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  • February 17, 2024
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Are you an aspiring creative writer based in Kolkata? Do you have the imagination and flair for words but don’t know how to channelize this creative gift into a career? Or are you someone who is looking to enhance your creative writing skills further?  If you feel that you can relate to any of the above, then you are reading the correct article. Through this article, we will try and cover all the essential aspects of creative writing. From the basics of creative writing, the skills required to be a creative writer, creative writing courses in Kolkatta, industries where you can work as a creative writer, and job portals for creative writing professionals, everything is covered here.

List of best creative writing courses in Kolkata

So, First Things First! Let Us Understand What Creative Writing is and Where is It Used.

The term creative writing is a modern or contemporary term, used to define traditional literature writing and similar genres. In creative writing, thoughts and emotions are conveyed and expressed by using phrases and adjectives. Being original with ideas and expressions is one of the key requirements of creative writing.

Creative writing is a style, written from imagination, has originality, and often contains a plot, a story, and characters. Here the content is a combination of storytelling, writing style, pace, and rhythm. It can be fictional or non-fictional. Poetry is also a form of creative writing. Memoirs, essays, food blogging, travel experiences, biographic essays, Screenplay writing, and story writing can all be different forms of non-fictional creative writing.

It requires skill and needs the practice to be able to express and write professionally. Keeping the level of professional acumen required to be a creative writer, it is highly recommended to join creative writing courses in Kolkata or in your state of residence.

Some Useful Skills Required to Be a Creative Writer:

1. Power of Imagination and Expression: You should be able to express your imagination in words to be able to make your plot engaging to the reader.

2. Strong Vocabulary and Correct Grammar: A good command of the English language is necessary to be able to use phrases and words with correct punctuations and tenses. This will enrich your content and help you to produce high-quality material that appeals to the audience.

3. Perceptive Skills: Observations of real-life activities help to express all facets of life in words. Perceptive skills help to include facts and reason in your content.

4. Detail Oriented: The more details you provide in the story, the more engaging it becomes for the reader.

5. Communication Skills : While this might seem obvious, a good writer must have excellent communication skills to be able to express transparently and concisely.

6. Research Skills: You learn as a writer when you research. A little research will help you to write on various subjects and genres and won’t restrict you to repetitive style and topics. Search engines like Google can help you to research topics that suit your niche or as per your client’s request.

7. Editing Skills: A good content writer should also be good at editing the article so it becomes impressive for the reader. Always proofread your article so that you can correctly spell checks, punctuations, and grammatical errors, and present clean, edited content to your client. Many software is available to check these online.

8. Organization Skills : Getting organized while writing will prove to be very helpful in your success. Organizing your writing tools on your laptop or computer, Maintaining track of the revisions, and saving the files will help you to thrive and grow as a successful creative writer.

9. Maintaining Discipline: As a creative writer you may handle multiple tasks at a time and it can become overwhelming at times. Your commitment to write on a daily basis in order to meet your deadlines will help you with timely submissions of articles. Also writing regularly as a practice on various topics and posting blogs will help you enhance your writing habits and can be crucial in being awarded more work and income.

10. Follow the Readability Principles: Readers are your best judge. In order to make sure that your articles are read by people, you may follow these basic readability principles:

  • Be direct with your readers
  • Use active voice
  • Keep it simple and optimized
  • Stick to one idea
  • Proofread your work

11. SEO and WordPress: In addition to the above skills thorough knowledge of the internet is also required. The use of WordPress and SEO will help you to create content for the web. Although the algorithms of SEO keep changing, basic knowledge of SEO can help you to create and publish ranked content.

12. Use of Social Media: Social networking is a skill that writers should develop to reach out to their clients and other people. The role of Social media has increased, as today many people shop online. As a result advertising on social media has become mandatory for all business owners and brands. Content writers and creative writers are high in demand for producing interesting and original content.

13. Make Call to Action : (CTAs) are ways to attract readers’ attention and boost viewership. Your job as a writer is to ensure a CTA that can provoke the readers to respond.

Understanding the Importance of Branding in Creative Writing

In this fast-paced world of the Internet, most courses are now taught online. Creative writing is a fast-growing subject for the simple reason that good content is required to be able to attract more viewers to your website and convert them into your clients. Brands have to take special efforts to rank their websites at the top spot.

Hence creative writers are in huge demand as only a well-trained and experienced creative writer can help the company to achieve the optimum result effortlessly. Today almost all companies and academies hire creative writers to write the content for their brands.

Find here a few other in-demand courses in Kolkata

  • Content Writing Courses in Kolkata
  • Digital Marketing Courses in Kolkata
  • GST Certification Courses in Kolkata
  • Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata
  • SEO Course in Kolkata
  • Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Kolkata
  • Financial Modeling Course in Kolkata

The Literary Connection of Kolkata

Kolkata has a long tradition of great poets and novelists. The city has produced some of the best writers in our country. There are many publishing houses in Kolkatta. It is also a known hub of budding writers, poets, and novelists. Also, the Bengali film industry and various television channels are popular.

Many art films from Bengal have gained worldwide recognition and have won both,  international and national awards. The films are critically acclaimed. Screenplay writing is a creative process that involves the description of the plot, characters, pace, narration, and the period setting of the film. Hence its the most important part of the process.

The role of the creative writer is critical in incorporating natural touches to the story in a way that the audience can easily relate to the characterization and the story. Today, there is an increased demand for creative writing courses in Kolkata.

Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata

1. iim skills.

The content writing master course offered by IIM Skills is highly recommended by media houses, content writing agencies & top education blogs such as Write-Right, Naukri Learning, etc. This is among the top creative writing courses in Kolkata. The curriculum consists of learning 30 types of writing skills through 140 hours of extensive learning program that runs over 4 weeks. They also offer 3 months of internship and promise a guaranteed job. This course has global accreditation and you receive a Master Certification from IIM Skills on successful completion.

Types of Creative Writing Skills You Will Learn From This Course:

  • Introduction to content writing
  • Blog creation
  • Web development
  • Digital Content
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Email Writing
  • Social Media Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Business Listing
  • Legal Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Keyword research
  • Freelance content writing

The course is divided into 16 modules that cover all the above creative writing styles and other styles like legal writing, and press releases. IIM Skills also offers an internship where students build their portfolios. Tasks are assigned individually to each student and they are required to adhere to strict deadlines and timely submissions.

Mentors are appointed to students who help and guide them throughout the course and beyond to secure good jobs. It is an intensive course and you are expected to be involved and complete it with total dedication. The course also gives thorough knowledge about SEO, Affiliated Marketing, Branding, Social Media Marketing, and video scripting. Email mail marketing, copywriting, infographics, Google Adsense, Content writing for aspiring freelance writers, legal writing, and Resume writing.

Course Name: Content Writing Course

Course Fee: INR 14900 + 18% GST

Mode of Teaching: Online

Contact : [email protected]

2 British Council

Their creative writing courses in Kolkata have multiple modules. The Creative Writing- Module1 course by the British Council offers the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques to improve your writing process and enhance creativity. The course content covers both fictional and nonfictional writing.

The course structure is online and classes are held over weekends. It is 36 hours course. Duration is 9 weeks. All participants receive a certificate of completion from the British Council. In fictional writing, you learn to write about the plot, characters, dialogue, and setting. In non-fictional writing, you will learn to write about travel blogs, news reports, and feature articles.

You will also be introduced to screenwriting, memoirs, and poetry. You will also learn children’s fiction. The syllabus is specifically designed to guide those who wish to write creatively and explore their writing talent to realize their dreams of becoming a writer.

Benefits of This Course:

  • Develop your unique writer’s voice and perspective
  • Help your creativity find expression
  • Enhance your knowledge of literature
  • Help you structure your thoughts

Creative Writing Course Content:

  • Character and settings
  • Writing dialogue
  • Writing short stories
  • Screenwriting
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Experimental Writing
  • Getting published
  • Poetry and Poetic tools
  • Travel writing


  • Required English language level Intermediate level2 :
  • Course duration and Fees:

Course Duration: 36 hours, 9 weeks of weekend online classes

Course Fee: INR 10,000 per participant.

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

Udemy offers Complete Creative Writing -All genres -The full course. A practical creative writing course designed to create works of fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction – the four genres of creative writing. This course helps to enhance creative writing techniques , literary devices, and specialized skills to create your own writer’s voice.

There are writing assignments and quizzes to review your progress. The course consists of 43 video lessons, each broken down into multiple video lectures. Writing assignments aligned with the day’s goals. Lesson covering an area, of course, content, practical application project, and 37 quizzes over major concepts.

The course content covers all areas from Poetry, Creative non-fiction writing, Fiction writing skills and methods, and even you are encouraged to write plays. All kinds of notes and assignment sheets are provided for each session.

Benefits of Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata:

  • Introduction to the genres of creative writing
  • apply writing techniques for success
  • Develop your own writing style.
  • Study and gauge the strengths of writing projects.
  • Explore a variety of writing styles by covering a variety of genres.

Additionally, you will discover multiple public outlets with which you can share your writing with others as you experience success and develop confidence in your writing ability.

The Other Well-known Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata offered by Udemy are:

All genre Creative Writing- Trace Crawford.

Writing Stories for Video Games- Emilio Padulo.

Creative Nonfiction Writing- Trace Crawford.

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4. Bafel Academy

The content writing training course is designed for self-skill development. You will learn how to develop the skills to conceive ideas and become a writing expert. This is also one of the popular creative writing courses in Kolkata.

Salient Features of Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata:

  • Creating a backdrop for a story
  • Structuring of plot & subplots
  • Different formats
  • figures of speech.

Sessions are on an hourly basis. Inventive training methodology is used to provide insights to the students. The focus is on Research & Development verticals. Highly skilled trainers. This is one of the creative writing courses in Kolkata that is associated with Cambridge university press.

  • Industry-specific course modules
  • 100% job placement assistance
  • Lifetime support
  • Live projects
  • Small batches
  • Certification

Course Modules:

  • Article Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Website Content Writing
  • Press Release Writing
  • Guest Posting
  • Service or Product Review Writing
  • E-Book Writing

Course Name: Content Writing Training

Duration: 1.5 months

Fee : Rs. 10,000 (15% group discount for 3 or more students)

Recommended Read: Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad

5. L&S Language Academy

To be successful in today’s world, one needs to be perfect at writing and communication skills. It is through Creative writing that you can express your emotions effectively.  These in-demand creative writing courses in Kolkata are helpful for all age groups of people who can also be from different professions.

Special Features of Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata:

  • Affordable fees
  • Videography
  • Suitable timings
  • Lifetime free membership card
  • Free study materials
  • Group discussion & personal interview
  • Highly experienced and dedicated trainers
  • Installment payment facility

Thinking of Career Options After Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata?

After covering some of the creative writing courses in Kolkata, we move to the next important step i.e career. Creative writers are in demand in many work areas. Magazines and publication houses, advertising, media, and digital web media are some of the areas where you can work as creative writers. How best you express yourself as a creative writer and engage your readers/audience decides your professional worth and success.

  • Writer –

You can be a novel writer or write blogs for different niches from food, travel, and education. You can also create website content, books, short stories, etc. To be a good writer you need to be creative, productive, and engaging. Being a writer can be a time-consuming and tedious process. With the help of writing tools like scribbler, for example, you can write and publish books in a short period of time.

  • Speech Writing-

Speech writing can be for various occasions like weddings, elections, and anniversaries. Speech writing is expressive and requires someone who is articulate enough to express deep and thought-provoking ideas. The speech needs to be convincing enough to keep the audience engaged. A little humor always helps as everyone loves a good laugh! But there are always exceptions and it’s not a rule to do so.

  • Scriptwriting –

A lot of creative writing courses in Kolkata teach scriptwriting. As the Bengali film industry is flourishing. This is a lucrative career option for creating writing professionals. Here you will have writers creating scripts for mass media. Some companies produce web series, which are available online. All these online content creators need script writers. Some areas where you can work as a scriptwriter:

  •           Feature film
  •          Television production.
  •          Video games
  •          Podcasts
  •          Vlogs
  •          Youtube videos
  • Digital Copywriter

Desired skills required for a digital copywriter include current trends and language of the high-end fashion world, graphics, and typography, experience with database tools, and proficiency with Word, and HTML. Your role is that of promoting either products or websites. Freelancing is an option you could choose.

Editing is a rewarding job that you can take pride in. Extensive knowledge of grammar rules and extreme attention to detail. Excellent communication skills are needed. Several books, magazines, editorials, and manuscripts are published daily. The job of the editorial team is to review and revise them to create concise and clear content.

Recommended Read: Content Writing Courses in Chennai

  • Proofreader/ Copy Editor

Correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes in books, journals, newspapers, and articles. Review dates and other statements for accuracy. The job of the proofreader is to ensure that the text meets the tone and character count outlined by company policies.

  • Copywriter-

copywriting is the most demanding and high-skill required area. Copywriters are responsible for producing original and engaging content. Copywriters are involved in various activities like finding scientific data to back up their argument or studying a product to uncover its uniqueness. A copywriter’s job depends upon the niche you choose to work in.

Blogging is the act of content creation to inform, educate and or spread your ideas about any topic on the internet. A blogger’s job is to share information, experiences, and ideas with their readers. Blogging has become a powerful channel that helps you build your own community of raving fans and subscribers, and you can earn a living (right from your couch or kitchen) by sharing tips and useful information with your subscribers and readers.

People who have the habit of journaling find that blogging is an excellent activity to keep pace with life and earn money. It is one of the favorite niches chosen by many creative writers who enjoy their own freedom to express and write at their convenience.

Want to Get Published as a Creative Writer?

If you are a freelance creative writer and new to this profession, often the question arises as to where one should begin. Listed below are some websites which allow you to publish your work as per your genre. So it is important that you pick your niche like story writing or poetry and accordingly submit your work. These websites are specific to a particular niche, however, there are some like The Sun Magazine where you can post a variety of content of different genres. These are some of the great ways to get you started and you can earn some bucks too!

Flash Fiction Online:

This website focuses on short stories. You can submit stories under 1000  words on flash fiction online and get published. All types of genres from sci-fi to slipstream to literary, are accepted.

The Sun Magazine

It is an old publication running for the last 35 years. It has an online presence that allows creative writers to post their essays, short stories, memoirs and interviews, poetry, and photographs. It is entirely free of advertising. Sun Magazine has nearly 70,000 subscribers, so it is unarguably the best platform where creative writers can showcase their content.

Their main mission is to publish poetry. As they are of the view that the art of poetry is diminishing and theirs is an effort o preserve it. So if you are a creative writer who loves to express through your poems and sonnets you can send them to Rattle has a quarterly edition and they publish works of all poets from the beginner to the expert.

FAQs for Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata:

1. how can one improve his/her creative writing skills.

One of the ways of improving your creative writing skills is by increasing your imagination and vocabulary. Reading books, articles and newspapers is helpful as you can stay updated with the current situation. A regular habit of writing on some topic, or even maintaining a diary can improve your writing skills.

2. What are the salaries for creative writing professionals in India?

Creative writing is a vast field, so salaries depend on your level of experience and expertise.

3. What is the difference between creative writing and technical writing?

Creative writing differs from technical writing. Creative writing is more related to imagination and plot for eg story or screenplay writing. Technical writing includes drafting a letter or creating a report or thesis. Technical writing is based on facts and has certain formats and guidelines to follow. Creative writing does follow the rules of the language, however, there is no fixed format.

In conclusion, If you are planning to pursue a Creative writing course in Kolkatta, there are many institutes available to choose from. This is a great career choice, as you have the flexibility to work online and you can also enjoy your work as it offers a variety of subjects that you can explore. Creative Writing is one of the best and in-demand courses. So if you are a creative writer in Kolkatta, you have all the opportunities available, and it’s a very good option, to pursue as a hobby or as a career.


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Top 7 Trusted Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata

Are you trying to find the best creative writing courses in kolkata your search has ended. we’re here to help you find the best place in kolkata to sharpen your creative writing abilities. we’ve put together a list of the top 7 creative writing courses in kolkata with complete course descriptions. several institutions in kolkata offer a variety of practical expertise in their creative writing courses. however, before moving on to the list of the top creative writing courses in kolkata, let’s first understand creative writing and discuss why it’s crucial to study the skill..

List of best creative writing courses in Kolkata

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is putting pen to paper and expressing one’s ideas, imagination, and thoughts. However, one should also be aware of the appropriate forum where it should all be represented. A narrative craft that involves generating a setting, a storyline, characters, and a whole story is what is meant by “ creative writing .”

It can help us grasp categories and genres while tying emotions together. The ability to empower the information and answers they want is the major goal of creative writing. Comparatively speaking to the sound-visual formats, content writing remains the primary communication channel.

In the globally connected digital world as well as in India, content writing is a vocation that is expanding. The sector is experiencing a digital marketing revolution, which is driving up the demand for experienced professionals. As an outcome, there is an increasing demand for special skills in the field of content development.

Creative writing is one of the oldest forms of writing. It existed long before digital marketing and content writing were introduced. Creative writing doesn’t keep ranking and SEO as their priority like other forms of content. Creative writing places a strong emphasis on connecting with the audience’s emotions rather than the marketing criteria.

A Creative Writer’s Must-Have Skills

Outstanding vocabulary:.

A writer uses words and phrases throughout his or her career to produce original works of art. They must therefore possess a wide vocabulary and a thorough understanding of words, phrases, and their appropriate usage. Word expertise enables authors to produce high-quality material that appeals to the emotions of their target consumers.

Communication Techniques:

The only purpose of writing is to express one’s feelings on a piece of blank paper. One needs to be skilled in communicating to convey their thoughts and emotions. Writing material that readers can identify with becomes crucial for writers. Therefore, a creative writer needs to have strong communication skills.

Perceptual Skills:

Every writer needs to be able to observe things well. A creative writer must actively examine life in all its facets to the ability to give the different characters life. Writing masterworks of fiction is aided by observation of nature.

Creative Writing Careers

For some individuals, having a career as a content writer is a blessing! For writing in tech, fashion, and other fields, some writers receive fair compensation. But you need to have a big variety of skills if you want to become the most sought-after writer. The independence and lifestyle options are the most cherished aspects of a content writer’s lifestyle.

You can choose your schedule and work from the comfort of your home. While many people aspire to have content writing talents, you need a little help to realize your goals. The career of content writing is quite fascinating. One of the major benefits of working as a content writer is that you will have the opportunity to learn a lot of new topics and stay current. There will be a huge demand for material as the internet evolves, and the need for content writers will increase daily.

Short Story or Fiction Writer:

Perhaps you are the appropriate candidate for this job if you have the kind of creativity that enables you to construct engaging stories. Applying directly to the publication is typically the best way to get a job as a fiction or comic writer in any of the magazines or newspapers. A professional writer could be anyone with the skills of imagination, research, and creative thinking.

One has the opportunity to produce a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction, including children’s stories, novels, poetry, stage scripts, and web material. The majority of writers are independent contractors that conduct market research for pertinent blog and article subjects before writing for clients in their area of expertise.


The intersection of creative writing and digital marketing is the subject of copywriting. Copywriting has grown in popularity among budding authors over the past few years. It is a well-paying career with a crucial part to play in the success of digital marketing efforts. The skill of producing content that moves readers to act.

It is a copywriter’s responsibility to produce material that engages readers subconsciously. The ROI on copywriting is greater than that of any other type of content writing since it persuades the reader to take action, which is why copywriters are among the highest-paid content creators.

Script Writer:

A lot of production companies and people are also looking for talented scriptwriters who can give a concept structure by turning it into a script. Scripts are required for a wide variety of reasons, not just videos and movies. Many performing arts require a script to be performed. To write scripts professionally, you must understand a few essential elements of the craft. It also demands a good level of creativity for the writer to be able to frame the concept compellingly.

Web Content Manager:

Web content managers take on this position after sharpening their talents through various online creative writing programs. The responsibility of a web content manager is to oversee all forms of material, including web pages, videos, blog posts , guest articles, social media, etc., on a given website to guarantee that the content is of high quality and is effectively organized for the user.

Check Out a Few Other Best Courses Available in Kolkata:

  • Content Writing Courses in Kolkata
  • Digital Marketing Courses in Kolkata
  • Data Analytics Courses In Kolkata 
  • Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata
  • SEO Courses in Kolkata
  • Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata
  • GST Certification Courses in Kolkata
  • Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata

Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata

An extensive course with an appropriate curriculum is what makes up a creative writing course. Numerous institutions in India offer comprehensive courses that foster creativity and give you the chance to document it. It is a work of art created through self-evaluation and personal growth. The knowledgeable instructors in this course will sharpen your writing abilities, improve your language, and teach the fundamentals of creative writing. 


One of the top creative writing courses in Kolkata is the IIM SKILLS content writing master course . IIM SKILLS, which has its corporate office in New Delhi, provides online courses in Kolkata. It ranks among the best institutions for online learning in the world. It now offers courses in content writing, financial modeling , digital marketing, and a few more .

The content writing master course , which teaches you how to implement and improve your writing, is the program’s crown jewel. The most comprehensive content authoring program is this one. Let’s now look at the course outline.

Content Writing Course Key Highlights:

  • Guaranteed internship for 3 months 
  • Lifetime support
  • Practical assignment for 60+ hours
  • Dedicated placement cell
  • Freelancing opportunities 
  • IIM Skills master certification 
  • Preparation for HubSpot content writing certification 
  • Lifetime access
  • Internship lectures for 14+ hours
  • Internship Assignment for 50+ hours 
  • Introduction to Content Writing   
  • WordPress Web Development 
  • Digital content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages) 
  • Copywriting 
  • Marketing Collaterals 
  • Email Writing
  • Social Media Writing & Video Scripts 
  • Creative Writing 
  • SOP & Business Listing 
  • Legal Writing 
  • Technical Writing 101 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  • Content Marketing  
  • Affiliate Marketing & Ad sense 
  • Freelance Content Writing 
  • Resume Writing 


Course Name: Content Writing Master Course (CWMC)

Duration: 4 weeks + 3 months guaranteed internship (optional)

Fee: Rs. 14,900 + 18%GST

Mode: Online

2. British Council

In-house English specialists created this course specifically. It offers a wide variety of strategies to broaden vocabulary and, most importantly, enhance writing. One can find numerous methods for increasing writing originality here. By enhancing your individuality, considerateness, etc., this course will assist in shaping you into a successful writer.

The Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata were created especially to help students who want to write in a creative manner. The plot, characters, dialogue, and setting are all included in the course material for fiction writers. You will also learn how to write a blog, and be introduced to screenwriting and memoirs .

Key Highlights:

  • Develop your writing style and viewpoint.
  • Help your creativity come to life
  • Improve your literary expertise and assist you in organizing your thoughts
  • Learn to critically appreciate various writing idioms

Course Name: Creative Writing Course For Adults

Duration: 9 weeks

Fee: Rs. 10,0000

Recommended Read: Creative Writing Courses in Chennai

3. Technosys Academy

The extensive creative writing course is provided by Technosys Academy. The course can be finished in 12 weeks. Web-based admission is possible. Your fluency and proficiency in using the internet make you eligible for the course.

  • In addition to offering creative writing courses in Kolkata, they also provide classes in soft skills , web design, and advanced SEO. The academic department of Technosys offers IT-related training through its Technosys Academy division. 
  • They want to educate people about various web concepts in a way that is useful for the workplace. This helps the institute’s students to develop their proficiency in performing various tasks on the web.
  • Usability Testing
  • Understanding Your Target Audience
  • Designing content for the human mind
  • How to present content and effectively communicate online
  • Writing accessible content.

Course Name: Content Writing Courses

Duration: 12 weeks (2 days x 3 hours per week)

Contact Details: (033) 2523-2012/ 9330292288 

Email:   [email protected]

4. Vision Upliftment Academy

One of the greatest creative writing courses in Kolkata is provided by Vision Upliftment Academy. In addition to the well-known content writing course, there are courses in social media marketing, digital marketing, SEO, PPC, web design and development, and cyber security .

  • Small batches
  • Certification 
  • Industry-specific course modules
  • 100% job placement assistance 
  • Live projects
  • Article Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Website Content Writing
  • Press Release Writing
  • Guest Posting
  • Service or Product Review Writing
  • E-Book Writing

Course Name: Content Writing Training

Duration: 1.5 months 

Fee: Rs. 10,000 (15% group discount for 3 or more students)

Recommended Read: Creative Writing Courses in Kerela

5. Seven Boats Info-System

Seven Boats Info-System is recognized as the most dependable organization that aids individuals from a variety of industries in enhancing their current talents. It provides one of the most personalized creative writing courses in Kolkata. It places a focus on producing flawless content for many mediums

You can learn the many strategies in a workshop that costs Rs. 1500 if you wish to become proficient in composing advertisements. The workshop covers banner advertisements, newsletters, emailers, creative writing, Google ads, and Facebook ads, among other topics.

  • In the form of useful blog recommendations, websites, tools, and programs, they have a tonne of resources available.
  • A completion certificate and limitless lifetime access to the resources 
  • The curriculum also includes several sections and tests to help you refine your comprehension of the subtleties of effective writing. 
  • Concept Of Keywords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Writing Guidelines
  • Content Research
  • Blog Content Writing
  • Microblog Writing
  • Social Posts Writing
  • E-commerce Profile Writing
  • PR & Article Writing
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Technical Content Writing
  • Domain Expertise-Based Content
  • E-learning Content
  • Prototype Writing
  • Product Documentation
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Resume Writing
  • Proposal Writing

C ourse Name: Content Writing Training Course

Duration: 1.5 – 2 Months

Fee: Rs. 12,000

Mode: Offline/Online

6. Bafel Academy

This class integrates vocabulary and creativity. You can become an expert writer by sharpening your ability to conceive ideas, which you will learn in this section. 

  • How to develop a setting for a narrative
  • The conception of an idea, development of the storyline, and its subplots
  • The development of the narrative toward its climax through creativity and imagination.
  • Multiple Formats
  • Concluding the narrative in several ways: with an open-ended conclusion or with several layers.
  • Use words, similes, metaphors, and symbols, as well as speeches and discussions, parody, rhyming, paradoxical situations, and soliloquies, to enhance your writing style.
  • Using figures of speech to enhance the writing.

Course Name: Content Writing

Duration: 1 month (1 hr. Per session)

7. Compete Infotech Academy

The Compete Infotech Academy has been a leader in offering training in several areas of digital marketing. It’s critical to stay current with the newest trends, best practices, and online marketing disciplines in this constantly evolving digital environment. One of the most cutting-edge creative writing courses in Kolkata is offered by Compete Infotech Academy, together with training and certification.

It supports the development of content marketing for your profession and/or business as well as the development of the process of writing frequently. You acquire some of the most powerful expertise in article writing. You can begin a career as a professional content writer once you have finished training.

Full-time employment, freelancing, and remote work are all options. Using content marketing strategies , you can launch your own company and guide it to achievement. You’ll enjoy learning creative writing courses in Kolkata since they establish a real-world learning atmosphere.

Their instructors and coaches have even more than five years of expertise in a variety of creative writing fields, including professional content creation, creative arts, professional writing, online writing, blog posts, and plenty of others.

  • The institution’s emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge and skills is one of its defining characteristics. You need to write for a wide range of digital mediums and types of content for several tasks.
  •  1-1 mentoring session
  • Internship Opportunity
  • Placement support.
  • Introduction To Technical Writing 
  • Benefits Of Disseminating Technical Information
  • Writing Effective Web Content
  • Web Content Writing Techniques And Strategies
  • Creative Writing
  • Researching Scientific Article
  • Assessing Your Audience
  • Developing Vocabulary
  • The Mechanics Of Writing Content
  • Editing, Maintaining Document Structure
  • Designing Content
  • Prototyping Documents
  • Conveying Information With Images And Graphics

C ourse Name: Diploma in Content Writing 

Duration: 3 Months

creative writing courses in british council kolkata

Frequently Asked questions- FAQs

Q1. what are a few illustrations of creative writing.

Scriptwriting, copywriting, poetry, novels, journals, short story writing, and other genres are some examples of the many different types of creative writing.

Q2. What is the cost of a creative writing course?

The cost of a top-notch content writing school might range from Rs.10,000 to Rs. 20,000. You should only enroll in creative writing courses in Kolkata if you have done thorough research and the course syllabus fulfills your expectations.

Q3. Is creative writing a lucrative career?

Yes, without a doubt, if you love to write and are skilled at putting thoughts into words, this line of work can provide you with sufficient income and job chances. Depending on expertise and inventiveness, a skilled content writer can make between INR 15,000 and INR 2,00,000 per month.

Q4. What prerequisites must one meet to enroll in creative writing courses?

Since content writing is a skill-based profession, there are no prerequisites to enrolling in a beginner-level course. However, you should have a strong command of the English language, including grammar, vocabulary, and effective writing techniques. Have a passion for becoming a content writer addition to that.

Q5. What subjects are taught in creative writing courses?

A creative writing course should cover topics like advanced blogging, producing persuasive email copy, copywriting, eBook authoring, and article writing, among other things.


Some of India’s top creative writing courses are located in Kolkata. Prestigious colleges provide creative writing courses that are instructed by well-known and experienced professors. The majority of them are professionals in the field who have received honors and recognition for their contributions to the field. The top 7 creative writing courses provide the skills needed to master various content themes. White papers, technical writing, and ebook writing are all included in the courses. The curricula give you the greatest information possible so that you can fully understand the concepts and apply them in your professional life.  

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creative writing courses in british council kolkata

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creative writing courses in british council kolkata

Content Writing Trainings

Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata

Searching for authenticated Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata?

In this paragraph, we are going to discuss some best creative writing courses held in Kolkata most importantly some suitable suggestions for Creative Writing Courses and workshops. Go on and choose the correct one by learning and comparing the advantages and opportunities provided by them.

Kolkata is the heart of Eastern India. It was the capital of British India. The city is famous because of its livelihood, unparalleled literacy, and eminent regional film industry.

From the time of the British period, the city has created many great scholars and social helpers. Those leaders, with their glorious presence, have made the city a place of wonder for all its lovers.

The beauty of Creative Writing

Opportunities in Kolkata

There are several ‘Creative Writing’ courses in Kolkata as writing is a natural delight for most of the people. Since Kolkata is famous for the ‘Film Industry’, the art of ‘Creative Writing’ takes an important place over here. ‘Creative Writing’, so far is immensely related to the filmmaking procedure.

Many people are getting chances to be attached to the film industry. Through the help of creative writing, they are getting scope to nourish their careers in one way or another.

Kolkata Film Industry is well known both for featured and art-based films. Those films won the heart of the audiences following prestigious awards and recognition. They gained popularity both inside and outside India. This worldwide fame attracts many individuals to be attached to the film industry through ‘Creative Writing’.

Importance of Creative Writing in the Film Industry

In films, screenwriting plays a major role. It is responsible for describing the plot, the pacing, the narration, the characterization, and the setting of the film. The creative writer plays a pivotal role in incorporating natural touches to the story. That too in a way so that the audience can easily relate to the characterization and the story they are looking for.

The zeal for writing is the first and foremost element that leads an individual to shape and organize his/her thinking through a couple of relevant phrases and rhythmic sentences. To develop this interest, there is a list of ‘Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata’.

Creative thinking is not only knowing proper grammatical applications or good vocabulary. Vocabulary can indeed help us to say things in different ways but Creative writing is a skill.

Creative Writers have the potential to present their thoughts and imagination in such a colorful and relevant way that the entire passage seems to be lively to its readers or the target audiences for whom they are playing with the pen.

Creative Writing is time-consuming. The more you practice the more you learn. Every person has their definition of creativity. Therefore their perspectives and thinking towards creativity are different. Every person takes hints either from their life expressions or their own opinions while portraying their creative work.

But all kinds of Creative writing including a poem, painting, fiction, non-fiction, etc provide a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to the writer. But you don’t need to be a creative professional to get the advantages of creativity.

Advantages of Creative Writing

Foster imagination.

While writing, Creative Writers think of different circumstances, situations, outputs, or behaviors. This helps to foster their imagination powers. But how come it is an advantage?

Imagination plays a key role as far as creative writing is concerned. They both are required in almost all technical jobs. There is a misconception that programming has nothing to do with creativity. But it can solve complex problems related to the products or projects they are working for. Creative writers always possess a quality to think ‘out of the way’.

This type of unique thinking is responsible for finding suitable solutions to complex problems. Problems are a part and parcel of every kind of job. Most of the time the solutions are not up to the mark and we have to come up with new ideas and opportunities to deal with the same. Due to the problem-solving capacity, Creative writers play an important role and therefore considered to be an asset for the companies they are working with.

Tension or Stress Buster

The modern world entirely relies on complex coding languages and scrutinizing and analyzing a large number of databases. Therefore working has become a tedious and tiresome process for most of the people resulting in stress, confusion, and complexities. 

Involving in creative activities like Creative Writing can boost up the energy level resulting in relaxation and stress built up.

Creative Writing is beneficial for emotional, physical, psychological health. As per the results, ‘Creative Writing’ and ‘Meditation’ have similar benefits to human life. Therefore, Creative Writing proves to be a stress buster or tension reliever nurturing and caring for the physical as well as mental health of the individuals.

Communication Skill/Skill to communicate with others

Creative Writing also helps in improving communication skills. Creative writing and communication are related to each other as far as professional success is concerned. Even in highly professional services like IT, Data Analysis, Creative Designing, communication, and relevancy is considered a major skill.

Creative writers are those who can understand the situation around them. They can observe and analyze things from various perspectives. It is because of this quality that they are able to think from other’s perspectives.

Diction, Voicing & Pronunciation

Writing also helps in the proper articulation of sentences and the relevant outcome of thoughts. Reading words on paper seems to be easy but the implementation of relevant and appropriate phrases by turning them from feelings into words is not an easy task. Most people couldn’t achieve expertise in it. To achieve ultimate command on it, One needs to practice a lot to improve creative skills.

The ability to express is so important to learn that most of the schools organize specific activities or workshops to develop the expression of thoughts. Those who didn’t learn this skill in their school life will have to opt for various professional courses to learn the technicalities of creative writing from top graded prestigious institutions.

With the help of creative writing, people can express their thoughts in a more innovative and meaningful way. They learn that from an authoritative perspective to gain more respect and admiration from others. To accomplish this goal, a person needs to have a strong grasp of the language.

Implementing Thoughts in Creative Writing

With the beauty of versatile writing, people learn how to channelize their thoughts in the right direction. Creative writing defines the way of implementing and organizing thoughts through suitable words and decorative sentences putting extra importance on the specific sections that need to be highlighted.

Many irrelevant topics come to our mind whenever we are ready to give it a try. For example, whenever you are going to write a newspaper article, your writing should be based on factual knowledge without much exaggeration. All you need to do is to emphasize the proper structure of your article. The most important information needs to be exposed right at the beginning and the secondary opinions or source of information slowly came later.

The power of writing can make a boring topic quite attractive and interesting. For example, programming is something which is considered as a boring thing to be performed. But nowadays, with the help of creative writing, people are making the entire process very interesting and easy to perform for all its users.

The ability to empathize with the feeling of others in creative Writing

People can empathize with the help of writing. They can see things from other points of view and better recognize their problems. Studies have shown that emotional quotient is very much needed for professional success in the field of creative writing. A high emotional quotient makes perfect and better leaders.

Understanding the technicalities of Creative Writing

People need to understand the technicalities of creative writing and ways to implement it before publishing their works before working as a full-time professional writer. They have to understand the way to beautify their plots. Creative writers must know different types of ‘Creative Writing’ and ways to apply the same with utmost sincerity.

Writing is the only remedy to get rid of writing-related issues. With the help of practicing people can grow better even best in the Creative Writing part.

With the help of writing, people can learn various aspects of writing style like flow, narration, characterization, suspense, humor, and so on. Therefore, writing is the only way to develop writing skills.

Confidence Booster

Developing confidence is the most important benefit of writing. As they write more and publish their writings on social media, they get feedback, likes, and appreciation. Appreciation is important because this helps to enhance the dedication of a creative writer.

When they get appreciation, it boosts their confidence level. As a result of which creative writers started believing in themselves and developed their confidence in the same. They develop a voice of their own which can be easily heard and felt as well. Just like an expert, they feel more comfortable in expressing their views, opinions in general.


A huge number of businesses are going online in recent days. Even in India, high-speed internet technology has reached even remote towns and villages. As a result of which many small or medium businesses are flourishing days by day having a website, social media page, digital marketing sites, and so on.

The trend has now reached out to such a point where thousands of companies are competing with each other on the same ground.


With ordinary marketing communication, it is not possible to create a strong brand. Without building a strong brand in this competitive market, a brand new company can’t survive and become popular within a short period.

Branding needs to be unique, relevant, and attractive to break the clutter of today’s advertisements. With the help of innovative technology and various ways of communication, brands can create an irreplaceable image in the market.

In the era of content writing, the most relevant way to create a brand image is to produce creative content. Creative content is an amalgamation of storytelling, writing style, pace, rhythm, and so on.

Creative Writing means producing content, not in the usual or boring way but through relevant, related, and interesting touches so that it can attract its target audience. Readers are somehow forced to read the content until the climax. This reduces the bounce-back rate and increases the perception of quality on the search engines.

Importance of Branding in Creative Writing

In the present day, there is an increasing demand for quality content to stand out. There are several blogs on the internet having more than ten billion webpages. One Google search shows several pages at a go. Brands need to make an effort to be up in the search results so that they can be reflected at the top in the search results whenever the users want to see the relevant details.

Here, the creative writers are especially on-demand to make the entire process very easy, smooth, and effective for the brands they are working with. To perform this task with ease, one needs to be very experienced.

This challenge can be overcome by lots of practice and enrolling in authenticated ‘Creative Writing Courses’.


Among various ‘Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata’, there are a few renowned institutions that offer quality Creative Writing Courses which help the students to learn the essentials of Creative writing with every minute details that need to be taken care of. Few popular institutions in Kolkata are:


IIM SKILLS as a good Creative Writing Training Institute

IIM SKILLS is a reputed Digital Marketing Institution where both digital marketing and content writing courses are taught with immense care and utmost sincerity. This institute has trained more than 6000 professionals over 35 countries.

The IIM SKILLS content writing course is very helpful and authenticated. To make students understand the methods of user-friendly engagement, the course uses the storytelling method. The course offers ample opportunities for the students to clear their doubts, enlightening them about various elements of compelling storytelling for branding purposes.

The duration of the course is 1 month. In this period, they offer 16 hours for theory classes and 60 hours for practical classes. This is an in-depth course. The classes are held as per the schedule shared by them. This is one of the best creative writing courses in Kolkata.

The course deals with hands-on experiences from real brand stories. All students are asked to perform on live projects that too within a stipulated timeline. All students are advised to start their blogs so that they can practice whatever they have learned during the training in their blogs.

Session Details:

The total course is divided into 12 parts. Each module deals with one important skill regarding content/creative writing. 

The first session deals with how to start a website, a blog, and how to host a website. In this session, students come to know about various types of hosting. In the second session, students learn about various UI and UX design principles on website design. Together, these two sessions teach students how to create a functional and presentable website.

The third session teaches students about different writing styles for more advanced communication. It includes content for blogs, ad copy, product description, corporate communication, emailers, press releases, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

In the next session, candidates learn the technicalities of content marketing. This includes SEO(Search Engine Optimization), both on-page & off-page. Here students learn how to increase the domain authority. This helps in improving rankings on the Google Search Result page.

The fifth and sixth sessions deal with social media and how to get more traffic to the content. It helps the students to understand the nature and use of various social media platforms. This helps in more engagement in the form of clicks rates, shares, and links clicks.

The next session deals with digital marketing analytics and how to evolve a better strategy. Students learn SEO, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, trend analysis, ranking essentials, and many other necessities.

Advantages in Creative Writing offered through this Course :

 In this module, candidates also learn about aspects of storytelling. They come to know how to build better brand communication by creating engaging and relevant blog content and social media presence.

At the end of the course, students learn how to get employment as professional Creative/Content writers. Sometimes, students get the opportunity to work as freelancers or get placement assistance. They learn skills like client pitching, prospecting, onboarding, etc.

 All students get an internship opportunity at IIM SKILLS for 3 months. Students get access to free tools worth Rs. 32k.

 All batches are currently online so anyone can apply and pursue the course in Kolkata without hampering their own work schedule.

 For candidates interested to incorporate creative elements from storytelling into content marketing, this is the best course.

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Ignou University for Creative Writing Course

Indira Gandhi National Open University is not only one of the largest projects in the world but also provides certification courses over 230 courses including diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and certifications in various disciplines.

IGNOU provides a 1-year Diploma course in Creative writing. Among all other institutions, this is one of the most popular creative writing courses in Kolkata since IGNOU has a regional center in Kolkata.

 There are some basic criteria to be eligible for this course like the applicant needs to have passed 10+2. But for candidates with  20 years of age or above, these criteria are not present.

The course provides basic and essential writing skills for creative professions like TV production, radio, films, and so on. The candidate can work as a scriptwriter or content writer. The curriculum of the course is designed and maintained by experts in the field.

Benefits of Creative writing

The course helps us to understand the technicality and creativity in various forms of writing. The introduction of minute details about creative writing proceeding from easy knowledge to the complex one is the key feature of this course. It helps us to understand the principles of fiction writing. Students also came to know how to write and what to write for their target audiences. The course is credit-based and students have to score a minimum number of credits to receive the diploma.

British Council, Kolkata

Importance of British Council in Creative Writing

The British Council is a reputed organization for learning all about the English language. This organization is responsible for promoting cultural events between different nations and helps in exchanging pieces of information. It is operational in more than 100 nations. 

The British Council has various courses related to language and there are separate courses for kids, adults, and businesses, and officials. The creative writing course from the British Council is one of the most famous creative writing courses in Kolkata. The course teaches all the technicalities related to creative writing including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, story writing, blogging, screenplay, and so on.

After completing the course, students receive lessons on how to publish the articles and starting work as a screenwriter. The total course duration is 50 hours altogether. The maximum batch strength is 20.

 The only important criterion related to admission is that students need to submit an original piece of creative writing as an assessment.

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute

The prestigious film and television institute teaches various full-time courses for instance in direction, cinematography, editing, music, creative writing, photography, and other disciplines in film production.

SRFTI’s creative writing courses in Kolkata is the ‘Screenwriting Workshop’. The course takes place for 4 weeks overall. There are 24 lectures altogether.

The course basically deals with film-related writings. For instance, over the course, discussions on various films take place along with the merits and demerits of each movement. Various experimental and art films show the minute necessities of creative writing.

Amit Chaudhuri’s creative writing workshop

Amit chaudhuri’s creative writing workshop is one of the most reliable and trustworthy names among the best content writing agencies. this workshop provides the most prolific solutions in creative writing. some of their features are hard work, innovation, creativity, punctuality, and patience. the institution helps its students to solve the problems and meet all demands as raised by them..

In conclusion, it can be said that Kolkata is the place where some of the best creative writing courses in India take place.. Nowadays Creative Writing courses are of great demand either for a short-term content marketing purposes or for a full-time course as a successful creative writer.

Mostly renowned and skilled experts are responsible to conduct these classes. Most of them are professionals, who have achieved mastery in creative writing by gaining numerous awards and recognition, for their contribution to the industries they are working for.

Therefore persons aiming to focus on their careers as ‘Creative Writers’ can flourish in their path not only through sincere dedication but also by making the right choice at the right time. If candidates opt for the right course, it can fling their career forward and save months and even years of struggle.

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Wow, really interesting and engaging article. I came to know a lot of new information.

Well crafted article. Enjoyed reading.

Very well articulated, Tanushri. It was really informative.

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Find Best Online Courses & Certifications

Top 9 Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata With Certificates

Kolkata is a land of artists where rabindranath tagore, bankim chandra chatterjee, and sarat chandra chattopadhyay are some of the legendary names in the field of creative writing. they all belong to the land of kolkata (british era capital of india up to 1911). kolkata is the hub of creativity. if you belong to the city and also want to become a part of this creative world with the skill of creative writing, then this article is for you. read it till the end and find out about the best creative writing courses in kolkata..

List of best creative writing courses in Kolkata

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a form of writing that allows one to express his or her thoughts without following the norms of technical or academic writing . Here the more imaginative and ultimate goal is to engage a wide range of audiences. Its purpose is to provoke, inspire and entertain readers.

It depends on the author’s unique thoughts and ideas. Nowadays this form of writing is getting famous in advertisement campaigns, Blogs, brand name designing, etc as everybody requires their products to have unique taglines and creative campaigns to attract maximum customers.

We can take the example of Amul advertising. Our Indian brand has one of the best creative writers team who tried with their unique ideas to make Amul part of our life in every term whether it is cricket, pandemic, Olympics, Space achievements, or regular daily life and we can say they are quite successful in it as well.

Starting from writing on Stones and rocks followed by writing on leaves like manuscripts to paper books writing has come a long way and now digital writing is also a one and unique type of writing. All forms of writing include creativity and play of words in it. Now this writing in itself is a big different world in which creative writing is a type and there are various subtypes of creative writing which are explained below.

Types of Creative Writing

Creative writing is not a new field. It is as old as language. Old historians used their creativity and gifted us with tremendous literature. Over a while, this form gets divided into various sub-forms like

  •  Scriptwriting
  •  Novel Writing/Books
  •  Fiction Works

  Scope of Creative Writing

We are undergoing a new industrial revolution that involves Artificial Intelligence , the Internet of things, Big data, etcetera. More and more jobs are getting automated and computers are replacing humans everywhere. Here comes creativity. Creative writing is one such field that cannot be replaced by computers as computers cannot be creative like humans and cannot write songs, scripts, or advertisement punch lines for us.

Automation is something that is programmed, and automation cannot replace and do imaginative things. Creativity is sudden imagination and requires thinking, and dreaming ideation which humans are at best and no computer can do that like humans. So if you want to stand out in this coming digital world then creative writing is one profession for you.

Creative writers will be in great demand in this world of Artificial Intelligence where Artificial intelligence will be unable to replicate natural imagination and intelligence. Saying that the coming age will be the digital age, is like escaping from the truth because we have already entered the digital age.

Like much another crisis, the world is undergoing mass unemployment and mass loss of jobs crisis as well. So due to this digital world, even today creative writing is high in demand. The following careers are based on the skill of creative writing.

 Content Writer:

Digital content is anything present on the internet. In this ocean of content on the internet, unique and good content writers are very high in demand. One of the most talked about careers that you can opt for. Being a content writer, you can write for clients by freelancing or you can opt for a job in a company and can write for that company.

It will give you a first-hand experience that will help you to polish your skills in writing. You can also do copywriting for your company. Copywriting involves writing for the advertisement of brands and it acts as a form of marketing. Many freelance websites will help clients to find you and will offer work to you.

After doing creative writing courses in Kolkata, you can also pen your creativity in the form of a Story, Novel, fiction, or poetry and can turn it into a form of a book. The course will give you initial experience and will turn you into an established author. Imagine one day you will have a book published in your name and people recognize you as an author. Learning basic skills will allow you to turn your imagination into reality.

If writing is a passion for you, then there is nothing better than a blog to explore it. Here you don’t have to wait for anyone to hire you. You can write your blogs on your subject of interest like travel, food, and a healthy lifestyle, and can share your experience with them. You can also inspire others. You can have your platform exclusive for you only. If writing is in your DNA and you can write relatable content then there is nothing that can stop you to be a creative writer.

Social Media Marketer:

In today’s world of social media where you can interact with people across the globe, every brand is seeking attention. Creative writers are high in demand here. By using creativity, you can be hired for a brand’s social media marketing where you have put some uniqueness in the promotion.

This is the most demanding job for a content writer. It also involves Email Marketing. If you are a king of punch lines and relatable and healthy jokes, then this job is for you. All you need is to join one of the content writing courses in Kolkata and learn the nuances of writing and then here you go.

You can also check out the other in-demand courses in Kolkata

  • Content Writing Courses in Kolkata
  • Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata
  • Digital Marketing Courses in Kolkata
  • GST Certification Courses in Kolkata
  • Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata

Journalist/ Columnist:

No doubt there is high competition in this field but this is also a good career to start with where one can explore his or her writing skills. You can write in newspapers and magazines. Later on, with experience, one can be promoted to Editor. You can also work as a Newspaper advertisement designer for a company. Remember that Amul ads in newspapers.

Ghostwriting :

One of the most searched sectors of creative writing in the freelancing area. Ghostwriting includes writing for others in blogs, books, research papers, and other forms. This is one of the highly paid jobs of content writing. Here you will write for others. You will not get recognition as an author but you can write in many niches. This is a good career to start with where a client will pay you for publishing your content under the name of another. You will get a good experience here and later on, you can move on your own. 

Script Writing/Lyricist:

One of the most creative jobs today. Scriptwriting, Screenwriting, songs, and poetry highly demand creativity and reward as well. You can use your thinking very well here and can get placed in this dynamic industry. If you burn your grey cells in a fantasy world daily then you should not wait further and join one of the following content writing courses in Kolkata given below.

Who knows one day you will also get an award for your story or a chartbuster song. So now if you are excited about any of the above careers and belong to Kolkata then join any of the below content writing courses in Kolkata and show the world the power of your imagination.

Following is the List of Some Good Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata

1. iim skills.

IIM Skills is the number one platform for creative writing courses in Kolkata. It is a well-known name among the various digital marketing and content writing courses. To be a creative writer, you can join their Content Writing Course where you will get 16 hours of online classes along with a 3-month internship in which you will get a great opportunity to write for some famous websites.

The course will cover in-depth various necessary subjects, including SEO, Word press, Social media marketing, Article writing, E-book writing, and many more. Some parts of technical writing like legal writing, white papers , and patents are also covered in this course which is an added advantage. This is one of the best creative writing courses in Kolkata.

After doing this course, you will develop the habit of writing, designing, and researching. You will earn how to enter the content writing market, how to start a freelance career, how to get a job, and after this one can also start his/her business in content writing. You can also publish your E-book with this course.

Classes are online with lifetime recordings. They will also help you to design your website. You will also be provided with premium tools free with a lifetime membership. you will also get weekly assignments. Hence, it is one of the places for creative writing courses in Kolkata if you join.

Here you will find the top-notch Content Writing Courses in India

2. British Council

This is another one of the famous creative writing courses in Kolkata. The course is well designed by experts. Story writing, Poetry, and Fiction/Non-Fiction dialogue writing are well covered in this course. Teachers are well experienced here. They have very lively and interactive sessions.

They have 36 hours of learning online and 14 hours of interactive sessions. Overall the course is good and will give online weekend classes to help you to be a good creative writer. They teach you while making writing an easy and fun activity. They are teaching rightfully so that you can learn to express yourself.

Their creative writing courses in Kolkata have a duration of 9 months and in these 9 months, you will develop the habit of writing and learn how to turn your creativity into the form of a well-written article. You can conceive your dream and unearth your inner expertise. This is also counted in the good content writing course in Kolkata. You will get assignments at the mid and end of the course to solve.

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

3. Bafel Academy

This is another one of the excellent creative writing courses in Kolkata that is also highly ranked. Here your writing skills will be improved through daily one-hour sessions and highly skilled trainers will help you to pen down your imagination on paper. You will develop a good command of vocabulary after this.

Students are also associated with Cambridge university press for Informatica resources. They also provide weekly classes rather than weekend batches. This one is more focused on story writing. How to engage people with a story, how to start a story, and flow to climax with a suitable ending will be covered. It will enrich your talent for writing by teaching you how to write phrases, metaphors, satires, monologues, and dialogues.

You may also want to learn more about Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad

4 . Vision Upliftment Academy

They are also providing creative writing courses in Kolkata. Classes are conducted two days a week. Weekday classes are available. They also give weekend classes to professionals. You can also do their fast track course that will be finished in less than 1.5 months. Here you can learn about SEO, Adsense, Article writing, Creative writing, Storytelling, etcetera.

One can also do a technical writing course. Basic knowledge of English is the requirement to join this course. One advantage of their creative writing courses in Kolkata is that they have small batches. They also provide placement support with lifetime access to the material. Their creative writing courses in Kolkata will also assist you in E-book writing and publishing.

5. W3WebSchool

They are offering one of the best creative writing courses in Kolkata. The course is well designed to help you in your professional writing career. You can establish yourself as a branded content writer. They will help you grow in various niches with technical knowledge. They will teach you how to stand out from others with the help of marketing strategies.  The content writing course will help you to explore various dimensions like SEO, Content marketing, social media marketing, etcetera. They are also famous for their 24/7 support and help to grow your business as a writer.

Recommended Read: Content Writing Courses in Jaipur

6. Indira Gandhi National Open University

Indira Gandhi national open university is a well-known platform for online courses pan India. They have a plethora of online courses. Creative writing is one of them. This is a diploma course that lasts for one year. The Programme gives details of skills, understanding, and knowledge needed for a career in content writing.

The program will boost your imagination and will help you to establish a career in creative writing. The course is perfect for you if you have an interest in writing. The Programme consists of four elective courses and two compulsory courses. The program will cover general features of writing with projects related to this followed by story writing, poetry writing, and writing for media like Television and Radio as well.

The time duration is quite long which is one of the disadvantages of this course but the fees are quite less than others. So if you want a university certificate then this is the best creative writing course for you.

Udemy is another online platform where you can do creative writing courses. Udemy is an online platform that is suitable for everyone. You can learn any day, anytime, as per your wish. You can also opt for short courses like story writing, poetry, and fiction writing. These courses will push creative writers inside you and will help you to build a career in your field of interest.

They will also be giving professional assistance in the job market. You will be able to brush up on your writing skills with continuous assignments associated with this creative writing course. The course covers 12 hours of on-demand video. You can join other courses like technical writing and academic writing as well.

Also Read: Content Writing Courses in Pune

8. Technosys Academy

This is another organization providing writing courses. They are into SEO, and WordPress training. The course is of 12 weeks. Every week there will be two classes of three hours each. They are also providing Practical training. These skills will help you to enter the content writing market and strengthen your creative skills.

The course has 5 modules and each module is perfectly designed to make the students understand how to present your content to the audience, how to receive feedback, how to learn from that feedback, and how to improve your writing continuously. Online admission is available. One needs to be good at English.

9. Seven Boat Academy

Here is another academy that is providing writing courses in Kolkata. Seven Boats academy’s content writing course is two months of training approximately where they complete the course in 12 weeks with weekday classes. They are giving both types of classes Online as well as Offline. But you will have excess material only for 2 months. If you want to access it again then you have to purchase the course again.

They have expertise in SEO, Keyword density, Copywriting , and social media marketing. They are also offering one day workshop on Ad marketing where you can learn about Google AdSense, Facebook ads, etcetera. Resume writing, Email drafting, Product writing, and Domain knowledge all are covered in this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. which is better, online or offline courses.

After the Pandemic, the online education industry has revolutionized completely. You should not worry about the quality of online classes. They are better as you can access them at your convenience. Now a day’s Live Online classes offer you the same benefits as offline classes. You can save travel expenses and can do assignments as per your time.

2. Are these creative writing courses promise you a long-run career

To be in any field for a long time, you have to improve your skills continuously. For that practice is the key. These creative writing courses in Kolkata will help you to start a career and develop basic skills, but to have a long-run presence, you have to work hard. This is like any other field.

3. How much should I write per day?

To be a good writer, you should write 1000-1500 words daily. You can fix 2-4 hours daily for writing practice. Writing is not rocket Science. You will excel in it over time with continuous practice.

4. How much I can earn in the field of creative writing?

As a fresher, if you join a job with a company then you will get 15k-25k per month which will increase with your experience. In freelancing, earning is not fixed. It depends on Project. It can range from 10k to anything. If you start your creative agency then earnings will vary accordingly.

5. What are the benefits of writing?

Writing can give you immense pleasure when you will see getting recognition for your talent. Writing is also known to boost creativity and memory. It will help you to enhance your thinking capability. Writing is a great career option as well. In this, your hobby can become your job that can be the best thing in the world.

Now you know about the top 9 creative writing courses in Kolkata. You can visit Institute’s websites and learn about their fee structure and other details and join at your convenience. You can choose any of the courses depending upon your preferences, although all the courses are excellent. You can opt for any training listed above to develop writing skills and improve your creativity. If you have an interest in the field of writing then you should not wait and go for it as soon as possible and join this dynamic industry.

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creative writing courses in british council kolkata

  • Professional
  • Soft Skills

Creative Writing

Top 10 creative writing courses in kolkata, india.

List of available Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata, India.

The Creative Writing courses in Kolkata are provided by the following institutes:

  • Udemy, Online
  • Coursera, Online
  • Institute of Performing Art and Mind Power Development, Kolkata
  • MasterClass, Online
  • CreativeLive, Online
  • ExpertRating, Online

Also, check out all Creative Writing Courses from all over India .

  • Online Creative Writing Courses


Writing That Moves: Write Novels That Keep Pages Turning

Write novels with compelling plots. This writing course, on fiction writing, shows how to plot books that hook readers

  • Price $19.99
  • Duration 1h 33m

The Foundations of Fiction (Writing Mastery)

Become a creative writing master and write killer novels, memoirs, or short stories

  • Price $21.99
  • Duration 56 lectures, 05:59:14

Write a Bestselling Novel in 15 Steps (Writing Mastery)

Discover the secret storytelling code behind all successful novels and use it to outline, write, or revise your own.

  • Price $29.99
  • Duration 3h 39m


Write Your First Novel

You will learn how to form a basic idea, any idea, into a structure and discipline that will allow you to create, write and complete a fully-realized novel ready to submit for publication. If you have any concerns regarding the protection of your original work

  • Price Inquire Now
  • Duration Approx. 127 Hours

Institute of Performing Art and Mind Power Development Logo

Creative Writing course is offered by Institute Of Performing Art and Mind Power Development.

  • Duration Please Enquire
  • Location Kolkata
  •   Contact Now

Creative Writing Course by Wesleyan University.

  • Duration Approx. 6 Months to Complete

Advanced Writing

Advanced Writing Course by University of California, Irvine

  • Duration Approx 20 Hours


Creative Writing Course by Margaret Atwood

  • Duration 3h 43m


Take Your Writing From Good to Great

Take Your Writing From Good to Great Course with Jennie Nash

  • Duration 7 Video Lessons


Creative Writing Certification

Careers in Writing and Publishing are booming and the demand for trained creative writers currently exceeds supply. If you're interested in enhancing your creative writing and editing abilities, while also gaining a marketable skill, this Creative Writing course is for you.

  • Price $49.99
  • Duration 11 Lessons


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creative writing courses in british council kolkata

Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata With Placements

Creative writing involves the art and craft of using the power of imagination to create a literary masterpiece. creative writing allows a writer to express his beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and perspective through his word-playing potential. it is like penning down your feelings on a piece of paper. prose, poetry, drama, autobiography, novel, memoir, fiction, and non-fiction, are a few forms of creative writing which require a sense of creativity and power of imagination. creative writer transcends conventional barriers with intriguing storytelling. find below the best creative writing courses in kolkata. , what is creative writing.

Creative Writing is not just simple writing. It involves delicate craftsmanship to create realistic or imaginative works of fiction, poetry, literature, or theme. Creative Writing takes you on a journey where you unfold your imagination, share stories with your fellow passengers, and inspire them.

As the term insinuates, Creative Writing involves immense creativity, and uniqueness, not something stereotypical or typical. We usually say, “It is too cold”. Someone with artistic skill says, “It is as cold as a dead”. Now, this is creative writing. There are a lot of categories of Creative Writing which comprise both fiction and non-fiction. Mentioned below are a few categories:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Biographies

Why Creative Writing as a Career?

There are loads of opportunities under the banner of Creative Writing. These opportunities include blogging, teaching, editing, proofreading, content writing, email marketing, and many more. These professions help you establish a remarkable career and provide a platform to enhance your creative side.

If you are creative and love writing, it is a profession tailor-made for you, which allows you to spend your days doing something you enjoy the most. Creative Writing is fun and can be a rewarding career for those who possess the power of imagination and craftsmanship to carve beautiful literary pieces. Let us discuss some benefits of this enterprising career:

  • Demand for Creative Writers: With the advent of social media, and other digital platforms, demand for creative writers has grown exponentially. Companies need writers to capture audiences’ attention with their art of storytelling and creativity.
  • Rewarding Career: Creative Writing is a rewarding career. You just need to have an exceptional sense of creativity and imagination. Creative Writers can convert their blogs into a business. They can write for online publications and journals. A lot of creative writing competitions are being organized both at the national and international levels, where they can participate and win big prizes.
  • Flexibility: Creative Writers enjoy the freedom to write on topics they choose to target their audiences. They don’t need to follow a peculiar 9-5 office routine. They enjoy the freedom to work from home.
  • Expressing the creative side: Creative Writing allows you to express yourself. It helps you develop imagination and strong communication skills.
  • Multiple Jobs: There are a lot of professional opportunities in Creative Writing. Some jobs in this field are blogger, copywriter, scriptwriter, screenplay writer, editor, poet, writing coach, ghostwriter, freelance writer, songwriter, etc.

Career as a Creative Writer?

As stated above, the demand for creative writers has grown exponentially in recent years. To create a piece of fiction, poetry, or drama, a writer should have a lot of imagination, observation, and creative ability. To be a successful creative writer, you should keep writing, editing, and publishing stories. Creative Writers think outside the box and engage audiences through their imagination. Their poetries and stories are a perfect blend of facts and fiction.

Creative writers often choose a category to write on, known as Genre. These Genres are action, romance, fiction, horror, fantasy, etc. Creative Writers need to know the genre best suited to them or the genre that appeals to them. To be successful, Creative Writers should know their target audience. They should know whether they are addressing teens, children or adults.

What Does a Creative Writer Do?

  • While writing, a lot of errors go unnoticed, which requires editing. Editing involves removing parts of the story or even rewriting a particular scene.
  • Write stories, articles, blogs, essays, etc.
  • Creative Writers research their subject before writing and even during the process of writing
  • Proofread before submitting the work
  • Confer with clients, publishers, or editors if there is any requested change or revision to written material
  • Get copyrights for completed works
  • Attend workshops and training sessions
  • Attend publicity events and book launches, and conduct public readings

Requirements of a Creative Writer:

  • Basic Computer skills
  • Observatory skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Research skills
  • Proficient in written and spoken English
  • Interest in current events

Types of Jobs in Creative Writing

There is a misconception that Creative Writing does not lead to many job opportunities. Writing is a passion. When this passion is pursued as a career, it is rewarding. There are many professional opportunities in the field of Creative Writing. Copywriting, Editing, Screenwriting, and Blogging are a few opportunities in Creative Writing. Through Creative Writing, any form of content can be created and promoted online. Let us go through a list of Creative Writing carriers one can consider:

  • Content Writer: Content Writers are professionals who write content for businesses and organizations. They communicate ideas, information, and stories through their writing skills which are informative and engaging. They write posts, articles, blogs, etc.
  • Copywriter: A Copywriter writes copy. Copywriters inspire their readers to take action and convert leads into sales. They are responsible for writing e-mails, advertisement catalogs, and commercials.
  • Journalist: Journalists gather information in the form of text, video, audio, and pictures, and process them into worthy news to be catered to the public. They write non-fiction stories for newspapers, magazines, and digital news channels.
  • Bloggers: Bloggers write essays and articles for websites, digital platforms, and online journals. These bloggers share their personal experiences on various topics that interest their target audience.
  • E-mail Marketing Specialist: The primary job of an E-mail Marketing Specialist is to conduct email marketing campaigns by identifying target audiences. E-mail Marketing Specialists ensure that the content is clear and optimized for mobile devices. They respond to e-mails and create digital ads.
  • Editor: Texts should be error-free before getting published. An Editor makes sure that these texts are free from errors. An Editor is involved in the revision, correction, and reviewing of written articles, reports, books, etc.
  • Columnist: We usually see columns in newspapers and magazines in the form of essays. These columns are written by columnists and contain the writer’s point of view or opinion.
  • Screenwriter: Screenwriters or Screen Play Writers write dialogues, and storylines and create intriguing characters. They write screenplays for television and movies .
  • Social Media Influencer : Businesses use Social Media Influencers to expand and build businesses. Customers show more faith in them than in advertisements from corporations. These businesses collaborate with social media influencers to market their products and services.

Scope of Creative Writing

There are loads of opportunities for creative writers in print and e-media. These creative writers work as scriptwriters and screenplay writers for television, films, and radio . Creative writers will never be out of demand if they keep maneuvering themselves and their imagination intact. Mentioned below are some scopes of Creative Writing:

  • Ad Agencies: Advertising Agencies constantly seek creative writers and copywriters to work on various projects. Everything in Advertising Agencies depends upon written words and a well-written story. Apart from growth opportunities, these agencies offer a lucrative pay package to writers.
  • Silver Screen: Creative Writers fancy a lot of opportunities in the world of cinema where they are involved in screenplay writing, script writing, and even the entire plot of a movie.
  • Collaboration: All the videos require scripts which are the work of a creative writer and a copywriter. Creative Writers team up with YouTube and TV channels where they offer their services.
  • Entrepreneurship: Creative Writers can also be great entrepreneurs. They can start their own business, offering their writing and content services. They can present their views through blogs to a large audience.
  • Ghostwriting: Ghostwriters are freelance writers who write on behalf of their clients. These clients hire Ghostwriters because they may not be capable enough to write or may not have enough time to engage themselves in writing.
  • Video Game Writing: Video Game Writers write the storyline of the game. They write characters’ dialogues and edit and update the script as needed. They ensure that the narrative meets the needs of the gameplay.

Salary in Creative Writing

Base Salary for different Job Titles in Creative Writing as per

Perks and Salary are the most important factors drawing thousands of aspirants’ attention to this field in India. To cater to the needs of those aspirants, many institutes are offering Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata.

Other best courses in Kolkata:

  • Content Writing Courses in Kolkata
  • Digital Marketing Courses in Kolkata
  • GST Certification Courses in Kolkata
  • Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata
  • SEO Courses in Kolkata

List of Institutes Offering Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata

Many Institutes offer Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata to help those aspirants looking for a career in Creative Writing. Let us have a look at the features and attributes of those institutes offering Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata.


Course Name: Master Content Writing Course

IIM SKILLS is one of the renowned institutions offering Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata. The course helps the students become professional creative writers by equipping them with fundamentals to a very professional level of Creative Writing. It is one of the best online Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata and has trained over 4300 professionals across 33 countries.

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Content Writing
  • Module 2: WordPress Web Development
  • Module 3: Digital Content
  • Module 4: Copywriting
  • Module 5: Marketing Collaterals
  • Module 6: Email Marketing
  • Module 7: Video Scripts and Social Media Writing
  • Module 8: Creative Writing
  • Module 9: SOP and Business Listing
  • Module 10: Legal Writing
  • Module 11: Technical Writing
  • Module 12: Search Engine Optimization
  • Module 13: Content Marketing
  • Module 14: Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 15: Freelance Content Writing
  • Module 16: Resume Writing

Features and Key Highlights of the Program:

  • Experienced Faculty: The Faculty in IIM SKILLS are responsible for maintaining a positive and comfortable learning atmosphere for the students.
  • Expert Trainers: Trainers of the program are Industry Experts with more than ten years of experience. They have been associated with various organizations with stable and successful careers in content and creative writing.
  • 100% Placement Assistance: The Online Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata offer 100% Placement Assistance to students.
  • Access to more than 35 Tools: Creative Writing Course from IIM SKILLS provides 35 free tools to its students worth INR 36,000. These tools help students understand the functions and operations of tools in creative writing.
  • Suitable for Everyone: The Course caters to Students, Job Seekers, Professionals, Business Owners, etc.
  • Globally Accepted Certification: The Course Curriculum is at par with the industry and offers certificates to students which is accepted worldwide.
  • Lifetime Support: The Students enjoy lifetime support as far as re-learning is concerned.
  • Money Back Policy: After enrolling, if any student finds that the course does not suit him, the institute refunds the amount paid.
  • Practical Training: The Course has more than sixty hours of practical training modules, helping students to learn real applications.

Course Duration: 4 Weeks + 14 Weeks of Internship (Optional)

Course Fee: 14900 + 18% GST

Mode of Learning: Online

2. British Council

British Council is the most reputed Institute offering Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata. The Course enables students to develop a writer’s perspective. It helps students enhance their knowledge of literature. The Course Curriculum is designed for those who aim to become writers by writing creatively and exploring their writing ability.

Course Content:

  • Travel Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Dialogue Writing
  • Short Story Writing

Features and Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Online Interactive Platform
  • Assessment by Teachers
  • Trained and Experienced Teachers
  • Feedback on Writing

Course Duration: 36 Hours

Course Fee: 10,000 INR

3. Bafel Academy

Bafel Academy is the best Institute offering Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata. The course builds a bridge between imagination and vocabulary. The course enables the students to evolve as a writer and help them develop skills that last a lifetime.

  • Creation of a backdrop for a storyline
  • Visualizing ideas, plots, and subplot formation
  • Advancing the story towards climax through creativity and imagination
  • Multiple formats
  • Narrative conclusion with various ends
  • Use of similes, metaphor and symbols, monologues and dialogues, satires, paradoxical situations, and soliloquies to enrich the flair of writing

Course Duration: 1 Month/ I Hour per session

Udemy offers the best Online Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata. The Creative Writing Course from Udemy helps students create their pieces of work in four genres of creative writing that comprise Poetry, Drama, Fiction, and Non-Fiction. The program measures the progress of students through writing assignments given to them.

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Creating a Digital Portfolio

Course Learnings:

  • Four Genres of Creative Writing that is Poetry, Drama, Fiction, and Non-Fiction
  • Writing Techniques
  • Creating own work
  • Publishing opportunities, podcasts, and where to create a professional writing portfolio
  • Writing assignments to target your required skills
  • 12 Hours of on-demand video
  • 145 downloadable resources
  • Mobile and TV access
  • 43 video lessons
  • 37 online review quizzes
  • Graphics, notes, and assignment sheets every lesson

Course Duration: 12 Hours 7 Minutes

Course Fee: 3,199 INR

5. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Diploma in Creative Writing in English

IGNOU is one of the oldest and the most dignified Universities offering Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata. The Program equips students with skills, understanding, and knowledge about the art of writing. The Program ensures students integrate information about the writer’s art and develop their creative ability.

  • DCE 1: General Principles of Writing
  • DCE 2: Project
  • DCE 3: Feature Writing
  • DCE 4: Short Story
  • DCE 5: Writing for Media, Radio, and Television
  • DCE 6: Writing Poetry

Course Duration: 1 year – 4 years

Course Fee: 3,800 INR + 200 INR Registration

Mode of Learning: Distance

Eligibility: 10+2

Recommended Reads:

  • Creative Writing Courses in India
  • Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore
  • Creative Writing Courses in Jaipur

6. Ace Web Academy

Ace Web Academy is an esteemed institute that offers Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata. The course enables students to develop an understanding of various types of content and publication channels. They learn to identify the target audience. Students learn on-page and off-page SEO best practices for higher ranking on search engines. Students also engage themselves in proofreading and editing.

  • Fundamentals of Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Articles and Blogs
  • Social Media Content
  • Copywriting
  • Brochure Writing
  • White Paper Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Comic Writing
  • One-to-One Teaching
  • Trainer Mentorship
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Lifetime Community Support
  • Updated Training Modules
  • Complimentary Training Modules
  • Quality and Practical Training
  • Industry Expert Trainers

Projects to Work On:

  • Proofreading
  • Blog Writing
  • Social Media Writing
  • Press Release
  • Research Papers

7. Seven Boats Academy

Seven Boats Academy is the leading institute offering Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata. The course caters to those students who wish to master content creation and improve their content writing skills. The modules cover topics that are SEO-friendly. The course equips students with tools and techniques for content writing and is available both online and offline.

  • Introduction and Overview: Concept of Keywords, SEO Overview, Content Writing Guidelines, How to Do Content Research
  • Web Content Writing: Blog Content Writing, Web Page/ Service/ Sales Page Content Writing, Social Post Writing, e-Commerce Product Description, Profile Writing, PR and Article Writing
  • Ad Copy Writing: Social Ad Copy Writing, Google, and Other ad Copywriting
  • Miscellaneous: Technical Content Writing, Domain Expertise Writing, e-learning Content Writing, Product Documentation, Storytelling, Resume Writing, Syllabus Drafting, E-mail Drafting, Proposal Writing, Various Other Writing, AI Content Writing Tools
  • Resources: Good Blogs/ Sites/ Tools and Resources
  • Live Instructor-led Online Class
  • Online Self-Paced Video
  • Walk-Through Modules
  • Class Recordings
  • 2 Months Course Access
  • Units and Quizzes
  • Mobile Access
  • Downloadable Notes
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Duration: 1.5 – 2 Months

Course Fee: 9,000 INR

Mode of Learning: Online and Offline

Frequently Asked Questions: Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata

How creative writing is different from content writing.

  • Creative Writing includes novels, short stories, poems, and screenplays.
  • Content Writing includes manuals, guidebooks, and marketing products.
  • Writers express their ideas, emotions, and experiences in Creative Writing.
  • SEO is followed in content writing to drive inbound traffic to the website
  • Creative Writing aims to entertain the readers with a lengthy style.
  • Content Writing keeps things clear and on point to engage readers.
  • In Creative Writing, writers enjoy the freedom of writing style to convey the message.
  • In content writing, clients choose the writing style and the content by adding facts and figures.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a creative writer?

Some roles and responsibilities of creative writers are:

  • Manage Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Create and publish press releases, ad copy, and brochures
  • Develop characters and plots to create stories for the silver screen and television

Is Creative Writing a lucrative career?

Yes, Creative Writing is a lucrative career if you have a flair for writing and a great sense of imagination. The salary of creative writers depends upon experience, location, and skills. The table above in the article clearly shows that a creative writer earns between 2,00,000 and 4,00,000 on average in Kolkata, India. Experience plays an important role in determining a creative writer’s salary. The more years of experience, the higher the salary. A creative writer can enter competitions and win big. They can publish a book or an e-book, turn a blog into a business, write for online publications, and write snippets and features. So, keep writing and cut loose your imagination and creativity.

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Home > English Speaking > Top 12 English Speaking Courses in Kolkata in 2024

Top 12 English Speaking Courses in Kolkata in 2024

creative writing courses in british council kolkata

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Table of Contents

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Looking for a tremendous English-speaking course in Kolkata? Check out our top 12 picks! These courses will help you improve your English speaking skills in a fun and engaging way.

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

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If you are looking to improve your English speaking skills, Kolkata offers several excellent courses to choose from. In this blog post, we will take a look at the top 12 English-speaking courses in Kolkata . These courses offer a variety of teaching methods and learning environments, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs and interests. Learn to speak and understand the language quickly with our best-selling course, Learning Path. It is designed to help students of all levels improve their conversational abilities while they study.

1) Henry Harvin (English Speaking Course in Kolkata)

creative writing courses in british council kolkata

English is one of the most renounced languages in this world and it can also be started as the most commonly used language around the entire world with all this importance being given to this language it is a must that you learn it from the best. Henry Harvin is one of the most renounced institutes all across India; it is best known for the service that it offers to its students. 

Henry Harvin ranks one of the top 500 global tech companies and is best known for the different courses they offer.

In their English speaking course, they train their students to speak proficient and confident English. They also help students in improving their reading skills at advanced levels.

Advantages of this course:

  • Projects: You will get to work on different projects
  • Placement: percent placement support is given to their students 
  • E-learning access: they even provide e-learning access to their students to find a subtle environment to enhance their knowledge.
  • Hackathons: they provide their students free access to Ask Henry competitions and hackathons

Internship: Henry Harvin also provide their students with internships where they can enhance their knowledge.

Certification: Once the students complete their course they will have to go through an examination through which they receive their certificates which are valid all over India and in other countries also.

Bootcamps: Bootcamp sessions will be held every once in a while serving as a refresher to those who missed their sessions.

Membership: When you register for an English-speaking course in Henry Harvin you even get a gold membership for an entire year.

Henry Harvin does not stop their services once the course is completed. They provide their students with internships and placements once their courses are done making their course one of the best English-speaking courses in Kolkata.

2) Xbridge:

creative writing courses in british council kolkata

Xbridge was started in the year 2008, and it has been constantly maintaining its stand as one of the leading institutes in Kolkata ever since, With the aid of core grammar, informal sentence forms, and a wide vocabulary, xbridge helps you improve your command of the English language.

The course that they teach here helps you improve your English language skills, it also helps you to develop fluent speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills with the aid of basic grammar, slang terms, and vocabulary.

Values of Xbridge:

Top-End Guidance – To prepare their students for the modern workplace, they look to provide the greatest mentors, modules, and advice.

High Virtue – They do not cut corners when it comes to providing their students with the best English language proficiency and professional expertise.

Ethnic Inclusiveness – At Xbridge, they value diversity in the classroom and work to accept and appreciate students’ unique moral and cultural perspectives.

Types of courses offered here:

  • Spoken English
  • Effective communication
  • Business English
  • Corporate communication 
  • Public speaking

With all of these above-mentioned qualities, Xbridge is one best institutes that provides the best English-speaking courses in Kolkata.

3) British council-Kolkata English Learning Center:

creative writing courses in british council kolkata

 Nothing beats the British Council when it comes to spoken English classes. They have a team of knowledgeable instructors, and their engaging teaching methods make learning spoken English as simple as ABC. Their small class size allows the professors to properly and equally pay attention to every student. Both novice and expert students can take these courses. 

They offer a variety of English-speaking courses in Kolkata, including general English, business English, and exam preparation courses. The teachers at the British Council are highly qualified and experienced, and the school’s facilities are top-notch making them provide one of the best English-speaking courses in Kolkata.

In their direct exchange, the goal of a spoken English course is to give students the skills and confidence to speak English naturally. Students will speak, practice, and refine their pronunciation and intonation as part of their Spoken English courses.

The benefits of their spoken English course include:

  • Improve your English language skills by practicing it.
  • Learn to speak English naturally and to pause when necessary.
  • English presentations and debates with classmates.
  • Gaining the self-assurance needed to connect and communicate in a variety of situations

Fees structure: Price: INR 9,900/- (22.5 hours) | INR 19,020/- (45 hours) | INR 28,007/- (67.5 hours)

4) Veta (English Speaking Course in Kolkata)

Veta, which was founded in 1981, is another well-known brand when it comes to learning spoken English. It has a skilled R&D team that creates course materials that are specifically tailored to the educational needs of Indians. All of its centers offer well-designed handbooks and individualized learning experiences. Veta offers thorough learning programs that cover a wide range of topics, from accent reduction to foundation building.

More than 35 lakh children have received training from them to speak English fluently. In addition to providing training through their centers, they were pioneers in the field of spoken English training via online education. This knowledge has been put to use to provide “VETA BEST,” a home study package, primarily for individuals who are unable to attend the classes at the centers due to scheduling, travel, or other issues.

Types of courses offered:

  • Foundation English (for beginners)
  • Accent from Veta (for proper accent training)
  • Pro English (for advanced Learners)

5) Orion Edutech:

creative writing courses in british council kolkata

Orion Edutech, which was founded in 2005, has advanced as a reputable center for learning spoken English. In actuality, it is a training facility with ISO 9001:2008 certification. Along with offering a variety of vocational training programs, it also offers spoken English classes.

Numerous organizations are connected to it, including:

6) the oxford academy (english speaking course in kolkata).

creative writing courses in british council kolkata

Another well-known spoken English training facility in Kolkata is The Oxford Academy. The academy, which was founded in 1999, provides instruction for a learner to speak effectively through a variety of listening and speaking activities. In order to better shape the students, the academy places emphasis on using gestures, facial expressions, and visual aids to pronounce words accurately.

Oxford claims that there are usually three fundamental steps in learning a new language:

Listening: Every time we come across someone speaking, we naturally start listening. Our brain seeks to gather fresh, simple words.

Speaking: We gradually acquire the ability to speak the language in its fragmented form.

Writing: When writing in a language, much more care must be paid to letters, grammar rules, and other details.

7) Learning path:

The Learning Path Academy, which was founded in 2008, provides well-liked courses in spoken English preparation for IELTS/TOEFL, professionals, call center training, etc. Additionally, there is a unique course designed just for women. The academy provides a huge selection of affordable, useful courses.

Types of courses offered here: 

  • Intermediate 

With these qualities, this institute provides one of the best English-speaking courses in Kolkata.

8) L and S Language Academy:

Since a long time ago, L&S Language Academy has been teaching a variety of languages in Kolkata. It is currently one of Kolkata’s top institutions for language instruction. Here, a variety of languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, etc., are taught.

They offer their services to people in a variety of occupations and age groups.

Today, many of their former students have successful careers and personal lives. Children or school students, office professionals, housewives, or old people can all profit from their training. This training will point students and IT professionals in a new direction. Therefore, L&S Language Academy is always available to assist you if you want to develop yourself as a successful person. Each language is learned using a different approach by qualified teachers.

Reasons for choosing L and S:

  • Friendly behavior
  • Experienced faculties
  • Flexible timings 
  • 100% fluency
  • Affordable price
  • Installment payment facility

With all these above-mentioned qualities L and S can be one of the most prominent English-speaking courses in Kolkata.

9) FITA (English Speaking Course in Kolkata)

creative writing courses in british council kolkata

With such an emphasis on the proper pronunciation, usage, and phonetics of the language as well as its frequently used expressions and sayings, the FITA Academy Spoken English Course in Kolkata is an integrated professional course designed to give learners the professional skills and knowledge of the English language and its usage as the primary language of communication throughout the world.

FITA provides one of the best English-speaking courses in Kolkata which is run by knowledgeable professionals with at least 10 years of experience in spoken English and foreign language training sector. They place a specific emphasis on the speaking skills training of their students.

10) Careersspeak Kolkata:

creative writing courses in british council kolkata

One of the top Spoken English & Computer training facilities in Kolkata is Career Speak Education. The Institute is well-known in the field for offering top-notch instruction both in-person and online. Their creative training approach is the culmination of many years of toil. Thousands of students from all around India have signed up for online classes, making this one of the best English-speaking courses in Kolkata.

To enable all students to succeed and explore the competitive world, Career Speak has made high-quality education available at incredibly low costs. Students, employees, individuals, businesspeople, and people from all walks of life are welcome to use Career Speak to prepare for a successful career. Their aspirations are inspired and encouraged by its training sessions, with these qualities the courses provided by Careerspeak can be stated as one of the best English-speaking courses in Kolkata.

Different types of English-speaking courses that they offer:

  • Complete English course 
  • Communicative English course
  • Fluent English course 
  • Rapid English course 
  • Corporate English course

11) Raddix spoken English institute in Kolkata:

creative writing courses in british council kolkata

An establishment that thrives to provide legitimate language preparation to up-and-comers is Raddix – Spoken English Course in Kolkata. The foundation is run by a well-trained and committed support staff that aims to provide the best environment for kids. Regarding fee structures, Raddix delivers fantastic limits at a fair price. The foundation is results-driven and well-known thanks to its happy students, who can attest to their dedication in their current professional roles. The institution features small meetings, and each student is given particular attention. Preparation using common sense is necessary for the learning framework

How to reach out to Raddix?

The institute may be found in Kolkata at 4/5 Singee Bagan Lane. You can travel there using any type of transportation because it is located in a very convenient area.

What is the admission process?

Through the Edvizo website or mobile app, you can apply for admission online from anywhere. This will not only save you time but money as well because you’ll get cash backs and significant savings. Visit our institute if you want to apply for offline admission

Why should you choose a spoken English course?

It is a renowned coaching institute in the city. It also offers a group of knowledgeable teachers who consistently demonstrate their abilities when it comes to a child’s profession.

12) ELTI (English Speaking Course in Kolkata)

creative writing courses in british council kolkata

The English Language Teaching Initiative (ELTI) under the SCERT is a Centrally Sponsored Support Scheme that was developed in collaboration with the English and Foreign Language University (EFLU) in Hyderabad and the Language Division of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, intending to offer high-quality training on the teaching of English, especially for secondary level teachers. The ELTI offers short-term orientation courses on teaching English as well as a two-year diploma program in English language instruction.

To provide their teachers with the best possible learning environment, ELTIS holds an annual national conference. ELTIS features 45 visiting English faculty members with a master’s degree or higher in addition to 21 full-time faculty positions. There are not many other language schools with such a large teaching resource. ELTIS was acknowledged as the approved training and assessment center for Cambridge Assessment English, Cambridge University, UK, in 2011.

Assignments for Corporate Teaching & Teacher Training are handled by ELTIS. Additionally, it offers translation and interpreting services. Every year, more than 6000 students enroll in ELTIS to improve their English language, communication skills, and soft skills.

Final words:

English is becoming or already become the most renowned language in this world. As most of today’s IT companies depend on these languages it must be an individual’s utmost priority to excel in this language. Listed above are some of the best English-speaking courses provided in Kolkata which you can opt to; learn from.

For more information reach out to:

Recommended Reads

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  • Why English is an Important Language
  • Top 8 English Language Courses for International Students

Q.1 Can we Pursue this course online?

Ans. There are some institutions that provide these courses online. For their students to have the luxury of learning this course from their homes itself. For instance, Henry Harvin provides these courses online.

Q.2 How can one improve their spoken English?

Ans. Talk to yourself in English, read aloud, concentrate more on fluency than grammar, repeat what you heard, use a dictionary for spelling, and speak as much as you can to enhance your spoken English.

Q.3 What is the difference between English-speaking classes and English vocabulary?

Ans. English speaking classes concentrate on communication and sentence formation, English grammar and usage in a sentence, etc., whereas English vocabulary lessons concentrate on synonyms, homographs, power words, verbal analogies, etc. to establish a rich vocabulary.

Q.4 How to practice speaking English by yourself?

Ans. Watch films and listen to dialogues carefully. Read full sentences and speak as much as you can. Don’t worry about grammatical mistakes as nobody is born perfect.

Q.5 Are Spoken English courses in Kolkata helpful?

Yes, spoken English classes use tested methods developed by top professionals around the world to boost students’ English-speaking abilities.

Q.6 What is the average fee for Spoken English in Kolkata?

Ans. The length of the course, the instructors, and the institutions offering the course all have an impact on the average course cost for spoken English classes. Using the UrbanPro tuition fee calculator in your desired location, you may estimate the costs.

Q.7 Which one of the above-listed institutions is the best to pursue this course?

Ans. All of the above-mentioned institutions are some of the best in the market and they make sure that their students fulfill their potential in their communication skills. 

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