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13+ FREE Notification Letter Samples

A notification letter is a formal document that is written with the purpose of informing the addressee of the letter about some event, incident or any other important information. Both individuals and companies use notification letters in their daily routines. In businesses, a notification letter can be used to provide important information like changes in policy or policies, job approval, change in name of business, change in business address, a new business strategy or any other thing like that. However, on a personal level, a notification letter can be used to inform about someone’s death, about marriage, celebration, or a personal gathering, etc.

As a notification letter is written with a viewpoint of informing others about something important, it should be composed and drafted in a formal tone. The writer of such a letter should keep the content of the letter clear, concise and straightforward so that the addressee can easily understand the message of the letter. Some example notification letters are given below for different scenarios or situations that are completely free to use and you can download and edit them as well.

Notification Letter from Bank to Client

There can be many instances that a bank has to notify or inform its clients or customers of something important, such as changes in bank details or changes in bank policies, etc. So the formal way of informing the client or customer is to write a notification letter to him/her. For example, a sample notification letter is given below that is written by a bank to its client.

Subject: Notification Letter from Bank to Client

Dear Mr./Mrs.[name of Recipient],

I hope you will find this letter in great health. I am [sender name] and I am [sender designation] of [name of bank]. I am writing this letter to notify you that we are no longer using the account details which were shared earlier with you, of account number [mention account number and bank branch code].

Kindly make sure to note that the above account details for the account shall not be valid from [mention the date]. So, we request you to process and forward the given below new account details for future payments or transfers:

Thanking You,

formal letter of notification

File Size: 20KB

File Type: MS WORD

Notification Letter for Vacating the Property

In order to vacate a property as per laws and regulations, the landlord or property owner or his/her manager must notify the tenants about vacating the property, by writing a proper notification letter to them. In such cases, it is very important that such a letter must be written and sent to the tenant or tenants at a reasonable time. Keep one thing in mind that while writing such a letter, your tone must be courteous, polite and professional, and the recipient should not be felt threatened at all. Check this simple notification letter written for the purpose of vacating the property.

Subject: Notification Letter for Vacating the Property

Dear Mr./Mrs.[landlord/property manager/owner’s name],

It is to inform you that as per my lease/tenancy agreement, I am writing this letter as a [mention number of days] days notice that I will be moving out of [mention property/rental unit name or number] as a result of ending my lease/tenancy agreement. This letter shall serve as my written notice of intent to vacate the mentioned property.

It would be very kind of you if you could refund my security deposit in full, as I am leaving the property in a good condition. For your satisfaction, you can inspect it whenever you like to, but make sure to contact me before, at the given below details.

Thanking you in anticipation.

formal letter of notification

Notification Letter for Resignation

In order to resign from a job post and move on to a new one in some other organization, you must make sure that you bid farewell to your existing employer in a great manner. For that purpose, you can write a notification letter informing your employer about your resignation. You must clearly indicate the date you want to resign, be thankful to the employer for providing employment opportunities and offer your assistance during the transition period. Please note that such a notification letter must also be served at a reasonable time before your resignation so that the company can arrange some other personnel at your place.

Subject: Notification Letter for Resignation

I am writing this letter to notify you that I will resign from the position of [mention Job Title] on [mention date]. I have recently been offered the position of [mention job position/title] at [mention Company name] and I don’t want to miss this opportunity.

I am grateful to the company for providing me the opportunities to work, learn and polish my skills for the past [number of years] years. I will never ever forget that and I will always wish that the company would keep on growing. Please let me know if I could be of any help during this transition.

Thanks again to all of you for such a great time and for always guiding me the right way. I wish you all the best and will look forward to staying in touch with you.

Feel free to contact me for further queries.

Yours Sincerely,

formal letter of notification

Notification Letter for Meeting

To inform a department or any other stakeholders or group of stakeholders, about a meeting, a notification letter is written and circulated for that purpose, to concerned people. This letter must provide necessary details about the meeting like its date, day, time and the agenda items that are to be discussed at the meeting. Check out the given below notification letter sample for the meeting so as to get a better idea of how to draft one.

Subject: Notification Letter for Meeting

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the meeting of [mention the name of Meeting like BOD meeting] that is going to be held on [mention day and date] at [mention time]. The main purpose of this meeting is to discuss [briefly explain what is required to be discussed in the meeting]. Additionally, we plan to discuss the following agendas as well in this meeting:

1- Agenda 1

2- Agenda 2

3- Agenda 3

4- Agenda 4

As this meeting is very important so we request you to make sure to take part in it and be there at a specified time and date.

formal letter of notification

Notification Letter for Meeting Postponed

As the name suggests, such a letter is written to notify the postpone or delay of a meeting. The sender must make sure to direct the letter to the right person or persons. If a meeting is to be postponed or delayed, the notification letter must be written and delivered at a reasonable time, stating the reasons for any such delay or postpone.

Subject: Notification Letter for Meeting Postponed

I am writing this letter to inform you that the meeting of [mention the name of Meeting like BOD meeting] that is going to be held on [mention day and date] at [mention time] has been postponed due to [state the reason briefly]. As this meeting is very important, so it will be conducted any time next month.

You will be informed about the exact date and time of the meeting. Sorry for your inconvenience.

formal letter of notification

Notification Letter for Leave

When you are on a leave, it is your duty to inform your colleagues and subordinates about your absence. So, you should do so by writing a notification letter for this purpose and clearly state that what should they do during your absence from the office.

Subject: Notification Letter for Leave

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will be on leave for [mention the event] from [this date] to [this date]. I will reply to your emails or answer your queries once I return to the office. In case of emergency, you can contact me at [mention contact number].

Sorry for the inconvenience.

formal letter of notification

Notification Letter for Late Payment

In businesses, you have to face the issue of late or delayed payments every now and then. So in order to remind your clients or customers whose payment is due and is unpaid, you need to write a notification letter to them requesting them to clear their dues. Make sure to keep your tone professional and courteous and you should be reminding them and not threatening them with your letter. Check this sample notification letter for more clear understanding.

Subject: Notification Letter for Late Payment

I would like to bring to your attention that the payment against invoice/bill no [mention invoice number] is overdue. Let me remind you that our company policy is to provide our clients with [mention days/weeks] of credit after their last bill so that they can pay the bill with ease.

However, our records show that now your payment is [mention number of days/weeks] overdue. Therefore, I would request you to make this payment as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact our customer service department for any further details or queries. Looking forward to a positive gesture from you.

Best Regards,

formal letter of notification

Basic Elements of a Formal Notification Letter

You can check out the sample notification letters which are provided on this page and can easily modify each and every one of them. Moreover, you can understand the basic format or draft of a proper formal notification letter, from these sample letters. Still, if you want to know how to write a notification letter yourself, keep in mind these given below basic elements of a notification letter.


Especially in the case of a formal notification letter, it is very important that the letter should reach the right person. The sender should clearly direct to whom the letter is written. So that’s why, you should clearly mention complete details of the recipient like name, address, job title and contact details, etc.

Mentioning the date in a notification letter is much important than in any other letter. Some notification letters must be written and sent at an earlier time, due to the nature of the event that is notified or to be notified in the letter, or simply due to any other reason. So as a sender, you must not forget to mention the date you are writing the letter.

Just like mentioning the date, stating the subject of writing the letter is also very important here. As the subject is one-liner of your whole letter, make sure to write it correctly.


After opening the letter and mentioning the date and subject of the letter, you can greet the recipient and mention your introduction like your name, and the organization that you work for, and communicating with the recipient on their behalf.


The sender must clearly mention his/her relationship with the recipient of the letter i.e, whether he/she is the recipient’s employer, bank, customer or stakeholder, etc. Any other information that defines the basis of the sender’s and recipient’s relationship can also be mentioned.

After that, the sender must write about the event for which he/she is writing the notification letter. Please note that this event could be something that has already happened and the purpose of writing the letter is to notify the recipient about that event. Or it could be anything like an occasion, that is yet to happen or be held or conducted. So, the sender must write all the necessary details of that event in the letter.

The Ending:

At the end of the notification letter, the sender must thank the recipient for their time, mention his/her name, his/her designation and sign the letter. Also, don’t forget to leave your contact details in the letter.

Notification Letter for Internal Audit

Many large-scale entities and companies prefer to conduct internal audits so as to improve the quality of their work or services and to detect any weaknesses of the systems and operations. So whenever any such internal audit is to be conducted, every department of the organization must be informed about it, through a notification letter for internal audit. Check the sample below to learn how to write this type of notification letter.

Subject: Notification Letter for Internal Audit

This is to inform you that in order to improve the quality of work within the organization and to follow high-quality work standards, we are planning to conduct an internal audit as on [mention date].

This internal audit is to be conducted with the following specific goals in mind:

The internal audit will be conducted as per the following routine:

We kindly request you to cooperate with the audit team. For further queries, feel free to contact me.

formal letter of notification

Notification Letter for Increase in Rental Payment

Just like the notification letter for vacating the property, a landlord or property owner must have to write a notification letter for an increase in rental payment. He must clearly mention in the letter from which date the rent will increase and whether or not the tenant wants to continue his/her tenancy. This notification letter must be written and delivered at a reasonable time before the date of the increase in rent.

Subject: Notification Letter for Increase in Rental Payment

Dear Mr./Mrs.[name of Tenant],

I am writing this letter to inform you that from [mention date], the rent per month for [mention property or unit number] will be increased from [mention previous rent amount] to [mention new rent amount]. Just like before, this rental payment will be due on or before [mention the due date of payment of rent] of every month.

If you wish to continue the tenancy, the new monthly rental payment of [mention new monthly amount] is required. All the other terms and conditions of the original rental agreement will remain the same.

Please make sure to reply to this letter if you wish to continue or discontinue the tenancy. Thanking you in anticipation.

formal letter of notification

Notification Letter for Employee Termination

As an employer or a senior, you often have to write letters to employees to notify them about the termination of their employment. In such a letter you should clearly state the reasons for such termination and wish the recipient the best of luck for his/her future. You can use the given below sample notification letter for employee termination if you have to write such a letter.

Subject: Notification Letter for Employee Termination

I am writing this letter with regret to inform you that your employment with [mention Company Name] is being terminated, effective [add date]. This termination is due to [State reason or reasons].

Kindly make sure to return any company property you possess. Any delay in doing so will cause a delay in the issuance of your final paycheck. Any outstanding payments to you will be paid in accordance with the terms and policies of the company.

Feel free to contact me for any further details or queries. Wish you the best of luck in your future.

formal letter of notification

Notification Letter for Data Security Breach

In the modern-day world, cyber-attacks are quite common that any company or organization can face at any time. So if a company or business faces any such attack and its customer’s or clients’ data is breached, it should make sure to inform its clients or customers by writing a notification letter or notification email for a data security breach. In this letter, the sender must state what actions they are taking to resolve the situation and should also direct the customers on what to do.

Subject: Notification Letter for Data Security Breach

I am writing this letter with regret to inform you that there has been an incident involving unauthorized access to data and information associated with online purchases made on our company website [mention website name]. At present, we are unaware of what kind of breach is made and what type of customer information is targeted but we are trying our best to resolve this situation as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we request you to please remove your credit or debit card details, or details of any other purchase method you normally use, from our website. We are trying our best to resolve this situation as soon as possible and we are informing all of our affected potential customers just like you, so that you may suffer no loss.

Sorry for this inconvenience. Hope to get your support on this matter. Feel free to contact us for any further details or queries. 

formal letter of notification

Notification Letter for Closure of Business

A business can be closed for a number of reasons like shortage of funds, not having enough customers, regular increase in debts or mismanagement, etc. If the owners decide to close their operations, they should notify the people with whom they are currently doing business, about this decision of theirs. This can be done by writing a notification letter for the closure of the business. Check out this given sample notification letter if you want to inform the people about closing your business.

Subject: Notification Letter for Closure of Business

I am writing this letter to inform you that we, [mention company or business name] are closing our operations on [mention date of closure of business]. It would be kind of you if you could come and visit us on or before the mentioned date and collect your unsold stock. After that date, we will not be responsible for anything. The mentioned date will be the last day of our operation after which we will not be available for any assistance.

I would like to thank you for always supporting us and it was a pleasure doing business with you. For account settlement, please make sure to notify me at least [mention number of days] before the final settlement or resolution.

Feel free to contact me for any further queries or information.

With Best Regards,

formal letter of notification

Notification Letter for Change of Business Name

During its lifetime, a company or a business can change its business name anytime and as many times as possible. This change does not and shall not affect any operational or other business activities of the business. Sometimes the companies change their names so as to get more visibility and public retention. So, when you change your business name, it is your obligation to inform all the stakeholders about the same, by writing them a notification letter. Check this sample letter below to get a better idea.

Subject: Notification Letter for Change of Business Name

This is to inform you that our organization has changed its name from [mention Old name] to this new name, [mention New name]. This change came into effect on [mention date].

Kindly note that there is no change in the management, the products/services or the range of products/services that we provide. The change in name has no impact on any operational or ongoing activities of our company.

Feel free to contact us for any further queries.

formal letter of notification

Notification Letter for Breach of Agreement

A deal between two or more parties is done through a mutual agreement. So, whenever such an agreement is breached, it is the duty of each party to inform or notify the other party about it, whether the breach is done intentionally or unintentionally. This can be done by writing a notification letter for breach of agreement to the other party from whom the breach is suspected. Make sure you inform the other party about the breach and the purpose is not to blame them for the breach. In such a letter, the sender must clearly mention what clauses, terms or conditions of the agreement are breached.

Subject: Notification Letter for Breach of Agreement

I am writing this letter to notify you that the agreement for [mention the agreement name and details] which was signed between your company, [recipient company name] and our company, [sender company name] as on [mention date of signing of agreement] has been breached.

On our initial investigations, we found out that the [mention term or clause of the contract that has been breached] has been breached on your part. We are still investigating this matter and will let you know about the further proceedings.

I request you to take this matter into consideration on your own as well. For further queries, feel free to contact our legal support team.

Looking forward to your positive response.

formal letter of notification

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Sample Notification Letters for Businesses

how to write an attention letter

Direct Mail as Easy as Email With our Print & Mail API

What Are Notification Letters And How To Effectively Use Them For Your Business?

Notifications are great! It makes our lives so much easier and less stressful. The more critical the information, the more prominent you want the notification message. A standard printed letter of notification is still the best way for businesses to notify their customers about a significant event.

how to write an attention letter

Sure, you could use email and text messages to send this notification. But people often do not pay attention to digital notification messages. Some may even have notifications turned off on their phones. Business organizations still prefer to use notification letters due to this reason.

This article discusses everything you need to know about notification letters and their classifications. It also provides a sample letter and explains how your business can effectively send notifications to your target audience. 

direct mail operations

What Are Notification Letters?

A notification letter is a document that a person or an entity uses to “notify” or inform the recipient of an important decision. Typically, notification letters allow you to convey important information to the recipient(s).

The purpose of sending a notification letter is to pass information to the recipient formally or officially. Business organizations often use notification letters to communicate with their customers and partner organizations.

You can use notification letters for a variety of purposes in business communication. For instance, you can use a notification letter for the following cases.

  • To follow the lawsuit.
  • As part of a new business strategy.
  • To inform about job approvals.
  • To notify about changes in business policy.
  • To announce a change or update in the business name.
  • To tell about new business packages.

Generally, most notification letters are sent or received by parties in some form of business arrangement/agreement. Suppose there exists an official business agreement between two parties. In that case, both parties are obliged by law to inform each other about any significant changes that could affect their business relationship.

What Are The Different Types Of Notification Letters?

You can classify notification letters broadly into three different groups. There are numerous types of notification types out there. But in practical situations, we use a notification letter belonging to one of these categories. 

Notification Letter

Data breach notification letter.

  • Death Notification Letter

The standard notification letter type is suitable for most situations regardless of whether you are an individual or a business organization. You can use a formal letter of notification as an official communication from your business organization. 

It could serve as an official invitation to a new event you are organizing soon or as a report of a recently conducted event. You can also use the standard notification letters to communicate with your employees or to inform job approvals.

There are numerous other ways you can use a standard notification letter. You can use notification letters to pass that critical information to your employees, customers, and business partners.

Businesses must ensure full disclosure of information with their clients and partnering organizations. The data breach notification letter allows organizations to inform or warn the recipients of a data security breach. In many cases, organizations are legally obliged to send notification letters in the event of a data breach.

Take healthcare organizations, for example. Healthcare data is sensitive and enjoys protection under HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. In the event of a data breach, the organization managing the Protected Health Information (PHI) must send notification letters to the patients. 

You can automate such healthcare mailing operations and similar notification letters to your customers using automation. For example, You can use an automated direct mail marketing solution like PostGird to send all your mail automatically, including notifications.

Data breach often affects many people, and you must notify each individual whose data may be compromised. PostGrid enables you to bulk mail notification letters with wase and ensure proper business communication.

Death Notification Letter 

The other type of notification letter you can commonly see is the death notification letter. Companies or business organizations usually send this notification letter only on rare occasions. 

As you can guess from the Name, you may use a death notification letter when a person passes away.  Usually, the deceased person’s relatives use death notification letters to inform other people or entities about the death. 

It allows them to add a death notice to manage the deceased person’s files and accounts. Business organizations may also send death notification letters in a member of the organization passes away. 

How To Write A Letter Of Notification For Your Business?

Writing a letter of notification is relatively easy once you know the basics. You must learn the essential elements or pieces of information to include in the notification letter. The real challenge is when you have to send notifications to numerous people.

Preparing notification letters and mailing them in bulk is a time-consuming process. Moreover, it can become plagued with errors if you use a manual process for sending your notifications. It is why most businesses prefer to use an automated system like PostGrid to send their notifications.

Before we discuss how you can optimally send your notification letters, let’s look at the essential components to include in your notifications.

Addressee Or Recipient

The first and most crucial element to include in your notification letters is the recipient’s or addressee’s details. You must ensure that you have the correct Name and address of the recipient on the letter and its envelope.

Printing the wrong Name or address in the letter could mean the recipient will never receive your notification. You can use PostGrid’s address verification tool and direct mail automation to ensure the accurate delivery of your notification letters.  

PostGrid’s address verification tool compares your customer address data with USPS’s official address database to ensure its validity. You can then use PostGrid’s direct mail automation tool to send your notification letters to these verified addresses securely. 


The introduction or start of your letter of notification is another vital element you must consider before creating your letter. Remember to greet whomever you are addressing towards the beginning of the letter and introduce yourself.

However, you can easily ensure this by using a notification letter template for creating your letters. Tools like PostGrid even lets you save these letter templates. Templates are available for types of business mailers.

You can save a letter template for all your mail communication in PostGrid and use them appropriately. The notification letter template must also state your company’s Name and inform them that you are talking on behalf of the company. 

Relationship Basis

After introducing yourself and your company in the letter of notification, you must establish the basis of your relationship with the recipient. Use this part of the letter to refresh the recipient’s memory on how they know your company and their relationship with your firm. 

You can start with something that signifies the origin of your professional relationship with your company. For instance, let’s say you have a signed contract with the recipient. In that case, you can include the details like the contract number or relevant dates in your notification letters to your recipients.

Other details you can include in your notification letters are the subject of the agreement the recipient signed with your company. It is unlikely that the recipient can identify your business from the agreement/contract number alone. Use the information you think can help your recipients best identify your company in this letter section.

Event Description

Suppose you are sending a bunch of notification letters from your business organization. In that case, there is likely some event related to the letter. After establishing your relationship with the recipient in the letter, you can move on to talk about the event. 

In other words, in this section, you can explain what the purpose of your notification is to the recipient. This section of the letter of notification is the most crucial part of the letter. You must be clear about what you say and explain the event’s details as best as possible.

Think of it this way- The amount of information you include in the notification letter should effectively answer any questions the recipient can have about the event. Suppose you can only fit some of the information in the letter. In that case, you can always include a QR code that provides the necessary information.

PostGrid can help you ensure a seamless transition from offline to online medium using its expertise. You can add a QR code to your letter of notification that leads straight to your website or landing page. The advanced automation capabilities of PostGrid also make it easier to include direct mail in your multi/omnichannel marketing efforts. 

Contact Information

Before concluding your letter of notification, you must make it a point to include your contact information. Contact information is necessary for your notification message because it allows the recipient to reach out to you. 

The recipient or addressee may have several questions regarding the notification letters you send them. For example, a financial service provider mails a collection letter to one of its customers. 

If the recipient feels that the information in the letter is wrong or inaccurate, they would want to contact you. A similar situation can arise in any business, and the recipient needs to be able to talk to you if they wish. Hence, it is crucial to include your address details in your company’s notification letters and other communications. 

Letter Conclusion

You can end your notification letters by thanking the recipient for their time. To make the letter official, remember to document your (authorized) signature and the Date in the notification.

Notification Letter Sample

It is impossible to discuss the notification letter sample in every situation. However, the essential elements of the letter and its format stay the same. Below you can find a sample letter that you can use to create your templates and send a notification to your audience. 

[Name of the Sender]

[Addess of the sender, including the ZIP Code]

[Name of the recipient]

[Addess of the recipient, including the ZIP Code]

Re: Celebrating the 13th anniversary of [Company name]

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Name is [Name of the sender], and I am from [company name]. As one of our most loyal clients, we are thrilled to invite you to celebrate [Company name] ‘s 13th anniversary with us at [Event venue] at [Event date and time]. It gives us tremendous joy and pride to tell you that we are now one of the leading eCommerce experts in the country. Nothing will make us happier than sharing this moment with you. 

If you have any questions regarding the event, you can contact us anytime at [Phone number].

Sincerely Yours,

[Name of the sender]

[Sign of the sender]

What Are The Benefits Of Using Automation To Send Notification Letters?

Automation is a quick and easy way to send notification letters to your target audience with zero errors. It lets you optimize your mailing process and ensure efficient communication for your business organization. 

Some of the significant benefits of using an automated solution for your business mailers, including notification letters, are as follows.

  • Track all your mail outs and deliveries.
  • Minimize human error.
  • HIPAA and SOC2-compliant data protection.
  • Easy bulk mailing capabilities.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Free template gallery and custom redesign templates.
  • Advanced security with enterprise-level hosting.

Do you want to implement these capabilities to send your business notification letters? Sign up with PostGrid to streamline your mail communications!

automate direct mail

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256 Example Notification Letters, Guides and Samples

Choose a topic to view example notification letters:, more notification letters, civic/government, credit/loan, miscellaneous, social events/travel, recommended notification letter articles.


How to write an inform letter

Recommended letter-writing resources.


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Letter Closings

  • Real Estate

What Is a Notification Letter?

Notification letters types, how to write a notification letter, notification letter template, notification letter templates and samples.

A Notification Letter is a document that individuals and entities can use when they want to inform the addressee of important information. The purpose of the letter is to inform the addressee about an event, an accident, or any other occasion that has taken place recently or is about to take place.

Check out our PDF library below for more Notification Letter templates. The document can be used in various situations. Generally, it is used by parties that are involved in a Business Agreement and are obligated by contract to inform each other about different changes.

Even though there are many types of Notification Letters some of them are used more often than others. If a sender does not know what kind of letter will be most suitable they can look through the descriptions below.

  • Notification Letter . This is a type of letter which is suitable for the majority of situations when an individual or an entity is supposed to give the addressee an official notification about an event that has recently occurred or will occur in the near future.
  • Data Breach Notification Letter . Entities can use this document when they want to warn the addressee that a data security breach has happened and there is a chance that the personal information of the addressee has been involved in this breach.
  • Death Notification Letter Template and Sample . When somebody passes away, their relatives can use this letter to inform different individuals and entities about it and to ask them to add a death notice to their files and accounts.

The proper Notification Letter format includes the following parts:

  • Addressee. To make sure the letter will reach the right hands, the sender should designate the name and the address of the addressee.
  • Introduction. In the first part of the document, the sender can greet the addressee, introduce themselves, and state on behalf of which company they are contacting the addressee.
  • Basis for the Relationship. Senders can use this part to remind the addressee about the origin of their professional relationship. They can indicate the number and date of the contract that they have signed, the subject of the agreement they are involved in, or any other information that defines their relationship.
  • Description of the Event. Here the sender can describe the occasion which happened to be the reason for writing this notification. It should be depicted with great detail and provide the addressee with an extended amount of information that would answer all their potential inquires.
  • Contact Information. In case the addressee will have any questions concerning the subject or would like to request additional documents, the sender can include their contact details in the letter. The details can consist of the sender’s telephone number and email.
  • Conclusion. At the end of the letter, the sender can thank the addressee for their time, sign, and date the document.

The sender can attach additional documents to the formal Letter of Notification. The purpose of the documents is to prove that the event described in the letter took place, or provide the addressee with recommendations on what they can do to help the situation. For example, when writing a Death Notification Letter, then the sender can enclose documents that prove that they are the descendent of the individual that has passed away. If writing a Data Breach Notification Letter, then the sender can include a list of recommendations the addressee can follow to protect their data.

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Sample Death Notification Letter

This is a formal statement prepared by a relative, friend, lawyer, or executor of a deceased person to inform other people about their death.

Death Notification Letter Template

The purpose of this letter is to notify individuals and entities that a person stated in the document has passed away.

Sample Data Breach Notification Letter

Wondering what information to include in your data breach notification letter? Use this sample template when writing your own letter to notify customers that a data breach has occurred.

Use this template as reference when writing your very own Notification Letter.

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Notification letter for termination of job contract due to Performance

Notification Letters

What is a notification letter.

Many organizations write the notification letter when they have to share some important information with the recipient. Generally, these letters are issued by the employer to his employees in order to tell something important. However, this letter is also used by different organizations to candidates.

For example, different embassies write the notification letter to the candidate to let him know whether his visa has accepted or not. No matter for what purpose you writes the letter, the objective of writing the letter should be clear

Tips for writing the notification letter:

In order to write a formal notification letter, the following tips can be very helpful for you.

  • The letter should be written in a concise way in order to avoid any type of confusion. The basic objective of writing the letter should be a complete understanding of the recipient.
  • It is important to include the background if you are notifying the recipient about your decision that you have made on the basis of something that happened in the past. For example, if you are notifying the employees about the prohibition of a cell phone during working hours, explain it in the letter that you have repeatedly asked the employees not to use the cell phone and now you are compelled to implement this policy.
  • If you are notifying the employee about the implementation of the policy in the organization, mention the date on which the policy will be implemented.
  • Keep the language of the letter simple and easy to understand.
  • The letter should not be too long. For this, remove unnecessary details from it.
  • The letter should be signed by the higher authorities of the organization

Notification letter template:

A professionally written letter has its own grace. One should know the importance of the notification letter before sending it to anyone. The notification letter template contains the complete format of the letter. Those who don’t know how to start the letter can take help from the template.

Moreover, the body of the letter template also gives an idea about how to write the notification letter. You can also download the notification letter template specific to your notification.

Few Samples

Notification letter for termination of job contract due to performance.

Subject: Termination of job contract due to [X] for [X]

I am writing this letter with a heavy heart and regret to notify you that your contract with [ABC Company] is going to be terminated from [date].  You know that I had some concerns taking your performance and, in this regard, I held a couple of meetings with you as well. In those meetings, we clearly discussed those problems we were facing owing to your poor performance. You were also given a sufficient time of 2 months to improve your performance and to rectify the mistakes that you had made in the past. However, no improvement in your behavior was observed during the said period. 

The management, after collecting all the relevant reports from your supervisor, decided to terminate your contract due to poor performance at the workplace. They were of the view that you did not pay any attention to your work, failed to meet the deadlines, remained absent for a week without informing, and involved in losing some of the valuable and potential clients of the company due to which the company had to bear great losses.

Due to all the above-mentioned reasons, your behavior became unprofessional that management had to take this hard decision of terminating your job contract.

Your final payment has been calculated by Human Resource Department and will be released on [date] after clearance from the finance department. Your experience certificate will also be dispatched to the address by the end of this month. At the same time, you are being requested to return all the company belongings you had been using since [X]. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

formal letter of notification

Company name change notification letter

To whom it may concern

Through this notification letter, we are informing our clients, business and formal contacts and everybody who is related with company matters due to any reason that with effect from [date] we are going to change our company name from [ABC] to [XYZ]. You are therefore requested to update your records with the new name of the company. It must be noted that from now onward, all the transactions, communication, and correspondence, which takes place on behalf of the company, will be done with reference to its new name [XYZ].

The above-mentioned decision was taken in a high-level meeting of officials at the company’s head office.

It is further notified that so far, no more change has been made regarding business nature, management structure, or customer services. We will update you if any further change is made. In the end, I would request you to send me an acknowledgment email to let me know that the new and updated name of the company has been noted by all of you. Thank you all for your kind cooperation with us.

formal letter of notification

Notification letter for meeting

Stars Marketing Limited 38-A, Crawford Street, Ontario, Canada Notification for 20 th General Annual Meeting

I am pleased to notify you that the 20 th general annual meeting of shareholders of Stars Marketing Limited is going to be held on Friday, 25 th of October 20XX at 11:00 a.m. at the conference hall of the company head office located at [place]. This time, the meeting has been planned to keep in view the following agenda:

  • Consideration and adoption of the new accounts for the year 20XX following the recommendation of the board of directors.
  • Declaration of dividend for the current year fiscal which has been ended on [date].
  • Election of board of directors for a new term of three years.
  • Election of new office bearers for the next three years term.
  • Appointment of auditors and to fix their remuneration.
  • Miscellaneous/any other business related to company activities.
  • Voice of thanks.

Following points must be kept in mind keeping in view the upcoming meeting.

  • The deadline to get yourself registered for the meeting is [date] till 4:00 p.m. sharp. Registration facility has also been provided online on the company’s website.
  • Any member, not able to attend the meeting, may appoint a proxy to attend the meeting and to vote on his / her own behalf. For this purpose, a proxy form must be signed and stamped by a concerned member in case of such a situation.
  • Entrance to the meeting hall will be subjected to the production of the invitation and attendance slip which has been attached with this notification letter.

I hope you all will play your positive role in making the meeting successful. Thank you.

formal letter of notification


How to Write a Formal Notification Letter

Writing a Formal Notification Letter tips

The purpose of writing a notification letter is to deliver some important information to the recipient of the letter in a formal manner. There are various reasons for which notification letters are written. For instance, notification letter for your name change, notification letter to your landlord for leaving the rental premises and various others.

Notification letters are used for both formal and informal purposes. And if you also have to write a notification letter to some of your creditor at work or for some other unofficial purpose then you must read on this article to know how to write a flawless notification letter.

Here are some guidelines which are extremely important while writing a perfect notification letter:

1. Always start with your letter with a date and with the name of the recipient. Both these details are very important to start your letter. In case, the letter is meant for a group of people then you don’t need to start your letter with any particular name. You may use “To whom it may concern” in an official setting.

2. Mention the purpose for writing the letter . You have to be very clear, straightforward in stating your motive behind this letter. Always remember that you must rule out every possibility of confusion while stating the reason. Keep it short and sweet. In case the letter includes some unpleasant news then you must include a clear and honest explanation of what happened in the letter. The idea is to have no confusion and best of clarity.

3. If you are expecting the recipient to reply you on this letter then make sure you state your intention so that the recipient can respond to you. If not, then you may end the letter with a simple thank you in the end.

4. Do not miss to include your contact details in the letter so that you can be contacted by the recipient.

5. It is important that you sign the letter. Sending an unsigned notification letter will never be treated as a complete letter.

6. Always read your letter before sending it. Look for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes to ensure that there is nothing missing and nothing extra in your letter.

With these steps, you can comfortably frame a fool-proof notification letter for any reason as now you know how to go about drafting it.

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