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What’s the Best of the James Bond Movies? All 27 007 Films, Ranked

new 007 books

The James Bond movies have been a staple in the world of film since 1962. Actors who play Bond in those movies might even have a clearer path to A-list Hollywood longevity than one-off Oscar winners. Like Batman or Superman , James Bond is beloved — and who should pick up the keys to the agent’s Aston Martin in the next couple of James Bond Movies always sparks quite the debate. 

The distinguished group of actors who have played Bond so far include Sir Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. While No Time to Die (2021) seemingly marked the end of Craig’s 007 stint, the search for a new Bond is still very much underway.

new 007 books

Adapted from Ian Fleming’s book series, which debuted in 1953, the 27 James Bond movies available today really vary in terms of quality. So, we’re ranking all of the Bond films, from worst to best. And a gentle reminder: if your favorite doesn’t top our list, don’t be too shaken or stirred. 

26. The World is Not Enough (1999)

Although there are many reasons this Brosnan Bond film could be ranked the worst Bond film of all time, no one would be surprised if you placed 100% of the blame on Denise Richards, whose casting as nuclear physicist Christmas Jones comes off as an extremely poor man’s attempt at a Lara Croft character — Richards brought zero talent or training to the role. 

new 007 books

Other aspects of the movie seem just as hackneyed, including the great deal of tacked-on action sequences that feel more like filler in a film with such a thin plot. 

25. Die Another Day (2002)

If the casting of Richards jumped the shark in terms of having a believable Bond Girl, Die Another Day jumped the rest of the sharks in the tank. While Bond is known for having cool gadgets, the stuff on display here was over-the-top nonsense (ahem, the invisible car…). Not to mention, there are a ton of unnecessary action sequences that do little to advance the plot. 

new 007 books

Oh, and did we mention that Madonna plays a sword-fighting instructor? But Brosnan certainly shoulders a lot of the blame here, too. He seems to be playing a parody of James Bond, as if he lost interest in the role. The only positive? Halle Berry’s Bond Girl. Honestly, it’s no wonder this was Brosnan’s last Bond film. 

24. The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

new 007 books

Another Bond movie with a flying car that critics hate, The Man with the Golden Gun suffers from the same lack of direction as this list’s previous two entries. Director Guy Hamilton seems content to cover an uninspired plot with his best impression of a 1970s Michael Bay film — which doesn’t work for moviegoers in either millennium.

23. License to Kill (1989)

Benicio del Toro is the only big-name actor who seems properly casted here, and that includes Dalton’s turn as Bond. The film saw Dalton as a much darker, plodding version of the character, which didn’t fit his natural talents whatsoever.

new 007 books

Director John Glen, who had directed four Bond movies previously, seemed tired, too. To no one’s surprise, it was the last Bond movie with Glen in the director’s chair.

22. Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

new 007 books

Even the seminal Bond actor Sir Sean Connery is not exempt from making a bad Bond movie. Blame lies with the plot, though, which had all of the right elements — Vegas, baby, Vegas — but just never seemed to live up to its potential.

21. Moonraker (1979)

new 007 books

There’s a limit to the campy tech Bond should employ in each movie, and Moonraker finds that upper limit — and passes it. The results? Not great. Spaceships, skydiving and seafood all deserve their own stage, and when you try to cram them all into the same act, you end up with a three-ring circus.

20. Spectre (2015)

new 007 books

Daniel Craig is one of the more brooding Bonds, but creating an entire movie with this kind of pace can weigh it down. We need something else to counterbalance all that angst. In addition to the slow pacing, bad casting — and some phoned-in performances on top of that — really killed this movie before it even got going. 

19. Skyfall (2012)

Javier Bardem and Dame Judi Dench give great performances here, but the rest of the movie just doesn’t measure up — and that includes the script. Clearly, Bardem’s creativity as a performer, and Dench’s gravitas, can only do so much. 

new 007 books

Sure, the visual effects and action sequences were impressive in that big-budget production way; it was one of the top-performing Bond films of the Craig era; and it gave us Adele’s Oscar-winning “Skyfall” — but it just doesn’t stand up to repeat viewings. 

18. For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Like Batman movies , Bond movies oscillate between camp and drama-filled grit. For Your Eyes Only tried to move Bond back into serious fare after a few movies that focused on lighter, popcorn entertainment. But the switch may’ve happened a little too fast. 

new 007 books

Caroline Bouquet performs admirably as the Bond Girl with her own agenda, but the movie gets stretched in multiple directions at once, making it a forgettable experience overall.

17. Goldeneye (1995)

new 007 books

Despite being the source movie for the Nintendo 64 classic that introduced gamers — and a new generation — to James Bond in a huge way, the movie itself doesn’t rank up there with the best of Bond . Not even a wonderful turn from the criminally underused Famke Janssen ( X-Men ) can push this one higher up the list. 

16. A View to a Kill (1985)

new 007 books

Roger Moore himself has done interviews saying this was his least favorite Bond movie to make. Honestly, his age was showing, and the movie reduced the amount of action scenes because of it. However, what helps save this one are the incredible performances from Grace Jones and Christopher Walken as the dynamic villainous duo May Day and Zorin. 

15. No Time to Die (2021)

As the latest of the James Bond movies, No Time to Die has the most installments to learn from. Unfortunately, it seems like the filmmakers tried to stuff all of their learnings and ideas into a single movie, instead of whittling it down. 

new 007 books

The upsides are, undoubtedly, Ana de Armas, Lashana Lynch and Rami Malik. If the plot had been able to fill its entire runtime with just the moments these characters created, it might’ve ranked higher.

14. Octopussy (1983)

new 007 books

The only Bond movie named for a female character, Octopussy is often touted as Moore’s best. The movie boasts some of the series’ most iconic villains, Kamal Khan and General Orlov. And while the hamminess doesn’t translate well to modern audiences, this movie continues to be one of the greatest camp features of all time.

13. Live and Let Die (1973)

new 007 books

Notable for its Blaxploitation turn — although that turn might’ve dated the movie quite a bit for future audiences — Live and Let Die certainly featured one of the better Bond plots. However, its most memorable asset might be the theme song, which was penned by Paul McCartney.

12. Quantum of Solace (2008)

new 007 books

This Bond outing is cold-blooded and vengeful — a complete 180 degree turn from the kitsch of Roger Moore’s Octopussy , for example. Even though the campy fun is gone, his Bond seemed like a right fit for the time it came out. Not to mention, Craig is probably the best James Bond choice for a film that’s more of a character study — and, as always, Dench shines as M. 

11. Thunderball (1965)

new 007 books

Not considered one of Connery’s best turns, Thunderball is still a solid entry, even if it puts action sequences before a meaningful plot. Plus, when you consider that the film was shot in the mid-60s, those underwater sequences and cool gadgets kind of look all the more impressive.

10. The Living Daylights (1987)

new 007 books

Timothy Dalton’s 007 was a complete change from Moore’s Bond. Dalton’s take on the character very much made him into a lean, mean fighting machine. So, if you’re looking for a beer-and-brawler take on the James Bond movies, The Living Daylights is a good pick.

9. The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

new 007 books

Production, plot and casting all flowed together rather nicely in this Roger Moore outing. The Spy Who Loved Me saw Moore working with filmmaker Ken Adam and You Only Live Twice director Lewis Gilbert. The chemistry between these three behind the scenes is apparent throughout the movie, which balances all of the James Bond movies’ better signature traits. 

8. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

new 007 books

George Lazenby does a decent job here, but this is perhaps the one Bond film that feels less about the greatness of the beloved character and more about everything else. Right as the plot falters, the action picks up. Plus, Diana Ring plays one of the most commanding Bond Girls ever. 

7. Goldfinger (1964)

new 007 books

Goldfinger boasts one of the most memorable theme songs, villains, Bond Girls and tech in the whole series of James Bond movies. Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman) is a fan-favorite, unforgettable Bond Girl — and, perhaps, could only be matched by a prime Sean Connery.

6. From Russia with Love (1963)

new 007 books

This was the grittiest Bond that Sir Sean Connery ever played, and audiences absolutely loved it. The casting on the whole is some of the best in the series. Moreover, the gripping plot is widely considered among the best in spy movie history, period — not just in Bond history.

5. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

new 007 books

A criminally underrated entry in the series of James Bond movies, Tomorrow Never Dies features some of the best chemistry between a Bond and Bond Girl. That is, Michelle Yeoh, known for her incredible martial arts abilities, and the charming Pierce Brosnan make this movie a must-watch installment — and, by far, the best of the Brosnan era. 

4. You Only Live Twice (1967)

new 007 books

For starters, Little Nellie — a heavily armed autogyro — is one of the best gadgets a James Bond has ever wielded. Legendary set and production designer Ken Adam really outdid himself here. And when Blofield (Donald Pleasence) — the cat-holding criminal mastermind and Bond’s archenemy — steps out of the darkness? Well, he cements so much of what we love about the Bond movies and villains. 

3. Casino Royale (2006)

Heralded as a return to form for the series after the mixed Brosnan era, Casino Royale is considered one of the best James Bond movies of all time. Not to mention, it was a perfect debut for the more brooding Daniel Craig Bond. In fact, the film finally gives us a 007 who can match Judi Dench’s gravitas. 

new 007 books

Inspired in a way that fans hadn’t experienced since the first few Connery films, Casino Royale served as a reboot, resetting the franchise’s continuity to the start of Bond’s career as a 00. Plus, Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd is the perfect match for Craig’s Bond here. 

2. Never Say Never Again (1983)

new 007 books

Only one of two Bond movies not created by Eon, Never Say Never Again brings back Sir Sean Connery 12 years after he said he would no longer play 007. If you’re a real James Bond fan, the world may not be enough, but Connery’s return sure is.

1. Dr. No (1962)

new 007 books

Why did the James Bond movies see such success? Well, in large part because the first one was a total knockout. In fact, many of the series’ signature tropes and traits stem from the Dr. No debut. Sometimes, nothing beats the original. 

And We Just Have to Mention… Casino Royale (1967), Too

It’s hard to rank the 1967 Casino Royale alongside the other James Bond movies. It’s not a serious spy thriller and it’s not a campy movie — it’s a straight up parody of Bond and spy movies at large. Although it takes its name from the original Ian Flemming novel of the same name — upon which all the films are based, really, since that book was James Bond’s debut — it was very much a strange road to the screen for Casino Royale (1967) . 

new 007 books

So, how’d this all happen? Well, producer Charles K. Feldman acquired the film rights in 1960, hoping to get Casino Royale made by Eon Productions. But Feldman just couldn’t come to terms with the Eon producers, and that inspired him to use those film rights for the purposes of satire. Mainly, he didn’t feel able to compete with Eon, so a spoof was an easy way to separate Casino Royale from the pack. 

Released just two months before Eon’s fifth Bond outing ( You Only Live Twice ), Casino Royale was, shockingly, a box office success, grossing over $41.7 million worldwide. Critics panned it, though, noting just how sloppy and disorganized the movie felt. And while several people, including David Niven, play Bond here, we feel it’s at least worth mentioning on any roundup of James Bond movies. 


new 007 books

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Next James Bond novel revealed - pre-order A Spy Like Me now

The second entry in Kim Sherwood's trilogy will be available on bookshelves in April 2024.

Kim Sherwood

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Kim Sherwood has revealed that the second book in her James Bond trilogy will be titled A Spy Like Me.

The book – which is now available for pre-order – will follow on from last year's Double or Nothing , which introduced a new roster of 00 agents tasked with tracking down Bond after he goes missing.

And it looks like the sequel will be treading similar territory, with the synopsis posted by Sherwood reading: "An elite team of MI6 agents go undercover to unravel a smuggling network funding violent terror.

"Six days. Three agents. One chance to find James Bond."

Unfortunately for fans, there's still a while to wait before they can get their hands on the book – with hardback copies landing on shelves on 25th April 2024, priced at £16.99.

Sherwood previously teased a little about what fans can expect from the second novel during an exclusive interview with RadioTimes.com earlier this year.

"I guess I can say that people will get to revisit characters who hopefully they've grown to love from Double or Nothing," she said. "There'll also be some returning fan favourites and some new characters.

"But, tonally and structurally, it's quite different from Double or Nothing. The stories all flow together, although you can read them as standalone, but I was really interested in how Fleming in each of his books innovates in some way, he never does the same thing twice.

"So I've tried to be structurally and tonally a bit different. Tonally, I think it's darker. and structurally, I've tried something kind of new and hopefully exciting for the reader."

  • James Bond Double or Nothing author isn't eyeing movie adaptations
  • Double or Nothing author on writing a Bond novel without James Bond

She also revealed that she planned the novels as a trilogy from the very beginning and had already mapped out where things will end up after the final instalment.

"The first thing I wrote was actually the last scene of book three, so I kind of have a roadmap and I know where I'm heading," she said.

"But I think the more you write a book, the more it tells you what it wants to be. So I had the outline from the beginning, but then the ideas have evolved as I've been writing the series and my hope for it is that the stories flow together as a trilogy."

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james bond

A Journey Inside the Updated James Bond Novels

Book Bond has long been obscured by his cinematic doppelgänger. Now, thanks to savvy edits, readers can finally have a serious discussion about the complicated man on the page.

Headshot of Ryan Britt

So, in 2023, can we read Fleming’s James Bond novels for any reason other than historical curiosity? Are the books about anything other than a guy drinking martinis and being horrible? A closer and more nuanced look may surprise you.

On April 13, 2023, James Bond celebrates his 70th birthday: the first Ian Fleming 007 novel Casino Royale was published on this day in 1953. To commemorate the occasion, the Fleming estate is reissuing all fourteen Bond books—twelve novels and two short story collections—including some eyebrow-raising changes. As was widely reported in February 2023, by the Fleming estate itself in a concise statement and by several news outlets , many of the original books have been updated with changes that remove racially offensive words. Unlike the changes to Roald Dahl's books, these new editions of Ian Fleming’s Bond books will not contain any new lines, and in some of the novels, like Casino Royale , no changes will be made at all. In the case of the most egregiously racist book, Live and Let Die , the n-word has been omitted. While this could scan as an attempt to sanitize the Fleming books, the history of these changes is far more interesting than a literary estate performing some politically convenient self-censorship—and the result could be utterly transformative to the accessibility of the literary James Bond.

In Live and Let Die , Bond heads to Harlem on a mission. In the first British edition of the novel, CIA agent Felix Leiter uses the n-word to describe the atmosphere of a specific club, which also serves as part of the title for Chapter Five. The word is horrible in any book, but, in this context, Fleming, a British guy who knew nothing about Americans in general and even less about African Americans, was clumsily attempting to reference a 1926 Carl Van Vechten novel about the Harlem Renaissance. Leiter doesn’t use the word to insult the club, and at no point in the novel is James Bond found calling anyone the n-word, nor does he treat people of color the way his cinematic equivalent Sean Connery does in the 1962 film Dr. No .

But this is not to say that the Bond of the novels is a racial progressive. In Live and Let Die , Fleming—an upper-crust British elite—imbues his white savior characters (including Bond) with a sense of racism by default. Even if Bond and Leiter are not bad people, their racism emerges from the ingrained white supremacy of a white author who, it should be noted, wrote his novels in Jamaica while the island was still a British colony. Live and Let Die was the second Bond book Fleming wrote, and a direct sequel to Casino Royale . The overall plot is much less interesting than its predecessor, making it a very rough place to start if you’re looking for redeemable qualities in the Bond novels.

fleming in jamaica

And yet, although the literary character of James Bond is a racist by default—by merely existing as a white man in a white supremacist power structure in the 1950s—if you read the Fleming books, it’s very hard to describe him as a bigot . In fact, just the opposite. In Diamonds Are Forever , Fleming gives us the line: “Bond had a natural affection for coloured people,” which, as journalist Matthew Parker points out in his 2016 Fleming biography Goldeneye, is obviously “patronizing.” But Parker also observes that Fleming has some “good intentions,” and that in Live and Let Die , Bond’s ebullient love of Harlem was a radical concept for a white English writer of Fleming’s time. Live and Let Die was published in 1954 in the UK and the United States, roughly a decade before the Civil Rights Act began the painful process of dismantling segregation. So, putting a white English secret agent in Harlem is a double-edged sword; it’s progressive for the time, but also extremely racist because of when it was written. As Parker writes: “[Bond’s] affection is genuine, then, but based on what we would now see as racist clichés.”

So does the removal of the n-word from Live and Let Die make the book less racist? Probably not, but, arguably, it makes the book more readable today. And it should be noted that the removal of the n-word from this novel has already happened, way back in 1954; for American readers, it was an edit they likely never noticed. While one can’t imagine a world in which someone like Ernest Hemingway would have agreed for his racial slurs to be censored, Ian Fleming gladly accepted changes made by his then-American publisher, Al Hart of Macmillan. Essentially, Hart felt that the use of the n-word in the novel was egregious and should be changed. Hart also cut a line where Leiter casually refers to New York as “the jungle.” When Live and Let Die was first published in America, racial slurs had already largely been eliminated from Fleming’s original text. According to several sources, including Andrew Lycett’s 1995 biography Ian Fleming , it appears that Fleming had no problems with Hart’s changes to his books, and generally deferred to his American editors.

In their 2023 statement, the Fleming estate vowed to retain the changes made to the American Live and Let Die in 1954. So unlike his real-life friend Roald Dahl (who wrote the screenplay for You Only Live Twice ), Ian Fleming is almost certainly not rolling over in his grave, despite what conservatives might say.

Enjoying James Bond while acknowledging the historical context of the stories is something 007 fans grapple with all the time. In 2021, Jeffrey Wright, who played Felix Leiter in three Bond films, told me , “I love James Bond, but I always had a very healthy skepticism of British colonialism and imperialism. If you think about these things critically, you understand the limitations of what that perspective is. I think I was able to do that as a kid.”

While Wright was mostly referencing the perception of the 007 cinematic universe and its own mixed legacy, this thinking applies to the novels, too. In fact, the push from the Fleming estate to reissue the Bond novels with changes suggested by sensitivity readers is smart for two reasons. For one thing, they’ve done it once before, in 1955. But back then, the Bond of the books didn’t have to contend with his cinematic doppelgänger. This leads us to the second reason this move makes sense: the changes allow readers who have never met Book Bond to see him as a separate entity from the on-screen character.

In Fleming’s novels, new readers will find a man who is much more complex than in the movies. This dichotomy leads to the second major discussion around James Bond novels in general: why try to erase racism if you’re not going to eliminate sexism? In an article for Time , author Clementine Ford pointed out, “One has to ask why sexism and the dehumanization of women is not considered anathema to Bond’s appeal, but central to it.”

This idea suggests an intellectual slam dunk: the Fleming estate can make Bond seem less racist, but they can’t (or won’t) change his misogynistic ways. However, this argument rests on the notion that the character of James Bond in the novels is truly misogynistic, a man who abuses women and routinely rapes them. The thing is, for those who read these books with a close eye, that description sounds closer to Movie Bond than Book Bond.

“A lot of the particularly problematic elements, particularly of the Connery films, they’re just not there in the books,” David Lowbridge-Ellis tells Esquire. Lowbridge-Ellis, a leading Bond scholar, runs the blog License to Queer , in which he regularly unpacks LGBTQ themes and imagery embedded in all the exploits of James Bond. “One of my favorite closings of any Bond novel is in Dr. No. That’s where Honey Rider basically orders Bond to take all of his clothes off. Can you imagine an equivalent scene in a Bond film? Can you imagine a Bond movie ending that way, where the girl is the dominant one rather than him?” Lowbridge-Ellis is correct: the final line of Dr. No is dialogue from Rider telling Bond to “do as you're told.” One could argue that Bond is topping from the bottom here, but still.

for your eyes only ian fleming james bond press view

April 2023 will also see the first American publication of a brand new novel taking place in the 007 universe, officially licensed by the Fleming estate. It’s called Double or Nothing , and it’s written by rising star Kim Sherwood. For Sherwood’s money, Fleming’s take on sex and gender in the Bond novels can’t be reduced to the same kind of tropes from the films. And like Lowbridge-Ellis, she points out that Bond’s relationships in the novels—unlike a few of the Connery movies—are consensual. But beyond that, Sherwood points out that in the novels, James Bond changes fairly dramatically.

“Fleming put this character through an arc and we have interiority,” Sherwood tells Esquire . “We spend a lot of time in Bond's mind in a way that we can't in the films. The Bond you meet at the start of Casino Royale, who is frustrated that he has to have Vesper on the mission because ‘women cloud things up with their emotions and sex,’ which you know, is a major presumption —that Bond is so different from the Bond at the end, who is devastated and in grief. And that is different from the Bond you meet in The Spy Who Loved Me , who's exhausted and hurt. There’s a kind of vulnerability to his character in the novels that sometimes you don't see on screen, until the Daniel Craig films. That was something I was really interested in exploring in Double or Nothing. ”

In a kind of contemporary reboot of the Bond universe for the 21st century, Sherwood smartly begins her new novel with James Bond declared missing. This means the action focuses on three other 00-agents: Joseph Dryden (004), Sid Bashir (009), and Johanna Harwood (003), the last of which is named for the real-life Johanna Harwood, the very first screenwriter on a James Bond movie ever ; the woman who wrote the first drafts of the screenplays for both Dr. No and From Russia With Love. For the fictional Harwood in Double Or Nothing , Sherwood says she drew upon some pulp heroines like Modesty Blaise , but also women from Fleming’s Bond books.

“I love characters like Gala Brand in Moonraker , who's an undercover police officer on her own mission that she thinks Bond is going to mess up,” Sherwood says. “I love the bit where she thinks, ‘Oh what use is he? With his easy smile and his gun tricks.’ And characters like Tiffany Case from Diamonds Are Forever . She’s got agency. She has motives. Fleming makes the female characters interesting and important in their own rights, rather than a reward for the hero at the end. You don’t often find so many fantastic rounded, deep female characters in books of that era in that genre. I think that was clearly really important to Fleming, and it was an important part of what the books became and an important part of the films. So for me, as a woman writing Bond, I feel very proud to join the line of women in Bond, both behind the scenes and in the films.”

As suggested by Sherwood, the Fleming novels portray 007’s relationships with women differently than we imagine in the films. Seen through a certain lens, Casino Royale, Moonraker, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, The Spy Who Loved Me , and You Only Live Twice are all tales of tragic romances. In each of these books, Bond seriously wants to leave his job as a secret agent, primarily so he can live a happier life with someone he loves.

“The Bond of the films—up until Daniel Craig, anyway—were very standalone stories,” Sherwood says. “In the next film, it was almost like he’d reset. But the gift of the Fleming novels is that we have interiority.” Sherwood’s point is true: it’s through this interiority that we see Bond’s love for Vesper in Casino Royale , and for Tracy in On Her Majesty's Secret Service . But also for Gala Brand in Moonraker , who leaves Bond at the end of the book because she’s already engaged. Bond realizes his love for Gala is doomed, and Fleming gives us the exact interiority Sherwood is talking about with the lines, “...she looked exciting and mysterious like someone you see driving abroad, alone in an open car, someone unattainable and more desirable than anyone you have ever known. Someone who is on their way to make love to somebody else. Someone who is not for you.”

.css-f6drgc:before{margin:-0.99rem auto 0 -1.33rem;left:50%;width:2.1875rem;border:0.3125rem solid #FF3A30;height:2.1875rem;content:'';display:block;position:absolute;border-radius:100%;} .css-tcbsda{font-family:Lausanne,Lausanne-fallback,Lausanne-robotoFallback,Lausanne-localFallback,Arial,sans-serif;font-size:1.625rem;line-height:1.2;margin:0rem;}@media(max-width: 48rem){.css-tcbsda{font-size:1.75rem;line-height:1.2;}}@media(min-width: 64rem){.css-tcbsda{font-size:2.375rem;line-height:1.2;}}.css-tcbsda b,.css-tcbsda strong{font-family:inherit;font-weight:bold;}.css-tcbsda em,.css-tcbsda i{font-style:italic;font-family:inherit;}.css-tcbsda:before{content:'"';display:block;padding:0.3125rem 0.875rem 0 0;font-size:3.5rem;line-height:0.8;font-style:italic;font-family:Lausanne,Lausanne-fallback,Lausanne-styleitalic-robotoFallback,Lausanne-styleitalic-localFallback,Arial,sans-serif;} "The gift of the Fleming novels is that we have interiority."

This kind of reflective self-awareness is unique to the Bond novels, and of course, largely absent in the films. But, it also highlights what Sherwood and Lowbridge-Ellis both call Fleming’s use of “uncanny imagery” in his prose. In some cases, it’s easy to take the imagery and lines from Fleming Bond books out of context and make it seem like the books are trumpeting a sort of horrible sexism, but in context, this imagery is more complex. The books are very often an indictment of certain types of masculinity, rather than a celebration of it.

“One line a lot of people like to jump on comes from Casino Royale , in which Bond imagines having sex with Vesper and it would have the ‘sweet tang of rape,’” Lowbridge-Ellis says. “Well, it’s not real rape, it’s a fantasy Bond is having. And it’s not necessarily Ian Fleming himself who is endorsing these attitudes. He’s using a lot of that phraseology to provoke people. We tend to think, ‘oh, this was acceptable in the 1950s,’ and that’s not true. This wasn’t acceptable then . And within the fiction, Fleming is making these taboo statements to provoke the reader.”

On the subject of taboos in 007 novels, one of Lowbridge-Ellis’s most persuasive arguments is that if you go looking for queer subtext in Bond novels, it’s nearly impossible to not see it everywhere. No less than three James Bond novels— Moonraker, Goldfinger, and The Man With the Golden Gun —all revolve around Bond going undercover as the male secretary to a male supervillain. “ The Man With the Golden Gun is a deeply queer text,” Lowbridge-Ellis says. “And the only way the story makes any kind of sense is if you buy that Scaramanga basically just fancies the pants off Bond.”

Throughout his essays in Licence to Queer, Lowbridge-Ellis points out that while Fleming may have purported to write his books for cis-gendered straight people, many of Fleming’s friends and closest literary allies were gay. Surely, these books were written for those people, too. “The two that are perhaps the most famous are Noël Coward and William Somerset Maugham,” Lowbridge-Ellis says. “Fleming had many older male mentors in his life, and many of them were gay. Some have pointed out that the short story ‘Quantum of Solace’ has a Somerset Maugham quality.” Meanwhile, in the short story “Octopussy,” Bond’s affection for a murdered male mentor leads him to confront a sexist, drunk traitor who killed Bond’s would-be father figure years prior. Of his slain mentor, Bond says, “He was a wonderful man.” Was this Fleming speaking of his love for Coward?

Found in the collection For Your Eyes Only , the Maugham-esque short story “Quantum of Solace” reveals one way in which Fleming actually attacks and unpacks sexism. While at a party, Bond tells an older man that if he ever got married, it would be to an air hostess. But as we enter Bond’s mind, we learn that he doesn’t believe what he’s saying, and is using a kind of boy’s club chauvinism as a cover. For Lowbridge-Ellis, this is all part of how Fleming coding Bond as an outsider—someone who actually doesn’t fit in with straight men. “He doesn't fit in anywhere,” Lowbridge-Ellis says. “Bond is the ultimate outsider, I think. Although he is often seen as very establishment. But Fleming goes out of his way, especially in Moonraker, to explicitly describe him as an outsider.”

The new Fleming editions won’t need to do anything to make Bond more queer, or to make his female counterparts more emancipated. For those who’ve seen the film version of 1987’s The Living Daylights , they’ll remember the female sniper, Kara, as utterly reliant on 007, to the point where you wonder if the movie was made in the ‘50s and not the ‘80s. And yet, in the short story “The Living Daylights”(1962), Bond is bested by a female Russian sniper, making the text somehow more progressive than the film adaptation that followed 25 years later.

“If people maybe are a casual fan of James Bond, or just know of him casually, you might have an image that represents a certain kind of hyper-masculinity,” Sherwood explains. “You might think he’s only for a macho audience or something. But for something to be this globally popular for so long, there has to be more than that going on. And I think that goes back to the Fleming text. We might not call them feminist texts, but they're being written at a time when the feminist movement is gathering strength and speed in the post-war fifties, going into the sixties. And Fleming’s writing reflects that.”

Of course, one could argue that even if there are nuances readers have overlooked in the canon of the literary James Bond, the problematic elements might make the books more trouble than they’re worth. Still, Sherwood’s close analysis of Bond’s character arc and Lowbridge-Ellis’s queer reading of Bond suggest that just now, 70 years later, we’re finally ready to have a serious discussion about the literary worthiness of the James Bond books. Could these progressive insights be just the beginning?

What the Fleming estate has done is invite readers to have an open and honest discussion, and perhaps re-read these provocative thrillers with new eyes. By removing galling and outdated language, the honest and raw human aspects of these books can be seen more clearly. This isn’t to say that the books will suddenly seem progressive, but these changes create space for more nuanced conversations.

The James Bond world was never designed to signal virtues, but instead to unpack the darker corners of humanity, and throw them into the light. Some of Fleming’s detractors called his writing the “height of vulgarity,” and that’s while he was alive. While it’s popular to characterize the Bond novels as escapism, and thus excuse their vulgarity, one has to wonder: what are we escaping into? These books don’t let men off the hook for bad behavior, and perhaps, if people actually read them, it would be clear that this fiction is much more than a way to glorify sex and violence. In other words, Bond books should not be judged by their covers, or by the reputation they’ve gained from the cinema.

By the end of Casino Royale , James Bond believes that MI6 is no better than the death-to-spies cabal SMERSH, nor the Russians. His view of human nature is ten times more cynical than any of Nick Carraway’s moral musings in The Great Gatsby , and the overall message of the novel will make you wonder if men were just a bad idea to begin with. “Bond is detached, he’s disengaged,” Ian Fleming said in 1964, shortly before his death. “But he’s a believable man—around whom I try to weave a great web of excitement and fantasy.”

If you believe Fleming, and you find James Bond to be a believable man, then the value of reading these books 70 years later is clear. James Bond isn’t a closet romantic, because the romance is barely hidden in the novels, right alongside the ego and the pain. Bond isn’t a fantasy of what men want to be—he’s a cracked mirror of what men already are. All Ian Fleming did was have the guts to call it like it is.

Headshot of Ryan Britt

Ryan Britt is the author of the new book Phasers On Stun! How the Making and Remaking of Star Trek Changed the World, an editor at Fatherly, and a writer for Inverse and Den of Geek!  

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Since 1953 and the publication of the first book in the series, Casino Royale , more than one hundred million Bond books have been sold worldwide and we cannot wait to introduce even more readers to the Bond world.  

Initially, our new editions of the original adventures will be released in paperback and eBook throughout the UK and Commonwealth, with a stunning set of new covers…. soon to be revealed. Prestige hardbacks and collector limited editions are already in the pipeline and will be must-haves for avid Bond fans. 

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Monday, December 4, 2023

Calvin dyson | john gardner 007 era wrap up.

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Sam peffer - from photo to finished cover.

Monday, November 20, 2023

U.s. cover art for a spy like me.

Ian Fleming Publications has revealed the cover art for the U.S. edition of Kim Sherwood's A Spy Like Me . This second Double O book is set for release in the U.S. on April 23, 2024. I think this is a great cover.

new 007 books

Pre-order the U.S. edition of  A Spy Like Me by Kim Sherwood at Amazon.com .

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Goldeneye getting a cross cult release in 2024.

German publisher Cross Cult , who have been re-releasing all the John Gardner James Bond novels with new cover artwork by Michael Gillette, will release Gardner's GoldenEye novelization in June 2024. I love this cover!

new 007 books

Thanks to Double O Section and The GoldenEye Dossier for the alert.

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Ifp hosts a celebration of bond, dec. 5.

new 007 books

Friday, October 6, 2023

Ian fleming: the complete man released in uk.

This week sees the release in the UK of the new biography, Ian Fleming: The Complete Man by Nicholas Shakespeare.

new 007 books

A fresh portrait of the man behind James Bond, and his enduring impact, by an award-winning biographer with unprecedented access to the Fleming family papers. Ian Fleming's greatest creation, James Bond, has had an enormous and ongoing impact on our culture. What Bond represents about ideas of masculinity, the British national psyche and global politics has shifted over time, as has the interpretation of the life of his author. But Fleming himself was more mysterious and subtle than anything he wrote. Ian's childhood with his gifted brother Peter and his extraordinary mother set the pattern for his ambition to be 'the complete man', and he would strive for the means to achieve this 'completeness' all his life. Only a thriller writer for his last twelve years, his dramatic personal life and impressive career in Naval Intelligence put him at the heart of critical moments in world history, while also providing rich inspiration for his fiction. Nicholas Shakespeare is one of the most gifted biographers working today. His talent for uncovering new material that casts fresh light on his subjects is fully evident in this masterful, definitive biography.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Sharing passions with raymond benson.

Friday, September 29, 2023

New james bond collected editions from dynamite.

Dynamite has released two collected editions of their ongoing James Bond series of graphic novels:  James Bond: Agent of Spectre by Christos Gage and Luca Casalanguida and James Bond: Himeros by Rodney Barnes and Antonio Fuso.

new 007 books

There's a civil war brewing within SPECTRE. An upstart American member of the international criminal organization is attempting a coup, threatening to depose Ernst Stavro Blofeld. She's on guard against Blofeld's men, so to take her out, Blofeld recruits a wild card - James Bond! With Blofeld threatening the life of Bond's friend Felix Leiter as leverage, Bond agrees...but he has a plan to use this internal strife to bring SPECTRE down once and for all. Will he succeed, or is this a dark path from which even 007 can't return?
Purchase James Bond: Agent of Spectre on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk . 

new 007 books

Himeros is the Greek God of sexual desire and one of the Erotes, the winged gods of love. When Aphrodite was born from the sea-foams she was greeted by the twin loves Eros and Himeros. But when sexual desire goes too far, it takes the legendary super-spy James Bond to bring justice to the most vulnerable among us as he investigates the suspicious death of an accused sex trafficker - one whose ties run deep... and deadly. Purchase James Bond: Himeros on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk .

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Benson, amis, pearson reprint covers revealed.

Ian Fleming Publications have revealed the cover art for their upcoming reprints of Zero Minus Ten by Raymon Benson, Colonel Sun by Kingsley Amis, and James Bond The Authorised Biography by John Pearson. Click the image below to check them out on the IFP website and an interview with the designer David Eldridge.

new 007 books

Thursday, August 24, 2023

The grave of ian fleming.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Ifp announces three continuation reprints on oct. 5.

Ian Fleming Publications announced today that they will be re-releasing three out-of-print James Bond continuation novels on October 5 (James Bond Day). They are:

Colonel Sun by Kingsley Amis The first ever James Bond novel published after the death of Ian Fleming. This edition celebrates the novel's 55th anniversary and features a new foreword by Anthony Horowitz. Amazon
Zero Minus Ten by Raymond Benson Rediscover this classic Bond continuation novel in a brand-new paperback edition. It will include a new introduction from the author himself, Raymond Benson. Amazon James Bond: The Authorised Biography by John Pearson Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the authorised biography’s publication, this edition will feature a new foreword written by Mark Pearson, John’s son. Amazon

All three books are paperbacks priced at £9.99. A signed edition of Zero Minus Ten is available for pre-order exclusively from the IFP website . Cover art is yet to be revealed.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Double or nothing paperback released in uk.

new 007 books

You can purchase the  Double or Nothing paperback at Amazon.co.uk .

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Title and plot revealed for next double o novel.

A Spy Like Me is the title of Kim Sherwood's next Double O novel. A good title! After Double or Nothing , I was wondering if all the titles would be a play on the word "double." Looks like that's not the case, and that's fine by me. Below is a plot summary.

new 007 books

An elite team of MI6 agents must go undercover to unravel a smuggling network funding violent terror in the second thrilling adventure in the acclaimed Double O series by Kim Sherwood 
Six days. Three agents. One chance to find James Bond.   James Bond is alive. Or at least, he was when he left a clue at the black site where the insidious private military company Rattenfanger held him captive. MI6 cannot spare any more lives attempting to track down one missing agent―no exceptions, even for Bond. But Johanna Harwood, 003, has her own agenda. Sidelined by her superiors while she grieves the loss of a loved one, Harwood goes on an unsanctioned mission: to find 007. Meanwhile, MI6 has another problem…   A bomb has been detonated in London. Double O agents on the trail of the terrorists responsible acted quickly to prevent mass destruction and save lives. But MI6 failed to neutralize the nation’s enemies before they could strike, and one of their own was seriously injured in the blast.   They won’t fail again. Assigned to root out the source of the terrorists’ funding, Joseph Dryden, 004, and Conrad Harthrop-Vane, 000, enter the field. Tracing clues from Sotheby’s auction house to Crete to Venice, they uncover a money laundering scheme involving diamonds, black market antiquities, and human trafficking. Once a major sale is made, a six-day countdown to the next terror attack begins. As the Double O’s follow the twisting trail, they find themselves unexpectedly inching closer to Bond…

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Never send flowers blooms at 30.

It's another anniversary day. This time it's Never Send Flowers by John Gardner, released in the UK on July 15, 1993. To mark the occasion, here's a review from back in the day.

new 007 books

I've always liked Never Send Flowers . For me, it was a step up after The Man From Barbarossa and Death is Forever . I've always suspected Gardner was influenced by Silence of the Lambs  and initially decided to write a James Bond horror novel. He seems to really be going for horror atmosphere. But he's not a horror writer, and after a few chapters he seems to give up on that approach and the book turns into a tale of James Bond in the world of make believe and the theatrical, culminating with a climax in EuroDisney. People poke fun at the idea of 007 at Disneyland. But I think the climax works and is in keeping with the theatrical theme. I also liked that the U.S. edition (released in May) went with black for their cover color this time.

new 007 books

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Celebrating icebreaker.

 Ian Fleming Publications celebrates the 40th Anniversary of John Gardner's Icebreaker , released in the UK on July 7, 1983.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ian Fleming, Author (@ianflemings007)

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Summer of '83.

This summer sees two important James Bond 40th anniversaries. The first is the anniversary of the Roger Moore Bond film Octopussy, released in June 1983. I loved Octopussy when I saw it that summer and I still love it today. It will always be one of my favorite James Bond films. Remember when Bond movies provided fun and fantasy? Long live Octopussy !

Unfortunately, we never got a proper tie-in edition of Fleming's Octopussy and this was before the resumption of the novelizations (with the exception of these ). As with For Your Eyes Only , the closest we came was a Marvel comic book adaptation written by Steve Moore with art by Paul Neary. The FYEO adaptation was published as two standalone comics, a paperback book, and a magazine. For Octopussy we just got the magazine. But you can bet I snapped it up and still have it. 

new 007 books

But there was another Bond release that summer that had me just as excited. John Gardner's third 007 novel Icebreaker was released by Putnam in April in the U.S. and July in the UK. Boy, was this a different James Bond from the movies! I admit at the time I didn't fully appreciate Icebreaker  as it felt a little too different, not just from the films, but from Gardner's first two books that stuck closer to the Bond formula. But from day one I loved the title and idea of a largely snowbound 007 adventure set in the Arctic Circle. With subsequent re-reads,  Icebreaker has become my favorite Gardner book and one of my favorite continuation novels in general. Long live Icebreaker !

new 007 books

Monday, June 5, 2023

On his majesty's secret service enters 2nd printing.

new 007 books

I've read the book and LOVED it. It fully lives up to its name. A traditional heroic James Bond 007 adventure with all the proper ingredients beautifully written by a man born to write Bond. I loved Charlie's Young Bond series and he nailed first crack at the adult Bond. I really hope this inspires IFP to commission more James Bond novels from Charlie as he's clearly the man for the job.

Congratulations to Charlie Higson and Ian Fleiming Publications for scoring this success. Oh, and congratulations to King Charles III as well!

You can purchase On His Majesty's Secret Service from Amazon.co.uk , Amazon.com , and direct from Ian Fleming Publications .

new 007 books

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Anthony horowitz on the bond experience.

A terrific interview with Bond author Anthony Horowitz and David Zaritsky on  The Bond Experience . Horowitz penned three novels, Trigger Mortis (2015), Forever and a Day (2018), and With A Mind To Kill (2022).

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

With a mind to kill u.s. paperback released.

new 007 books

You can purchase the With a Mind To Kill U.S. paperback at  Amazon.com .

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Charlie higson talks on his majesty's secret service.

Thursday, May 4, 2023

On his majesty's secret service released today.

new 007 books

Charlie Higson's On His Majesty's Secret Service is released today by Ian Fleming Publications. Charlie has written a terrific personal message that I'm taking the liberty of reproducing in full below. You can also read it HERE . I loved Charlie's work on the Young Bond series and I can't wait to get my hands on this new book. Thanks Charlie and IFP for giving this fan a much needed Bond boost!

Purchase   On His Majesty's Secret Service  by Charlie Higson from  Amazon.co.uk  and Amazon.com .

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Writers guild solidarity.

new 007 books

Friday, April 28, 2023

Purchase on his majesty's secret service on the u.s. amazon.

new 007 books

This listing actually shows "in stock" and shipping in 3 to 4 days. IFP had tweeted that an audiobook read by Charlie Higson and eBook will also be released in the U.S., but no sign of those yet. They've also hinted at an official U.S. release in the future.

So here's a great way for U.S. Bond fans to have the book in hand on or near coronation day.

Purchase  On His Majesty's Secret Service on Amazon.com .

Thursday, April 27, 2023

With a mind to kill uk paperback released.

The UK paperback edition of With A Mind To Kill by Anthony Horowitz is released today by Vintage. The paperback features different cover art from the hardcover. It can be purchases at Amazon.co.uk .

new 007 books

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Cover art for on his majesty's secret service.

Cover art has been revealed for Charlie Higson's upcoming Bond novel On His Majesty's Secret Service . The book will be released on May 4, 2023 to mark the coronation of King Charles III. It's a simple cover suited to the occasion and considering this book was entirely conceived only a matter of months ago, I'm thrilled with everything about this!

new 007 books

You can pre-order On His Majesty's Secret Service by Charlie Higson from Amazon.co.uk . Goldsboro Books is also offering a signed limited edition .

Monday, April 17, 2023

Link: double o seventy - a report for the 70 years of james bond 007 celebration.

new 007 books

Thursday, April 13, 2023

70th anniversary editions released today.

Today sees the release of Ian Fleming Publications all-new 70th Anniversary reprints of the classic James Bond novels by Ian Fleming. The set also includes his two non-Bond novels Thrilling Cities and The Dimond Smugglers . Fans have been overall positive about the new cover art. Less so about the "sensitivity" edits. But it's great have these books still and print and still as popular as ever 70 years after the first appearance of James Bond in Casino Royale . Raise a glass to 007!

new 007 books

You can purchase these new editions at Amazon.co.uk .

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Double or nothing released in the u.s..

Today sees the release of Kim Sherwood's Double or Nothing in the U.S. by publisher William Morrow. Cover art is the same as the UK edition with some differences in the text and typeface. The book is hardcover and can be purchased at Amazon.com .

new 007 books

No word yet on Kim's next Double O novel. The series is planned for three books.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Folio society limited edition casino royale.

The Folio Society has announced a limited edition of Ian Fleming's  Casino Royale  to mark the book's 70th anniversary. Looks nice, but at $725, this one might be for few eyes only.

new 007 books

Celebrating 70 years since publication, Folio’s fabulous anniversary edition of Casino Royale , limited to 750 numbered copies, exudes sophistication and glamour. Bound in blocked leather and signed by artist Fay Dalton, this is the perfect collector’s edition of Fleming’s first Bond novel.

new 007 books

Friday, March 31, 2023

New bond book from charlie higson coming may 4.

Some fantastic news this morning from Ian Fleming Publications. The great Charlie Higson, author of the Young Bond novels (and my favorite continuation author) has written a new adult James Bond book set to be published May 4, 2023. Yes, that's in just a month! Here's the full press release from IFP.

new 007 books

On His Majesty’s Secret Service: Charlie Higson commissioned to write new James Bond adventure to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III Published 4 May 2023, in partnership with the National Literacy Trust LONDON. Charlie Higson, author of the bestselling Young Bond series, has been commissioned by Ian Fleming Publications to write a new James Bond adventure to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III, it is announced today, Friday 31 March. On His Majesty’s Secret Service will be published on Thursday 4 May ahead of the Coronation on Saturday 6 May – and 60 years after the publication of Ian Fleming’s tenth novel, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, in 1963. All royalties from the sale of the book will go to support the work of the UK charity, the National Literacy Trust. The action of this entirely new 007 adventure brings Bond into the present day. It is the 4th of May, two days before the coronation of King Charles III and the world's favourite spy has his work cut out for him. Bond is sent at the last minute to thwart an attempt to disrupt the Coronation by the wealthy, eccentric and self-styled Athelstan of Wessex, who is on a deadly mission of his own to teach the United Kingdom a lesson. Can Bond dismantle his shady plans and defeat his privately hired team of mercenaries? Corinne Turner, Managing Director of Ian Fleming Publications Ltd, comments: “The Coronation of King Charles III is a momentous occasion for the country. We asked ourselves how we at Ian Fleming Publications could celebrate it, and the answer seemed obvious. Ian Fleming’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was first published on 1st April 1963. What better way, sixty years on, to mark this new chapter in history than with a brand new story: On His Majesty’s Secret Service ? We shared our thoughts with Charlie, and he was delighted to take on the challenge of writing a Bond adventure in time for publication in May. Together we hope this book will give valuable support to the National Literacy Trust.” Charlie Higson’s phenomenally successful Young Bond series has sold over a million copies in the UK alone and has been translated into more than 24 different languages. He adds: “When IFP came to me with the idea of writing an adult Bond story a little more than a month ago, I was thrilled – until I realised it had to be ready for the Coronation in May. Getting it written and turned around in such a short space of time was going to be as tense and heart-pounding as any Bond mission. Although, of course, nobody would actually be shooting at me. But I’ve been thinking about writing an adult Bond adventure ever since working on the Young Bond books, and he came bursting out of me with both fists flying. It was all I could do to keep up with him and get his story down on paper. Fleming famously wrote fast, and I channelled that energy. And now it’s so exciting for me to finally enter the world of grown-up Bond. Everything you want from a Bond story is in there – sex, violence, cars, a colourful villain with a nasty henchman, and of course, Bond himself. So well-known and yet so unknowable.” Jonathan Douglas CBE, Chief Executive of the National Literary Trust, says: “James Bond has been creating avid readers for seventy years and we are delighted that the royalties from On His Majesty’s Secret Service will go towards our own not-so-secret mission: to support the literacy skills of children and adults in the nation’s most disadvantaged areas. We hope that this partnership will create a whole new generation of readers, who will continue to discover the thrills of Bond for years to come.” This brand new James Bond adventure arrives during a momentous year for Ian Fleming Publications. 13 April 2023 marks 70 years since the initial publication of Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel, Casino Royale . The company are celebrating 70 years of 007 throughout 2023, with many events planned, including the release of the Bond books under their own imprint on 13 April. On His Majesty’s Secret Service is published by Ian Fleming Publications. It will be available digitally as an eBook, as an audiobook (read by Charlie Higson), and as a hardback, online and in bookshops from 4 May.

Monday, March 13, 2023

70th anniversary james bond uk covers revealed.

Cover art for the 70th Anniversary James Bond UK paperbacks by Ian Fleming have been revealed on the official Ian Fleming Publications website . They're pretty nice! Click the image below to see them all.

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Thursday, March 2, 2023

John cork on the 70th anniversary edit controversy.

When it comes to James Bond, there's no one whose opinion I respect more than John Cork. John has weighed in on the controversy over edits made to the upcoming 70th Anniversary Ian Fleming James Bond novels. This is well worth your time. Click the image below to read at 007 Magazine .

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Monday, February 27, 2023

Ifp issues statement about anniversary edition edits.

Ian Fleming Publications has issued a statement about the edits to their upcoming Anniversary re-issues of the original Ian Fleming James Bond novels. Click the image below to have a read at the official Ian Fleming Publications website.

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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Variety reports 70th anniversary editions will be edited.

A commonly used pejorative term used for Black people by Fleming, whose Bond books were published between 1951 and 1966, has been removed almost entirely and replaced with “Black person” or “Black man.” In other instances, references have been edited. For example, in “Live and Let Die” (1954), Bond’s opinion of Africans in the gold and diamond trades as “pretty law-abiding chaps I should have thought, except when they’ve drunk too much” has been altered to “pretty law-abiding chaps I should have thought.” Another scene in the book, set during a strip tease at a Harlem nightclub, was originally “Bond could hear the audience panting and grunting like pigs at the trough. He felt his own hands gripping the tablecloth. His mouth was dry.” This has been revised to “Bond could sense the electric tension in the room.” A segment in the book describing accented dialogue as “straight Harlem-Deep South with a lot of New York thrown in,” has been removed.

For some additional context, both U.S. editions of Live and Let Die and Diamonds Are Forever were edited for sensitivity back in Fleming's day, so this isn't entirely new. But these edits appear to be going further than those and I'm sure this news is going to draw a lot of comment from Bond fans.

For me personally, I want the original unedited texts. Full stop. I was very happy when the U.S. editions were finally updated with the UK texts in 2002. Fleming's words and thoughts should remain unchanged, even if offensive. History and art should not be altered. But a disclaimer is certainly appropriate and I think a good idea.

But I also understand IFPs dilemma. They are marketing these editions to a mass audience and they have to deal with the times we are in. For those who want the unedited texts, you can certainly still find those. And maybe some day the texts will be returned to the original. I'm not sure if these changes will make these 70th Anniversary editions more collectible or less so, but they better have some pretty spectacular cover art to overcome the taint that I think these will forever have for Fleming purists.

Cover art above is from a 1970 Pan edition of The Man With The Golden Gun . UK cover art for the 70th Anniversary editions have not been revealed.

UPDATE : IFP have issued a statement HERE .

Friday, February 17, 2023

70th anniversary ebooks released.

Today new digital eBook versions of the fourteen Bond adventures, plus the two Fleming non-fiction titles Thrilling Cities and The Diamond Smugglers , have been released to retailers of digital books within the UK. The release of the eBooks marks 71 years to the day that Ian Fleming sat down at his typewriter in Goldeneye, Jamaica, and began writing Casino Royale .  

These digital releases represent the first step in Ian Fleming Publications’ 70th Anniversary reissues of the original books. For now, the eBooks are being distributed with holding covers. IFP says the official new covers will remain "top secret a while longer."

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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

With a mind to kill uk paperback cover art.

Cover art for the UK paperback edition of Anthony Horowitz's With A Mind To Kill has appeared on Amazon. I'm excited to see they've gone with an original design instead of using the hardcover art.

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Pre-order the With A Mind To Kill UK paperback at Amazon.co.uk . Release date is April 27, 2023.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Dynamite announces for king and country.

Dynamite has announced  a new series to tie-in with the 70th Anniversary this year. Cover and description below.

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2023 marks the 70th Anniversary of Ian Fleming‘s internationally famous MI6 spy James Bond 007. And Dynamite vows to celebrate the milestone with a special 007 series: 007: For King and Country from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Giorgio Spalletta.   This time around though, Bond is the hunted. Accused of a murder on British soil, M dispatches the other 00s to revoke Bond’s license permanently. Forced to go underground, he can only count on the presumed dead 003, Gwendolyn Gann, as his ally because — in reality — they are on a top secret mission to prevent a globe-shattering event. Will they be able to unravel a conspiracy before M’s best catch up with them and punch their tickets?

For King and Country will be released in April. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Ifp reveals new 70th anniversary logo.

In celebration of #CasinoRoyale turning 70 this year, we are beyond thrilled to share our brand new #70yearsof007 logo. Here's to a Bond-tastic 2023. pic.twitter.com/dAGYjPvtoH — Ian Fleming (@TheIanFleming) January 4, 2023

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Anniversary bonds for 2023.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to another year of The Book Bond. Here's a rundown of the Bond novels that will be celebrating notable anniversaries this year. Break out the bookmarks and champagne!

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"This is the big one, Double-Oh-Seven." This year sees the 70th Anniversary of the book that started it all. Ian Fleming's first Bond novel, Casino Royale , was published by Jonathan Cape in the UK on April 13, 1953. It wouldn't be released in the U.S. until the following year.

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Another Fleming classic, On Her Majesty's Secret Service , turns 60 this year. In this one Bond gets married and, well, you know the story!  O.H.M.S.S.  was published by Jonathan Cape in the UK on April 1, 1963. It was released in the U.S. in August by the New American Library.

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This overlooked continuation novel is, IMHO, a true gem! James Bond The Authorized Biography of 007 by John Pearson was first published in 1973 by Sidgwick & Jackson in the UK and William Morrow & Co. in the U.S. [Read:  THE BEST JAMES BOND NOVEL YOU'VE NEVER READ .]

new 007 books

My personal favorite John Gardner Bond novel, Icebreaker , marks its 40th. In this one 007 heads to the frozen forests of Northern Finland to battle Neo-Nazis.   The first U.S. edition (pictured) was published by Putnam around April 1, 1983.   The UK edition by Jonathan Cape arrived on July 7, 1983. 

new 007 books

John Gardner's 12th original James Bond novel, Never Send Flowers , finds 007 facing off with a psychotic actor. A late era Gardner novel that I've always liked. The U.S. edition from Putnam was published on May 31, 1993. The UK edition (pictured) was released by Hodder & Stoughton on July 15, 1993.

new 007 books

A strong second novel from Raymond Benson,  The Facts of Death  finds 007 on a mission in Greece and Cyprus. The UK edition was released by Hodder & Stoughton on May 7, 1998. The U.S. edition from Putnam followed on June 15, 1998.

new 007 books

SOLO by William Boyd turns 10 this year. I really like this novel about the older 007 on a mission in Africa. The UK edition was released by Hodder & Stoughton on September 26, 2013. The U.S. edition from Putnam was released on October 8, 2013.   [Read:  SOLO is the thinking man's OO7 .]

Legal Disclosure

new 007 books

James Bond Destinations Book By Assouline

Explore over 60 years of 007 locations in new book.

Posted October 5, 2023 by AI

James Bond Destinations , a new book chronicling the iconic locations of 007’s adventures, has been published by luxury lifestyle publisher Assouline.

Written by Daniel Pembrey, James Bond Destinations explores many of the Bond franchise’s stunning settings that feature in 007’s international itineraries. As the cinematic standard was set with Bond’s debut in 1962’s Dr. No , 007 forever became the quintessential travelling secret agent, journeying from monasteries in Meteora and baroque Venetian palazzos to marble palaces in India and ancient Egyptian temples. The 25 Bond films have included more than a hundred incredible locations.  

“These destinations are not just backgrounds, or even backgrounds that simply inform characters. In our movies, they are characters,” said producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

The franchise has established itself as inspiration for international travel, showcasing unspoilt beaches, mystical mountains and glamorous cityscapes. “You have to find places that haven’t been seen, or you have to think of doing something spectacular in a well-known place, as we did with the chase through Rome in 2015’s Spectre ,” added producer Michael G. Wilson. 

Each chapter is filled with on-set stories, memorable scenes and production photography that captures the craft of making a Bond film. James Bond Destinations is the perfect travel companion to look back on six decades of 007. 

James Bond Destinations is available now in hardback at 007Store.com  priced at £100.

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Screen Rant

This 007 story is james bond 26's perfect blueprint - but there's a catch.

The franchise is preparing to cast another actor as the iconic spy, and a recent 007 novel could be the perfect blueprint for "James Bond 26."

While there's not much information about the 26th James Bond movie, a 2018 novel could perfectly solve one of the franchise’s recent problems. The James Bond film series has completed its long run with Daniel Craig as its lead, concluding another era of the franchise with No Time to Die . However, the end of the movie promised that James Bond would return, leaving many questions about what James Bond 26 will entail . While few official details have been released, there are several options for the 007 franchise to continue and a golden opportunity for a reboot to branch into new material.

The latest James Bond era began with Casino Royale , which starred Daniel Craig as the eponymous spy for the first time. By the end of his run, Craig played James Bond in five movies over a period of 15 years. The actor's final film as Bond, No Time to Die , saw the iconic character heroically sacrifice himself, leaving behind a family that genuinely loved him and gave him an enduring legacy. Throughout his tenure, Craig’s James Bond era revolutionized the mythos of the debonair spy, giving it a distinctly modern feel that could influence the direction of future films starting with James Bond 26.

Forever & A Day Would Make A Great Bond 26

While the next 007 movie has several creative avenues to pursue, James Bond 26 could benefit from adapting Forever and a Day , a novel written by Anthony Horowitz and published in 2018. The book was written in conjunction with Ian Fleming's estate and is Horowitz's second Bond novel. While not written by Fleming, who created the character in 1953, Forever and a Day incorporates unused material the author had developed for an unmade James Bond TV series. Set in 1950, it follows Bond as he investigates the death of the previous 007 agent and finishes that spy's final mission: to uncover the disappearance of drug activity in the Corsican underworld.

Forever and a Day would make a great backbone for the 26th James Bond film for several reasons. First, it's set pre- Casino Royale , so the movie wouldn’t have to worry about keeping to any canon established in the prior films and could serve as a strong franchise reset after Bond's death. Also, while Forever and a Day is related to Casino Royale , it wouldn’t need to be so relentlessly intense, which could be a refreshing way to reset the series and help establish the new Bond’s tone as distinct from Craig’s. Finally, the title serves as a great mission statement after No Time to Die killed the character.

The Problem With Bond 26 Using Forever & A Day

Even though Forever and a Day presents many strong opportunities for the James Bond franchise, the idea of adapting the book for James Bond 26 does come with some challenges and potential problems, primarily due to the fact that it was written by Anthony Horowitz, not Ian Fleming. While James Bond films have drawn bits from other authors' 007 books before — a scene in Spectre was taken from the 1968 novel Colonel Sun — a non-Fleming book has never been fully adapted into a movie. Additionally, there is a risk when transitioning from one author’s work to another's, especially with such a well-known and distinctive property as James Bond.

Forever & A Day Is Still Perfect For Bond 26 (Despite Not Being A Fleming Story)

Despite the potential hurdles, basing James Bond 26 on Forever and a Day makes sense given that there are little to no Ian Fleming stories left to adapt, at least in terms of long-form novels with the most content to use. Even if the Bond movies don't use novels penned by other authors, the franchise will need to come up with original, non-Fleming stories anyway — a risky endeavor when moving away from the source material of a beloved literary property. Forever and a Day would be the perfect stepping stone into these expanded novels, as it contains Fleming’s unpublished writings and received the blessing from the author's estate.

Another point in favor of Forever and a Day being the basis for the next James Bond film is its story was well-received by critics and fans. While it can be risky broaching Bond’s origins, instead of letting the character be established in media res , the rest of the films do this anyway and have also explored his backstory. A Forever and a Day movie wouldn't be far off from what the films have already done. Plus, Forever and a Day has a strong story and hits all the classic James Bond beats, so it shouldn’t be out-of-step with anything that came before if it's adapted into James Bond 26.

new 007 books

Ian Fleming Publications announce that the new editions of the James Bond books are out

Ian Fleming Publications, James Bond books

Explore the new definite paperback editons of Ian Fleming's books published on 13th April 2023:

Enjoy the new paperbacks and ebooks – and also be sure to support our allies at the folio society who are celebrating 70 years of 007 in their own inimitable fashion with their beautiful anniversary edition of casino royale . it features some exclusive new illustrations by fay dalton, a new introduction by kim sherwood and is a must-have..

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This website is not in any way endorsed by EON Productions Ltd, Danjaq, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures, United Artists, Ian Fleming Publications, or any other James Bond copyright holders. It is an independently run non-profit website from a personal basis in spare time.

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Who says 007 has to be White, British and male?

The latest novel from the james bond franchise gives us the heroine we’ve been waiting for.

Before his death in 1964, Ian Fleming wrote 14 books about James Bond, and the literary franchise, just like 007 himself, has proved unkillable. Writers such as Kingsley Amis and Anthony Horowitz have taken up the mantle and produced Bond novels. But we’ve had to wait until now, with Kim Sherwood’s new novel, “ Double or Nothing ,” for the Fleming estate to pass the baton to a woman.

Although it would be misleading to say that this latest Bond novel is actually about Bond. More than an addition to the canon, “Double or Nothing” is an expansion of the universe, and an exploration of how the Bond archetype can be channeled into other characters. The man himself is notably absent from this story: “Double or Nothing” takes place in the aftermath of Bond’s disappearance. An MI6 operation has gone sideways, and Bond has been either kidnapped or killed. A trio of Double 0 agents are tasked with finding their missing hero — and, for good measure, saving the world from the schemes of an evil tech billionaire.

This trio of agents, who form the narrative backbone of the novel, are considerably less famous than 007, but are considerably more diverse. We have Sid, a child of South Asian immigrants; Joseph, a Black man who grew up rough on the London streets; and finally Johanna, who is part Algerian and a woman. The secondary cast of characters in “Double or Nothing” is also visibly diversified. Sherwood seems to have made a conscientious effort to bring MI6 into the 21st century.

Her choices are refreshing, and long overdue. Since Fleming’s first Bond book, “ Casino Royale ,” was published in 1953, we’ve had a firm picture in our heads: Bond is a dashing Brit who shoots steady, drives fast, drinks martinis and looks great in a tux. There’s been some variety within the archetype — Daniel Craig with his craggy-action-hero stunts, Pierce Brosnan with his megawatt lady-killing smile, Roger Moore with his wry comedic charm — and the books and movies have reflected the world’s evolving technological and geopolitical realities, but one part of the franchise seemed immune to change: James Bond has always been a White man.

This particular assumption showed signs of changing a few years ago, when rumors began to circulate about Idris Elba replacing Craig as the next 007. It now seems definitive that Elba is not taking the role, but those long-simmering rumors did, perhaps, have the effect of broadening the imaginative possibilities. It turns out that no law dictates that 007 must be a White man. It also turns out, according to the most recent Bond movie, “No Time to Die,” that 007 doesn’t even have to be a man, period.

When “No Time to Die” begins, our hero, played by an increasingly grizzled Craig, has retired from his position at MI6 for the umpteenth time. He is living quietly, if not quite peacefully, in a seaside home in Jamaica, when an old friend from the CIA tracks him down and asks for his help in an operation against Spectre. Bond has no interest in this. Until, immediately after this meeting with the CIA, he is contacted by an agent from MI6 and warned explicitly not to get involved in this American operation.

The MI6 agent in question, a young Black woman named Nomi (played beautifully by Lashana Lynch), identifies herself to Bond as a Double 0 agent. And not any Double 0 agent. “I’m 007,” she clarifies. “You probably thought they’d retire it.”

Bond reacts with staunch indifference. “It’s just a number,” he says.

Sure, we think, as Bond, drawn to the action like a bull to the flag, resurrects himself from retirement and gets back into the game. In one of the scenes that follows, back at MI6 headquarters, Nomi is addressed by a colleague as 007. “That must bother you,” she intones to Bond, who is standing next to her when this happens.

Even though Bond himself is absent from “Double or Nothing,” Sherwood is careful not to stray too far from the reliable pleasure centers of the franchise. Every Bond trope we have been trained to expect is present in this novel. We have the monomaniacal billionaires, the abandoned Soviet facilities, the sleek Aston Martins, the perfectly mixed martinis, the high-end casinos, the low-rent fight nights. We have hand-wavey descriptions of technology that will apparently destroy the whole world and bad guys who can’t resist giving speeches right before they get killed. If there is a silliness to the novel, there is also a lot of campy fun: man-eating tigers threatening to escape their cages, bodice-ripping seductions. Bond himself only appears in the occasional flashback, but the other Double 0 agents have all self-consciously molded themselves in his image. With their constant echoing of his gestures and maxims, his essence permeates the entire novel, even though the man himself isn’t present.

In this subtle but refreshing way, Sherwood manages to shift the perspective in “Double or Nothing.” Because if the Bond of our imagination is really just a series of gestures — the martinis, the gunfights, the sex — then it opens up a much wider array of possibilities. What if Bond were Black? What if Bond were a woman? Would that change anything about the essential Bond-ness of Bond? And if not, then what are we waiting for?

Anna Pitoniak is a novelist who lives in New York City and East Hampton. Her new spy thriller, “ The Helsinki Affair ,” will be published in November.

Double or Nothing

By Kim Sherwood

William Morrow. 368 pp. $30

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  14. Who says 007 has to be White, British and male?

    But we've had to wait until now, with Kim Sherwood's new novel, “Double or Nothing,” for the Fleming estate to pass the baton to a woman. Get