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What's a paraphrasing tool?

This AI-powered paraphraser lets you rewrite text in your own words. Use it to  paraphrase articles, essays, and other pieces of text. You can also use it to rephrase sentences and find synonyms for individual words. And the best part? It’s all 100% free!

What's paraphrasing

What's paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing involves expressing someone else’s ideas or thoughts in your own words while maintaining the original meaning. Paraphrasing tools can help you quickly reword text by replacing certain words with synonyms or restructuring sentences. They can also make your text more concise, clear, and suitable for a specific audience. Paraphrasing is an essential skill in academic writing and professional communication. 

online sentence paraphrasing tool

Why use this paraphrasing tool?

  • Save time: Gone are the days when you had to reword sentences yourself; now you can rewrite a text or a complete text with one click.
  •  Improve your writing: Your writing will always be clear and easy to understand. Automatically ensure consistent language throughout. 
  • Preserve original meaning: Paraphrase without fear of losing the point of your text.
  • No annoying ads: We care about the user experience, so we don’t run any ads.
  • Accurate: Reliable and grammatically correct paraphrasing.
  • No sign-up required: We don’t need your data for you to use our paraphrasing tool.
  • Super simple to use: A simple interface even your grandma could use.
  • It’s 100% free: No hidden costs, just unlimited use of a free paraphrasing tool.

Features of the paraphrasing tool

online sentence paraphrasing tool

Rephrase individual sentences

With the Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool, you can easily reformulate individual sentences.

  • Write varied headlines
  • Rephrase the subject line of an email
  • Create unique image captions

Paraphrase an whole text

Paraphrase a whole text

Our paraphraser can also help with longer passages (up to 125 words per input). Upload your document or copy your text into the input field.

With one click, you can reformulate the entire text.

online sentence paraphrasing tool

Find synonyms with ease

Simply click on any word to open the interactive thesaurus.

  • Choose from a list of suggested synonyms
  • Find the synonym with the most appropriate meaning
  • Replace the word with a single click

Paraphrase in two ways

Paraphrase in two ways

  • Standard: Offers a compromise between modifying and preserving the meaning of the original text
  • Fluency: Improves language and corrects grammatical mistakes.

Upload any document-to paraphrase tool

Upload different types of documents

Upload any Microsoft Word document, Google Doc, or PDF into the paraphrasing tool.

Download or copy your results

Download or copy your results

After you’re done, you can easily download or copy your text to use somewhere else.

Powered by AI

Powered by AI

The paraphrasing tool uses natural language processing to rewrite any text you give it. This way, you can paraphrase any text within seconds.

How does this paraphrasing tool work?

1. put your text into the paraphraser, 2. select your method of paraphrasing, 3. select the quantity of synonyms you want, 4. edit your text where needed, who can use this paraphrasing tool.


Paraphrasing tools can help students to understand texts and improve the quality of their writing. 


Create original lesson plans, presentations, or other educational materials.



Explain complex concepts or ideas to a wider audience. 



Quickly and easily rephrase text to avoid repetitive language.



By using a paraphrasing tool, you can quickly and easily rework existing content to create something new and unique.


Bloggers can rewrite existing content to make it their own.


Writers who need to rewrite content, such as adapting an article for a different context or writing content for a different audience.


A paraphrasing tool lets you quickly rewrite your original content for each medium, ensuring you reach the right audience on each platform.

The all-purpose paraphrasing tool

The Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool is the perfect assistant in a variety of contexts.



Writer’s block? Use our paraphraser to get some inspiration.


Professional communication

Produce creative headings for your blog posts or PowerPoint slides.


Academic writing

Paraphrase sources smoothly in your thesis or research paper.


Social media

Craft memorable captions and content for your social media posts.

Paraphrase text online, for free

The Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool lets you rewrite as many sentences as you want—for free.

Write with 100% confidence 👉

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Frequently asked questions

The act of putting someone else’s ideas or words into your own words is called paraphrasing, rephrasing, or rewording. Even though they are often used interchangeably, the terms can mean slightly different things:

Paraphrasing is restating someone else’s ideas or words in your own words while retaining their meaning. Paraphrasing changes sentence structure, word choice, and sentence length to convey the same meaning.

Rephrasing may involve more substantial changes to the original text, including changing the order of sentences or the overall structure of the text.

Rewording is changing individual words in a text without changing its meaning or structure, often using synonyms.

It can. One of the two methods of paraphrasing is called “Fluency.” This will improve the language and fix grammatical errors in the text you’re paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing and using a paraphrasing tool aren’t cheating. It’s a great tool for saving time and coming up with new ways to express yourself in writing.  However, always be sure to credit your sources. Avoid plagiarism.  

If you don’t properly cite text paraphrased from another source, you’re plagiarizing. If you use someone else’s text and paraphrase it, you need to credit the original source. You can do that by using citations. There are different styles, like APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. Find more information about citing sources here.

Paraphrasing without crediting the original author is a form of plagiarism , because you’re presenting someone else’s ideas as if they were your own.

However, paraphrasing is not plagiarism if you correctly cite the source . This means including an in-text citation and a full reference, formatted according to your required citation style .

As well as citing, make sure that any paraphrased text is completely rewritten in your own words.

Plagiarism means using someone else’s words or ideas and passing them off as your own. Paraphrasing means putting someone else’s ideas in your own words.

So when does paraphrasing count as plagiarism?

  • Paraphrasing is plagiarism if you don’t properly credit the original author.
  • Paraphrasing is plagiarism if your text is too close to the original wording (even if you cite the source). If you directly copy a sentence or phrase, you should quote it instead.
  • Paraphrasing  is not plagiarism if you put the author’s ideas completely in your own words and properly cite the source .

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online sentence paraphrasing tool

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Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphraser is the best AI paraphrasing tool that helps you accurately paraphrase sentences, paragraphs, and essays using state-of-the-art technology.

Features of Paraphraser

Paraphraser has many features that make its paraphrasing tool the best on the market, including rephrasing essays, writing effective content, and creating original copies with AI.

Paraphrase Like Human

Paraphraser has the art of human-level paraphrasing. The final rephrased output will be creative, more readable, sensible, and plagiarism free.

Cutting-edge AI Paraphrase Tool

Our free paraphrase tool is the most advanced AI rephraser based on NLP. Our paraphrase generator can rephrase sentences and complete articles in seconds.

Maintain Original Meaning

Unlike other online paraphrase tools, our AI-based sentence rephraser maintains the original meaning of the context while changing the sentence structure.

Why our Paraphrasing Tool is best?

Our paraphrasing tool uses advanced AI algorithms to accurately paraphrase text. AI-based text rephrasing was never possible before Paraphraser launched.

Some benefits are mentioned below that make Paraphraser the best:

Quality Content

Our rephrase tool generates more readable, engaging, and grammatically error-free content without ruining the quality of the content after paraphrasing. Hence, our rephraser helps to improve your writing skills and provides a different way to express ideas in your own words.

It replaces proper synonyms, rephrases like real humans, and paraphrases better than professional writers.

Plagiarism-free output

Our Paraphrasing tool helps you to  avoid duplication of content . is useful to increase productivity as it quickly and easily generates multiple versions of the same text.

As compared to other tools, Paraphraser provides the fastest results by keeping the best quality. It can provide large text results within a few seconds.

Easy to use

Sentence rephraser by Paraphraser is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Do you have any suggestions to improve our interface? Please let us know . 

We provide Fluency & Standard mode with 600 words limit free of cost. You can rephrase unlimited text without any daily limit. You can increase the word limit to 1500, by upgrading to pro .

Paraphrasing APIs

Colleges and universities can integrate our rephraser using our paraphrasing APIs .

Customer support

We take care of our users. In case you have any questions or need assistance, You can contact us via chat or open a ticket on our  support page . 

online sentence paraphrasing tool

How to paraphrase online?

To paraphrase online using our rewording tool, follow these simple steps:

  • Type the text in the input box or upload a file. 
  • Click on the submit button and let this paraphrasing tool do the rest of the work. 😊

Paraphrasing tool users

Our tool can be used in a number of ways, so it is up to you to decide how you want to use it. 

We are always here for any alterations or paraphrasing you may need. Our Paraphrasing tool is commonly used by the following people:

If you are a student and looking for an accurate and best solution for paraphrasing, we are here for you. 

Our online paraphrase generator gives different ideas for assignment writing and thesis writing. You can make your assignments plagiarism-free and more readable. Use our rephrasing tool, Get good grades, and Thank us later 😉.


If you are a teacher, we know your feelings. For a teacher, a paraphrasing tool is not less than a life-savour, as they have to prepare notes, reports, quizzes, and helpful study material on a regular basis.  

  • With our tool, teachers can create study notes that are easier to understand.
  • Our professional paraphrasing tool helps teachers save time by automatically rephrasing the text. 
  • Teachers can also use our rewording tool to create quiz questions that are more challenging and varied.

online sentence paraphrasing tool


By rephrasing technical terms researchers can avoid plagiarism and summarize key points in their research papers. You can paraphrase the main ideas of a source to better understand the information. 

A sentence changer can be helpful when writing a review or synthesis of the literature.


To make your copywriting more creative, our word rephraser is a very handy tool . 

Generating your content for advertising, public relations, and media is very easy using word changer, because the choice of the words matters. 

Using our tool, copywriters can 

Craft compelling and persuasive messages to sell products, services, or ideas.

Work with creative teams, including art directors and designers, to ensure that the writing is visually appealing and effective.

Create copy for a wide range of media, including print, digital, and social media.


Write more engaging and killer quality content using our free paraphrasing tool. Different word choices and sentence structures make blog content appealing to blog readers.

Every Blogger should use a rephrasing tool to

Avoid Plagiarism : Our free tool creates original content to avoid plagiarism by changing the words and sentences. 

Improve readability : make blog content readable for all types of users.

Save time : we can save your time and effort by automating the process of rephrasing. For large projects with tight deadlines, our paraphraser tool is super helpful. 

online sentence paraphrasing tool

Create best-performing content for your social media posts, emails, advertisements, and article submissions with our online paraphrase tool. 

Marketers can cut down the writing cost using our free tool.

Get Multiple versions of the content for A/B Testing, for example, email subject lines or social media posts, to test which ones are most effective.

Paraphrase text in a way that is easier to understand for their audience.


Display the best tag lines and descriptions for your website with our advanced paraphrase tool. Writing the best quality content attracts readers and is also good for SEO purposes. We had six different modes; you can choose the most suitable mode for your e-commerce, landing page or a saas website. helps you rephrase text easily and quickly

Our paraphrasing tool online lets you paraphrase text in one go. You can use this free tool to paraphrase your sentences, paragraphs, articles, and even long blogs with advanced AI technology. It further provides several useful features that help you customize the rephrased text to fit your content needs.

How Does This Paraphrasing Tool Work?

It is an AI-based paraphraser developed with state-of-the-art technology. It rewrites articles, rewords sentences, and paraphrases the text. It also works as a reworder and rewriter for lessness chances of plagiarism.

Paraphrase Anywhere

Our free paraphrasing tool can be used online across all devices, including Android & IOS.

Multiple Languages

online sentence paraphrasing tool


Some of The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a paraphrasing tool is illegal?

No, using a paraphrasing tool is not illegal if used correctly. In academic writing, if you use a word rephraser to create content then it must be correctly cited. Using paraphrased content as original work could be considered academic misconduct.

Can you get in trouble for using a paraphrasing tool?

Sentence rephraser developed using advanced AI algorithms to paraphrase content like a human. You can use our different modes to check which rephrase model is the best fit for you. Pro Tips: Cite the sources to avoid any trouble.

Is using a paraphrasing tool count as plagiarism?

No, Using a paraphrase online tool does not count as plagiarism. As mentioned above, our tool provides plagiarism-free content while keeping the original meaning of the context.   Our text paraphraser helps users to rephrase text and avoid plagiarism. The content generated by our tool is completely unique.

Can I use a paraphrasing tool for legal writing?

  • Check plagiarism: Double-check the rephrased text for plagiarism.
  • Cite Sources: Cite any sources used, even if you used a paraphraser tool to rephrase a text.

Plans & Pricing

Choose your plans. Get with awesome discounts.

Students Blog

online sentence paraphrasing tool

Types of Paraphrasing

There are several types of paraphrasing, including:   Direct paraphrasing Indirect paraphrasing Summary paraphrasing Transformation paraph...

online sentence paraphrasing tool

Is a Paraphraser Effective Against Plagiarism?

In a nutshell, the answer to this question is yes. Paraphrasers can be very effective against plagiarism. Obviously, we’re not going to leave i...

online sentence paraphrasing tool

5 Ways to Rewrite the Sentence Correctly

Rewriting sentences correctly is a useful skill for all writers. It allows them to restate the ideas of other people in their own wording, and it lets...

online sentence paraphrasing tool

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Paraphrasing tool

The paraphrasing tool (paraphraser) is a sentence changer generator that can rephrase sentences, paragraphs, articles, and essays.

This sentence rephraser helps students and writers to avoid plagiarism while writing blogs and research papers with state-of-the-art technology.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is expressing ideas and information in your own words and mentioning their source. ( By University of Nevada )

Why our paraphrasing tool?

Our paraphrasing tool helps to rewrite plagiarism-free content 😊. It can change sentence structure without changing the context of the topic.

Editpad's rewording tool is 100% free and easy to use. Our reworder helps you to reword assignments, sentences, paragraphs, and essays with one click.

How does Paraphrase Tool work?

The paraphraser provides a simple interface.

To use paraphrase tool, follow the below steps:

Type your text or upload file

Features of Paraphrasing Tool Free

Some of the features of this rephrase tool are:

Files Uploading

You can upload a file directly from your computer in the following formats:

You can also upload a file directly from Google Drive with just a single click.

Plagiarism-Free Content

The final output from our rephrasing tool would be completely plagiarism-free.

If not sure about plagiarism in text, you can check it on the  plagiarism checker .

Download Report

Our free rephrasing tool provides an option to download the final report in Docx and Txt format.

Free and Secure

The paraphrase generator is completely free and 100% safe to use for all kinds of rewriting purposes.

Accurate and reliable rephrasing of text

Our tool rephrase text accurately and keep the same meaning and context as the original text. 

4 Different paraphrasing modes:

To provide the best results, we have developed four different modes 😏 Smooth : It paraphrases text that flows well, is grammatically correct, and is easy to read. This type of paraphrasing is often used in academic or professional writing.  Best for students to make assignments and presentations.

🤠  Formal : Formal paraphrasing is complex and time-consuming because it requires a deep understanding of the original text, so we have developed a separate mode for it.

😎 Smart : This mode is highly accurate and reliable. It allows users to fine-tune the output. It rewrites text using advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques.

🧐 Improver : This mode will paraphrase and improve your content. Removes grammar mistakes, changes sentence structure and good word choice for better readability. Best for teachers to create study notes.

Easy-to-use interface

With our super easy-to-use interface, you can reword content within seconds. 

Uses of Online Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing content manually is not an easy task. It takes both time and effort to do this. Therefore, using the paraphrase online tool can save a lot of time and effort.

Other uses are:

  • It helps students to submit plagiarism-free assignments and academic work
  • Quickly paraphrase the content
  • It helps to learn new sentence structures
  • It reduces the chances of plagiarism in the paraphrased content
  • 100% free paraphrasing tool

Who uses Paraphrasing Tool?

This sentence rephraser is not the requirement of every writer but it is widely used by:

It is hard to come up with engaging content. This rewording tool helps to write articles on the same topic in unique ways. 

Editpad Online Paraphrase tool helps bloggers to rephrase text in a way that is more easily readable by a general audience.

Freelance Writers

Freelance writers have to write high-quality and original content now and then. It helps them complete content tasks.  Use sentence rephraser to save time in the writing process and spend more time on other important tasks such as research, editing and proofreading.

It allows students to paraphrase essays, assignments, and lengthy writing homework. Our tool helps students to avoid plagiarism and to improve their writing skills.

Using editpad paraphrasing tool students can express their ideas in a better writing style.

Pro tip: Do not forget to check assignments and papers for plagiarism . 


Researchers need paraphrasers to prevent plagiarism in their research work and to improve readability. They can also use our tool to quickly summarize large content to identify key points. just want to summarize your text? Try our text summarizer . 


Copywriters can use our rephrase tool to refresh old content and give it a new angle. Rephraser is super helpful when you have to write bulk content under tight deadlines. Present the same information in a new and unique way.

As a webmaster, you have to always keep content quality, SEO quality, and usability at best. And we are here for you to help.

  • Quality content : With a paraphrasing tool, webmasters can ensure that the content on their website is unique and free of plagiarism.
  • SEO : To optimize the website for different keywords, you can paraphrase online same text multiple times. 
  • User-friendly content : Make your content more readable and easily understandable for website users by rephrasing it. Our tool not only improves the content quality but also removes basic grammar errors. You can use Editpad's grammar checker tool to correct all grammatical mistakes.  

Digital Marketers  

Create your next best-quality Social Media Posts using our paraphraser. Digital marketers can generate different ideas for Email Campaigns and advertisements. 

Which is the most effective paraphrasing tool?

Rephrasing tool by Editpad is the most effective paraphrasing tool. It provides four different modes as per your need. Advanced algorithms, lightning-fast speed, and state-of-art technology make our tool the best of all. 

Is using a paraphrasing tool illegal?

Using a paraphrasing tool is not illegal. The outputs are unique and they are not an exact replication of the original content.

Can I use paraphrasing tool for legal writing?

Yes, you can use a paraphrasing tool for legal writing. However, if you want to quote someone or use someone else’s words, you have to give the proper citation.   

Does paraphrasing tool count as plagiarism?

No, using a paraphrasing tool does not count as committing plagiarism. Plagiarism means copying content directly whereas using a paraphrasing tool involves changing the wording.  

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Paraphrasing Tool: Free Sentence Rephraser

Rephrase by ProWritingAid is a free online paraphrasing tool. Find the perfect way to express your thoughts quickly without having to spend time wracking your brain for the right words.

Start typing or use

Keep Rephrasing

Get unlimited rephrases on a paid plan or 10 a day for free.

or select a sentence to rephrase

Why ProWritingAid Offers the Best Paraphrasing Tool Online

Rephrasing is where you take an idea and find fresh language to express it. Rephrase by ProWritingAid offers a variety of rewriting suggestions so you can choose the one that gets your idea across perfectly.

Multiple ways to rephrase

You can shorten or expand your sentence, make it more formal or informal, add sensory detail, or improve fluency.

Find the right words faster

You may not have all the right words, but the paraphrasing tool does, and it can find them in an instant. Just highlight, click, Rephrase.

Strengthen your sentence

The rewording tool suggests changes to the structure and vocabulary of your text without removing key information.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Amazon logo

How Does Our Paraphrasing Tool Work?

Rephrase by ProWritingAid uses an advanced algorithm to provide quality rephrasing. Instead of replacing words with synonyms, the tool uses a combination of reworked vocabulary, sentence structure, and syntax to create fresh, new content. For the best paraphrased text, follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Check your text for errors

Rephrase by ProWritingAid works best when your existing text is error-free. ProWritingAid’s Realtime report highlights grammar, style, and spelling issues, which you can review to see suggestions and explanations. Quickly correct your writing errors so your paraphrased text will be clear.

Step 2. Highlight any sentence

Highlight the sentence you want to rephrase in a stronger, clearer way. You can use our paraphrase generator ten times per day with a free plan or get unlimited rephrases with a paid plan.

Step 3. Select a rephrase style

The paraphrasing tool has seven ways to rephrase your writing. Our sentence changer allows you to expand your sentence or shorten it, make it more formal or informal, add vivid details to your writing, or increase the overall fluency of your text.

Step 4. Run Rephrase by ProWritingAid

You’ll receive multiple suggestions to choose from when you run Rephrase on your highlighted text. Browse through the options to find the perfect sentence. You can then accept one of the options or ignore the suggestions—or you can use them as inspiration for your own rewrites!

ProWritingAid grammar correction

Why Should I Use the Paraphrasing Tool?


Spark your imagination and find new ideas. Take one of our suggestions and make it your own to let your voice shine through.


Worried your English doesn't sound natural? Write in your native language and let Rephrase translate it quickly and clearly.


Great writing is specific. Get your meaning across clearly and use the most straightforward words to convey your ideas.

ProWritingAid's Rephrase tool is used by every type of writer

ProWritingAid Grammar Checker & Writing Coach is more accurate than any other grammar/writing tool I have used. I run two grammar/writing tools on my desktop and ProWritingAid is consistently the tool that provides the best edits.

Picture of ProWritingAid customer

Atlas Charles

ProWritingAid has been a godsend for me. I am currently rewriting all of my eleven books using this program. I can't believe what I missed the first time around. This is the next best thing after a human editor. I love it!

ProWritingAid customer

Andrew Swindells

I’ve tried every free and paid writing/editing/grammar extension out there, and this by far is the best one my team and I have found. It’s fast, accurate, and really helps improve your writing beyond simple grammar suggestions.


Joel Widmer

Who Can Benefit From ProWritingAid’s Paraphrasing Tool?

Anyone who wants help expressing their writing in a stronger and clearer way

Our free paraphrase tool can help you write logical, eloquent, and plagiarism-free assignments. Use Rephrase when you’re struggling to write a strong thesis statement, make your original ideas sound formal, or craft a poignant conclusion.


Combine information from multiple sources to add credibility to your work. Avoid slipping into informal language. Easily present complex ideas in a digestible manner, showing how much you understand your research—all while avoiding plagiarism.

Illustration of a person giving a star to a research paper

Creative Writers

Trying to add more vivid descriptions to your prose? Do your characters keep doing the same actions over and over? Use Rephrase like a great critique partner or line editor to improve your fiction or nonfiction writing.

Business Writers

Communication is crucial for any successful business. Spend more time thinking about what to say and less time about how to say it. Rephrase by ProWritingAid can help you write emails, presentations, reports, training documents, and so much more.

Teams Confirmation Email

Rephrase works where you do

Use our rewording tool to get writing suggestions across all the apps you use.

Paraphrasing Tool FAQs

1. is paraphrasing the same as rewording.

Paraphrasing is when you rewrite text in a different form while still retaining the meaning of the original text.

Rewording is switching out words with synonyms, whereas paraphrasing changes the structure. Rewording is not sufficient for academic purposes.

2. Is this a sentence rephraser or does it work on paragraphs too?

Rephrase by ProWritingAid works on individual sentences. When you run the tool, you will be presented with multiple rephrases to choose from so you can find the perfect words quickly and easily.

3. What does our tool offer that others, such as QuillBot's paraphrase, don’t?

Our rewording tool is built into an even more powerful editing tool that analyzes your writing and shows you how to improve it. With over 20 tailored reports, you'll get access to suggestions about grammar, sentence structure, readability, and much more.

4. Does this also check for plagiarism?

If you have purchased plagiarism checks, you can run your writing through the plagiarism checker. It will compare your writing to billions of existing works so you can be sure of its originality. You can also purchase plagiarism checks as necessary to use alongside Rephrase.

5. What's the difference between rephrase vs paraphrase?

Paraphrase and rephrase are often used interchangeably. They both involve rewriting a piece of text using different words. Our Rephrase tool takes your original text and suggests ways to reword and improve it.

6. Does ProWritingAid have a plagiarism checker?

Yes! ProWritingAid’s plagiarism checker will check your work against over a billion web-pages, published works, and academic papers, so you can be sure of its originality. Find out more about pricing for plagiarism checks here .

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Paraphrasing Tool

Enhance text clarity and understanding using an AI-driven paraphrasing tool. Perfect for students and professionals, this tool rewrites, edits, and adjusts tone for improved comprehension.

Rephrase sentences, paragraphs, essays, and articles effortlessly with our powerful paraphraser. Prevent plagiarism in blogs, research papers, and more using cutting-edge technology

It works effectively to rewrite the content in a way that removes plagiarism , maintains readability, and makes the content considerably more appealing.

Leverage any of its four paraphrasing modes to rewrite the content as required. It enables you to rewrite the content using the standard, fluency, creative, or smarter paraphrasing modes, each of which resonates with a distinct writing style.

Using groundbreaking AI technology , our paraphrasing tool lets you rewrite the content with the utmost accuracy. It neither changes the context nor compromises the content quality. No matter which type of content you are working on, you can run it through our paraphrasing tool and perfect it by all means.

The users including writers, bloggers, researchers, students, and any layperson can get the best out of our online plagiarism remover for free. It facilitates quick paraphrasing of 500 words in one attempt.


Use to rewrite your content in original and improved wording that stands out from the rest. Change the choice of words and the way words are combined to construct sentences, achieving uniqueness and creativity in writing. Rewrite your content to ensure that it is free from potential writing errors and perfectly crafted to meet the target audience's needs.

Remove the Plagiarism

Eliminate duplicate phrases, clauses, and sentences to make the content unique

Improve Content Quality

Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and diction errors to enhance the readability score

Modify Writing Style

Modify the choice of words to change the tone and rewrite the content in different writing styles, the best sentence rephraser, thoroughly analyzes the given content to understand the context and then rewrite it with an intention to:

User-friendly Interface

Anyone can easily find, access, and use this tool to paraphrase the content from a beginner to an expert.

Improved Functionality

This tool uses advanced AI algorithms to ensure that the content is paraphrased without errors and delays.

Error-Free Results

This paraphrasing tool skillfully rewrites the content as it works effectively in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

Multiple Rewriting Modes

Four different rewriting modes are available, which lets you change the tone and style of the writing without changing the context.

Multi Languages Support

There are 15 different languages available, any of which you can choose to rewrite the content as required.

Safety and Privacy

The content is paraphrased with absolute precision and automatically removed from the tool's database upon reloading.

Free Unlimited Access

Users worldwide can access and use this paraphrasing tool without any premium fee and limit.

Optimize the Content

Maintain readability, uniqueness, and creativity in content to make it search-engine-friendly.

How paraphrase online can enhance your writing?

Whoever creates content is well aware of the fact that uniqueness has great importance in writing. This is because duplicate content is not accepted anywhere. Even if a few phrases or sentences are similar to previously published content, it is considered plagiarism. To paraphrase online, you can easily remove plagiarism from the content.

Must be unique words

The content must be created using unique words, whether for the web or any academic assignment. Anyhow, it isn’t easy to write unique content. It is error-prone and time-consuming.

Readability and creativity

Take into account some more essential factors in writing: readability and creativity. The words you choose and how you combine them must be easy-to-read and creative enough to hook and engage the readers. Unfortunately, there can be various writing errors, such as misused and misspelled words in your writing. These writing issues can ruin your content quality, leaving no chance for a high ranking or score.

Unique and appealing

The students, researchers, and content writers can use an online paraphrasing tool to rewrite any content and make it 100% unique and appealing. The online rephrase tool uses advanced “artificial intelligence” algorithms to rewrite a piece of content to make it free from plagiarism and writing errors.

Multiple rewriting modes

For instance, you can use our word paraphraser then. It will take only a second to provide you with a unique and improved version of your content. There are multiple rewriting modes available, any of which you can leverage to change your content's writing style and make it much more captivating for the target audience.

How does our free paraphrasing tool work?

Our free online rephrasing tool is based on artificial intelligence algorithms that help in attaining uniqueness in less time with accuracy. is considered as an ai-based free rewording tool that makes content unique by replacing the words with synonyms while keeping the content quality high. contributed to the development of this great tool.

Who can provide excellent services ?

There are so many online paraphrase companies that offer help with many writing types of assignments and a host of others that it can be hard to know which to choose. documents, texts, articles - when it comes to paraphrase this, you need a professional such as we have that offers to refresh the given paper using a vast amount of experience in their fields of expertise.

Software and inexperienced writers will paraphrase text and swap individual terms for their synonyms. Not only is that likely to still be seen content piracy as the structure and order of wordings as are still the same but it will often not maintain the original meaning and will often use phrases that are out of context and will make the text meaningless as best.

Why should you consider ?

This paraphrasing tool provides various reasons and features by which we can easily differentiate this tool from any other online rephrase tool.

The reasons why you need to choose this sentence rephraser are listed below.

  • Search-engine optimized content
  • Provides good readability
  • Use proper synonyms
  • 100% duplication-free content

How to use Paraphrase Tool?

To use best paraphrasing tool follow the 4 simple steps given below:

  • You can choose from 15 different languages: en id da de es fr it pl pt ro sv vi cs ru th ja ko
  • Paste/write it into the text box or upload file in txt, doc, and docx format
  • Modes `Regular`, `Formal`, `Creative`, and `Academic` to modify concerning.
  • Click "Start Paraphrasing" button to rephrase and get an error-free, unique version of the content

How to create a PEEL Paragraph Writing Strategy?

What are the best examples of paraphrasing, how the future of writing depend on ai, 4 ways to make your blog more successful.


Toolsaday's Ultimate Paraphrasing Tool: The Ideal Writing Companion

Revolutionize your content with unparalleled text rephrasing.

Discover Toolsaday's Paraphrasing Tool, your go-to resource for all your text rephrasing demands. Our innovative AI-powered software is tailored to revolutionize your writing process, helping you generate fresh, engaging, and SEO-friendly content that truly stands out. With a user-friendly interface and unparalleled performance, Toolsaday's Paraphrasing Tool is the perfect partner for writers, students, professionals, and anyone striving to improve their content quality and SEO rankings.

Toolsaday Paraphrase Tool Poster

Achieve Remarkable Text Revisions with Our State-of-the-Art Paraphrasing Solution

Toolsaday brings you the Ultimate Paraphrasing Tool, designed to help writers, students, professionals, and content creators from all walks of life produce uniquely articulated, engaging, and effective content in a matter of minutes. Our advanced language processing algorithm ensures a seamless and natural rephrasing experience, allowing you to transform your original text into a captivating and polished piece without losing its essence or context. Say goodbye to plagiarism concerns, repetitive content, and awkward phrasing—Toolsaday's Paraphrasing Tool is here to elevate your writing game to new heights.

Advanced AI Technology

Our Paraphrasing Tool is built on cutting-edge AI technology that employs natural language processing algorithms to analyze your text and deliver paraphrased content that is both coherent and contextually accurate. This ensures that your rephrased text maintains its original meaning while adopting a fresh and engaging tone.

High-Quality, Plagiarism-Free Content

Toolsaday's Paraphrasing Tool understands the importance of originality in today's digital age. With our sophisticated algorithms, we guarantee plagiarism-free results that help you avoid copyright issues and maintain the credibility of your work.

Unlimited Paraphrasing

Toolsaday's Paraphrasing Tool is built to cater to all your paraphrasing needs without any limitations. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited paraphrasing without any restrictions on the number of words or the frequency of use.

Why Choose Toolsaday's Paraphrasing Tool?

In a world where content is king, Toolsaday's Paraphrasing Tool is the ultimate weapon in your writing arsenal. Whether you're a student looking to rephrase a research paper, a content creator working on blog posts, or a professional seeking to revamp your reports, our AI-powered Paraphrasing Tool can help you create fresh, engaging, and original content that stands out from the crowd.

Unlock the full potential of your writing with Toolsaday's Paraphrasing Tool – the ultimate AI-powered solution for all your text transformation needs. Give it a try today and experience the difference for yourself!

Fast and Efficient

Our Paraphrasing Tool is designed to deliver top-notch results in a matter of seconds. Simply input your text, hit the "Paraphrase" button, and watch as our AI engine works its magic, providing you with a completely rephrased version of your content in no time.

User-Friendly Interface

We believe that powerful tools should be easy to use. Our Paraphrasing Tool features a clean, intuitive interface that makes it a breeze for users of all skill levels to navigate and operate.

Multi-Lingual Support

With our AI-driven Paraphrasing Tool, language is no barrier. We offer support for multiple languages, allowing you to rephrase your content in your desired language with ease.

Supported Languages:

30 Modes of Paraphrasing

Toolsaday's Paraphrasing Tool goes above and beyond to cater to the diverse needs of our users. We understand that different writing styles and purposes require unique approaches to paraphrasing. That's why we've developed 30 distinct modes of paraphrasing, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your specific requirements. Explore our versatile selection and discover the mode that aligns with your content goals:

Changes the text while keeping its original meaning.

Corrects language mistakes and makes it easier to understand.

Rewrites text to sound more confident.

Use of colloquial language, contractions, and informal vocabulary, creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the writing.

Rewrites text in an easily understood way, making it suitable for most people.

Rewrites text in a way that is more smart and expert.

Provides the most creative and expressive rephrasing of the source material.

Effectively and succinctly expresses the meaning of a text.

Adds more details and information to further explain the text.

Rewrites text using a tone and style more appropriate for academic writing.


Writing style that evokes excitement, thrill, and a sense of adventure, using vivid descriptions and a fast pace.

The angry tone is characterized by strong, forceful language used to express feelings of frustration, annoyance, or outrage.

Evokes feelings and emotions in the reader through the use of language, description, and storytelling elements.


Evokes fear, suspense, and horror through the use of dark imagery, tense language, and unsettling descriptions.

Style of writing that uses wit, irony, and humor to entertain or amuse the reader.

Motivates and encourages the reader, using positive language, emotional appeals, and examples of success to evoke feelings of hope and inspiration.

The Mysterious tone creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and intrigue by using cryptic language, suspenseful events, and a sense of enigma.

The Nostalgic tone is a writing style characterized by a longing for or reminiscence of the past, often evoking feelings of sadness, fondness, or wistfulness.

Use of calm, serene, and tranquil language that conveys a sense of tranquility and stillness.

Personal tone refers to a writing style that is informal, conversational, and reflective of the author's own thoughts and feelings, often used in memoirs, personal essays, and blog posts.

Use of courteous, polite language and a considerate attitude towards the subject and the reader.

A romantic tone is characterized by expressions of affection, sentimentality, and a focus on emotions and personal relationships, often evoking feelings of love, passion, and intimacy.

Mood or emotion conveyed through writing that evokes feelings of melancholy, sorrow, or grief.

A serious tone is characterized by a sober, straightforward, and dignified manner, typically used in writing or speech to convey a weighty or important subject matter.

Use of dream-like or absurd elements, often used to create a sense of disorientation or to challenge the reader's sense of reality.


Style of writing that creates a feeling of uncertainty and tension, keeping the reader on edge and wondering what will happen next.

Conciseness and succinctness, using only the necessary words to convey information clearly and efficiently.

Clarity, brevity, and precision in language usage, avoiding unnecessary words or details to effectively convey a message in the most straightforward manner.


To-the-point tone is characterized by concise, straightforward language that gets straight to the point, without any fluff or extraneous information.

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Toolsaday is an incredibly powerful AI-based tool that can help you create marketing content of the highest quality and utmost appeal, allowing you to maximize your success in the competitive world of digital marketing.

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Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase online is a free online paraphrasing tool used to change words and rephrase sentences.

How to Use our Paraphrasing Tool?

It is very easy to paraphrase online with our paraphrasing tool. To rephrase, follow the steps below.

  • Type/paste the text into the input box or upload a file (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt) from local storage.
  • Select the required paraphrasing mode and click on the "Paraphrase" button.
  • The paraphrased text will be displayed on the right box. You can also change the modes for different outputs.
  • You can also copy and download the paraphrased text by clicking on the output buttons.

Free Paraphrasing Tool

Our paraphrasing tool (paraphraser) helps students, writers, and bloggers to avoid plagiarism. This rewording tool uses advanced AI algorithms to change sentence structure, synonymize the text and make other similar changes. 

This word changer has a built-in paraphrase generator that helps in rephrasing any paragraph accurately.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is one way to use a text in your own writing without directly quoting source material ( according to Purdue University ). It is the process of rewording and rearranging sentence structure while keeping the original meaning of the context.

Features of Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online offers numerous features such as paraphrasing essays, assignments, and rewording articles. Our paraphrase tool works as the best sentence rephraser and word changer.

Upload Files

You can use this feature to upload files directly from your device and skip the copy-paste or typing step. Our tool supports Doc, Docx, PDF & .txt file formats.

Free and Secure

Our word paraphraser is 100% free and completely secure to use for all kinds of rephrasing paragraphs and sentences to avoid plagiarism.

Rephrase Accurately

Our rephrase tool is based on advanced AI algorithms that can rephrase more accurately than humans and makes text grammatically correct and plagiarism free.

Ease to use

Paraphrase Online has a user-friendly interface and simple navigation that makes our paraphrase generator the most easy to use paraphrasing tool online.

Plagiarism Free Content

Content paraphrased by our sentence rephraser will be 100% plagiarism-free. Our paraphrasing tool helps you rephrase any text in seconds to avoid plagiarism issues.

Speed & Customization

Our paraphraser can rephrase any text within seconds and provides quick results. Paraphrase Online also allows you to customize the output to suit your needs, e.g: choosing the specific words to be replaced.

05 Different Paraphrasing Modes

Our paraphrasing tool offers five different paraphrasing modes/styles that you can choose from as per your need and requirement. Here is a brief profile of each mode:

Word Changer

The Word Changer mode is designed to replace the words in the text with suitable synonyms. This mode focuses on changing words and does not make other types of alterations.

Sentence Rephraser

The Sentence Rephraser mode is made to rephrase sentences as a whole by making changes to the words as well as the phrases.

The Academic mode of our paraphrasing tool makes your text more formal and suitable for academic uses.

The Creative mode makes smart and extensive changes to the text to make it look different from the original version. This mode is best for avoiding plagiarism, improving readability, and enhancing engagement.

The Shorten mode rephrases text while also making it shorter than the original input. This mode is best for creating a paraphrased + summarized output for your existing text.

Why Our Paraphrase Tool?

Our paraphrase tool is the best rewording tool that helps you to write content in your own words. This paraphrase generator changes words and phrases quickly and accurately.

Supported Languages

ES , ID , BR

Users of Paraphrase Online

This paraphraser is widely used by:

Students can use this paraphrasing tool to paraphrase their assignments and research papers. Our tool can help students:

Avoid plagiarism : It helps students to make their work plagiarism-free.

Make assignments more readable : Our tool also makes content more readable and free of grammar errors. And if English is not their first language then this tool is no less than a best friend.

  • Save time : Generate assignments and essays by quickly paraphrasing the existing content.

Creating class notes and study material on the same topic is a very tough task for teachers. Hey teachers! You can thank us for this awesome rewording tool. You can:

  • Paraphrase any notes within seconds while keeping its original meaning;
  • Make study notes easy to understand for your class students; 
  • Generate new assignment ideas by rephrasing the same topics.


Bloggers have to post on a regular basis, and mostly on similar topics. They can create unique content for their blogs without spending a lot of time by just rewording existing blogs.

SEO Specialists

SEO specialists can use our AI-based paraphrasing tool to create unique content for their websites. SEO experts must use our tool because:

  • The final result of our tool is also optimized for search engines; 
  • It adjusts multiple keywords by rephrasing text

Content Writers

Content writers play the most creative part in a website. Our rephrase tool helps them to come up with new ideas using existing content. Content writers can also use our paraphrase tool to rephrase their write-ups to avoid plagiarism.


Make your next advertising campaign line catchy and engaging using our paraphrasing tool. Create messages that will sell products, services, or ideas. Paraphrase Online makes your writing visually appealing and effective.

Media Marketers

Best marketing lines matter in digital marketing. Our paraphrase tool provides different versions of the same lines that can be used for A/B testing. Even a simple choice of different words can generate more leads.


Researchers can use our shorten mode to summarize and paraphrase their research papers. It makes it easy for them to change their literature reviews.

Business Professionals

Rewording emails, reports, or other business documents is very common for business professionals. Our reword tool could be very helpful in rewording texts for better clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using an online paraphrasing tool illegal.

No, using an online paraphrasing tool is not illegal. If you want to paraphrase someone else’s content, be sure to cite the source to avoid plagiarism.

Why is paraphrasing important?

Paraphrasing is important as it lets you avoid plagiarism and make your content more easily understandable. Paraphrasing is often done to improve clarity in a piece of text.

Which paraphrasing tool is best for university students?

The paraphrasing tool by Paraphrase Online is an excellent choice for university students. It is free and provides accurate results.

How can I use paraphrase tool for research paper?

You can easily use our paraphrase tool for improving the quality of your research papers and for getting new/better ideas for them. Using Paraphrase Online is easy and simple. You just have to enter your text, choose a mode, and then click on the button.

What are the benefits of paraphrasing in communication?

Paraphrasing can help make communication easier and more clear. You can paraphrase your mails and messages to make them more readable, natural, and better-flowing.

Paraphrasing in communication examples:

  • You can paraphrase your work emails to make sure that the recipient easily understands them.
  • You can paraphrase your letters and memos to make them clear and understandable for the office people.
  • You can also paraphrase simple text messages to avoid having to repeat or explain yourself afterward.

online sentence paraphrasing tool


Paraphrasing Tool

Rephrase your existing content and get your hands on 100% unique text with the assistance of our online paraphrasing tool.

  • Original Article
  • Rewritten Article

Select Word

Select a word to display available synonyms suggestions or revert back to original word.

More Than an Ordinary Paraphraser

Our free paraphrasing tool is offering advanced features which will help you to not only rephrase text but also make it plagiarism free. All of them are highlighted separately for your better understanding.

AI Paraphrasing

  • The paraphrasing algorithms are based on AI.
  • It provides context-based suggestions.
  • AI technology ensures creativity.
  • Better version of the text is generated within seconds.
  • Produces high-quality ready-to-publish content.

Spinning Modes

  • 3 different modes are available
  • These will change the synonyms
  • Creative spin: Medium Level
  • Turbo spin: Maximum word replacement
  • DIY mode: User's choice

Sentence Rephraser

  • Select any sentence from your text
  • Multiple options are provided to rephrase sentence

Choose the best wording according to your choice

Similarity Check

  • Based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Rates each synonym with similarity percentage
  • Choose the most relevant synonym
  • Freedom of swiping the desired synonym

Removes Plagiarism

  • Provides content with no traces of plagiarism.
  • Reframe sentences and words to avoid duplication.
  • Plagiarism detector will display text as 100% original.

How to Paraphrase Text Online?

Access paraphrasing tool, upload content, choose mode & language, click button, working and key features of online paraphrasing tool.

The professional paraphrasing tool free offered on RewriteGuru is based on AI technology. It provides you with high-level functionality due to its advanced features. So how does this paraphrase tool stand out from other sentence rephrasers available in the market? Let’s delve into it!

Paraphrasing Tool by RewriteGuru

As we know, copying the exact same words from another source will be considered plagiarism, and it must be avoided at any cost. This online word rephraser will allow you to get your hands on plagiarism-free text without hassle. Some of the top features you can enjoy with this rephrasing tool are as follows:

Convenient Interface

24/7 accessibility, multilingual support, grammar checking, copyright checking, built-in word counter, unlimited free paraphrasing.

Our online paraphrasing tool has a user-friendly interface that allows users to rephrase sentences and articles without seeking anyone’s assistance.

The users won’t have to face any restrictions with our sentence rephraser online. You can easily access this web-based paraphraser from your device at any time of the day.

The usability of this online sentence rephraser isn’t limited to paraphrasing the sentences of English content only, as it supports other languages as well. You can use this online word rephraser for paraphrasing text in different languages, including Spanish , French , Italian , and Russian .

Many people have concerns with online rephrasing tools that they leave grammatical mistakes while paraphrasing sentences, paragraphs, or any other uploaded text. You won’t face such a hassle on our platform, as our paraphrase tool also allows you to check grammar and rectify the mistakes existing in your content.

Paraphrasing is of no use until it ensures the removal of duplication from your uploaded content. The copyright checker feature of this rephrase tool gives you the freedom to check whether the paraphrased text matches your previous content or any other web content.

As a content writer or student, you might have faced the limitation on the number of words that must exist in the required content. The paraphrasing tool free on RewriteGuru has a built-in word counter that shows accurate results within no time.

As mentioned before, this online platform to rephrase sentences hasn’t imposed any kind of restriction on its users. It can be used as many times as you desire. Moreover, there are no charges associated with its usage, no matter how many articles you paraphrase with it.

Similarity check is an artificial intelligence-based feature, which is added to give the user a clear idea of which synonym is most suitable for replacing the original word. This similarity check function of rephrase tool compares each synonym separately with the original word and gives a relevancy percentage.

Reasons To Use Sentence Rephraser Online

Sentence dictionary.

Sentence rephraser mode enables newbies to create grammatically strong content like a pro! This mode provides you with the best suitable sentence choices. Its capability of working like a professional writer makes sentence rephraser a perfect mode. The uploaded text is scanned and rephrased with suitable replacements that uplift its readability and engagement. The final rephrase sentence generated by this mode will be enriched with a strong vocabulary that emphasizes elaborating the contextual meaning of the text.

Semantic Rephrasing

The AI-based sentence rephraser online modifies sentences with appropriate word replacements while keeping the text's actual meaning. You no longer need to bring structural changes to your content on your own. Paraphrase tool free rephrase the sentence in a way that modifies the sentence structure besides altering the word choice to make the uploaded text look fresh and unique.

Smarter Writing

This utility rephrase sentence online and enhances clarity in the content which provides you with a new version of your text in different styles. Any unnecessary and irrelevant text will be discarded to make the content clear and unambiguous. The rephrased text created by this tool will undoubtedly be magnetic and hold the power to engage targeted readers

Avoid Human Errors

Generate high-quality and flawless textual content with sentence rephraser online. The AI technology not only rephrases the sentence but also ensures the accuracy and preciseness of the text without neglecting a minor error that may get unnoticed by humans. The existence of errors can destroy all your efforts. With the help of the sentence rephrase mode of online paraphrasing tool, you can maintain your content quality and make it read-worthy.

The 4 R’s of Paraphrasing

Without knowing the actual meaning of the message being conveyed in an article, you cannot rephrase it in your own words. Therefore, the first R of paraphrasing represents reading. After reading and understanding the core elements of the content, you can move forward toward the next step.

Once you’ve finished reading the content thoroughly, you must have understood it completely. So now, you need to rephrase the sentences of the text in your own words. Restating or paraphrasing doesn’t mean just changing some terms with their synonyms. You can reframe sentences and explain the same content in a different way and with better vocabulary.

Your job isn’t completed after rephrasing the text, as rechecking is also a crucial aspect of paraphrasing sentences. As a human, you can miss out on several points in the paraphrased version of the original article. It’s your job to figure out the left-out points because it’s crucial to cover all aspects while rephrasing any content.

Paraphrasing someone’s content will help you publish duplication-free content, but you should still give credit to the actual author. It wouldn’t be necessary to credit yourself if you have paraphrased your own article. However, you must cite the source from where you have taken the idea to avoid any legal consequences.

Who Can Gain Benefit from Our Paraphrasing Tool?

Sometimes, webmasters have to upload text urgently on the site, but they face difficulty with the unavailability of the writer. This situation can be tackled with the help of an online paraphrasing tool. This word rephraser will help them generate new content from the already available text on any other source in a matter of seconds

The students have to prepare assignments on a daily basis, and it restricts them from focusing on preparing for quizzes and exams. The students can also generate their required text with the help of a sentence rephraser and save an ample amount of time.


The lives of freelance writers are too hectic, as they have to take care of several projects simultaneously. This worry of freelancers can be resolved with the help of the paraphrasing online utility available at RewriteGuru. Using this paraphrase tool, they can create engaging textual files from the already available files without getting detected by a plagiarism checker .


As a researcher, you must conduct both primary and secondary research. It’s obvious that you will have to create the analysis of primary research on your own. But for secondary research, you can take help from already published reports and make them go through a text paraphraser tool to create your own analysis instantaneously.

How to Define Paraphrasing?

Many confuse paraphrasing with changing some words with their synonyms or rearranging the sentences’ structures. However, the actual meaning of paraphrasing is to express any information in your own words while maintaining the original meaning of the source text. The detailed origin and history of paraphrasing can be read on Wikipedia. However, here is a simple example of this methodology.

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online sentence paraphrasing tool

Uses NLP (Natual language Processing) for rewriting

Rewrites the content without changing its context

Maintain the relativity with the original one

In this blog, we will delve into the challenges you might be suffering from as a freelance writer. Also, we're going to offer solutions that can help you overcome the issues arising in this field.

Select any sentence from your text.

Multiple options for a single sentence will be provided

Read more about this mode.

The significant increase in sub-prime mortgage defaults caused the bursting of a housing bubble.

Rewriting content is an easy way out to meet the need of content creation for websites. We are here with a standalone website of Article Rewriter Free to rewrite content on your behalf in an easy and speedy way.

Try it for free

Define your guidelines.

Sentence Changer

  • Paraphrase Generator
  • Sentence Checker
  • Sentence Corrector
  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Rewrite Sentences

online sentence paraphrasing tool

Online Sentence Changer to Make Your Paper 100% Accurate

Online sentence checker overview.

The popularity of using online sentence paraphraser software tools has got deeper traction in a wide range of writers, especially in the students, teachers, researchers, and other academicians. There are numerous reasons for this increased popularity of sentence rephraser free online tools such as accuracy, reliability, a wide range of features, functions, and capabilities. Let’s have an overview of a reword sentence generator and the top functions supported by a specialized sentence changer tool and the top questions to consider while checking your paper in this article.

online sentence paraphrasing tool

Errors to Fix with Online Sentence Changer Software

An online sentence structure corrector is a cloud-based web application to find and fix the mistakes in the sentences of your writing online. It is very specialized software, which is based on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine translation (MT), natural language processing (NLP), and others, which improve the quality of your writings tremendously. A professional-level online sentence changer improves the quality of your text by finding/fixing the following major mistakes in your paper: active and passive voice mistakes, sentence structure mistakes, prepositional phrases misuses, run-on sentences, word choice mistakes, verb-subject disagreements, comma splicing, spelling, grammatical, punctuation  errors, capitalization mistakes, shift in verb-tenses, apostrophe mistakes, sentence fragments, plagiarism issues, and more. 

Full Range of Top Functions of English Sentence Changer Online

Paraphrase sentence to avoid plagiarism.

The most important function of an online sentence checker is to rephrase sentence online to make your text 100% accurate and professional. Paraphrasing a sentence online has become a very easy, effective, and reliable activity with the help of online tools. You are not required to follow a large list of grammatical rules regarding paraphrasing English sentences. You just enter your sentences into the online tools to convert them into a new and unique piece of writing free from any plagiarism and other grammatical mistakes. This entire process takes just a few seconds to complete online at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Convert Passive Voice to Active

The misuses of active and passive voices in your writing are no more a big problem to detect and fix with the help of a powerful feature of online passive sentence changer tools. The modern passive to active voice converter tool offers the functionality to convert active to passive and passive to active sentences instantly with a higher level of accuracy and reliability. An online tool detects any misuses related to both active and passive voices and corrects them accordingly. If you want to convert from active to passive and passive to active, an online active voice changer does it for you perfectly.

Change Tenses in a Sentence

As you know, the tense-verb shifts in sentences, paragraphs, or in the entire article are one of the most critical problems in English writing. The use of tenses improperly is also one of the very common mistakes made by the writers, especially the students using English as a second language (ESL). An online passive voice checker can change the wrong use of tenses in sentences as well as to detect and correct different types of tense-verb shifts in paragraphs and in sentences to make your writing more accurate, properly toned, professional-looking. A wide range of additional features of a sentence changer to avoid plagiarism, grammatical mistakes, and the detection of tones of your text are also very important parts of the functional capability set of an online tool. These features help you make your writing free from other mistakes related to parts of speech, spellings, text tones, effectiveness, and many others.

Change Sentence Structure

The structure of a sentence is a very fundamental component of any professional-grade academic writing. If different parts of a sentence such as subject, verb, object, predicate, and connecting phrases are not properly placed and structured in line with the grammar rules and writing standards, the entire sentence will become very difficult to read and confusing to provide the core idea of the sentence. An online tool offers the function to detect such lengthy, unstructured, and confusing sentences and correct them in the light of modern writing principles and grammatical rules pertaining to the sentence structure so that your text becomes free from mistakes related to the sentence structures.

online sentence paraphrasing tool

Change Complex Sentence to Simple Sentence

Another important function of an online sentence changer is to make your paper or any other writing simpler, easy to understand, and more professional by converting the long and complex sentences into precise and simple sentences so that the reader can easily grasp the core idea of your writing and your writing may be able to leave a good impression on the minds of the audience. The simplification is done by modifying the word choices, voices, and the structure of the sentences with the help of modern algorithms used in the modern linguistic approaches and machine learning field. With the help of an online sentence checker, you can improve your writing from all aspects of writing in line with modern writing standards, linguistic guidelines, and grammar rules.

Change the Wording of My Sentence

The use of the most suitable words in a sentence is very tricky stuff for both students and novice writers. There are numerous words, which are very similar in meaning as well as the way they are used in the sentences. This situation makes the writers commit different types of writing mistakes related to the right choice of words. A specialized online sentence changer offers the functionality of changing the unmatching wording of the sentence to make the sentence look more professional and easier to produce the desired meaning of the sentence for the audience.

How to Rewrite My Sentence to Ensure My Writing Is Accurate and Plagiarism-Free?

Rewriting or paraphrasing is one of the most crucial processes commonly adopted by modern writers, especially those writers who deal with online or web-based content. Paraphrasing can be accomplished either manually or through an online software tool. Rewriting sentences manually and making them free from the plagiarized content and grammatical mistakes are governed by certain paraphrasing techniques and grammatical rules. You need to take care of a long list of those techniques and rules for paraphrasing your text manually. A few of those techniques extensively used for the manual paraphrasing of text are listed below: ✓ Revise sentence structure ✓ Use synonym words ✓ Use different words connecting two phrases ✓ Different definition structures must be used ✓ Attribution signals should always be relocated ✓ Change the forms of numbers, figures, percentiles, currencies, and other markers ✓ Replace the existing parts of speeches with the other parts of speeches properly ✓ No proper noun and citation should be altered at all ✓ And many grammatical and writing techniques The other way of rewriting the sentences free from any kinds of plagiarism and grammatical mistakes is the use of an online sentence checker tool. An online paraphrasing tool can make a wide range of copies of paraphrased content out of your original content instantly.

What Questions to Consider to Ensure Your Paper Is 100% Accurate While Using Sentence Rewriter?

There are numerous aspects to consider for making your paper 100% accurate while using a sentence rewriter. The tone, accuracy, effectiveness, objectivity, and paper format are a few very important ones. To achieve 100% accuracy of your paper, you need to ask a wide range of questions and get the right answers to those questions based on the content of your paper. A few of those very important questions that you need to consider for making your paper 100% accurate are listed below. ✓ Are the structures of sentences in my paper correct? ✓ Is my paper free from all comma splice and run-on sentences? ✓ Is my paper free from all grammatical mistakes? ✓ Is my paper free from any spelling issues? ✓ Are there any prepositional phrases and prepositional mistakes in my paper? ✓ Is my paper free from any kind of plagiarized content? ✓ Is my paper to the point and precise? ✓ Is the majority of the content written in active voice? ✓ Is the tone of the paper suitable for the audience? ✓ Are there any overuses of adverbs to make paper clumsy? ✓ Are squinting or ambiguous modifiers available in the paper? ✓ Is there any use of ambiguous pronouns in your paper? ✓ Is the choice of words in the entire paper accurate? ✓ Is my paper free from any kinds of tautologies? ✓ Is the format of my paper in line with the writing standards? Every paraphrased version or copy of your text is not only unique in terms of copyright infringement but also free from all other mistakes related to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Online paraphrasing is a very easy and so simple process. Take the following simple steps to get your text changed or paraphrased instantly. 1) Copy and paste the desired text into the widget or input text field of the tool 2) Click the paraphrase my text button to run the software 3) The text is changed instantly 4) Just save the copy of the text 5) You are done! 

If you are looking for a highly professional online sentence changer, take full advantage of our highly specialized sentence checker online for free now!

online sentence paraphrasing tool

Sentence Changer

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online sentence paraphrasing tool

Improve the Quality of Your Text with Powerful Sentence Changer

Sentence rephraser overview.

Sentence converter is a reliable sentences helper trusted by students, publishers, and top researchers. If you were to conduct a random street survey, you will find that most people learned basic grammar rules in school. Upon further inquiry, you will also likely discover that many have since forgotten much of what they learned. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional writer, it can be hard to determine where to insert a comma, apostrophe, or even whether using prepositions in your sentences is bad or not. And that’s where sentence converter comes in. This free online sentence formality converter helps you rewrite, rephrase, paraphrase, and reword sentences and paragraphs in your articles, essays, emails, and word documents without changing their meaning. Thanks to the hundreds of rarely used phrases and vocabulary contained in our tool, you can easily reword sentences in your work using the randomly suggested synonyms. On top of being a sentence paraphrasing tool, our sentence converter is also an excellent vocabulary improvement tool. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and neural network technologies to understand the context of your texts and discover better synonyms, ultimately giving you the most appropriate words to use.

online sentence paraphrasing tool

How to Ensure Your Writing Is 100% Plagiarism-Free with Sentence Changer

It’s every writer’s dream to create unique, high-quality content that builds their credibility and inspires action. Unfortunately, writing new texts from scratch can be challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with the topic. On the other hand, however, you can choose the easier way by rephrasing your already existing work. The only problem with the latter method is that you need to alter the words of the text, without significantly affecting its meaning. Which is a difficult art to master itself. By using our tool to paraphrase sentence online, you can create human-friendly, unique, and engaging content with minimal effort. Along with helping you spin content, a sentence converter can also help you develop additional content ideas by altering the sentence structure of already published articles on your site. At the end of it all, you’ll have 100% unique and valuable content for your readers.

Sentence Converter Capabilities

On top of being a sentence reworder, our tool performs other core functions to improve your writing, making it one of the most versatile grammar improvement tools of its kind in the market. Here are some of its supplemental capabilities.

online sentence paraphrasing tool

Complex Sentence to Simple Sentence Converter    

Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with using long and elaborate sentences in your texts, they can make it hard for your readers to understand what you’re trying to say. Still, complex sentences can potentially dilute your message, and in the worst-case scenario, leave your ideas hanging. Can your tool help reword my sentence? You may be wondering…Or better yet, can it help make my sentences better? The answer is yes. With the help of our sentence rewriter, however, you can easily and effectively change complex sentence to simple sentence without compromising the idea behind it.

Sentence Rephraser

“Rephrase my sentences” is one of the most commonly searched items on Google. And this is because writing high-quality essays take much more than having a good command of English. You also need to dedicate countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears editing your work. Worse still, hiring a professional editor doesn’t come cheap, which is why many students use online rewrite sentences generator/s like ours to resolve this problem. Our rephrasing sentences generator allows you to generate unique essays, thanks to its use of advanced AI, deep learning, and neural network technologies.

Sentence Formality Converter

When looking to make a first good impression on your readers, what you write isn’t the only primary factor to consider when writing your text. How you word your text is also equally important. With that said, choosing the right formality level can be challenging considering that formality is based on context and how well you know the reader. As such, you have to second-guess many things, including how the readers will interpret the tone of your message. Our comprehensive tool will help you find the appropriate context-based words to deliver your message as intended.

Sentence Structure Converter

Run-on sentences are some of the most commonly occurring grammar mistakes. It mainly entails incorporating two independent clauses in a sentence without separating them using a period, semicolon, or coordinating conjunction. Run-on sentences not only distort the sentence structures but also make them clumsy. Our professional sentence changer helps you to identify all the technical and structural errors in your sentences, and ultimately, offer suggestions on how to correct them.

Passive Voice Detector

When you include a passive voice in your sentences, it essentially means that the subject being acted upon, as opposed to doing the acting. Professional writers avoid using a passive voice because it overshadows the object, makes sentences needlessly longer, and makes it hard to understand the message. How to go from passive to active voice or how to change passive voice to active voice is not necessarily easy, especially if you are using manual proofreading. But with the help of our passive voice to active voice converter tool, you can easily identify and correct various passive voice variants. And the good thing about our passive voice changer is that it can be used by students to correct academic papers, entrepreneurs for official documents, job seekers for resumes, professional writers for their blogs, and teachers to improve their writing skills.

Sentence Tense Converter

Our sentence converter helps detect and correct the wrong use of present, past, and future tenses based on the context of your work. Along with that, it also helps identify wrong verb forms and improper verb form shifts, and recommends the appropriate changes. Our tool is AI-driven, which gives it the ability to create unique and complex sentences without altering the meaning behind the original sentences.

Why Our Tool is the #1 Sentence Converter on the Market?

Writing an article from scratch and manually editing it can be time-consuming. With our tool, however, you can significantly reduce the time spent writing and proofreading and focus on other important things.

Free to Use

Unlike most paid-for paraphrasing tools, our sentence converter is 100% free to use, plus you don’t need to create an account. Along with that, it is cloud-hosted, making it available anytime and from anywhere.

Huge library of words

Sentence converter contains a huge library of unique words and phrases, making it the go-to tool to create sophisticated but equally meaningful sentences.

Secure and Confidential

Our tool is designed with your security and utmost confidentiality in mind. Our servers are protected against attacks by powerful web application firewalls and all data transfers are secured using SSL encryption technology. You’ll also be happy to learn that we don’t use your content to train our AI models, and neither do we save it on our servers.

Available as a Browser Add-on

Our add-on is compatible with all browsers and it comes in handy in offering tips on how to improve your online texts such as e-mail, social media posts, and blog posts. To guarantee your privacy, our browser add-on doesn’t store your content.

Integrates with MS Office

Whether you’re working on an essay, dissertation, a book, or even a blog post, our tool will help you deliver error-free typed office documents.

online sentence paraphrasing tool

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use Sentence Rewriter

Using our free online sentence converter is an easy and straightforward process: 1) Start by visiting our site. 2) Next, type directly on the blank text editor or copy the typed text from a word processing program and paste it on the blank field. If you’re using the tool as an add-on, it will automatically identify mistakes in your sentences and offer the appropriate suggestions. 3) Press the convert/rephrase button, and the tool will automatically start converting your text. Our tool also works as a random and contextual sentence generator, passive checker, and sentence formality converter, so be sure to click the right command. 4) Once done checking your work, the tool will give suggestions depending on the command chosen. 5) Implement the suggestions you deem appropriate, copy and paste the text back to its original program.

Who Needs Sentence Rephraser?

Students As a student, your teachers and professors expect your essay papers to be coherent and free from any errors. But let’s be honest, no one, including native English students, is immune from making silly grammar mistakes. That’s why rewording your essays is absolutely critical in ensuring that they’re coherent and have a logical flow. Professional Writers In today’s world of “text speaks,” even a casually written 50-character thought needs to be clearly expressed, or otherwise, the idea may fail to achieve the intended impact if delivered messily. Unfortunately, even expert writers with decades of writing experience can occasionally get tripped up by the finer details of the Queen’s language. Worse still, publishing plagiarized has ruined the reputation of many professional writers, gotten some fired, and even made it extremely difficult to obtain another job. If you have to edit or reword sentences to avoid plagiarism in your work, our automated original sentence maker will ensure you’re putting out quality and 100% unique work for your readers. Authors Fictional and non-fictional authors are constantly editing novels and short stories. Whether you are a beginner or have many books under your belt, you need a self-editing tool like ours to give your stories more depth and improve their logical flow.

online sentence paraphrasing tool

If you are a student, professional writer, or author, try our effective sentence convertor today, and start seeing improvements in your texts!

online sentence paraphrasing tool

Sentence Converter

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New York Tech

New York Tech

Are Editpad’s AI Tools Useful for Editors to Write Newsletters?

Posted: November 28, 2023 | Last updated: November 28, 2023

Artificial Intelligence has streamlined the working of almost every field. Nowadays there are several tasks taken by AI-developed tools that were used to be done by human beings.

This advancement didn't leave the news publications and newsletter publishers alone. Nowadays several news publications are using AI tools to write newsletters, articles, etc.

“According to an online source, a well-known news publication; Reuters utilizes an AI-assisted tool called News Tracer to streamline its process.”

A news editor and publisher have to search for multiple tools to deal with the different aspects of writing in newsletters. 

To find a solution to these hassles we found an online platform offering almost every tool that is needed to write newsletters and other things. In this post, we’ll check how Editpad’s AI tools are useful for editors to write newsletters.

Editpad: A Brief Overview

Editpad is an AI writing assistant offering multiple tools to help in your writing job. All of its tools are supported with advanced AI algorithms to provide users with accurate outputs.

Editpad serves as a platform to provide all the needed tools for editors, bloggers, students, and other types of writers. Let’s discuss the most popular AI tools of Editpad:

How Different AI Tools of Editpad Useful for Editors to Write Newsletters

1. title generator.

Editpad’s Title Generator is an online tool that works to automatically create multiple unique and engaging titles. All a user has to do is input “ Topic or Main Keyword ” into the tools. The tool is efficient at providing users with twenty titles at a time relating to five different categories.

Is Title Generator Useful for Editors?

Below are some ways through which the tool can help Editors:

  • Save Time: They can utilize tools to immediately generate titles for their newsletters. In this way, the Editpad Title Generator can save their time.
  • Save Efforts: Every time the topic generator provides unique and engaging titles and saves a lot of Editor’s time.
  • Diversity of Titles: The title generator of Editpad can provide twenty titles at a time relating to four different categories. 

Practical Example:

We pasted the phrase “News article” as a main keyword into the tool. After running it we got multiple turtles of different categories. All of them were unique, engaging and keyword-oriented. Below we listed some of them.

Main Keyword:

“News article”

  • 15 Must-Follow News Reporters on Social Media
  • Exploring the Evolution of News Reporting
  • The Power of Investigative Journalism in Exposing Corruption

2. Readability Checker

The Readability Checker by Editpad tells about the complexity and simplicity of a given writing. The tool uses AI technology to check the readability and gives a specific score based on the easiness or hardness to understand it. 

This specific score is based on a well-known “Flesch-Kincaid test”. Moreover, the tool provides multiple other stats that can be useful to know the different aspects of writing.

How Editpad Readability Checker is Useful for News Editors to Write Newsletters?

To make the newsletter simple to understand, news editors can check its readability score with the use of the “ Readability Checker by Editpad ”. After knowing the readability of newsletters, they can optimize it later.

Editors can point out keyword stuffing in their writing with the help of the tool. For this, the tool gives a comprehensive report for keyword density in the given writing.

To check the functionality of the readability checker, we pasted a newsletter into the tool. We got a detailed report about the newsletter. As seen below:

3. Paraphrasing Tool

Editpad’s paraphrasing tool also known as a paraphraser functions to restate the original wording, phrases, and sentences, of a writing. The paraphrase tool offered by Editpad uses most advanced AI algorithms to understand the original context and restate it into a new form. However, it ensures that the actual meaning doesn’t change during the rephrasing.

How Editpad Paraphrasing Tool is Useful for News Editors?

There are multiple ways through which the Paraphrasing Tool of Editpad can help Editors to write newsletters:

  • The paraphraser by Editpad can simplify the complex terminology used in the newsletters and make it easily understandable for every type of reader.
  • Utilizing the paraphrase, editors can get rid of plagiarism and make their newsletters 100% unique.
  • Editors can make their newsletters engaging with the use of the rephrasing tool. The tool will do so, by variating sentence structures and usage of compelling words.

To check the capability of the Editpad’s Paraphraser, we passed some text of complicated terminology through the tool. We set the tool to “Reworder Mode” and ran it. It made several changes in our text and gave us a fresh and simple form output.

“Journalism is the practice of amassing, verifying, inscribing, and presenting news and information amassed through sundry sources. Journalists play a crucial role in society by providing the public with timely and precise information about current events, issues, and trends.”

“ News coverage is the hone of hoarding , confirming , recording , and showing news and data amassed through sundry sources. Writers play a significant part in society by giving open opportune and exact data approximately current occasions , issues, and patterns .”

4. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker by Editpad is an AI-powered tool that finds the plagiarism, and sources of non-quoted text pieces from writing. When content/writing is pasted into the tool, it matches it to all the published material on the internet. If the tool detects duplications or plagiarism, it underlines them and provides a comprehensive report that tells about the percentage of plagiarism and the uniqueness of the writing.

Additionally, the tool lists all the original sources of plagiarised text pieces.

How Plagiarism Detector of Editpad is Useful for Editors to Write Newsletters?

Like every writing, newsletters also don’t have space for any type of plagiarism. So, before finalizing their newsletter, editors should check them for plagiarism. 

But they can’t manually perform this step. In this scenario, news editors can use the Plagiarism Checker. It can accurately point out all types of plagiarism within a few seconds.

We copied some text from a news site and passed it through the tool. It immediately identified the text as copied and listed its original source.

5. AI Summarizer

Editpad AI Summarizer is a summary generator that uses AI technology to summarize or condense long texts, essays, articles, and newsletters in a single click. While summarizing a writing, it doesn’t change its original meaning.

To write summaries it analyses the given content, understands its context and picks all of its key details or points.

Is AI Summarizer of Editpad Useful for Editors to Write Newsletters?

Editors apply the AI summarizer to perform the below tasks during the writing of newsletters:

  • They can review large content pieces during their research before writing.
  • The tool can help to instantly write a clear and concise introduction and conclusion of their newsletter.
  • News editors can make their newsletters information-rich by eliminating wordy sentences with the summarizer.

For the sake of example, we summarized a sample text with the help of the tool.

Sample Text:

“The world is evolving rapidly with the advancements in the technology. Technology is changing the way we work, connect, communicate, and live. It is doing so, by the advent of the internet, artificial intelligence, etc. In a nutshell, it is redefining every boundary that is possible.”

Summarized Output:

“The world is evolving rapidly with the advancements in the technology.

6. AI Essay Writer

Editpad AI Essay Writer helps to write unique, engaging and well-researched essays. To generate essays, users needed to input the prompt only and click the “ Write My Essay ” button. The tool will use its AI algorithms to generate an essay that is tailored to the provided prompt, within a few seconds.

Furthermore, the tool provides an extra feature i.e. “ Add References ”. This feature of the tool provides some relevant references to the details of the generated essay.

How Editpad AI Essay Writer Can Prove Useful for Editors?

To write a newsletter editors have to research a lot to collect the relevant details about their subject matter. This research mostly consumes a lot of their time and effort as well. 

In this scenario, the essay generator can help them by generating relevant material in the form of an essay. 

All they have to do is to type a prompt and run the tool. It will collect details/material relevant to the given prompt within a short time.

Let’s suppose example, that you are an Editor and writing a newsletter on the following topic:

Topic: “ Earthwatch: Navigating Environmental Challenges”

The essay generator can provide you with material about the topic in the form of an essay. For this, you are required to type the topic into the tool and run it. We demonstrated this in below:

7. Grammar Checker

Editpad’s Grammar Checker is a free tool to identify different types of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors in writing. 

It is operated with the support of advanced AI applications to accurately identify all the mistakes. Additionally, the grammar checker gives the right suggestions for all pointed-out errors.

How Editpad Grammar Checker is Useful for Editors to Write Newsletters?

The Grammar Checker is useful for Editors in the following ways:

  • They can automatically identify grammatical and spelling issues from the newsletter.
  • The tool provides suggestions for every detected error to correct it.
  • The tool can enhance the credibility as well as readability of newsletters by making them error-free.

We checked the tool’s capability by passing a sample text through it. The tool underlines all the mistakes and errors in our writing:

Based on the above-discussed about Editpad’s AI tools, we can state that all of its tools are useful for Editors to write newsletters. Different tools serve different aspects of writing. An editor can streamline, accurate, and uplift the newsletter writing process with the help of these tools.

Artificial Intelligence has streamlined the working of almost every field. Nowadays there are several tasks taken by AI

Most Popular

19 hours ago

How Paraphrasing Helps Readers Understand Poetry

2 hours ago

That is The Difference Between Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Lesley J. Vos

In the realm of writing and content creation, two fundamental practices often come into play: summarizing and paraphrasing. While both are essential tools in the writer’s arsenal, they serve different purposes and exhibit distinct characteristics. This article aims to explore these differences, highlighting how each technique contributes uniquely to the handling of original content. We’ll delve into the nuances of each practice, discussing their advantages and ideal applications.

Defining Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Summarizing involves condensing content to its key points, often reducing the length of the original material significantly. A summarizer aims to distill the main ideas or themes of a text while omitting less critical details. The outcome is a concise, overarching representation of the source material, focusing on the essence rather than the specifics.

Paraphrasing, on the other hand, is the practice of restating or rewriting content while preserving the original meaning. It involves conveying the same information as the original text but using different words and sentence structures. The length of a paraphrased passage might be similar to or slightly shorter than the original, but the focus is on rephrasing while maintaining the original context and meaning.

Key Differences Between Summarizing and Paraphrasing

The primary difference between summarizing and paraphrasing lies in their intent and application. Summarizing is ideal for providing an overview or a general understanding of the material without delving into specifics. It’s commonly used in situations where the reader needs to grasp the main ideas quickly, such as in abstracts, executive summaries, or when reviewing large volumes of content.

Paraphrasing, in contrast, is used when the details of the original content are important, but there’s a need to avoid direct quotations. This practice is often employed in academic writing, content rewriting, and when trying to clarify or simplify complex material.

Variance in Length and Detail

Another key distinction is the length and level of detail involved. Summarizations are typically much shorter than the original content, focusing only on central themes or ideas. Paraphrasing, while it may reduce the length slightly, tends to retain more of the original detail and complexity.

Contrast in Originality and Representation

When summarizing, the writer’s input is more pronounced as they interpret and decide which elements are crucial to the overall understanding. In paraphrasing, the writer’s role is to represent someone else’s ideas or information accurately in a new form, requiring a close adherence to the original meaning.

The Role of Summarizing and Paraphrasing in Writing Practice

Summarizing is a valuable skill in condensing content to its main ideas, making it more accessible and digestible for the audience. It’s a practice that elevates the quality of content by stripping away non-essential information and presenting the core message in a clear, succinct manner.

Paraphrasing is essential in rewriting while ensuring the conveyance of the original intent and context. It’s a practice that allows writers to use someone else’s ideas without plagiarizing, offering a fresh representation of the original text.

Advantages of Each Practice

Summarizing offers several advantages:

  • It provides a clear and concise overview of lengthy content.
  • It helps readers quickly understand the main ideas without wading through extensive material.
  • It allows writers to distill complex information into more manageable forms.

Paraphrasing also presents numerous benefits:

  • It enables the reuse of content while avoiding plagiarism.
  • It assists in clarifying and simplifying complex or technical information.
  • It allows for the integration of various sources into a cohesive piece of writing.

Choosing Between Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Deciding whether to summarize or paraphrase depends on the writer’s goals and the needs of their audience. If the objective is to give an overview or present the crux of an argument, summarizing is the way to go. If the aim is to restate detailed information in a new way, paraphrasing is more suitable.

Understanding the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing is crucial for anyone engaged in writing or content creation. While both summarizers and paraphrasers engage in the practice of handling existing material, their approaches and outcomes differ significantly. Summarizing is about condensing and highlighting key points, whereas paraphrasing is about restating content in a new form while preserving the original meaning. Recognizing when to employ each technique can greatly enhance the effectiveness and clarity of one’s writing.

When should I use summarizing?

Summarizing should be used when you need to condense a large amount of content into a more manageable, concise form. It is particularly useful when you want to provide an overview or capture the essence of the material without delving into every detail. For instance, summarizing is ideal for creating abstracts for academic papers, synthesizing key points from lengthy articles, or presenting the main ideas of a complex topic to a general audience. It helps in situations where the primary goal is to convey the central theme or main points efficiently.

When should I use paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is best used when you need to restate information or ideas from a source in your own words while maintaining the original meaning. It’s particularly valuable in academic writing, research, and situations where it’s important to avoid plagiarism but still use information from existing sources. Paraphrasing is also useful when clarifying or reinterpreting complex text for a different audience, such as breaking down technical jargon into simpler language. It allows you to maintain the detail and nuance of the original content while presenting it in a fresh and unique manner.

What are the advantages of summarizing?

The advantages of summarizing include the ability to distill lengthy or complex material into a concise and digestible format. This makes the information more accessible and easier to understand for the audience. Summarizing helps in highlighting the most important aspects of a text, thus allowing readers to grasp the main points without needing to engage with the entire original material. It’s also a valuable tool in academic and professional settings for providing quick overviews or briefings of substantial content, facilitating better comprehension and time-efficient learning.

What are the advantages of paraphrasing?

The advantages of paraphrasing are numerous. Firstly, it allows you to use existing material without the risk of plagiarism, as you are essentially rewriting the content in your own words. Paraphrasing is also crucial for tailoring information to a different audience, especially in translating complex ideas into simpler terms. It aids in enhancing understanding and engagement with the material. Moreover, paraphrasing demonstrates your comprehension of the source material, as it requires a deep understanding to accurately convey the same message in a new form. It’s also beneficial in academic writing for supporting arguments or points with evidence from various sources while maintaining a cohesive and original voice.

Can summarizing and paraphrasing be used interchangeably?

While summarizing and paraphrasing both involve the reworking of original content, they cannot be used interchangeably due to their distinct purposes and outcomes. Summarizing is about extracting and presenting only the main ideas in a much-condensed form, often leaving out many details. Paraphrasing, on the other hand, involves rewording the entire content or a substantial part of it, focusing on altering the form but not the length or depth of detail. Choosing between the two depends on your specific goals: whether you aim to provide an overview (summarizing) or restate information while keeping the details intact (paraphrasing). Understanding the unique function and application of each method is key to effectively incorporating them into your writing or communication.

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    online sentence paraphrasing tool

  2. The 6 Best Online Paraphrasing Tools to Rewrite Text

    online sentence paraphrasing tool

  3. Best Free Online Paraphrasing Tool For Students In 2019

    online sentence paraphrasing tool

  4. How to Paraphrase a Sentence

    online sentence paraphrasing tool

  5. Best Free Online Paraphrasing Tool

    online sentence paraphrasing tool

  6. How to Paraphrase

    online sentence paraphrasing tool


  1. Best Paraphrasing Tools #viral #viralshorts #shorts


  3. Digital Accessibility Tool

  4. Turnitin AI Detection Tool 2023

  5. Best Paraphrasing Tools

  6. What is Paraphrasing? Paraphrasing tool for writing


  1. Paraphrasing Tool

    Our rewording tool is free and easy to use—with just the click of a button, the paraphrasing tool will rephrase your sentence, paragraph, essay, or article to your liking, with many options available to customize and perfect the reworded text. Millions are becoming better writers

  2. Free Paraphrasing Tool

    Quickly reword sentences for essays, emails, articles, and more with this free online paraphrasing tool. 0/500 characters Paraphrase it Try sample text Suggestions will appear below Explore Grammarly Rewrite Sentences in Seconds

  3. #1 Free Paraphrasing Tool

    Citation Tools AI Writing Knowledge Base Free Paraphrasing Tool Text Summarizer Summarize your paraphrased text AI Proofreader Fix your entire paper in minutes Plagiarism Checker Avoid accidental plagiarism Proofreading & Editing by professional proofreaders Avoid plagiarism in your paraphrased text Free assessment

  4. Paraphrasing Tool

    Paraphraser is the best AI paraphrasing tool that helps you accurately paraphrase sentences, paragraphs, and essays using state-of-the-art technology. Features of Paraphraser

  5. Free AI Paraphrasing Tool

    Paragraph Generator Get your writing process off to a great start by generating fully coherent, compelling paragraphs. Paragraph Rewriter Improve any paragraph's readability and rewrite it to make it sound more human-like with this powerful free tool. Rewording Tool Swiftly reword and rephrase sentences or paragraphs for posts, emails or articles.

  6. Paraphrasing Tool

    Our free AI-powered paraphrase generator works great as a sentence rephraser, word changer, and article rewriter. It doesn't alter the ideas in your writing but instead adds richness and freshness. Paraphrasing and the functions of a paraphrasing tool So what is paraphrasing?

  7. Paraphrasing Tool

    The paraphrasing tool (paraphraser) is a sentence changer generator that can rephrase sentences, paragraphs, articles, and essays. This sentence rephraser helps students and writers to avoid plagiarism while writing blogs and research papers with state-of-the-art technology. What is Paraphrasing?

  8. Paraphrasing Tool: Free Online Rewording Generator

    Rephrase by ProWritingAid is a free online paraphrasing tool. Find the perfect way to express your thoughts quickly without having to spend time wracking your brain for the right words. Start typing or use Sample Text Rephrase or select a sentence to rephrase Get Started — it's free Why ProWritingAid Offers the Best Paraphrasing Tool Online

  9. Paraphrasing Tool

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  10. Paraphrasing Tool, the best sentence rephraser, thoroughly analyzes the given content to understand the context and then rewrite it with an intention to: User-friendly Interface Anyone can easily find, access, and use this tool to paraphrase the content from a beginner to an expert. Improved Functionality

  11. Free Paraphrasing Tool

    Just enter your copy and instantly generate original, paraphrased text you can use for any platform online, anywhere. Tear down writer's block, and create copy that differentiates you while ensuring originality and consistency.

  12. Free Paraphrasing Tool

    upload Drive ADVERTISEMENT Paraphrase ADVERTISEMENT Table of Contents Paraphraser What is Paraphrasing? How to Paraphrase Online For Free? Why Should You Use Our AI Paraphraser? Key Features of Our Online Paraphrasing Tool Key Applications of Our Paraphrasing Tool Who can use our Paraphrase Tool? Frequently Asked Questions Is this tool helpful?

  13. Paraphrasing Tool

    Discover Toolsaday's Paraphrasing Tool, your go-to resource for all your text rephrasing demands. Our innovative AI-powered software is tailored to revolutionize your writing process, helping you generate fresh, engaging, and SEO-friendly content that truly stands out. With a user-friendly interface and unparalleled performance, Toolsaday's ...

  14. Paraphrase Online

    Paraphrase online is a free online paraphrasing tool used to change words and rephrase sentences. How to Use our Paraphrasing Tool? It is very easy to paraphrase online with our paraphrasing tool. To rephrase, follow the steps below. Type/paste the text into the input box or upload a file (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt) from local storage.

  15. Paraphrasing Tool

    < > More Than an Ordinary Paraphraser Our free paraphrasing tool is offering advanced features which will help you to not only rephrase text but also make it plagiarism free. All of them are highlighted separately for your better understanding. AI Paraphrasing The paraphrasing algorithms are based on AI. It provides context-based suggestions.

  16. Paraphrasing Tool

    SpinBot is an advanced, AI-powered paraphrasing tool that helps writers create unique and human-readable content. It uses powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure that your writing is influential and relevant to your topic. It is an entirely free online tool with no premium.

  17. Free AI Paragraph Rewriter

    Paraphrasing Tool. Quickly rephrase and reword any text for essays, articles, emails, and more. Rewording Tool. Swiftly reword and rephrase sentences or paragraphs for posts, emails or articles. Sentence Rewriter Tool. Enhance the quality and clarity of any sentence and improve its construction with this powerful free tool.

  18. Paraphrasing Tool

    Paraphrasing tool helps you rephrase paragraphs or entire documents while retaining the original meaning. It's a useful tool for writers, students, and anyone who wants to create original content. PRO AI Technology Creative Multi Mode Multi Language Click here

  19. Boost Your Content Output: 11 of the Best AI Rewriting Tools ...

    QuillBot is an AI paraphrasing tool, grammar checker, and summarizer. You can also use it to generate citations, check your content for plagiarism, and translate text into 23 languages. Note that paraphrasing isn't the same as rewriting. This practice involves rewording someone else's ideas without changing their meaning.

  20. Online Sentence Changer Makes Your Writing Professional

    Online paraphrasing is a very easy and so simple process. Take the following simple steps to get your text changed or paraphrased instantly. 1) Copy and paste the desired text into the widget or input text field of the tool. 2) Click the paraphrase my text button to run the software. 3) The text is changed instantly.

  21. Sentence Changer to Make Your Paper Plagiarism-Free

    By using our tool to paraphrase sentence online, you can create human-friendly, unique, and engaging content with minimal effort. Along with helping you spin content, a sentence converter can also help you develop additional content ideas by altering the sentence structure of already published articles on your site. At the end of it all, you ...

  22. Are Editpad's AI Tools Useful for Editors to Write Newsletters?

    Editpad's paraphrasing tool also known as a paraphraser functions to restate the original wording, phrases, and sentences, of a writing. The paraphrase tool offered by Editpad uses most advanced ...

  23. That is The Difference Between Summarizing and Paraphrasing

    It involves conveying the same information as the original text but using different words and sentence structures. The length of a paraphrased passage might be similar to or slightly shorter than the original, but the focus is on rephrasing while maintaining the original context and meaning. Key Differences Between Summarizing and Paraphrasing

  24. Free AI Sentence Rewriter Tool

    Paragraph Generator Get your writing process off to a great start by generating fully coherent, compelling paragraphs. Paragraph Rewriter Improve any paragraph's readability and rewrite it to make it sound more human-like with this powerful free tool. Paraphrasing Tool Quickly rephrase and reword any text for essays, articles, emails, and more.