cover letter world bank example

Sample cover letter for Full Time position at World Bank

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am particularly interested in working with you because World Bank’s goal of alleviating poverty and promoting development identifies with my aspirations, notably, my dream to see the communities around me and the world at large develop socially and economically. Being a person born and brought up in a peasant family and having realized the negative effects of poverty, I feel that it is my responsibility to join the struggle and advocate for and champion development focused programmers. But this can only be possible I have a platform from which I can give my input. This position with your institution therefore offers me this opportunity. Joining your organization will therefore help to shape me into a resourceful person not only to my home country and surrounding communities, but also relevant at the international level. My knowledge in Public International Law and International Economic law will be put use. In addition, I strongly detest corruption because it is the hotbed and an enemy of development. With my knowledge of law, research, coupled with finance and analytical skills, I aspire to join World Bank in fighting this cancer and supplement the efforts aimed at kicking poverty out of Africa. I am a person who views trade and business development as one way of realizing social and economic development, the same values your institution cherishes. This has motivated me to do my undergraduate on the progress of Doha Trade talks which, among others, are aimed at liberalizing Agricultural trade corroborates my profound interest in economic development. This is because agricultural is the backbone of most developing countries, including Uganda. This research paper has been submitted to Makerere University, Kampala in fulfillment for the award of a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and can be accessed from the Faculty of Law. Alauterio Ntegyereize

cover letter world bank example

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World Bank Resume and Cover Letter Samples

Technology Researcher at the the World Bank Resume Sample

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cover letter world bank example

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World bank jobs – what do recruiters look for in cover letters.

cover letter world bank example

As part of the application process of most job opportunities, candidates are usually required to submit a cover letter. The main goal of this document is to give candidates a chance to introduce themselves and explain their motivation in applying to the organization, such as the World Bank Group.

As the name suggests, a cover letter serves as a “cover” for the documents you submit for a job application. It should provide a summary of a candidate’s skills, professional experience, and qualifications that meet the needs of a job opening, emphasizing why the candidate should be selected. Cover letters are usually seen as a personal marketing tool.

This article is just a small sample of all the information covered by our comprehensive eBook – The World Bank Group Jobs and Careers . If you want to know more about it go to our online store to purchase the eBook!

WBG Jobs and Careers eBook

In the World Bank jobs selection process, the cover letter is one of the documents candidates must submit when applying for it, to serve as an introduction to their Curriculum Vitae or Resume. It should contextualize you CV/Resume and all its information in an objective fashion, highlighting the elements that are in line with the WB job opening. Its main objective is to reinforce the candidate’s positive qualities in order to arouse the evaluator’s interest and desire to know more about the individual.

In order to write a strong cover letter, it is important to know what the recruiters will be looking for, so here are some of the aspects the recruiting team seeks to evaluate:

  • Competencies : Competencies may be understood as the candidate’s set of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and values. The majority of the Bank’s selection processes are competencies-based. Therefore, it is important the candidate shows that s/he has the main competencies the Bank is seeking, such Teamwork, Innovation, Negotiation, Results Orientation, Problem Analysis, Strategic Perspective. Note that the required competencies can change according to the post being advertised. Since the World Bank is indisputably a value-driven organization, your personal values and the manner in which they are linked to the organization’s should also be highlighted.
  • Knowledge about the organization : It is expected that the candidate demonstrates knowledge about the World Bank Group, such as its mission, its operational approach, activities, and main objectives.
  • Cultural fit : Showing sound knowledge of the organization is not enough. The candidate should highlight that there is compatibility between their values, principles, objectives, and understanding of reality with those of the organization.
  • Communicative capacity : The cover letter enables the recruiter to evaluate the candidate’s writing skills and their ability to structure ideas and coherently defend arguments.
  • Technical knowledge : the candidate should present how s/he would contribute to the WB on the job. Expert assessors from the area the candidate is applying to will assess if the candidate has the technical knowledge required by the Bank and if s/he fully grasps the fundamental concepts of their specialized area.

In pursuit of its mission, OpenIGO has prepared support and guidance services, with the aim of highly increasing your chances of success in these competitive selection processes.  These services include revising your WBG application documents (curriculum vitae/resume and cover letter) and a mock interview, as per the WBG model. We also offer a range of packages that combine the eBook with different services.

WB Jobs – Products & Services

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