ultimately, selecting the right tool will empower you to create impactful presentations that engage and impress your audience.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


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An impressive presentation "to persuade your audience"

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We don’t even let a minute pass from the committed time. If we have made a promise of delivering your work within the 48 hours then wait until your clock hit on the promised hour. Our expert presentation designers are not only efficient but, equally dedicated too.


Persuasive Presentations

If your presentation is not persuasive then you surely have missing the charm and purpose. Let’s fill this crucial gap together! Take our professional consultants on board and get a perfectly designed power point presentation. Make a remarkable yet striking impression among your audience just in one go.

Aesthetically Composed Presentations

Making professional presentation is not less than cracking a hard nut. Harmonizing a design aesthetically with content is not easy. One needs expert commands on writing and designing. Though, to serve you al with expert presentation writing services, we have hired experienced writers and creative designers. Together, our design crafters and writing experts can help you to turn your presentation into a lifetime productive opportunity.


Holistic Presentation Services

PPT.AE is a diverse platform where we welcome everyone warmly. Our presentation designing or writing services are not restricted to any particular sector. In our company, we have 50+ ppt experts and each member possess special commands on different niches. So, whether you are in need of business presentation, sales presentation, academic presentation or planning to pitch your startup idea among investors. Professionals of our company can turn all your opportunities into justified victory !

Build brand along with impressions!

We don’t jump on bandwagon instantly. At our website and within our company we follow an aligned step map. Our professional customer support team first work on making you satisfied; by giving an accurate idea of provided services. Instead of directly making any fake promises, we share the entire process that we follow religiously, to assist customers. This includes:

Data Collection

We would love to know your successful story with a thank you note. Take instant presentation help from our proficient presentation builders and feel free to thank us later!

Our presentation designs are known for their excellence and quality. Brands love us, our customers even more.

The Best Brand Awards

Ask us anything you want, whether you want to know about our services, the way we work, our packages or any other thing, we are available for you!

Layout, color, content, and execution; these are the factors that are counted most in the presentations. If you are pitching your thoughts with poor execution then you are definitely going to lose crucial points. Assuring all factors are meeting with quality in accurate manner is necessary. This is why, in our team we follow dividend rule. At our platform, each member of the team is responsible to give equal contribution.

When we take your project on board, all of our members join their heads together to make a flawless presentation. Our writers give contribution via patterning unique yet effective presentation content along with persuasive speaker notes. Meanwhile, design composers work on creating unique designs. In a nutshell, together with a team work, we provide exceptionally best presentation assistance to our customers.

If you are in search of a reliable yet affordable presentation designing and writing services in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, or anywhere in UAE then feel free to ping us through email or call. Our services are 24/7 open for our customers. So, let go hesitation and give us a quick call at any hour of the day or night.

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PowerPoint Presentation Design Services

High-quality, professional powerpoint presentation designs that work on any platform and can be customized to fit your needs. engage your audience and bring back that “wow” effect., play our showreel for a quick glance at what our powerpoint design services can do for you.

A vast majority, at least 90%, of corporate, marketing, and sales presentations are made using PowerPoint. If you want your presentation to be interactive, design it using PowerPoint. A professional business presentation designer offering PowerPoint design services always produces great slides that are easy to read and understand.

You will not find any cheesy clip art or animations here. All the presentations prepared by our team of presentation designers are professional and follow strict guidelines – an attractive layout is guaranteed!

A dedicated Presentation Design Team

A team passionate about delivering innovative, cutting-edge, and high-impact presentation designs. We are always expanding what’s possible with PowerPoint slide design, using creative animations and illustrations to tell stories in ways that other graphic design software can not match. All results bring in that WOW effect and engage your audience on a different level with an immersive visual story.


Trusted by big brands.

If you are looking for the most creative way to present and   establish a consistent look and feel for your conference/meeting presentations of all your speakers with a fastest on-time delivery, then you need to talk to Sami now!

Communications and Marketing Director , Canon Middle East

Head of Marketing , MBC Media Solutions

Sami is one of the most talented Power Point designers we have   worked with. He is creative, efficient and has great people skills   to boot. I would highly recommend his talent and professionalism.

Founder & CEO , Egg Events Agency

Sami revamped our corporate presentation and add his design touches and interactivity to slides to make your presentations more engaging. When it comes to presentation there are many companies, but Sami help us take it next level. The best part was that I could completely trust his work, design capabilities & professionalism to represent our company to our clients.

Marketing Manager , Osram

Your training was brilliant!! All of us have totally loved it and the team was very happy and excited to know the new functionalities and the tips and tricks. Very educational, interesting and your work is just amazing – the fact that you’re the designer and the teacher, provides a very personal and deeper understanding to the content. We are so glad and happy to have attended your training, thank you for sharing the knowledge and your insights.

Our team is very pumped up to take on PPT’s now.

Digital Asset Coordinator - Group Communications , DP WORLD

Lasting legacy

Content that matters, multi-lingual presentation done right, why choose our powerpoint design agency, multi-lingual.

Natively speaking Arabic, English and Russian.

Customized slides

Every slide is custom-designed to present your content in the best way possible.

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Great animations, always on-brand.

Get your presentation with a design that reflects your brand

Supports Legacy

Case studies.

Take a look at some of the projects that have been done for clients in various industries.

Become a presentologist in just 2 sessions.

Knowing how to build and edit presentations is a great skill. Especially if you got one of our presentations. Those skills will empower you to get the most out of the slides as well as edit them for future usage

Check what PowerPoint can do for you

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Winner of "best corporate presentation design agency uae 2022" wealth & finance international, award winning british presentation design agency in the uae.  unique. not boring..

The first PowerPoint presentation design agency in the UAE.

We help business executives and corporations fine-tune and optimise PowerPoint presentation slide design.

Specialising in bespoke, eye-catching presentations, tailor made for each client.

No boring bullet points. Unique and interesting ways to convey your message.

PresMonkey can upgrade existing presentations and build unique pitches from scratch.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure your timeline is met, delivering a presentation that captivates your audience.

We are the leaders in designing presentations for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Shareholders, Board Members & Directors. .

Global brands that trust us..

Dubai Media Office Zara Alshaya Dubai Holding Group Sitecore Piety Group Tribe Abu Dhabi Investment Women's Secret Sfera Stradivarius Investment Banking Wealth Asset Equity UAE

Presentation templates

We custom design templates with elements that work together (colors, fonts, logos, images) 

Presentation design

We communicate your ideas in an engaging way to leave a lasting impression for your audience

Investment pitch decks

We don't bore your clients.

We are experts in designing your pitch deck slides for a successful sale 


We are experts at making your data stand out in front of your competitors, clients, and audience

We cater for everyone

Sales presentations, pitch decks, corporate presentations, financial presentations, investment presentations, conference presentations, event presentations, product presentations, presentation revamp, touchscreen presentations, training presentations, technical presentations.

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

Slide transformations

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

Why  choose us


Over 15 years

Perfectionists ​

A team that cares


Transparent costs

Ahead of deadlines

24 hour turnaround

24/7 team ​

Team located globally

Industry experience

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Some client comments

I have been lucky enough to have worked with Jasmeen over the past decade. Her flair for making the ordinary look extraordinary and crisp is unparalleled.  She gets deep into her client’s business and  generates professional structure and content to enhance corporate messaging. We use her services extensively and will continue to do so.

Peter McCreanor, CEO, Tribe Infrastructure Group

Fantastic! It has been a pleasure to work with PresMonkey. They really got it right with the presentation template and slides. Once that was done, we asked them for a total rebrand of our business including the logo and website.

It’s their professional attitude, approachable manner and personal touch that are so refreshing.

Barry Taylor, CEO, Sports-Xchange

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

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Presentation Design Company Dubai

We Are Able To Manage Your Last Minute Requirement For Quality Powerpoint Presentations.

Looking for Powerpoint Presentation Design Company in Dubai?

Receive a presentation that supports your good ideas with visuals to match

Your presentations need to look the part. It cannot be a half-hearted presentation design services. If you are looking to pitch for an idea, your presentation is the first impression to your potential investors, clients or even same-company managers. We all know what happens when the first impressions fail. Avoid this risk by creating eye-popping, engaging and visually impressive presentations with the help of one of the best company powerpoint presentation design service.

What Does Your Powerpoint Presentation Say About Your Business?

Webdesign company CosmosAds

Attractive Presentation Design company in Dubai . Power point, Flash, 3D or Corporate Video presentations at affordable cost. powerpoint Presentation design services are much demanded in Dubai as many of us ask it for a spread of purposes. Innovative presentations is a powerful sales tool, good presentations communicate and speak to the clients about your company and products.

Cosmos Advertising - Dubai, can design quality Sales or Product Presentations with professional photography or videography, voice over, copy writing, creative typography, skilful layout. We are able to manage your last minute requirement for the board room or sales presentations.

Corporate Presentations

Simple and clear corporate presentations designs to make your audience understand and engage. Great presentations have the power to compress your thoughts into a clear visual flow that your audience can grasp and remember.


Products Presentations

We develop easy to understand Product presentations, We can design good slides which will be self explanatory, and deliver your idea clearly.

Product Presentation

Sales Presentations

The few minutes you get to close the sales deal is important, so your Sales presentations should be prompt and ‘to the point’. We prepare sales presentations that will help you to covey your message crystal clear.

Sales Presentation

3D Presentations

3D animations demonstrate the actual view of a product or area, which would otherwise be impossible. We can provide high quality rendered 3D walkthrough, 3D animation and 3D product demo.

3d Presentation

Video Presentations

We can prepare training videos, corporate videos, event videos, for social media, youtube or other commercial purposes.

Video Presentation

Report Presentations

We design report presentation with graphs and infographics, complicated details presented in an easy manner.

Report Presentation

Event Presentations

Impress your audience and get them engaged using good looking event power point presentation slides.

Event Presentation

Meeting Presentations

We can create beautiful board room presentation slides to increase user interaction, and to achieve best results.

Meeting Presentation

Marketing Presentations

A marketing presentation is visual documentation that details the proposed plans outlined in a marketing plan. A marketing presentation is a sales tool used to identify a plan to sell a product of service.

Marketing Presentation

Investment Pitches

Investors can often be your biggest mentors. The key to a successful pitch is to be brief while still telling an engaging story about your company using a good presentation tool.

investment pitches

Business Pitches

A pitch is essentially a Business plan that one presents to potential investors of a Business. We can help you to have a good business presentation.

Business Pitches

Budget Presentation

A budget presentation is the report of the budget to be used or has already been used by an entity for a particular period of time and the allocation of the budget, which will be divided to all the operational needs of an entity.

Budget Presentation

Whether from scratch, existing content or a brand

New template. you’re covered..

Fresh Start

Start From Scratch

Got a fresh idea or an outline or very basic slides with content? Craft your vision into a presentation that will help you maximize your first impression & delivery with brilliant visuals


Revamp & Slide Makeover


Customized Templates & Design

Inter active

Animated Slides

Language adaptation, we have designed presentations for.


Presentation Designs From Us.

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

You understand your business more than anybody else, keep the content but make it visually appealing and break down info to make it easy to digest. The business presentation design services delivered are focused on making it easier for you to present your brand to your audience, while also ascertaining that the slides are interesting, engaging and create brand loyalty.

migration chambers

Migration Chambers

Emirates Electrical Engineering Main

Emirates Electrical Engineering

Global Logistics Main

Global Logistics


Communicate through

Powerpoint presentations, presentation make over.


Do not Leave Your Presentation To Chance,We Can Do It Faster And Better.

We deliver spectacular solutions and high 3D rendering for walk thru, corporate videos, product or sales videos. We have a core multimedia team who can shoot, edit and convey the information in a structured and clear form, to suit the needs of the desired audience and their relevance.

Our team of professionally qualified video editors, experienced in creating corporate videos and presentations (PowerPoint, flash, 3D or video presentation) can develop elegant results.


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powerpoint presentation company in dubai

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Corporate presentations design services.

preparing corporate presentations

Unlike the old days, presentations today have evolved from the standard slideshow into immersive stories in multiple formats for you to choose from, including HTML 5, multimedia, video and Prezi presentations.

With over two decades of experience in digital marketing, we know that the proof of an idea is in the presentation. That is why Global Media Insight (GMI) is the leading producer of corporate presentations in the UAE for every kind of idea and business, big or small.

The key to a successful presentation lies not just in the information but the way you present it. Great presentations have the power to compress your thoughts into a clear visual flow that your audience can grasp and remember.

GMI’s specialists use the latest technology to create gripping presentations for leading businesses in the UAE, Middle East and India. We are experts at crafting layouts that incorporate your brand identity.

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

FAQs relating to corporate presentations which would help you

  • Q) What is a Corporate Presentation?
  • Q) What software/ program do you use for creating presentations?

Get noticed. Be remembered.

Benefits of a compelling corporate presentation.

Corporate presentations have a wide range of applications. They take different forms. In client meetings, they are called sales presentations, in board meetings, executive summary presentations and in workplace training sessions, they come as part of the in-house training materials… However, no matter what application, your presentation has to be impressive and effective.

Why should your presentation be compelling?

Being businesses themselves, your clients will be time-poor. They will have a whole lot of things to attend to at the same time while they listen to you; it could be important calls, emails, etc. So, your presentation has to be riveting to seal the deal.

Even if your offerings are worth a million dollars, a boring presentation may not help you drive home your message during the sales pitch. On the contrary, you can sell just about anything if you present it well.

Having a good presentation in hand makes you feel more confident in a meeting. Even if you fumble, your presentation will keep you going without a break.

powerpoint presentation -  illustration

Our Corporate Presentation Design Process

There is no one-size-fits-all design for corporate presentations. Every design has to be unique, in line with the brand identity of the company and has to be delivered before time. Therefore, we follow a simple 3-step design process for creating corporate presentations, which starts with:

Here, we discuss your requirements; learn about your content, objective, target audience and the venue of the presentation. We will also gather information about your company, marketing collaterals, logo, branding details, etc.

Here, we brainstorm about the best possible ways to present your message. Finalize the elements that need to be incorporated such as video, graphics, voiceovers, animation, etc. With appropriate visuals, we, then, create a storyboard for your presentation.

Here, we initially create a couple of mock designs for you to select and go with the one you choose. Keeping your feedback in mind, our design team will then use PowerPoint or the software of your choice to develop your presentation, which will be compatible with all leading devices.

The GMI Advantage

Drawing on our experience, the latest technology and design techniques, we create corporate presentations that truly engage, educate and persuade your audience into taking desired actions - whether they are your clients or employees. We can create corporate presentations for almost every business purpose - whether it is for crucial business meetings or corporate training programmes.

Why should you choose GMI for your Corporate Presentations?

  • 100s of businesses across the UAE trust us for preparing their corporate presentations
  • We’ve created 1000s of presentations since 2001 for our clients in different industries
  • We use multimedia content including animated graphics and signs, following the standard guidelines for fonts, colours, signs, and spacing.
  • We design presentations keeping your audience, venue and brand identity in mind
  • Our team of designers are well-versed in the latest presentation software such as Microsoft 365, Powerpoint, Prezi, Google Slides, Adobe Connect, and more.

Corporate Presentation Design Services We Offer

powerpoint presentation -  illustration

PowerPoint (Corporate/Personal)

Many tend to dismiss PowerPoint as boring. But as the world’s ruling presentation software, it dominates boardrooms and business gatherings. The reason is simple - in the right hands, Microsoft PowerPoint is a versatile, powerful tool that can be used to create stunning content. Whether you’re at seminars, webinars, sales presentations, training sessions, industry events, or internal meetings, nothing makes a professional impact like an expertly designed PowerPoint presentation.

HTML 5 & Multimedia Presentations

We create incredible online presentations using HTML5 technology and multimedia to deliver a rich experience that runs seamlessly across browsers and devices. Our expert team combines interactive features and audio-visual inputs to offer a vivid experience. Also, you don’t need to use a projector as these presentations can be viewed anytime, anywhere, on any device. Get a rich, portable presentation to spread your ideas on the go.

corporate presentations using multimedia

Video Presentations

Explain, teach, or pitch effortlessly. Video presentations are simply another way to tap into the visual part of our brains. Unlike formats that rely on 2D and 3D graphics, video presentations use visuals from reality to support ideas and information. It’s the perfect way to show your audience the difference your product can make to their lives. Show off your brand’s expertise with a simple and tight video presentation.

Prezi Presentations

Bored with slideshows? Break out of the bullet point mould. Express your thoughts in new and creative ways with Prezi presentations by our team of experts. Audiences love Prezi because it rejects the standard slide for motion, spatial and zoom effects that showcase data in unique ways. Web-based, cloud-based, and accessible from any device – turn your ideas into something out of the ordinary with a captivating Prezi presentation.

corporate prezi presentation

Presentations that are available at any time on any device to aid your audience’s recall.

Consistency, interaction.

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

Presentations are an excellent training tool. Through the concise delivery of content with the right mix of information, audio and visuals, it helps the audience retain key points about your brand. Presentations are a valuable asset in customer interactions as well because they’re an easy way to demonstrate your company’s products and knowledge.

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

Unlike display ads which have instantaneous and short-lived results, presentations can be used to reinforce a brand's message and identity consistently. It's why they are valuable tools both within and outside the organisation.

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

A Corporate Presentation is a communication tool that is used to promote a product, service or to simply convey an important message to a group.

We create presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint. Our team has years of experience creating presentations on the program - so we utilize its maximum potential to create stunning presentations for you.

As per our process, we generally enquire if the content is readily available. If you do not have readily prepared content, we will get your brief, your perception - then our copy team will work on it and develop content aligned to your perception. Moreover, we create perfect visuals that match your content.

Yes, we can. Our teams try their best to meet your deadlines by working overtime if needed. Our typical turnaround time is 24 hours for urgent deliveries. But it can further be reduced in case of tighter deadlines.

Definitely. We are experts in picking the right stock photographs to visualize your ideas in the best way. Also, we have a library of assets built over the years that will help us create a unique presentation for you.

Of course. We create presentations that can be accessed using all mobile devices. Furthermore, we provide additional instructions to help you access your presentation on a smartphone or tablet.

You can choose Prezi for your presentation over traditional programs as it offers dynamic functions, more creative options, and cloud storage. Our team has adequate experience using Prezi to create effective presentations, and we are capable of using its features in a relevant way to enhance your presentation.

At GMI, we offer more than just presentation services. We integrate a meaningful story and powerful design to help your audience connect more. Our company has been delivering custom presentations for over two decades, helping businesses and individuals to lead their niche.

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

Recent thoughts

Latest Expert Updates

Google analytics 4 vs universal analytics.

October has been a great month for those in the Analytics domain with Google finally unleashing the truly cross-platform & machine learning based Google Analytics 4(previously App+Web).

UAE Facebook User Statistics 2020

Did you know Facebook attracted 100 million new users in 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic? If at all the year 2020 offered something good to someone, it is certainly to the social media industry.

An Introduction to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google recently announced one of the major updates in its analytics domain which has been in beta for over a year Google Analytics 4(previously App+Web).

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powerpoint presentation company in dubai

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powerpoint presentation company in dubai

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powerpoint presentation company in dubai

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The right design tools to get your ideas across—loud and clear.

Our Design Services

All the design solutions you’ll need to stand out..

Presentation Design

Presentation Design

We transform and elevate your ideas to deliver your message with engaging slide design. Using interactive and customized features, animation, and on-brand elements we create attractive, professional presentations for all topics and industries.

Presentation Agency

Presentation Agency

Imagine having a whole team of presentation specialists by your side as they take over the design process, saving you time, money, and effort! Our presentation design agency service pushes forward your initiatives with innovative design solutions that influence stakeholders while your team focuses on more time-sensitive tasks.

Presentation Storytelling

Presentation Storytelling

For a memorable presentation, an engaging narrative makes it closer and more relatable to the audience. Our talented storytellers chronicle your business story and progress to inspire and persuade your audience.

Pitch Deck Design

Pitch Deck Design

Every million-dollar idea needs a winning pitch deck. Create a persuasive and powerful pitch deck that highlights the value of your idea, tells the story of your business, impresses investors, and builds up your exposure.

Presentation Templates

Presentation Templates

We create custom and user-friendly presentation templates that can save you time and money. Our templates are on-brand and adjustable for all occasions and topics with little effort, increasing employee productivity and well-being.

Video Production

Video Production

Our eye-catching motion graphics bring your ideas to life and spread your message. With captivating visuals, custom explainer videos, and more, you can increase your chances of closing deals and leaving an impression.

Information Design

Information Design

Give power to your data with an approachable and purposeful design. Instead of overwhelming your crowd with heavy data, our information design simplifies complex ideas to ensure that valuable facts are easily accessible.

Infographic Design

Infographic Design

Infographics share information in a meaningful and intentional way that can grab the attention of your target audience. Using infographics conveys your message clearly and creatively while promoting your brand as a credible source of information.

Book & Report Design

Book & Report Design

E-books, newsletters, annual reports, and more are all elevated through readable formatting and dynamic design. Designed with the reader in mind, our books and report design are created to grab the reader from the first page while maintaining the clarity of information.

Brochure Design

Brochure Design

Promote your business through tangible, effective brochures that deliver your message right into your audience’s hands. With well-designed brochures, you can stand out from the competition and highlight your company’s services and products.

Brand Development

Brand Development

Innovative and transformative branding that helps you stand out from the competition. Our branding solutions help you fulfill your promises as a company, create more invested employees, and increase customer loyalty.

Digital and Web Design

Digital and Web Design

Website design that reflects your brand’s identity with user-friendly and ROI-driven features. Our immersive website design is guided by UX/UI principles to attract consumers and establish a top-notch online presence.

Work that leaves an impact.

Join more than 200+ companies that rely on prezlab for better designs, got questions we’ve got you covered ., what types of design services does prezlab offer.

Prezlab is a presentation design agency, meaning that we specialize in all things related to presentation design. In addition, we also provide all sorts of design-related services such as motion graphics, web design, pitch deck design, infographics, and more.

How can your services help my company?

Our talented creative team can turn your vision into reality with innovative ideas and creative concepts. Great design is one of a company’s best assets for bringing in new customers or persuading stakeholders.

How can I get started?

You can reach out to our team right here to book a consultation and learn more about our services.

How much do your design services cost?

Once you book a consultation with our team, we can discuss the cost of your project depending on the size and level of design required.

My company follows unique brand guidelines; are Prezlab's services customizable to my company's needs?

Of course! Our designers are flexible and able to adapt to any brand guidelines that a company uses. Provide us with a brand book or design brief and we can develop ideas and work from there.

Where can I find examples of your previous work?

You can find a portfolio of our previous work right here .

UAE's Leading Presentation Designing Company

Essay Writing is a creative designing and writing company, having a professional team of talented writers and expert designers, with a proven track record and amazing culture. We started our successful journey as ...

Where everyone is in the race of reaching the end point, Essaywriting.ae is willing to keep you on-point. We always take thing sincerely, like the phrase ‘first impression is last’. This is why we have hired a separate team of who is expert in adjusting the visuals and content by keeping the principle of alignment and space in concentration. No matter if you are a business person or soon-to-be-graduate student. Our team could make highly impressive presentation for you. Be it about making your first impression last or lasting your impression in the first attempt, keeping you on-point is our job. You stay at peace!

Unlike other services, we are following the same pricing roadmap for this one too- affordable and light on pocket! Don’t worry, we won’t skip any of the step, from assorting content to collecting images, we will perform each one sincerely. Our only goal is to create your reputable image in your academic or either in your business world. Essaywriting.ae have expert storytellers knows how to visually narrate your objectives among your target audience. No matter if you need it at 11th hour or either standing at the verge of deadline. The professionals of our company are always ready to assist you.

Unbeatable Quality

We only select the expert writers and creative designers having expertise in the respective fields to provide the top-quality services coupled with the uniqueness and creativity. Thus, all the services we provide speak themselves in terms of perfectionism.

Bespoke Design

We are obliged to provide the best designing services by crafting the unique yet bespoke designs that perfectly fit the client’s requirements. We always make sure to select the perfect design for you considering the nature of your project, which makes us extraordinary in our designing services.


Whether it is just about the presentation or the website of your brand, our creative team will be working on improving the visuals to its best. We make sure to deliver eye-catching yet worthy and customer-friendly work by using the great illustration techniques.

From the very first step till getting the big picture right!

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Best PowerPoint Presentation Design Services In DUBAI

Your search for the custom powerpoint presentation designing services stops at essaywriting.ae. we will create a presentation, which will give great hype to your presentation and will make you star of the show.

Finally the Big Day is arriving for which you have been waiting for days…By now, you have by hearted all your speech, even its full stops and commas. You are overflowing with the confidence and you are completely ready to face the audiences and give them your wonderful presentation. Now, you have even started dreaming about the standing ovation which will you will receive from the audience at the end of your speech.

Great! But do you think only by your verbal presentation you can achieve this? Your speech might be enough for their ears, but don’t you think, there should be something that will give them visual treat too? What you need to captivate your audience is a powerful presentation, which will not only capture your audience full attention, but which will also support you throughout your presentation.

Designing an effective Power-Point presentation is not easy, as making an impactful presentation means incorporating all the significant elements of your speech with the graphics and design

Power Point Presentation is the extension of your Presentation

PowerPoint presentations give visuals of the description which you are presenting in front of your audience, it helps you to enhance your presentation. Presentation and speech both work hand in hand to satisfy the audience’s verbal and visual needs.

Essaywriting.ae, professional PowerPoint designing team will provide you its assistance in preparing such a PPT presentation that will make your audience clearly understand your points which you are trying to deliver them.

Avail our best Powerpoint Designing Services and let our Powerpoint Experts help you with your PPT Presentation.

When you are availing our custom presentation designing services, you will not only get the assistance of creative PowerPoint designers, but along them you will also be getting the services of our expert writers. PPT presentation is a mixture of both graphics and text, if you lack in one thing it clearly means that you have lost the effectiveness of Presentation. If you have already created your presentation, no problem, then you can also take our professional PowerPoint designing services, and allow our expert PowerPoint designers to make your given presentation more effective and of high-quality.

You are the in-charge of your Powerpoint Presentation.

Your desired presentation will be made according to your requirements only. It means our expert PPT designers and proficient writers will first understand all your requirements, and then they will create your presentation, which will not only be effective, but it will also fulfill all your requirements too. And you will also get regular updates of your ordered presentation, so that you can give your inputs too, wherever, you feel like giving. The presentations which we create are of high-quality and it is OUR GUARANTEE, our customers will not regret their decision of getting help from our professional PPT designing services.

Our Expert Presentation Designers can create any kind of Presentations

Our expert PPT designers have the capabilities of producing any kind of custom presentation, no matter if it is the easiest one, or the most difficult one, they can efficiently make a quality PowerPoint presentation for you. We, the professional PowerPoint designing team, can design any type of PowerPoint presentations, for instance, classroom or educational presentations, sales presentations, marketing presentations, investor presentation or business presentation, they can make excellent presentation for you.

Simply avail our professional PPT designing services and allow us to make your custom presentation. It is our promise that, our excellent graphic designers will take your presentation to another level.

I ordered my company’s logo from them. I was very satisfied and amazed by their creativity. Keep up the good work.

Muhammad Ibraheem

I would highly recommend them. The way they transformed our old look is mind blowing. It give a whole new life to our brand.

Hala Ahmed

I have been working with them since last few months and my products branding is taken to next level by their exceptional services.

Harfeena Mukhtiar

These guys are very creative and talented. I got my flyer designed from them.

Salma Abu Hameed

I wanted to get my presentation designed and I was very limited on budget so one of my friend suggested them. I was very satisfied by their excellent services and affordable prices.

Muhammad Hamed

I wanted to get my company’s profile done and I was very short on time I contacted them and they delivered their services on time and made sure I was satisfied with it.

Fatimah Hajjan

My experience with them had been fantastic. I would definitely recommend them for brochure designing services.

Saud Shams

This was my 5th logo order with them. They have always rendered their best service to me. You should give them a try!

Samuel Mike

Their designing team is very creative. I am very satisfied by all the services I took from them.

Esma Mustufa

Their logo and flyer services are highly professional. This is one of the best branding sites I have ever visited.

Joseph Bieber

I had no idea about how will my brand’s brochure will be. I came across them they did not only guided me about how it should be as per my brands theme but also made one of the best flyer.

Safia Fawad

I am very pleased by your services innovative ideas. Thank you team.

Maryam Abad

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Graphic Design Company in Dubai, UAE

Affordable Graphic Design Services

PowerPoint Presentation Design Agency

Looking for presentation design company or pitch decks.

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

Presentation Design Agency, Dubai, UAE

TwinBrothers  is a  Dubai based presentation design agency  made up of a team of design experts specializing in creating high-powered and eye-catching presentations that are assured to deliver results. The team is led by our in-house presentation designers with over a vast experience, using only the latest tech, and we are committed to transforming your concepts into action. We develop and design presentations for all types of businesses. Each project of presentation design carries its own set of trials, concepts, and solutions. We’re trying to create wonderful experiences for your target audience. Experiences that excite the audience, help promote interactions and ultimately making your investment worthwhile.

Claimed to be the best PowerPoint  presentation design company Dubai , TwinBrothers Design will create convincing PowerPoint presentations that captivate the audience. PowerPoint Presentation helps us to strengthen your message with animation, images, illustrations, tables, charts, movies, and elegant transitions. Pitch Decks can be used for corporate meetings, conferences, social gatherings, weddings, any place you may think of. Gone are the days of regular dull slides, our PowerPoint  designers  will add life to your desired presentations.

What We Do as Presentation Design Agency

  • Presentation Development

We deal closely with our clients to ensure that the brief is met to the highest expectations, to create the ideal template designed to be compliant with PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi apps. From unforgettable corporate meeting presentations to successful pitch decks, designers’ got you covered.

  • Solutions for a personalized presentation.

We realize that no two presentations are alike, so we closely work with you to ensure that your message is displayed properly. Our personalized power point presentation design services allow complete versatility, so if you simply want to add or edit a PowerPoint template, we can enable and customize it for you.

  • Interactive presentations

We conform to your budget and produce presentations that can be viewed from any portable computer or screen system of your choice, whether on a widescreen or a tablet. We are delighted with the ability to create engaging and aesthetically appealing presentations.

  • Presentation Revival

We agree that some of the presentations are just as fantastic as they are, but they can need a little tidy up here and there; a new font or logo to match the brand, for instance. So let’s refresh it a little while holding it close to the original and influential core message.

100Cherries Pitch deck Design

What's are Unique Selling Point?

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

Turnaround Time 2-4 Hours

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

Worldwide Developers

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

On Time Delivery

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

Unlimited Requests

What can i request.

  • Display ads
  • Print or digital brochures
  • T-Shirt graphics
  • Trade show marketing materials
  • Facbook ad graphics
  • Instagram graphics
  • Google display ads
  • Social media quotes
  • Packaging Design
  • Outdoor graphics
  • Web and App UI/UX
  • Event flyers
  • Email header graphics
  • Blog header graphics
  • “Hero” images for website
  • Basic photo edits & manipulation
  • Knocking out backgrounds
  • Ecommerce graphics
  • Logo Design
  • Presentation Design
  • Revising webpage mockup
  • Simple infographics
  • And many, many more types of requests

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to pay only if you are satisfied with the work.

Pay only if you like our work. We provide a free 7-days trial with no credit card information. We offer 5 designs free of cost, So you don't need to worry about your money to get wasted.

How Does it Work?

  • Fill out the Form.
  • Our Team representative will reach you.
  • Project Manager & Graphic Designer will be assigned to you.
  • All work briefs will be communicated through Emails.
  • For seamless communication, we will use Slack, Skype or Whatsapp as per client requirement.
  • NDA's could be signed between the client and 2B designs (If Needed).

What do you mean by Unlimited Graphic Design?

A dedicated Graphic Designer will be assigned as you signed for Twinbrothers design. All your design work will be given a turnaround time of around 4 to 5 hours max. A graphic designer is available for 8 hours a day. You can ask for as many designs as you want.

Who is the owner of the Source Files?

Source files are only owned by the Client. We can provide source files as per client requirements.

Why Our Clients Loves Us

powerpoint presentation company in dubai

I've had a great experience with Twinbrothers Design. The work they have done was fantastic and well exceeded my expectations. I'll definitely be renewing my subscription soon.

I own an insurance company Econosurance, My complete business is online. Twinbrothers helped me with all my design needs, including Web Design and Social Media Graphics. They are super active.


You are close enough to say Goodbye to your Design issues. FILL THE FORM FOR FREE 7 DAYS TRIAL



All your Graphic Needs can be full filled with just 1 Click away, still confuse avail our free trail


PowerPoint Presentation

UAE Flag


A touch of perfection that’s connects your audience successfully


The United Arab Emirates is the country that has remarkably proved itself among the best places around the world. Here people came for a different part of the world to explore new places, cultures, and especially to do jobs and businesses. Presentation design services are much demanded in UAE as many people ask it for a variety of purposes. Normally, there are classroom presentations, sales presentations, business plan presentation or for any organizational or national events, even for a presentation about Dubai.

We as a Ppt design company in Dubai serving the UAE market for 5 years. Our expert presentation designer UAE knows how to cater to the audience interest in your presentation. The designing team here knows every thick and thin to make a professional presentation. For instance, using features like, slide master, using key phrases, contrasting colors, and text with background, graphics, appropriate use of special effects, and much more. The number of Presentation design companies in UAE is increasing and we are one of the competitive presentation design agency among them.


There are several questions that customers ask when they are asking for our services. We have mentioned few questions here to solve those queries.

Do you create presentations on PowerPoint?

Yes, we have expert designers who know each and every technique to create amazing presentations.

Are you PowerPoint Presentation Design Company in Dubai?

Yes, we provide our services all over UAE but our main office is in Dubai. Our services are online and we communicate clients through email or Skype to understand their requirements.

Do you provide business presentation design services?

Our most of the presentation orders are for businesses and we have our own professionally designed templates that have already satisfied numerous clients.

Are your services for all cities of the UAE?

We have several clients base from Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Dubai, and Umm-ul-Qaiwain.

Can we talk to your PowerPoint design specialists?

Sure, almost every client discusses their problems with our designers. Our designers always welcome you to explain what you want for your presentation.


We at Ppt making services focus on quality and use powerful images. Our designers create slides that demonstrate the actual thought you want to present. We understand that the best presentation communicates well with clients. We do not believe in creating complicated presentations. Our aim is to add value to the slides through relevant content and meaningful images. PowerPoint design services in UAE that mark the difference.


Our strategy is different and we have a friendly work environment. However, we create online clients but we never let them down through poor services. We have hundreds of satisfied customers. Many companies opt for freelance PowerPoint designer Dubai but our prices are reasonable. Presentation designing company in UAE shows integrity in designs and offer affordable prices.


Many clients ask us, “Can you help with my presentation content, speech or pitch?” and our answer is always yes. Usually, we ask clients to provide content or points they want for their presentation. However, we help clients in everything they need to design the presentation.

There are many Presentation design agencies in UAE; we have many designers who are working since 7 to 8 years in this industry. We never risk on the quality of PowerPoint creation, we have stock of images that are professional and unique.

We create presentations that not repeat your words but reinforce them. There is not much content used in the slides, maximum 6-7 words or bullets point. The animations used are simplest not like disturbing or disturbed.

POWERPOINT DESIGN SERVICES IN UAE helping world’s brand in creating presentations

We are the growing PowerPoint presentation design agency in UAE. Our processes have taken a long time in being perfect. Our team always takes the feedback seriously. This is the reason we always ask our clients to leave feedback even a single word matters.

We are here 24/7 to solve your confusion. Contact the best PowerPoint presentation experts for your presentations. We guarantee the best support with quality work.


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    powerpoint presentation company in dubai

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    powerpoint presentation company in dubai

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    powerpoint presentation company in dubai

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    powerpoint presentation company in dubai


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