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Swot analysis applications: an integrative literature review.

Mostafa Ali Benzaghta , Misurata University Abdulaziz Elwalda , Misurata University Mousa Mohamed Mousa , University of Tripoli Ismail Erkan , Izmir Katip Celebi University Mushfiqur Rahman , Brunel University London

A strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis has become a key tool used by businesses for strategic planning. Scholars have conducted SWOT research for over six decades. However, a collective understanding of SWOT analysis remains vague. This study accessed, analyzed, and synthesized the SWOT literature, allowing for new theoretical perspectives and frameworks to emerge. Using an integrative literature review, this study reviewed SWOT studies historically, providing a greater understanding of the SWOT analysis in different sectors and the different approaches used in SWOT studies. Furthermore, it fills the knowledge gap in the strategic planning context and indicates meaningful implications for managers that could help improve their strategic decisions.

SWOT literature, strategic planning, integrative review, literature review

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Mostafa Ali Benzaghta:

Abdulaziz Elwalda:

Mousa Mohamed Mousa:

Ismail Erkan:

Mushfiqur Rahman:


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Benzaghta, M. A., Elwalda, A., Mousa, M. M., Erkan, I., & Rahman, M. (2021). SWOT analysis applications: An integrative literature review. Journal of Global Business Insights, 6 (1), 55-73.

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