Best Resume Writing Apps 2022

We find the best resume writing apps to get you applying for jobs fast.

Best Resume Writing Apps 2022

There’s one app that sits at the top of our listings of the best resume writing apps, and that’s LiveCareer. As a web app, there are few compatibility concerns, and it’s full of useful features. There’s more to it than resume creation too - the app is well connected, and is capable of publishing your resume directly to job sites and social media. It’s hard to beat.

The web app is a huge trend in software at the moment, and resume writers have capitalised on it. Every single one of the best resume writing software packages we tested was a web app, with downloadable applications now looking rather out of date in comparison. It helps that resume writing software has a defined end, and therefore can limit the amount of tools and options it throws at the user rather than a general-purpose app such as a word processor or desktop publishing program. In this way, having the application run entirely in the browser makes a lot of sense, as it speeds up the process, and means you’ll be downloading completed files and applying for employment in no time. 

If you need more advice we have guides to the best online grammar checkers , and the best typing software to help you get faster.

1. LiveCareer: Best resume writing app overall

Why you can trust Top Ten Reviews Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test .

LiveCareer: My Perfect Resume

Our expert review:

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid.

More than just a resume-building site, LiveCareer is a fully featured web app that combines templates, connectivity with other sites, and cover letter creation to form one of the very best pieces of resume software available today.

The whole process of creating your resume is automated using a wizard and a limited number of templates. Answer its questions, inputting information where necessary, and you’ll receive tips as you work, pointing the way to a better resume.

If you’ve already got a resume, you can import it into LiveCareer and use the information already on it to speed along the creation of a new one. This is an uncommon feature among resume creation services, and certainly makes building a new, better, resume much faster. Also helping to speed things up are the helpful pre-written phrases the app can suggest if you’re stumped by how to describe some aspect of your career.

The interface is clean, and intuitive to use, and while we’ve seen larger numbers of templates elsewhere, the whole thing comes together to make LiveCareer the best we’ve found for making a striking resume.

2. Resume Genius: Best value resume app

Resume genius.

If you subscribe, you can download your resume in more useful formats, such as a Word document or PDF, or send it by fax from the site. You can also store unlimited resumes on the site, so you can tailor them for specific jobs, and you can get help to create a cover letter to accompany your resume. There’s even job search functionality, and a resume critique from an experienced career consultant.

A web app with a minimalist aesthetic, you pick a template, answer questions on your education and experience, and it generates your resume. It’s a very quick process, although it’s wise to get your thoughts in order before you begin, lining up in your mind the answers to questions about exactly when you left your last few jobs, and exactly what kind of college degree you have.

The finished result can be downloaded as a text file, but you’ll need to register with the site to do so. If you choose to register, and pay the subscription, however, a few more options open up, though you’ll need to pay for them. The $2.95 14-day trial is the best value of many we’ve seen, but it’s very difficult to get off the payment plan page and on to the dashboard page where the resume you’ve created is stored.

3. CakeResume: Best for social connectivity

A web app with a free version and an intuitive drag and drop interface, CakeResume makes the creation of your resume a straightforward process, and even hosts its own LinkedIn-like network for employers seeking new talent.

It’s a good-looking app that’s easy to navigate, and can link to your social media. If you already have a resume, you can upload it to the site and it will use it to populate the fields of your profile. When the profile is completed to the site’s liking, you can turn this into a new resume, editing the information as you go. Of course, you can always create a brand new resume from scratch, and there is a good selection of templates to choose from to get you started.

There’s a choice of two web apps to use, and we’d recommend the newer one, even though it’s still in beta. It removes a lot of the limitations placed by the original editing app. There’s no help with cover letters though, and it lacks the pre-written phrases that are a highlight of other services. There’s support in the form of a blog, however.

A further useful feature is the creation of a link, which you can use to give people access to your online resume - it’s really handy for pasting into an email, but recruiters may still prefer an attachment.

4. Visual CV: Best for templates

Another web app, but one that does things in a slightly different way. It has some bold, unusual template choices too, making it a good option for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Visual CV sets your resume up as a kind of web page, with a unique link you can share with potential employers. You’ll need to subscribe to unlock this ability, but if you’re applying for jobs with the kind of employer who prefers to look at a screen rather then drown in paper, it might be worth it.

You can download your resume as a PDF too, and as long as you use one of the (rather dull, but still professional-looking) free templates, you’ll not be charged for doing so. If you want a little more flair, however, it’s well worth registering for the Pro service, as this also unlocks the ability to download your resume as a Word document, so you can continue editing it on your computer.

There are twice as many templates as LiveCareer’s offering, but it loses ground in terms of the options and control over layout that it offers. Overall, though, this is a strong entrant in the resume app market.

5. Pongo: Best for online help

Not one of the most fully featured resume builders we’ve seen, but one that we can still recommend thanks to the amount of support it offers while you compose your resume.

There’s a lot happening on the Pongo website, and it can be easy to feel lost, but in among all the videos offering advice on everything from cover letters to interview techniques, and success stories from those who got hired using the site, there’s a resume builder you can use for free. Subscribe, however, and the options keep growing. There are templates (although not as many as we’d like to see), sample phrases, matching cover letters and more, though there aren’t as many ways to customize your resume away from the template as we’ve seen elsewhere.

Download options include text, Word and PDF, while the ability to turn your resume into a website is a nice addition. For anyone new to the jobs market, or perhaps returning after a long time away, this is an excellent choice to create your resume.

How much do resume writing apps cost?

Resume writing programs have largely segued into web apps rather than downloadable ones, with subscription charges that range anywhere from a $3 one-off charge for a few days’ access up to about $20 a month. Pay attention when you subscribe, though, because most services offer several different plans – and some plans limit the features or number of resumes you can create. Make sure to find a selection that works for your job search. Also, several of the programs we tested come with a free trial, but frequently the company won’t remove their watermark from free templates. It’s best to pay a little extra and remove the companies’ branding. Being able to download your resume as a Word document is also important, as unlike a PDF you can continue to edit this in Word or one of its compatible free competitors as your skills and experience grow.

How we tested resume apps

We read dozens of articles and researched the current industry standard in resume writing software before we selected which programs to test. Then we downloaded or subscribed to the ones we selected. Most of the current software is web-based, but there are few downloadable programs that have enough features and support to be worth mentioning.

In each program we created a resume and then tested the available features. We evaluated how intuitive the input options and wizard (the tool that you use to input your data) were in each program. We also looked for programs that offer additional support beyond simple resume creation. Resume software that connect with popular job search engines or give tips about acing your interview ranked higher in our comparison.

We looked for import and export options that allow you to easily transfer your completed work to new systems and give you flexibility to use the information from older resumes to create new ones. We also graded the software on customization tools, like margin spacing and font choices, as well as text size and watermarks to make sure you can create a resume that’ll stand out.  We learned there’s often a balance between having plenty of options and having so many that they become overwhelming, so we looked for a number of templates and features that was just right.

Are resume apps actually worth it?

In a word, yes. Based on our experience with the sites and services we tested, it's helpful to have the task of creating a resume broken up into more manageable chunks. Many of the programs that we used have wizards that provide helpful tips or guidance on each section. It's also convenient to be able to save personal information, like your address and home phone number, to be used over and over again as you customize resumes for different job applications. Overall, because resume writing is such a common experience, we think its hard to go wrong with these programs. They are also inexpensive enough that it’s worth a try.

Resume and job hunting trends for 2021

Economists are predicting an uneven recovery from the spike in unemployment caused by the pandemic, and the US rate might stay above 6% until the end of the year.

Keep It Short, but Not Too Short: A recent study by ResumeGo shows that recruiters are twice as likely to prefer a two-page resume than a single-page resume. The common wisdom used to be that anything beyond a single page is a strike against you, but if you have the work experience and qualifications, don’t skimp on including them. Be as thorough as possible.

Start Strong: The top third of your resume is the most important real estate. Use it to make an impression and to give the hiring manager the most important information. Include contact information, your LinkedIn account info, your most recent job and a summary statement. The summary isn’t an objective – instead, it should be a statement that catches the recruiter’s eyes. In the summary, talk about your successes and what you can add to the company you’re applying at.

Optimize Your Resume: Many companies use applicant tracking systems to monitor and update you on your application’s progress. Some of these systems can be overzealous about filtering resumes, so you may need to include some keywords used in the job posting. In some cases, you can benefit from using the particular jargon preferred by the company you’re applying at.

Customize & Cut: Make sure each resume is tailored to the specific job you’re applying for. One-size-fits-all resumes don’t really work any more. Trim your resume to the last 10 to 15 years of your job history – anything further back could date you or may be irrelevant. If you’re applying for a job as a software developer, the company hiring you isn’t interested in your high school dishwashing job.

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The Best AI Cover Letter Writers of 2024

Nathan Thompson

No job seeker wants to write a cover letter. Much less a personalized cover letter for every application.

You end up with multiple cover letters, scattered folders for separate jobs, a cluttered bookmark bar and, inevitably, you’ll still upload the wrong cover letter to the wrong job listing.

Smart job seekers shortcut the cover letter process to land their dream job faster – leveraging AI cover letter writers to create a standout cover letter optimized for every job description.

How AI can help you write cover letters

AI cover letter builders tailor your cover letter to every potential employer by extracting keywords directly from the job post. Using AI, applicants can spin up job-specific cover letters in seconds for higher application velocity and acceptance rates.

Benefits of using an AI cover letter generator

  • Automates the manual process of writing a quality cover letter for every potential employer
  • Organizes and auto-matches your application materials for you
  • Improves chances of getting more applications approved
  • Avoids the frustration of writer’s block when crafting a unique cover letter
  • Appeals to hiring managers by speaking to specific job description asks

Of course, the wrong AI cover letter creator will leave you coming across as, well, artificial – sinking your application acceptance rate. A great AI cover letter generator, on the other hand, will sync with your resume and job listing to highlight relevant skills and personal details for an impressive cover letter tailored to every job description. 

In this post, you'll explore some of the best AI cover letter generators on the market and what they have to offer, including:

  • Resume Builder

‍ Ready to use AI to perfectly tailor your cover letter for every job? Sign up for Teal today and see how easy it is to generate personalized cover letters in seconds.

5 best AI cover letter generators

AI-generated cover letter

One of the best resume apps , Teal is a dynamic job search and career growth platform.

Teal offers a suite of free and paid writing tools, including an AI Resume Builder and AI Cover Letter Generator . These features allow users to efficiently tailor resumes and cover letters for each specific role, manage job applications, and track progress all in one place.

With an option to import your LinkedIn profile and click on previously saved jobs to tailor your resume and cover letter, Teal is among the best AI cover letter generators out there.

Key features

  • AI Cover Letter Generator : Customize your cover letter for multiple jobs in minutes using AI and 1.2K+ free cover letter templates
  • AI Resume Builder : Tailor your resume with ATS-friendly keywords from job listings
  • Job Application Tracker : Save cover letters, resumes, job listings, and more in one central hub

One free cover letter generation, then $9/week for AI usage.

Reviews 4.9 on 1.9K+ in Chrome Web Store

Teal review

Key Differentiator #1: Customize cover letters for multiple jobs in minutes

While many AI resume builders focus solely on the resume, they often leave job applicants to tackle cover letters on their own. This process, vital for standing out in the job market, can be overwhelming, especially when juggling multiple job applications.

Teal's Cover Letter Generator goes beyond basic cover letter crafting, offering a helpful tool for generating unique cover letters optimized for each job – referencing job title, company name, necessary skills, etc. 

By merging your existing resume with the specifics of a job description, Teal helps you quickly create compelling cover letters aligned with each role.

best ai cover letter tools

Plus, none of the output is set in stone. That means you can manually change each section of your cover letter until it’s the perfect representation of your skills, experience, and professional goals after the AI does its magic.

Key Differentiator #2: Personalized applications for each job you apply to with ATS-friendly keywords

While some cover letter builders provide helpful tools for crafting resumes, they often lack the personalization and efficiency needed to stand out from hundreds of other applicants.

Manually creating the perfect resume can be a tedious and time-consuming process, often resulting in generic and uninspiring applications. By optimizing for the right keywords, recruiters and hiring managers can more easily search for your application in the applicant tracking system (ATS).

top cover letter generators

Remember, your resume is likely the initial thing a hiring manager will see. It’s their first impression of you. Without a strong one, no one will even read your engaging cover letter. 

Enter Teal's AI Resume Builder .

Teal's AI extracts crucial hard and soft skills from a job listing, ensuring your resume precisely addresses employer must-haves. Teal's AI integration simplifies the resume creation process, so you look like a resume genius. This helpful tool integrates with both your resume and job descriptions, enabling you to create personalized AI-generated cover letters and resumes.

Key Differentiator #3: Keep all your application materials in one place

While some job search tools might help organize certain aspects of your job hunt, they often leave you juggling multiple platforms for documents, applications, websites, and contacts.

This fragmentation can lead to missed opportunities and a disorganized approach to your job search.

Teal addresses this common pain point by providing a centralized hub for all your job search needs. In Teal, you can bookmark job listings from over 40 job boards directly through the Chrome Extension, keeping them in the same platform as your resume. You can also attach a job description directly from a saved job to add to your cover letter.

best cv writer

This ensures all job applications, resume versions, and related assets stay in one place. Meanwhile, the Job Application Tracker feature allows you to monitor the status of each application, schedule follow-ups, and manage deadlines efficiently. 

ai tools to write cover letter

Lastly, the ability to bookmark job listings from a wide range of job boards into your Teal dashboard streamlines search, saving time and reducing stress.


Careerflow homepage is a comprehensive career platform focused on job seeking and professional development processes. Filled with various AI-powered tools, this platform helps users create personalized cover letters (even if that's not the company’s primary function).

With Careerflow, you'll find features like the Kanban Board and LinkedIn Writer, which can benefit job hunters who want to add structure to their process. The Kanban Board, for example, is a great way to manage and visualize professional progression. And the LinkedIn Writer can help fine-tune your LinkedIn profile, making it a useful tool for network expansion and outreach.

  • AI cover letter generator: Creates an AI-generated cover letter based on the job description
  • LinkedIn writer: Polishes your LinkedIn profile, improving your online presentation
  • Resume templates: Jumpstarts your resume using pre-built templates starts at $45/month (or $14.41/month when billed annually).

4.3 on 116 reviews in Chrome Web Store

Careerflow review

3. Resume Lab

Resume Lab homepage

Resume Lab has positioned itself as a notable player in the resume-building market. With an easy-to-navigate interface, the platform caters to users who need to quickly craft resumes that are both comprehensive and professional. 

Like the other tools on this list, Resume Lab offers users an AI cover letter writer to help job seekers with the process. This tool promises personalized and contextually relevant cover letters tailored to the user's profile and target job.

The website has other resources to help you craft CVs, cover letters, and even help prep you for job interviews when the time comes. 

  • AI cover letter writer: Generates cover letters suited to job applications
  • Cover letter templates: Offers a diverse range of templates to fit different job sectors
  • Guided tips: Extends users in-context advice to enhance their resume content

Resume Lab offers a 14-day trial at $2.70. Pricing then goes up to roughly $25/month.

No Chrome Extension

4. Resume Builder 

Resume Builder homepage

Resume Builder is a comprehensive tool designed to help job seekers easily create well-crafted resumes and cover letters, thanks to its AI-powered features. The platform's main focus is simplifying the strenuous resume-building process, with the AI cover letter writer being a staple offering.

The cover letter writer enables users to generate personalized, professional cover letters within minutes. By assessing the user's profile and job requirements, the AI-driven system can create cover letters targeted to specific job roles, setting candidates apart from the competition. 

Plus, the AI provides suggestions for showcasing relevant skills and experiences more concisely.

Key features 

  • Resume and cover letter templates: Customizable CV and cover letter templates across different industries
  • Cover letter examples: Pre-written examples by experts for various job positions
  • Resume examples: A collection of resume examples by job, industry, format, and experience level

Resume Lab offers a 14-day trial at $2.70. Pricing then goes up to $23.95/month or $71.40 for an annual plan.

ChatGPT for cover letter

ChatGPT, a creation of OpenAI, introduced accessible artificial intelligence to the world in late 2022. Whether you're drafting emails to recruiters or bouncing ideas about your career options, there are several ways to use ChatGPT in your job search .

When ChatGPT is used as an AI cover letter generator , it offers a blend of personalization and precision. Users can input details about the job role, their professional journey, and the company's ethos, guiding the model to generate content that resonates.

The result? A customized cover letter that captures attention, showcasing the applicant's understanding of the position and their unique value proposition. 

With ChatGPT, the age-old challenge of drafting the perfect cover letter in seconds becomes easier (especially when working with the right ChatGPT cover letter prompts ).

  • Human-like text generation: ChatGPT uses inputs (like your resume and tone instructions) to produce human-like text, making it good for resume writing , cover letter creation, and more
  • Flexible customization: Customizable prompts allow you a wide range of tonal adjustments, usage scenarios, and stylized writing
  • Ease of integration: Thanks to OpenAI's API, several applications and Chrome Extensions now integrate with ChatGPT, making it easier to use for resume and cover letter writing

One notable limitation: ChatGPT doesn’t have your resume to accurately pull from. That means you’ll need to manually upload information yourself or verify that ChatGPT’s output is correct.

You’ll also have to keep track of and manage versions yourself as ChatGPT’s interface is a free-flowing chatbot. Unlike the other free cover letter generators mentioned, ChatGPT is not specifically designed for job seekers.

For access to ChatGPT’s advanced language learning model (LLM) GPT-4, you’ll need to pay $20/month. 

No Chrome Extension from Open AI (ChatGPT parent company), only integrated extensions

How to use Teal’s AI cover letter generator

top ai cover letter writers

1. Import Your Existing Resume into the Resume Builder

Or, you can create a new resume easily by starting in the Resume Builder section. The more career details you provide, the better your cover letter will be. You can apply changes to one or all of your resumes at once.

2. Go to the “Cover Letter” Section and Attach a Job Description

Once your resume is all set, it’s time to pair it with an individual job that you’ll be applying to. If you’ve already added the job to your Job Tracker, simply select it from the dropdown to attach it. Otherwise, you can easily create a new job in just a few clicks.

3. Generate Your Cover Letter with AI

Simply click “Generate with AI” and let the magic happen. Feel free to copy and paste your cover letter text in a separate Google Doc or Word Doc to save it for later.

Which is the best AI cover letter writer? 

Though other tools offer AI-driven cover letter writing capabilities, Teal’s AI cover letter generator stands out as one of the few that’s not an afterthought add-on to other career tools.

While many tools focus on cover letter AI, Teal’s user-friendly interface walks users through the entire job application process – from the first draft of your resume to customizable templates for email to helpful tips for LinkedIn.

ai tools cover letter

For anyone serious about making a lasting impression and optimizing their job application process, Teal is the best choice for AI cover letter writers.

So what are you waiting for? Try Teal’s Resume Builder and access the best AI-driven online cover letter generator today.

Frequenty Asked Questions

cover letter app reviews

Nathan Thompson

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Unsolicited - verified purchase, solicited - verified purchase.

Cover Letter Now has a rating of 4.59 stars from 4,150 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with Cover Letter Now most frequently mention great experience, customer service, and easy process. Cover Letter Now ranks 5th among Career Advice sites.

cover letter app reviews

This company responds to reviews on average within 3 days

Cover Letter Now product 0

What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights.

  • I tried this as a quick solution to starting a targeted job search and apply to a position.
  • I could not do this without Cover Letter Builder's excellent assistant.
  • 2022 Customer Choice Winner

Critical highlights

  • If you try to cancel, they will keep billing you, horrible customer service .

“I needed to cover letter at the last minute for a job...”

I needed to cover letter at the last minute for a job offer that was due that same day, and this was so very worth it subscribing to you because it definitely helped me a lot. It was very professional, and I would recommend it to anyone seeking employment from a professional entry-level.


Cover letter now is a complete scam, I signed up for 14 day access, next thing I know I'm being charged for the next month after they never notified me that I was going to automatically be opted into a subscription. Very dishonest and never even provided a good product.

Reviews (4,150)

Reviews that mention popular keywords

Thumbnail of user sueb1092

We're very sorry for any confusion, Andres, but after reviewing your account it seems that the trial period expired back in May 2021, meaning that you are not eligible for a refund. Please know that this policy is only available during your 14-day trial period once this time expires we do not process refunds on any recurring charge as explained in your welcoming email picture and our terms. With this in mind, if you need any assistance in regards to this matter please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance using the link provided below. Contact Us:

Thumbnail of user craigp416

From the business

Create a job-winning cover letter in minutes! From students or entry-level job seekers to experienced executives, our cover letter builder offers jobseekers a fast and easy way to create a cover letter. With pre-written bullet point examples across several industries and recruiter-approved templates, Cover-Letter-Now enables users to download a polished and professional cover letter in minutes.

  • Visit Website
  • Career Advice , Resume , Job Search
  • #5 in Career Advice
  • Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Edit business info

Business History

Since 2005, we’ve helped more than 10,000,000 folks from all over America (and beyond!) discover their career path, build stronger resumes, interview with confidence, and boost their chances of finding the right job in less time.

Company Representative

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Cover-Letter-Now   Reviews

In the Resume Service category

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Reviews 4.3.

Most relevant

The actually making of the cover letter…

The actually making of the cover letter was very easy. The only downside is the sneaky monthly service that tac into the service. They also make it difficult to cancel. I had a hard time finding out how to cancel,luckily I found the original email they sent and was able to track down the number. I had to call several times before i got threw.

Date of experience : January 28, 2024

Reply from Cover-Letter-Now

Hello! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We're glad to hear that creating your cover letter was straightforward. However, we apologize for any inconvenience you experienced with our subscription service. We appreciate your patience in finding the cancellation information and apologize for any difficulty you faced in reaching us. We take your comments seriously and will work to improve our cancellation process. If you have any further concerns or if there's anything else we can assist you with, please feel free to let us know. Your feedback helps us enhance our services.

The help over the phone was amazing !!

The help over the phone was amazing !! The resume and cover letter were done so easily with their template . I also needed help in editing them and they stayed on the phone helping me with no problem for a few hours .

Date of experience : January 09, 2024

Hello! We want to express our gratitude for your feedback, as it plays a crucial role in our ongoing efforts to deliver the best possible service to our valued members.

This service has been the most…

This service has been the most fraudulent and dishonest one I've encountered. I canceled my subscription a year ago and yet to this day they keep charging my credit card monthly. If you're an employer reading this, I can assure you that this organization secretly bills people who canceled their subscription, and that will cause people to leave, report, and eventually write a review of how much of a lie this company is.

Date of experience : January 07, 2024

Hello! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation process not being as seamless as it should have been. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we apologize for the negative experience. We take our customer’s feedback very seriously. Know that we hear you and are here to help, so please look for a private message from Trustpilot shortly. Thank you for your patience!"


CLN Billed my AMEX for several months without my authorization FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD. They promised to refund but I have yet to see the refund. STAY AWAY from www.Cover-Letter-Now

Date of experience : January 13, 2024

Hello! We apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced and take this matter very seriously. We understand the frustration caused by unauthorized billing. Please be assured that we will look into this issue urgently and will ensure that we can provide you with a resolution once we have more information. Please look for a message from Trustpilot asking for your account information.

Thank you Natalie

This is a this is an awesome company who is genuinely interested in helping you with writing your cover letters and resumes. The cover letter was detailed and professionally written. Natalie helped me with my issues today and she was very kind in doing so. Thank you Natalie

Date of experience : December 11, 2023

Hello, Thank you! We are thrilled to hear that our agent was able to assist you with your request and provide you with excellent service. We will be sure to let them know your amazing comments.

I worked with Mr Santos

I worked with Mr Santos. He was very patient and very personable. This worked for me because it helped me step by step. For a person who have not done a cover letter over 20 years, this Website is a Winner. Thank You so Much. Christine Santana

Date of experience : January 05, 2024

Hello! Thank you! We are thrilled to hear that our agent, Mr. Santos, was able to assist you with your request and provide you with excellent service. We will be sure to let them know your amazing comments.

Natalie the customer service…

Natalie the customer service representative was very helpful. She gave me different payment plans and options to meet my budget. Understood my situation, listened and helped get where I needed to be.

Date of experience : December 15, 2023

Hello, Thank you for leaving a five-star shout-out for our agent, Natalie!

Not transparent

Originally, I had a good review. Although the sales rep was very pushy, he agreed to refund the money. Well, they only refunded half of what I was charged. I am irritated about the lack of transparency about the subscription you sign up for, and then being mislead to believe they would refund the entirety of what I was charged, do better.

Date of experience : December 18, 2023

Hello, Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we apologize for the negative experience. We take our customer’s feedback very seriously, know that we hear you and we are here to help. We have refunded you the requested amount. We are committed to changing your mind about us and ensuring you receive the excellent customer service we pride ourselves on. Thank you for your patience!

Cover Letter, Resume, Job

Kim, the customer service/sales rep. made my experience with cover-letter-now entertaining and worth the time spent. She demonstrated patience in taking me step by step through the website. She had knowledge about the various features and how I could utilize them to better suit my needs. I almost didn't care the site comes with a fee.

Date of experience : August 12, 2023

Hello, Courtney Our team is committed to providing excellent service, and it’s great to hear we delivered our promise to you! -Cover Letter Now

The lovely customer service…

The lovely customer service representative on the other end was very helpful and understanding of my needs and urgency to help me find my cover letter and even send it personally via pdf to my personal and work email. I am grateful. Please excuse me for forgetting your name, I am sorry.

Date of experience : October 27, 2023


IT COVERS ALL FOR ME My experience was unbelievable, Your service has made it so much easier for me to create a resume, most especially my cover letter was so match for my needs. I recommend Cover-Letter for anybody that wants to be standout in job searching. I rated them five star because they deserver it. Good job guys.

Date of experience : June 01, 2023

Hello, Timilehin Afolabi Thank you for sharing; it’s fantastic to know how pleased you are with everything. -Cover Letter Now

Live Chat Customer service rep Daniel…

Live Chat Customer service rep Daniel went above and beyond to help me solve my Cover Letter Now issue. I appreciate the competent and empathetic customer service - GOLD STARS all the way across the board. Keep up the great work Cover Letter

Date of experience : August 31, 2023

Hello, J Isaac Our team is committed to providing excellent service, and it’s great to hear we delivered our promise to you! -Cover Letter Now

I was so worried about being charged…

I was so worried about being charged again randomly for my subscription. I only used the services once, and was charged twice in one month before I could cancel the subscription. I'm sure it's my fault and I just didn't read the fine print well enough. ANYWAY i was so worried about the extra random $24 charge because I can't afford that right now... I called in for help. Able was my customer service rep and he was literally the kindest person I have ever spoken with. He helped me feel better about the situation and calmed me down. He treated me like I was important. That literally never happens. I felt like an important customer- even though the situation was likely my fault AND he offered me the refund. WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN. I am so grateful for his kindness. Thank you. Wow

Date of experience : September 22, 2023

Wow, Thank you! We are thrilled to hear that our agent was able to assist you with your request and provide you with excellent service. We will be sure to let them know your amazing comments!

My experience was great

My experience was great. Robert had helped me cancelled my subscription right away. He asked me the reason why i wanted to cancel and suggested another way to help me resolved the expensive subscription. I am very satisfied with Robert's help.

Date of experience : September 25, 2023

Hello, Thank you for leaving a five-star shout-out for our agent! Glad we were able to assist you!

How can I fault this site service. Perhaps that it auto corrects my spoken English to American English....only kidding. The assistance was fantastic. I had applied for 92 jobs with my own very well written Resume & Cover Letter but no success. Using Cover-Letter-Now not only did I get interviews for the only 2 jobs I applied for but got job offers from both. Gavin - Sweden I'll be resubscribing once I complete this current 6 month contract.

Date of experience : December 02, 2021

Hello, Gavin Congratulations on landing those interviews, we’re glad we were able to help you in your job search! -Cover-Letter-Now

Great Experience

All the representatives I spoke with were Kind, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. They helped me every step of the way making something that was very difficult for me seem much easier to comprehend and manage. I'm grateful for everyone I spoke with. I wish I found them sooner!!

Date of experience : June 26, 2023

Hello, Maria Reviews like this make our day; thank you! -Cover Letter Now

When I called the 844-351-7485 the…

When I called the 844-351-7485 the person answered right away. I believe his name is Andre. He was very polite and listened to my request along with offering me encouragement to keep searching. He said I created a wonderful cover letter. We had a nice conversation and I appreciate how he spoke and wanted to offer a plan to keep me involved with Cover-Letter-Now. However, I don't need to apply for a job any longer. I will remain with my work at this time. Thank you for hiring good and professional people. And my experience, because of Andre was exceptional. Shirley Ferer

Date of experience : January 10, 2023

Hello, Shirley Thank you for letting Andre assist you with your query and the feedback! -CoverLetterNow

Thank you so much you help me with a…

Thank you so much you help me with a jobs that I was going for and I do appreciate it I enjoyed it very much thank you again cover letter

Date of experience : December 03, 2023

Hello, Thank you for sharing. It’s awesome to know how pleased you are with how everything turned out.

Excellent Tech Support

I had a small issue and called technical support, Ivan was amazing, he was patient with me and very knowledgeable, he tried everything until he got me a solution. I am so grateful for such above and beyond customer service. Really 5 star quality. Highly recommend, thanks again Ivan

Date of experience : January 10, 2020

Hi Isela, Thank you for taking a moment to recognize Ivan for all of his efforts! We absolutely love recommendations and appreciate the positive feedback!

Excellent Service

The wait time for chatting was just a few seconds. The customer service rep introduced herself and was very helpful. She was able to lower the monthly cost of my subscription which enabled me to continue using your services. She also explained how I would go about getting help from Cover Letter Now with regards any formatting problems.

Date of experience : May 21, 2020

We're delighted to know that our agent was able to assist you with your request and provide you with excellent service, Cheri.

I tested 5 AI resume builders to help get a job — here's what happened

Here’s how to apply for a job using AI

Man holding resume in front of a computer

I long for the day when I’ll wake up in the morning and get my AI ready to go to work for me . Until that time comes, the least AI could do for me today is to help me land a job I like.

Not everyone is a fan of resume and cover letters, but they remain staples in many recruitment processes.

For years, employers have also been using forms of AI to filter through these documents in order to narrow down the pool of applications they receive for any given vacancy. 

The latest advances in generative AI mean that right now employees can leverage AI tools at their disposal to empower themselves in the job-hunting process.

I wanted to see how powerful these tools are. To find out, I created a shortlist of AI resume and cover letter builders that I wanted to try. Tom’s Guide believes in fair fights, so I used each of them as though I was applying for the same job with the same profile.

A target was required and I found a LinkedIn ad for a real job as a remote Software Engineer with generative AI responsibilities at Meta (formerly Facebook) that looked promising.

The role asked for a candidate with over two years of coding experience and over two years of building large-scale applications. More experience was required in designing and completing medium to large features without guidance. Meta was looking for a candidate with, or in the process of obtaining, a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent practical experience. In exchange, the company was offering a salary between $116k and $168k per year.

I created a fictitious aspiring Meta software engineer, Tamsin Smith, in order to have some kind of profile I could submit to the AI. Smith holds two Stanford University degrees in computing science, completed an internship with Twitter and has been working at Google as a software engineer since 2019. 

If that’s not enough for Mark Zuckerberg to give her an offer, she also leads a local scouting group in her free time.

With an actual job ad and an alter ego in hand, I was ready to start reviewing AI tools. Read on to find out which tools I used, what they produced and my thoughts on their performance.

My first attempt was with since it offers a free basic service and I wanted to check if the way I designed the review could work in principle. And it did!

Right after confirming my email, I was creating Tamsin Smith’s first resume.

I was presented with a choice between a “Job-Tailored Resume” and a “General Purpose Resume”; I went with the first choice as it was exactly what this test was about. It asked me for the role and company I’m targeting but I was blindsided when Rezi asked me to insert a job application I’d written for the role. Isn’t this something the AI should be doing for me?

I finished this side quest and then added basic details like my name and email, followed by my previous work experience. Here’s when I first encountered signs of AI life in the form of a bullet point generator to further explain my role. 

Rezi went on to ask me to add details on projects I’d worked on, my education history, certifications, coursework, involvement in other organizations, and my skills.

The next exciting step was the summary section, where I gladly let the AI take control. It was nothing I couldn’t have come up with myself if I simply wanted to summarize my resume, but it at least merits a pass mark. (I wanted to ask the AI to write a cover letter for me based on the finished resume but that feature requires a subscription.)

Overall Rezi marked the resume it produced at 87 out of 100, which I think is a bit too generous. If you have a rough idea of what you want your resume to look like, by all means, use Rezi so you don’t have to worry about the formatting. It might also provide a helpful AI-generated bullet point or two along the way.

If you were worried that not using Rezi’s AI was the one thing stopping you from getting your dream job, rest assured that (at least with its free version) this is not the case.

My score: 3/5

“Designed templates that will get you hired at the world's leading companies,” Resumaker proudly displayed on its homepage. I also had to pay ($0.99) to download my resume and cover letter. Surely, I was on the verge of getting Tamsin hired?

By now I’d gotten the hang of inserting details like my education and work history. In this regard, little separates the resume builders tested here.

The AI kicked in to provide me with text I could insert as accomplishments in my jobs and as the headline summary. The latter left much to be desired but at least it was presentable. Resumaker didn’t offer to beef up my volunteering section so I had to write that part manually. As a whole, the resume felt a bit dry but at least it was presentable.

However, it’s a good thing this service isn’t called Coverlettermaker. Every sentence it generated started with either an “I am” or “I have”. When you’re working with such a structure, there’s only so much you can do to make the rest more exciting. Furthermore, it left the [Company Name] field for me to fill in. AI that’s supposed to help me land a job in a highly competitive market should come with higher standards. claims that thousands of applications it created landed people jobs. If there’s any truth to that, then on the bright side we really shouldn’t be overthinking what we’re sending to hiring managers.

The main question I asked myself before deciding whether each AI builder deserved a pass mark was: Can I send out the résumé as is? 

Teal didn’t quite make the cut here.

It asked me to connect the specific job I was applying for from LinkedIn to the resume and it started analyzing the job ad for keywords I should include. Fantastic! I was ready for a made-to-measure summary, past accomplishments, and cover letter — the areas where I wanted the AI to work its magic.

Unfortunately, this is where I felt let down. In the headline summary, Teal ended up giving me a compilation of the achievements it had previously generated but also prominently added that I had expertise in “work authorization”. The AI thought the right to work in the U.S. requirement from Meta’s job description was a hard skill. 

It scored its own resume at 79%.

As far as its cover letter goes, I appreciated that I could generate it for free without having to spend time adding more details than I already had. However, the result was something I could have just as easily written myself.

My score: 2/5

The last AI resume maker I wanted to test was Kickresume, which had the highest monthly fee out of the lot at $19 per month. You can bring that down by paying an annual lump sum that brings the pricing down to $9 a month or, as I did, utilize the free trial version. 

Right when I was losing hope in the resume generators, Kickresume lifted my spirits.

Its helpful AI writer was alongside me from start to finish, offering handy suggestions for work accomplishments, explaining my certifications, and also suggesting skills I should list specifically for a software engineering position. I ended up with a clean-looking CV and I didn’t even have to break a sweat.

Kickresume gave the resume it generated a score of 88/100.

If I’m in a pinch and need a new resume that I don’t have to scan for AI-generated sentences that would land me in the "rejected" pile, is the first website I’ll be visiting.

I wanted to add a nice cherry to the cake, so I asked Kickresume to create a cover letter using the great resume it made. But this is where I was underwhelmed. 

While devoid of grammatical errors, I felt as though the AI didn’t take the résumé and job description I gave into consideration. It provided me with a few short lines that didn’t even name-drop Tamsin’s fictitious stints at Twitter and Google. You wouldn’t even know she completed two degrees at Stanford. Based on my positive experience with the résumé, I couldn’t believe this was the same AI content generator.

My score: 4/5

No subscriptions. No plugins. I wanted to see how well the free version of OpenAI ’s ChatGPT would do against the four dedicated AI resume and cover letter generators listed above.

I tweaked a prompt that I found online and, in 161 words, I asked the AI for a first draft of my new resume. I then asked the chatbot to refine its work based on the job description I gave it to make my resume less generic. In seconds, I had my second draft.

Since ChatGPT only gave me a plain text version of my resume, I then pasted what it gave me into a template from one of the previous builders.

I’m happy to announce that both myself and Tamsin were very pleased with the results. The resume easily rivals the ones generated from the other services I tested. I wouldn’t have minded some text to beef up the education section to explain what I had learned at Stanford. Also, the line pointing out that Meta was previously called Facebook is something I would never have included in a resume intended for Meta’s eyes. Other than that, ChatGPT gave me decent results in the shortest amount of time.

I was especially impressed with the cover letter I asked ChatGPT to craft for me. It was perhaps a bit too long for some tastes but it was arguably the most well-rounded out of the five.

Honorary score: 4/5

The verdict

There have already been reports of people using AI to write resumes and cover letters who ended up getting hired for the positions they’ve applied for, and I’m not surprised. But as this test has shown, a website’s claim that it uses AI to provide a service is not some kind of guarantee of the level of service you can expect. 

Shop around when looking for AI resume and cover letter writers. Perhaps combine two or more of them to leverage each one’s specific strengths. But add the finishing touches yourself.

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Christoph Schwaiger

Christoph Schwaiger is a journalist who mainly covers technology, science, and current affairs. His stories have appeared in Tom's Guide, New Scientist, Live Science, and other established publications. Always up for joining a good discussion, Christoph enjoys speaking at events or to other journalists and has appeared on LBC and Times Radio among other outlets. He believes in giving back to the community and has served on different consultative councils. He was also a National President for Junior Chamber International (JCI), a global organization founded in the USA. You can follow him on Twitter @cschwaigermt.

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Cover Letter 4+

Designed for ipad.

  • 1.0 • 1 Rating



Top Cover Letter app with 500,000+ downloads and over 100,000+ people who already created their Cover Letter on this app. Cover Letter - get a range of Cover Letter Examples, CV Templates, Cover letter Examples and much more with this fantastic app. This app gives you lots of CV Templates and free resume templates that you can use to create your own killer Cover Letters. There's help with the Application Letters, your CV Format and much more. Smart Resume Builder – a Free Resume App is an all in one solution for building Innovative and Leading Edge Resume, CV. If this is the first time you are trying to write a professional resume, CV for finding your dream job, this free resume app will help you to get on a right track of best resume making. With the simple User-Friendly Interface free resume maker, allows you to build resumes in just about a minute with different Languages and different formats using our best app for making resume. Smart Resume Builder CV Free Jobs has different types of Professional Resume Formats are available in resume creator app. You can also change your font size and style as desired in resume creating app. In resume application there are several resume formats included you can use them to help you create a great looking Resume CV to help you in your job search. Using our professional resume maker write Your Resume, CV is very simple with our perfect resume maker! Just fill in the blanks to create resume, CV and Save as PDF file using our resume creator app. Using our perfect resume maker, CV Free Jobs includes preview PDF and share to email option so you can email from your device. Edit/Modify any field any time during the Resume Creation process by using our my resume app. Smart Resume Builder, a professional resume maker allows you to add as many sections as needed and you can also edit the section heading in this perfect resume maker. Free resume App builder uses PDF rendering technology so you can save resume as a PDF document in a best resume making app & a free resume app. This means you do not have to worry about resume losing the format when you send it by using our CV maker. It aims to give you lots of help in writing a great my resume. Obviously, it includes Resume templates with customization of background font style and sizes in this make my resume app free. From the available resume templates you can choose preferable resume format in my resume app free. Make my resume app free, free resume maker app comes with Sample Profile which includes predefined data in it, which allows you to create resume very easy with this resume creator app. Smart Resume Builder, professional resume maker app guides you to create resume so that you can avoid mistakes while creating resume, which would cost you your job. Make use of our free resume app and a free resume maker and build resume with a perfect resume maker

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You showing 500000 letter but no thing there. Please return back my money

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The developer, Raj Kumar , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


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  • Privacy Policy

cover letter app reviews

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Up to six family members can use this app with family sharing enabled., more by this developer.

SQL Query - Learn How to create and manage Data Base in SQL!

Vishnu Bhagavad Gita -With Audio and Transliterations in Sanskrit & English

Lbs Commands - Learn to daily use commands in Linux for Windows and Mac OS X

Marble Vita Free - Play With Peg Solitaire

Koloury - Coloring Book for Adults


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Cover Letter Writer - AI Tool

Swooped | Job Board & Resume and Cover Letter Generator


Top jobs, AI resume and cover letter optimization, and one-click applications. Find your next job three times faster.


cover letter app reviews

An amazing platform that provides AI-Generated resumes and cover letters that are optimized to get your profile past ATS system filters and get you noticed by companies.

– Myracle S .

cover letter app reviews

“It is hugely helpful! Swooped is a tool I’ve been using frequently in my own job search, and it was well worth the money. I would love to spread the news of their product awesomeness and utility far and wide.

– Heather O .

From no response to dream job

Save time per job application.

Personalized and customized cover letters and resumes in 20 seconds , not 20 minutes. Apply for more jobs without additional time or effort.

Get more interviews

Make sure you stand out from the competition and show recruiters why you’re the perfect fit for the job. A well-crafted resume and cover letter can help you do just that.

Land your dream job

Fill out your profile once, and get daily matches for roles within our network . Your optimized resume and cover letter will help you land three times more interviews and get you that dream job


Fill out your profile and let our ai assistant take care of the rest.

cover letter app reviews

Remote jobs at your fingertips.

Search from thousands of top remote roles at tech’s hottest companies. Apply for jobs in just a few clicks.

cover letter app reviews

Free, job-specific resume grading

Upload your resume and a target job description and instantly see how you match up versus the competition. Then utilize our job specific resume optimizer to increase your chance of landing an interview

cover letter app reviews

AI-written resumes and cover letters in seconds

Using your original resume and the target job description, our AI writer generates a perfectly formatted, keyword-optimized resume and cover letter that ensure you highlight the most important skills for your target role.

cover letter app reviews

Apply for hundreds of roles with just a few clicks

Fill out your profile once and let our AI Assistant help you auto-fill applications with past info and AI-optimized resumes and cover letters.

Trusted by 630,000+ job seekers

cover letter app reviews

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Google’s Gemini is now in everything. Here’s how you can try it out.

Gmail, Docs, and more will now come with Gemini baked in. But Europeans will have to wait before they can download the app.

  • Will Douglas Heaven archive page

In the biggest mass-market AI launch yet, Google is rolling out Gemini , its family of large language models, across almost all its products, from Android to the iOS Google app to Gmail to Docs and more. You can also now get your hands on Gemini Ultra, the most powerful version of the model, for the first time.  

With this launch, Google is sunsetting Bard , the company's answer to ChatGPT. Bard, which has been powered by a version of Gemini since December, will now be known as Gemini too.  

ChatGPT , released by Microsoft-backed OpenAI just 14 months ago, changed people’s expectations of what computers could do. Google, which has been racing to catch up ever since, unveiled its Gemini family of models in December. They are multimodal large language models that can interact with you via voice, image, and text. Google claimed that its own benchmarking showed that Gemini could outperform OpenAI's multimodal model, GPT-4, on a range of standard tests. But the margins were slim. 

By baking Gemini into its ubiquitous products, Google is hoping to make up lost ground. “Every launch is big, but this one is the biggest yet,” Sissie Hsiao, Google vice president and general manager of Google Assistant and Bard (now Gemini), said in a press conference yesterday. “We think this is one of the most profound ways that we’re going to advance our company’s mission.”

But some will have to wait longer than others to play with Google’s new toys. The company has announced rollouts in the US and East Asia but said nothing about when the Android and iOS apps will come to the UK or the rest of Europe. This may be because the company is waiting for the EU’s new AI Act to be set in stone, says Dragoș Tudorache, a Romanian politician and member of the European Parliament, who was a key negotiator on the law.

“We’re working with local regulators to make sure that we’re abiding by local regime requirements before we can expand,” Hsiao said. “Rest assured, we are absolutely working on it and I hope we’ll be able to announce expansion very, very soon.”

How can you get it? Gemini Pro, Google’s middle-tier model that has been available via Bard since December, will continue to be available for free on the web at (rather than But now there is a mobile app as well.

If you have an Android device, you can either download the Gemini app or opt in to an upgrade in Google Assistant. This will let you call up Gemini in the same way that you use Google Assistant: by pressing the power button, swiping from the corner of the screen, or saying “Hey, Google!” iOS users can download the Google app, which will now include Gemini.

Gemini will pop up as an overlay on your screen, where you can ask it questions or give it instructions about whatever’s on your phone at the time, such as summarizing an article or generating a caption for a photo.  

Finally, Google is launching a paid-for service called Gemini Advanced. This comes bundled in a subscription costing $19.99 a month that the company is calling the Google One Premium AI Plan. It combines the perks of the existing Google One Premium Plan, such as 2TB of extra storage, with access to Google's most powerful model, Gemini Ultra, for the first time. This will compete with OpenAI’s paid-for service, ChatGPT Plus, which buys you access to the more powerful GPT-4 (rather than the default GPT-3.5) for $20 a month.

At some point soon (Google didn't say exactly when) this subscription will also unlock Gemini across Google’s Workspace apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, where it works as a smart assistant similar to the GPT-4-powered Copilot that Microsoft is trialing in Office 365.

When can you get it? The free Gemini app (powered by Gemini Pro) is available from today in English in the US. Starting next week, you’ll be able to access it across the Asia Pacific region in English and in Japanese and Korean. But there is no word on when the app will come to the UK, countries in the EU, or Switzerland.

Gemini Advanced (the paid-for service that gives access to Gemini Ultra) is available in English in more than 150 countries, including the UK and EU (but not France). Google says it is analyzing local requirements and fine-tuning Gemini for cultural nuance in different countries. But the company promises that more languages and regions are coming.

What can you do with it? Google says it has developed its Gemini products with the help of more than 100 testers and power users. At the press conference yesterday, Google execs outlined a handful of use cases, such as getting Gemini to help write a cover letter for a job application. “This can help you come across as more professional and increase your relevance to recruiters,” said Google’s vice president for product management, Kristina Behr.

Or you could take a picture of your flat tire and ask Gemini how to fix it. A more elaborate example involved Gemini managing a snack rota for the parents of kids on a soccer team. Gemini would come up with a schedule for who should bring snacks and when, help you email other parents, and then field their replies. In future versions, Gemini will be able to draw on data in your Google Drive that could help manage carpooling around game schedules, Behr said.   

But we should expect people to come up with a lot more uses themselves. “I’m really excited to see how people around the world are going to push the envelope on this AI,” Hsaio said.

Is it safe? Google has been working hard to make sure its products are safe to use. But no amount of testing can anticipate all the ways that tech will get used and misused once it is released. In the last few months, Meta saw people use its image-making app to produce pictures of Mickey Mouse with guns and SpongeBob SquarePants flying a jet into two towers. Others used Microsoft’s image-making software to create fake pornographic images of Taylor Swift .

The AI Act aims to mitigate some—but not all—of these problems. For example, it requires the makers of powerful AI like Gemini to build in safeguards, such as watermarking for generated images and steps to avoid reproducing copyrighted material. Google says that all images generated by its products will include its SynthID watermarks. 

Like most companies, Google was knocked onto the back foot when ChatGPT arrived. Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI has given it a boost over its old rival. But with Gemini, Google has come back strong: this is the slickest packaging of this generation’s tech yet. 

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Generative AI tools like ChatGPT reached mass adoption in record time, and reset the course of an entire industry.

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The firm is sharing Sora with a small group of safety testers but the rest of us will have to wait to learn more.

Deploying high-performance, energy-efficient AI

Investments into downsized infrastructure can help enterprises reap the benefits of AI while mitigating energy consumption, says corporate VP and GM of data center platform engineering and architecture at Intel, Zane Ball.

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Microsoft Publisher will no longer be supported after October 2026

At Microsoft, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the tools they need to achieve what matters, in their work and life. In order to focus on new benefits, we occasionally remove features and products. 

In October 2026, Microsoft Publisher will reach its end of life. After that time, it will no longer be included in Microsoft 365 and existing on-premises suites will no longer be supported. Until then, support for Publisher will continue and users can expect the same experience as today. 

Many common Publisher scenarios including the creation of professionally branded templates, envelope and label printing, and producing customized calendars, business cards, and programs are already available in other Microsoft 365 apps such as Word and PowerPoint. You can find a wide array of customizable templates at Microsoft Create . 

As we look ahead to the retirement of Microsoft Publisher, we are exploring modern ways to achieve common Publisher scenarios across applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Designer.  We will update as we have more to share.   

How will this affect you:

You can continue to use Publisher with its current functionality until October 2026.

Support for the perpetual version of Publisher will end in October 2026, when Office LTSC 2021 reaches end of support. Microsoft 365 customers will not be able to access Publisher from that date forward. 

We will provide updates as the date approaches.  

What you need to do to prepare:

No action is required.  This information is to allow you sufficient time to plan and we will share additional updates as the date approaches.


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Explore subscription benefits, browse training courses, learn how to secure your device, and more.

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Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

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Microsoft 365 training

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Microsoft security

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Accessibility center

Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

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Ask the Microsoft Community

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Microsoft Tech Community

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Windows Insiders

Microsoft 365 Insiders

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  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64bit

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cover letter app reviews

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  1. Sample Cover Letter for Online Job Application Download Printable PDF

    cover letter app reviews

  2. The 7 Best Examples of Cover Letters in 2021 & Why They Rock

    cover letter app reviews

  3. 21+ Cover Letter

    cover letter app reviews

  4. Top Cover Letter App for Mac OS X

    cover letter app reviews

  5. How To Write A Cover Letter: Useful Tips, Phrases and Examples

    cover letter app reviews

  6. App Developer Cover Letter

    cover letter app reviews


  1. Cover letter tips: Write the perfect cover letter for your job application

  2. How To Write An INCREDIBLE Cover Letter

  3. Write an Amazing Cover Letter: 3 Golden Rules (Template included)

  4. How To Write An AMAZING Cover Letter

  5. How To Write a Cover Letter: Top 3 Tips, Format & Examples



  1. The 5 Best AI Cover Letter Generators Compared for 2024

    Rytr — The best free cover letter writer with 40+ use cases, 20+ tones, and AI image generator Simplified — One of the most easy-to-use AIs with one-line prompts and minimal grammatical errors Jasper AI — Popular AI writer with a handy Content Improver tool for grammatical accuracy and AIDA template

  2. Free Cover Letter Generator: Build a Cover Letter Online

    The best thing? With our cover letter maker, you don't have to worry about second-guessing every word. You only drag and drop the ready-made content developed by hiring professionals. As seen in: Get your 14-day trial Don't want to commit just yet?

  3. 12 Best Cover Letter Writing Services of 2024

    Reviewed By Aaron Case, CPRW Thinking of enlisting the services of a professional cover letter writer? We've reviewed some of the top cover letter writing services so you can choose the right one. November 6, 2023 Build My Cover Letter Now As featured in *

  4. Cover Letter Builder

    Login ONLINE COVER LETTER GENERATOR Make the perfect cover letter. Writing a good cover letter takes time and effort. Our AI-powered cover letter generator makes it easy — helping you build a customized cover letter that improves your chance of getting an interview. Build My Cover Letter Save hours of time

  5. Cover Letter Maker for Resume

    4.6 star 11.2K reviews 1M+ Downloads Everyone info Install About this app arrow_forward Job-winning Cover Letter Maker Create a cover letter for resumes (curriculum vitae) using our...

  6. Top 5 AI Cover Letter Generators for 2024

    4. Cover Letter Cover Letter harnesses AI to create high-impact cover letters tailored to each target role. It analyzes 188 billion skills data points associated with specific titles and companies to create fine-tuned letters.

  7. Optimize Your Cover Letter and Get Noticed by Employers

    How to optimize your cover letter. Upload your cover letter. From your Jobscan dashboard, upload your cover letter file along with your resume into the scanner. Paste in the text from the job listing. Paste the text of the job listing into the scanner. Optimize your cover letter. The Match Report will give you tailored advice on which skills or ...

  8. Best Resume Writing Apps 2022

    Best-picks Best Resume Writing Apps 2022 By Ian Evenden last updated 18 January 2022 We find the best resume writing apps to get you applying for jobs fast. Included in this guide: 1 LiveCareer My Perfect Resume Check Price 2 Resume Genius View 3 CakeResume View 4 VisualCV Professional View 5 Pongo Resume Builder View

  9. The Best AI Cover Letter Writers of 2024 (+ Reviews)

    1. Teal. Generate personalized cover letters in seconds with Teal. Teal is a dynamic job search and career growth platform. Teal offers a suite of free and paid writing tools, including an AI Resume Builder and AI Cover Letter Generator. These features allow users to efficiently tailor resumes and cover letters for each specific role, manage ...

  10. Cover Letter Now Reviews

    4,150 reviews for Cover Letter Now, 4.6 stars: 'This program is awesome. 3 minutes of your time and you will have an incredible cover letter ready for when your submitting apps. Very professional will definitely stand out from the rest!'

  11. MyPerfectCoverLetter Reviews

    Awesome customer support. I initially tried this service for free for 4weeks, it was very useful for me to make cover letters. Later forgot to cancel the trial subscription and charged almost $24/mo. Called the customer support, they refunded the amount immediately and helped me move to an economic subscription.

  12. 10 Best Resume Builders in 2024: List + Templates

    1. Zety Having Zety placed at the very top and calling it the best resume builder while writing on Zety's blog is quite obvious, right? But don't listen to me. Listen to over 1,000,000 users who have already picked the Cascade template, the most popular of our resume designs.

  13. MyPerfectCoverLetter Reviews

    We located my account and found out that I actually had 2 accounts, she was Very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience in this field she helped me not only locate and cancel my account but she helped issued a refund. Date of experience: December 05, 2023. Useful. Share. Reply from MyPerfectCoverLetter. Dec 8, 2023.

  14. Kickresume

    Kickresume really helped me to revise and rethink my resume/ CV. The template options were a definite bonus as well as the resume rating and scoring functionality. The cover letter creation functionality is pretty good too, but the "signature" field placement within the cover letter templates needs some refinement.

  15. ‎Cover Letter

    4.3 • 23 Ratings Free Offers In-App Purchases Screenshots iPad iPhone Introducing CoverCraft, the AI-powered cover letter writing app designed to simplify the job application process. Create personalized and impressive cover letters in just seconds and make a lasting impression on hiring managers. Key Features:

  16. AI: Cover Letter Maker

    3.7 star 470 reviews 50K+ Downloads Everyone info Install About this app arrow_forward Are you tired of the daunting task of crafting the perfect cover letter for your job applications?...

  17. Cover-Letter-Now Reviews

    This is a this is an awesome company who is genuinely interested in helping you with writing your cover letters and resumes. The cover letter was detailed and professionally written. Natalie helped me with my issues today and she was very kind in doing so. Thank you Natalie. Date of experience: December 11, 2023.

  18. AI Cover Letter Generator

    Cover Letter #1 Cover Letter #2 Prompt: Write a cover letter for my job application to an HR specialist role at AcmeCo. Talk about how I have two years of experience in customer care at Hilotet, a master's in social work, and three years of experience as the executive assistant for the CEO of Keyloxxi.

  19. Cover Letter Creator with AI 4+

    Unleash the power of artificial intelligence with Cover Letter Pro, the revolutionary app designed to elevate your job application game! Craft compelling cover letters effortlessly and stand out from the crowd with personalized, impactful content tailored to your unique strengths. Key Features: 1. **AI-Powered Personalization:**.

  20. I tested 5 AI resume builders to help get a job (Image credit: Future) My first attempt was with since it offers a free basic service and I wanted to check if the way I designed the review could work in principle. And it did!...

  21. ‎Cover Letter on the App Store

    Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Cover Letter. Download Cover Letter and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Top Cover Letter app with 500,000+ downloads and over 100,000+ people who already created their Cover Letter on this app. Cover Letter - get a range of Cover Letter Examples, CV ...

  22. Swooped

    Swooped is a tool I've been using frequently in my own job search, and it was well worth the $$$ to buy access to 100 cover letters. I would love to spread the news of their product awesomeness and utility far and wide. - Heather O. This is what helped me land my new job: Utilized AI to completely revamp my resume & cover letter using Swooped

  23. Get a Cover Letter Critique in Three Easy Steps

    Step 1: Find a Cover Letter Reviewer Sally McIntosh, nationally certified resume writer and owner of Advantage Resumes, suggests finding a certified resume writer who has been in business a few years to review your cover letter.

  24. The Best Cover Letter Examples for Any Job Seeker

    2. A Clear Pitch. Use the next few paragraphs of your cover letter to "hit them with the strongest results you have that are aligned with the opportunity," Godfred says. Ryan Kahn —Muse career coach and founder of The Hired Group —calls this your pitch.

  25. Cover Letter Samples and Templates

    When you're applying for a job, a cover letter lets you show a personal side and demonstrate why hiring you is a smart decision. Cover letters should be around three paragraphs long and include specific examples from your past experience that make you qualified for the position. A cover letter should include the following parts: Header ...

  26. Google's Gemini is now in everything. Here's how you can try it out

    In the biggest mass-market AI launch yet, Google is rolling out Gemini, its family of large language models, across almost all its products, from Android to the iOS Google app to Gmail to Docs and ...

  27. How to write a data entry cover letter (with example)

    7. Review your cover letter Proofread the cover letter and ensure you meet all employer data entry requirements. A cover letter with no errors shows the hiring manager your value of accuracy, which is an essential skill in data entry. Consider getting help to proofread the letter and get a third-party perspective on how to improve the letter.

  28. Microsoft Publisher will no longer be supported after October 2026

    Many common Publisher scenarios including the creation of professionally branded templates, envelope and label printing, and producing customized calendars, business cards, and programs are already available in other Microsoft 365 apps such as Word and PowerPoint. You can find a wide array of customizable templates at Microsoft Create.

  29. Age of Mythology: Retold on Steam

    Enter the age of gods, heroes, and monsters! Age of Mythology: Retold is a real-time strategy game where myths and humans collide. Secure your domain, command legendary monsters, and call upon the power of the gods to crush your enemies—or band together with friends to defeat the Arena of the Gods.