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Sudoku for Beginners: How to Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

Are you a beginner when it comes to solving Sudoku puzzles? Do you find yourself frustrated and unsure of where to start? Fear not, as we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to improve your problem-solving skills through Sudoku.

Understanding the Basics of Sudoku

Before we dive into the strategies and techniques, let’s first understand the basics of Sudoku. A Sudoku puzzle is a 9×9 grid that is divided into nine smaller 3×3 grids. The objective is to fill in each row, column, and smaller grid with numbers 1-9 without repeating any numbers.

Starting Strategies for Beginners

As a beginner, it can be overwhelming to look at an empty Sudoku grid. But don’t worry. There are simple starting strategies that can help you get started. First, look for any rows or columns that only have one missing number. Fill in that number and move on to the next row or column with only one missing number. Another strategy is looking for any smaller grids with only one missing number and filling in that number.

Advanced Strategies for Beginner/Intermediate Level

Once you’ve mastered the starting strategies, it’s time to move on to more advanced techniques. One technique is called “pencil marking.” This involves writing down all possible numbers in each empty square before making any moves. Then use logic and elimination techniques to cross off impossible numbers until you are left with the correct answer.

Another advanced technique is “hidden pairs.” Look for two squares within a row or column that only have two possible numbers left. If those two possible numbers exist in both squares, then those two squares must contain those specific numbers.

Benefits of Solving Sudoku Puzzles

Not only is solving Sudoku puzzles fun and challenging, but it also has many benefits for your brain health. It helps improve your problem-solving skills, enhances memory and concentration, and reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

In conclusion, Sudoku is a great way to improve your problem-solving skills while also providing entertainment. With these starting and advanced strategies, you’ll be able to solve even the toughest Sudoku puzzles. So grab a pencil and paper and start sharpening those brain muscles.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


how to solve dot matrix problem

Compuprint Dot Matrix Printers

High speed impact printing for labels, forms and more

Diagnosing and Fixing Common Dot Matrix Printer Problems

In this article you’ll find common dot matrix printer problems and fixes. You’ll also learn about some of the replacement options available for older dot matrix printers.

Troubleshooting the 6 most common dot matrix printer problems

Wondering if it’s time to replace your older dot matrix printers, dot matrix printer replacement options.

If you decide that replacing your printer is the smartest way to go, you have three options. You’re able to get remanufactured, refurbished or new dot matrix printers .

Remanufactured Dot Matrix Printers

If you’re going to get a used printer, buying a printer the manufacturer has repaired and brought up to their standards can be a smart option. Call our printer technology experts at 1-866-430-6202 to find out if a remanufactured printer might be the right option for you.

Refurbished Dot Matrix Printers

Professionally audited, cleaned and tested, these used dot matrix printers can be as good as a factory remanufactured printer. We almost always have great refurbished dot matrix printers available for almost any situation. Call us at 1-866-430-6202 for more details.

MIDCOM Service Group

10 Dot-Matrix Printer Maintenance Tips To Help Increase Uptime

dot-matrix printer maintenance

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how to solve dot matrix problem

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Troubleshoot common dot matrix printer problems with these techniques

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Don't let a malfunctioning dot matrix printer give you fits. Learn some techniques for solving several common dot matrix printer problems and advice on finding increasingly scarce parts.

These days, you see fewer and fewer dot matrix printers in corporate environments. However, there are situations where dot matrix printers are still essential, such as when printing on carbon copy forms. Because dot matrix printers are so scarce these days, you’ve probably never touched one. But someday, someone may ask you to fix one. Fortunately, these prehistoric beasts aren’t that complicated to figure out; although, it helps if you have an understanding of the most common dot matrix printer problems and how to solve them. It’s also good to have a few tricks up your sleeve for finding replacement parts and/or printers.

Mystery paper jams In my experience, the mystery paper jam, a jam with no obvious cause, is by far the most common dot matrix problem. These jams are often caused by a small piece of paper lodged beneath the rollers or beneath the tractor feed. While you can easily remove the rollers on most printers, it’s often easier to go fishing with an unbent paper clip or similar extraction tool.

You will often see this problem after the printer has “eaten” a piece of paper. A large chunk of paper gets trapped under the rollers and then gets bunched up by the printer’s motion, preventing other sheets from passing through the printer. The problem can also occur if, when printing labels, a label separates from the backing and sticks to the rollers.

Mystery jams can also occur when the tractor feed edges separate from the page while printing. Sometimes this can be a fluke, but other times it may point to a mechanical problem. Try taking the paper out of the printer and hitting the form feed button a few times. Watch the printer’s tractor feeds to make sure they are moving and are in synch with each other. Some printers use belts to move the tractor feeds and, over time, these belts wear, break, or become misaligned.

White lines in printed text or graphics Probably the second most common problem with dot matrix printers is the appearance of horizontal white lines in the middle of printed text or graphics. This almost always signals a problem with the print head. Usually, a pin in the print head has stopped working. I recommend making sure that the print head data ribbon—not the ink ribbon—is connected tightly to the print head. If that checks out, try cleaning the print head with alcohol. Sometimes residue can cause a pin to malfunction. If neither of these tricks solves the problem, you will likely have to replace the print head.

Carriage movement but no printing When a dot matrix printer’s carriage moves and the printer makes noise but nothing is printed, it usually means the ink ribbon is dried up or missing. If you know the ribbon is good, watch it while printing. The print head should strike the ribbon as printing occurs. Furthermore, each time the print head returns, the printer should advance the ink ribbon. If this isn’t happening, the ink ribbon may be installed incorrectly.

Printing gibberish If the printer is printing gibberish, try printing some simple text. If you’re able to print plain text but there’s a blank line between each line of text, check the printer’s dip switch, which controls the carriage return and line feed (CR/LF). By toggling this switch, you should be able to correct the problem.

If everything still comes out as gibberish, there are several possible causes—the most likely being an incorrect print driver. For example, if someone tries to print to the printer using a print driver that was intended for a laser printer, the job will print as gibberish. All future jobs will most likely print as gibberish until you have turned the printer off and back on.

A loose, faulty, or overly lengthy printer cable can also cause data to print gibberish. Try switching to a known good printer cable and see if the problem goes away.

If these techniques fail to fix the problem, try generating a print test directly from the printer (not from the computer). If the printer’s internal self-test also prints gibberish, there’s a good chance that the printer’s system board is bad.

Flashing lights Another problem that you may encounter is that the lights on the printer are flashing. You’ll have to check the printer’s instruction manual for this one. Different flashing patterns mean different things, and the meanings vary among different makes and models of printers. Flashing lights could indicate anything from low ink to a paper jam, to a cooked system board.

No activity at all If you print to the printer and nothing happens at all, make sure the printer is receiving power and is connected to the PC. If your users are on a network, you should also make sure the PC hasn’t been redirected to a network printer. If nothing seems to work try running a self-test on the printer. If the self-test doesn’t yield any activity, it could be that the motor has burned out or that the system board is fried.

Grinding noise I’ve seen dot matrix printers make loud grinding noises during printing. More often than not the grinding noise was caused by foreign matter jammed in the printer. Once this foreign matter was removed, the printer returned to normal. However, I have also seen gears strip out on printers because they had worked their way out of alignment. You might try turning off the printer and moving the carriage by hand to make sure everything moves smoothly and that there is no resistance. You should also inspect the belts for excessive wear that would indicate that they have stretched or are about to break.

Finding dot matrix printer parts If your local computer store doesn’t even acknowledge that dot matrix printers still exist, what do you do when you need a new ink ribbon or spare part for your printer? While searching the Internet may be the obvious solution, I want to share some particularly effective strategies I’ve come across for handling dot matrix availability problems.

Recycle old equipment This first strategy was used by a tech friend of mine who works for a large organization. The company purchased a sizeable number of Epson LQ-1050 printers in the early 1990s. As laser printers became more affordable, my friend began gradually replacing the dot matrix printers with networked laser printers. He realized, however, that there were a few employees that would always need a dot matrix printer.

To ensure that he would always have replacement parts, he made a habit of taking every dot matrix printer that was phased out and disassembling it. He then separated the various components and stored them in a several bins. One bin was filled with motors, another with print heads, another with gears, and the list goes on. As time went on, the company phased out well over 200 printers. Since there are only three people at the company who still use the dot matrix printers, those people will have spare parts available for a long time to come.

Look for replacements in unconventional places Another unique strategy I discovered involved a small hospital I supported several years ago. The hospital used dot matrix printers for patient billing. When an invoice was printed, a copy was sent to the patient, another copy was sent to the insurance company, and yet another copy was housed internally. The employee responsible for printing the invoices used an old Epson LQ-1170 printer. One day, the printer died and could not be resurrected.

In a situation like this, I would normally recommend that we buy another printer. Unfortunately, the facility’s billing system was based on proprietary DOS software. The software had the printer codes for the Epson LQ-1170 hard coded into it. So no printer would work except for an Epson LQ-1170.

When the employee asked where to get another printer, I suggested that she check the Internet, particularly eBay or another online auction Web site. That was late on a Friday afternoon. I really didn’t think any more about the problem until the employee called me on Monday morning and asked if I could hook up her printer. Much to my amazement, she had a functional Epson LQ-1170 that appeared to be in really good condition. When I asked where the printer came from, she told me that she always goes to yard sales on the weekends and found the printer at someone’s yard sale for five bucks. Sometimes you just get lucky.

Solutions for the rest of us If you are in need of a dot matrix printer, printer part, or ink ribbon and you don’t have a storage room full of spare parts at your disposal, and you’re too busy to raid the yard sales, the Internet is probably your best bet.

At the time that I was writing this article, I decided to see if I could locate any dot matrix printers on eBay. I tried searching on Epson LQ-1170, but didn’t have any luck. I then did a search on Epson, and found 198 items for sale. A good number of these were dot matrix printers, and I also found several ink ribbons for sale.

Of course searching eBay to find a mission critical printer or printer part can be a crapshoot. You never know if they will have what you’re looking for. And even if you do find it, it’s often hard to tell if you’re working with someone who is legitimate or how long it will take for it to ship.

If you would prefer a more reliable method of acquiring dot matrix printers, parts, or supplies, there are numerous Web sites, which specialize in printer parts and supplies. You can also check with some of the larger office supply companies. I was really surprised to see that Staples carries an entire line of new dot matrix printers. Don’t expect to find an old LQ-1050 or LQ-1170 in the mix, but if it’s a brand new dot matrix printer that you’re looking for, they’ve got it. I was kind of surprised to see how expensive some of the printers were though. While Staples does offer a dot matrix printer for $199, there were dot matrix printers that cost over $2,500.

If you have a favorite resource for dot matrix printer parts and supplies, share it with your fellow TechRepublic members by posting a comment to this article . If you’ve had a bad experience with a particular dot matrix supplier, tell us what happened in the discussion below.

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how to solve dot matrix problem

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how to solve dot matrix problem

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Products & Solutions

Trouble Shooting

Dot Matrix Printer Troubleshooting

Most problems associated with the printer can be traced to improper setup, installation, or cabling. The following table will assist you in identifying and correcting some of the more common problems.

Printout is faint

Carriage moves but there is no printing

Paper out detector inoperative

Paper slips around platen

Printer does not power up

Power is on but printer does not print

Carriage stops moving, all indicators start blinking

Paper wrinkles when using tractor feed

Buzzer sounds when installing single sheet

Printer cannot load single sheet through the top

Cut Sheet Feeder option (KX-P38) is installed but does not work

Unexpected characters appear in printing

Printout is double-spaced

Keeps printing on the same line

Wrong character set is printed

Cannot print ASCII characters with code above 127

Fanfold paper is jamming

KX-PS14 (serial interface board) is installed but cannot print

Cannot use parallel interface when installing serial interface board

Head gap lever is not in the proper position

Move the lever toward the (+) position until ink does not smear

Return to Top

Adjust the lever the proper position

Ribbon is not installed correctly

Re-insert ribbon



No AC Power

Check power cord

Printer is not ON LINE


Interface cable is not properly connected

Secure connection

Out of paper

Install new paper

Smoked plastic cover is open

Ensure cover is completely closed

Printhead has become overheated

Allow the printhead some time to cool down. The Printer will automatically resume printing

Path of printhead is blocked

Turn the power off, clear the path. Turn the power back on to resume printing

No reverse tension on paper

Set paper supply lower than printer


Set CSF MODE to OFF when not using the cut sheet feeder



EMULATION is set incorrectly

Check printer driver of your software package and set EMULATION accordingly


Set Auto LF to OFF

Computer is not sending a LF command

Wrong character set is selected

Set the character set as required

Data length is set incorrectly

Set data length as required

Paper not installed correctly in tractor

I/F is set to PARALLEL


KX-PS14 I/f is set to SERIAL


KX-PS13 Parallel interface cannot be used when a KX-PS13 is installed

Remove KX-PS13 when using parallel interface

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A solution to the common problems of dot matrix printers

  • Let the computer start to say goodbye to the black screen 
  • Do not spend money to do it yourself Laser printer is easy to handle troubleshooting methods 

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Tint View

The Window Tint Dot Matrix Problem

The Window Tint Dot Matrix Problem

How we deal with the most troublesome part of automotive window tinting.

Anyone that has installed automotive window film can attest that the most difficult area to successfully tint is the dot matrix area. Many installers have tried a variety of tricks to get the tint to stick properly to this area, while others have given up and simply install solid black vinyl to the area.

The reason for the difficulty associated with the dot matrix area lies in the inconsistency between different makes and models of cars – an installer must know what they are dealing with to properly address it. There are two main issues that a tint installer must contend with:

  • Many of the materials that comprise the dots in the dot matrix are non-stick substances. The dots are designed to ward-off adhesion, so the installer is fighting against the very properties of the material. Imagine trying to get something to stick onto a Teflon coated frying pan – no matter what you do, things will just slide off.
  • If the installer successfully gets the tint to adhere to the dots, they are then faced with the issue of “silvering.” Silvering is the term given to the inconsistent shiny outline that appears on dot matrix areas after tinting.

To override the first issue, installers will use a mild abrasive to scuff the surface of the dots, turning them into a more likely subject for adhesion. When scuffing the surface is combined with a solution that promotes adhesion, installers are very likely to get a high-quality adhesion. Unfortunately, this strategy alone won’t prevent silvering.

Silvering happens when the profile of the dots prevents the film from adhering directly to the glass. The dots are spaced so closely together that the film is suspended above the glass without being able to completely adhere. Imagine trying to apply a screen cover to a smartphone with a dirty screen – it won’t stick well, and you get those big circles around each dust particle. The gap between the film and the glass is what causes the silvering.

This is a difficult problem, and resorting to sanding, painting, or vinyl wrapping your window to avoid the dot matrix silvering issue is a bit overkill. What we do at Tint View is infrared cure your film before handing it back to you. This means all of the moisture is out of the film before you take possession. This results in a more secure adhesion around the dots and greatly reduced silvering around the edges of your back windows. A little fingertip pressure is all it takes to make it disappear, without the need to make irreversible alterations to your windows.

To avoid issues with the dot matrix, make sure you are dealing with an experienced and reputable tint shop. For a free quote, or to have any questions answered, just  give us a call or send us a message .

how to solve dot matrix problem

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how to solve dot matrix problem

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    Possible Cause/Fixes · Check printer's dip switch · Update print driver · Check for loose or faulty printer cable. Wondering If It's Time to Replace Your Older

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  6. 10 Dot-Matrix Printer Maintenance Tips To Help Increase Uptime

    Try switching to a known good printer cable and see if the problem goes away. If these techniques fail to fix the problem, try generating a

  7. Troubleshoot common dot matrix printer problems with these

    This almost always signals a problem with the print head. Usually, a pin in the print head has stopped working. I recommend making sure that the

  8. Dot Matrix Printer Troubleshooting

    Most problems associated with the printer can be traced to improper setup, installation, or cabling. The following table will assist you in identifying and

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  13. A solution to the common problems of dot matrix printers

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  14. The Window Tint Dot Matrix Problem

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