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Certified Nurse Midwife Cover Letter Sample

Get hired faster and learn to write your own cover letter with this expertly drafted Certified Nurse Midwife cover letter sample. Use this cover letter sample for free or try to redesign it using our online cover letter builder.

Milan Šaržík — Certified Professional Résumé Writer

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Certified Nurse Midwife Cover Letter Sample (Full Text Version)

Elsa Franklin

To whom it may concern,

This letter is in regards to my interest in applying for the Certified Nurse Midwife job within Saint Mary Hospital in Toronto, ON as I am confident that I would perform the job successfully while coming to you with extensive field expertise and a strong patient-oriented approach. Furthermore, I believe that it would be an excellent opportunity for me to further grow my career.

Offering the Midwifery Certification and over 10 years of extensive medical experience, I am fully adept at all aspects of the job. At Ownwar Health Care Center, I spent most of my work time providing direct patient care and managing the prenatal, antenatal, inpatient, and follow-up care for women. On top of that, I:

  • Established and maintained trusting relationships with patients and their family members and resolved any problematic issues.
  • Maintained high standards of clinical care and trained and coordinated new personnel, ensuring that the hospital's policies and procedures were always fully followed.
  • Monitored the patients' condition and provided professional counseling services.
  • Executed multiple clerical tasks when required.

Next, I am a holder of a bachelor's degree in Nursing and Health Services Management from the University of Toronto. Last but not least, I am offering exceptional critical thinking and problem-solving skills and the important ability to remain calm under pressure. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Milan Šaržík — Certified Professional Résumé Writer

Milan Šaržík, CPRW

Milan’s work-life has been centered around job search for the past three years. He is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW™) as well as an active member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Careers Coaches (PARWCC™). Milan holds a record for creating the most career document samples for our help center – until today, he has written more than 500 resumes and cover letters for positions across various industries. On top of that, Milan has completed studies at multiple well-known institutions, including Harvard University, University of Glasgow, and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Edit this sample using our resume builder.

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Midwife Cover Letter Example

A Midwife is a medical professional who specializes in assisting women during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. They work with expecting mothers to provide medical care and education throughout the course of their pregnancy, prepare them for childbirth, and care for them throughout the delivery process.

Midwives are trained to recognize complications in pregnancies and can perform tests to identify any problems that may occur during gestation: these include ultrasounds, blood pressure tests, urine tests and testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Write an amazing cover letter using our Midwife Cover Letter Example and Cover Letter Writing tips.

Midwife Cover Letter example

  • Cover Letters
  • Healthcare & Wellbeing

Midwives are employed in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and home births. Some midwives are self-employed, working with a client base of women who choose to have their babies at home.

The job outlook for midwives is good. The number of jobs is expected to grow by 21% from 2016 to 2026.

The average salary for a midwife is $92,000.

What to Include in a Midwife Cover Letter?

Roles and responsibilities.

  • Assessing and managing the physical, psychological, and social well being of the mother before, during, and after childbirth.
  • Monitoring mother and baby’s physical condition throughout labor.
  • Providing emotional support to the mother.
  • Facilitating communication between the mother and her partner or support system.
  • Performing various tests to detect any abnormalities or illnesses during pregnancy.
  • Providing education to parents about breastfeeding, infant care, and family planning.
  • Performing postnatal care after birth, including monitoring the health of both mother and baby, providing advice for new parents, breastfeeding support, etc.

Education & Skills

Midwife skills:.

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to adapt your bedside manner to suit each individual patient, as well as the sensitivity to communicate with relatives of patients at difficult times.
  • Need strong interpersonal skills, as they will be working as part of a team including doctors and other medical professionals.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of medical procedures and equipment and the ability to work accurately under pressure.
  • Pain Management.

Midwife Education Requirements:

  • Midwife education requirements include a midwifery education program and state certification or licensure.
  • Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) must have completed a midwifery education program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME), which has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE).

Midwife Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr. or Ms. [Last Name],

I am writing to apply for the midwife position with [hospital/company name]. I am a registered midwife with more than 10 years’ experience in labor and delivery, and I have been certified by the [certifying body].

As a midwife, my primary focus is supporting women during pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and postpartum care. I help patients maintain good health during their pregnancies, as well as assist them during labor and delivery. I also provide newborn care, including breastfeeding guidance and newborn screening tests.

I have many years of experience working closely with medical doctors and other medical professionals to support women before, during, and after childbirth.

Here are some highlights of my experience:

  • I have helped deliver over 1,000 babies in my career.
  • I have worked in both home and hospital settings.
  • My patients rave about how comfortable I make them. One mother said this about me, It was just like having a friend with me.
  • I have taken multiple courses in prenatal care and lactation, and I stay up-to-date on all the latest research about what’s best for mothers.

I am also skilled at keeping detailed records of my patients’ health histories and current conditions. In addition, I can perform regular exams to monitor fetal development, as well as identify potential complications and deliver quick responses.

The opportunity presented in this listing is very appealing to me, and I believe that my experience as a Midwife at the Women’s Health Center is an ideal match for your needs. I am confident that I could quickly become an asset to your team.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information or would like to schedule an interview.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

When writing a cover letter for a midwife position, be sure to highlight your experience and skills in the field. Additionally, be sure to mention any experience you have working with pregnant women and newborns.

Additionally, be sure to mention your availability, as well as your willingness to relocate if necessary.

Refer to our Midwife Resume Sample for more tips on how to write your resume and accompany it with a strong cover letter.


Customize Midwife Cover Letter

Get hired faster with our free cover letter template designed to land you the perfect position.

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Midwife Cover Letter Examples

Use these Midwife cover letter examples to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

application letter for promotion midwife

Midwives are healthcare professionals who provide prenatal care, labor and delivery care, and postpartum care to women and their families. They also offer counseling and education to pregnant women and their families.

To be a successful midwife, you need to have excellent communication skills, be able to work independently, and have a strong commitment to patient care.

Use these examples to write a cover letter that will help you stand out from the competition and get the job you want.

Formal/Professional Writing Style Example

With a strong passion for women’s health and over six years of midwifery experience, I am confident in my ability to provide exceptional care to expectant mothers and their families at your esteemed institution.

I have completed my Bachelor of Midwifery from an accredited university, and hold current registration with the relevant professional body. My extensive experience coupled with my educational qualifications have equipped me with a deep understanding of the diverse needs of expectant mothers, and the ability to provide guidance and support throughout the entire antenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum periods. I am also proficient in pregnancy risk assessment and adept at monitoring and supporting mothers during labor and delivery.

Throughout my career, I have consistently received positive feedback from clients and colleagues alike, with commendations for my compassionate nature, excellent communication skills, and unwavering commitment to providing the highest standard of care. I consistently seek opportunities for professional development, attending conferences and workshops to keep abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in the field of midwifery.

Your organization’s commitment to providing outstanding care to expectant mothers and their families, as well as your state-of-the-art facilities, have prompted my interest in joining your team. I am confident that my skills, educational background, and passion for supporting women throughout the childbirth journey would be a valuable asset to your institution.

Thank you for considering my application. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications and suitability for the Midwife role with you. Please find my resume enclosed for your review. I look forward to the possibility of working with your dedicated team, and contributing to the continued success of your organization.

[Your Name]

Entry-Level Writing Style Example

As a recent graduate from XYZ University with a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery, I am eager to begin my career and contribute to the exceptional care provided at your clinic. I have completed over 1000 hours of clinical placements, in which I have gained valuable experience in all aspects of midwifery care, including antenatal, labor and birth, and postnatal support.

Throughout my education, I have focused my attention on providing patient-centered care and establishing relationships with diverse populations. I pride myself on my ability to communicate effectively with patients and families, ensuring that they are informed, supported, and actively involved in their care.

During my final year of university, I completed a research project on the effects of mindfulness in reducing stress and anxiety during pregnancy. This experience solidified my belief in the importance of incorporating holistic care into midwifery practice. I am excited to bring this knowledge to your team and help women prepare for and cope with the challenges associated with childbirth.

I hold a current certification in Neonatal Resuscitation and am confident in my ability to perform this critical intervention when required. Additionally, I am proficient in electronic medical records and am well-versed in using the latest technology to support my practice.

I am eager to work alongside the talented team at your clinic and contribute to the continued success of the practice. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my candidacy further during an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Networking/Referral Writing Style Example

I was referred to this opportunity by my former colleague and respected friend, Jane Smith, who is currently a Nurse Practitioner at your facility. Jane and I worked closely together at ABC Hospital, where I was a Registered Midwife. Our strong professional relationship has allowed us to collaborate effectively in providing exceptional care to our patients, and she believes that my background and experience would make me a great fit for your facility.

With five years of experience as a Midwife in fast-paced hospital settings, I am confident in my ability to provide compassionate and knowledgeable care to mothers and their infants during the prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum stages. Throughout my career, I have received numerous commendations for my dedication to patient care and strong clinical skills. My expertise in guiding expectant mothers through their pregnancy journey, maintaining patient safety during births, and collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams to provide holistic care, will surely make a significant impact at your organization.

As your facility is known for its outstanding commitment to women’s health and family-centered care, I feel my experience, shared values, and passion for midwifery would allow me to make valuable contributions to your team. I am eager to further discuss the role and how my skills align with your facility’s needs.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you further about my qualification for this position.

Enthusiastic/Passionate Writing Style Example

From the moment I first witnessed the miracle of birth during my clinical experience, I knew without a doubt that midwifery was my true calling. Witnessing the strength, resilience, and sheer beauty of the birthing process filled me with an indescribable sense of awe and ignited within me a burning desire to support and empower women during their most transformative life experience. Thus, I was elated when I discovered this opportunity to join your team of esteemed midwives and contribute to your admirable mission of providing exceptional, personalized care for expectant mothers.

Having completed my Midwifery degree with distinction and gaining hands-on experience at a renowned birthing center, I am confident in my skills and knowledge to provide families with safe, holistic care tailored to their unique needs and preferences. I am particularly drawn to your organization’s commitment to empowering women by offering them a supportive and nurturing environment while promoting a model of collaborative care that involves the entire family.

My unwavering dedication to building trusting relationships, nurturing open communication, and providing empathetic, attentive care has consistently earned me praise from both patients and colleagues alike. Striving for continued professional growth, I eagerly seek out opportunities to broaden my expertise through continued education and staying current on evidence-based practices in the field of midwifery.

I am confident that my passionate dedication to midwifery, strong interpersonal skills, and well-rounded clinical foundation would make me a valuable asset to your distinguished team. Thank you for considering my application. I am eager for the opportunity to discuss in greater detail how my passion, skills, and experiences align with your organization’s vision and goals.

Warm Regards,

Problem-Solving Writing Style Example

I have been following the impressive strides taken by your hospital in providing top-notch maternity care; however, I’m aware of the challenges you face in meeting the ever-growing demand for your services. As a certified midwife with over five years of experience, I believe I can provide essential support in addressing these issues and further elevating the high standards of your organization.

In my previous role at ABC Maternity Hospital, I identified a significant gap in the hospital’s prenatal education program, which was impacting patient satisfaction and increasing the number of non-emergency interventions during labor. To combat this issue, I developed a comprehensive and informative prenatal education curriculum that not only improved patient satisfaction by 35% but also reduced the rate of non-emergency interventions during labor by 25%.

Moreover, my ability to work harmoniously in a multidisciplinary team is essential in coordinating efforts and ensuring the patients are receiving the best possible care. I also excel in creating a warm and supportive environment for expectant mothers and their families.

In addition to my clinical skills, I have stayed up-to-date with advancements in the field by regularly attending workshops and seminars. I am also bilingual in English and Spanish, and I believe this skill will significantly assist in providing culturally competent care, as well as efficiently communicating with families from diverse backgrounds.

I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my expertise to the maternity team at your esteemed organization. With my proven track record in providing exceptional maternal care and excellent interpersonal skills, I am confident that I would be a valuable asset to your hospital.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my candidacy further.

Storytelling/Narrative Writing Style Example

As I sat on the porch swing with my dear friend Sarah, her face glowing with excitement, she shared the news of her pregnancy. This was the moment that sparked my passion for midwifery. I had always been fascinated by the miracle of life, but it wasn’t until Sarah asked me to be her birth partner that I truly understood the importance of compassionate and skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth.

During the months leading up to Sarah’s due date, I immersed myself in the world of midwifery, attending prenatal classes, reading books, and observing her prenatal appointments. I was captivated by the midwives’ extensive knowledge and their ability to instill confidence and calm in expectant mothers. As I supported Sarah through her labor and witnessed the magical moment when her daughter entered the world, I knew that midwifery was my calling.

Since that life-changing experience, I have completed my Bachelor of Midwifery and obtained my certification as a Registered Midwife. I have had the privilege of assisting in numerous births, each one reaffirming my belief in the power of compassionate and personalized care. My experience includes working in both hospital and birthing center settings, allowing me to adapt to the unique needs of each mother and provide comprehensive care throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

I am thrilled at the opportunity to join your organization and contribute to providing exceptional care for expectant mothers and their families. I believe that my passion for midwifery, combined with my practical experience and commitment to empowering women during their birthing journey, make me an ideal candidate for this position.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further and share with you my vision for providing exceptional midwifery care.

Room Attendant Cover Letter Examples

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Midwife Cover Letter

15 midwife cover letter templates.

Midwife Cover Letter Sample

How to Write the Midwife Cover Letter

In response to your job posting for midwife, I am including this letter and my resume for your review.

In my previous role, I was responsible for other nurse midwifery care within the scope of nurse midwife practice.

I reviewed the requirements of the job opening and I believe my candidacy is an excellent fit for this position. Some of the key requirements that I have extensive experience with include:

  • BLS, NRP, and preferred ACLS
  • RN licensure in state of Texas, Certified Nurse Midwife license in Texas
  • Enhance the body of knowledge of nursing or area of specialization through exchange of ideas and knowledge in professional organizations, oral presentations, posters, research activities, and written publications
  • Able to communicate effectively with patients, families, visitors, healthcare team, physicians, administrators, leadership, and others
  • Midwifery experience preferred
  • Interpersonal skills to work effectively with families and other members of the health care team
  • Strong clinical teaching skills
  • Experienced CNM preferred

Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Microsoft Word (.docx) .DOCX
  • PDF Document (.pdf) .PDF
  • Image File (.png) .PNG

Responsibilities for Midwife Cover Letter

Midwife responsible for comprehensive ongoing assessment of maternal, fetal, and newborn status.

Midwife Examples

Example of midwife cover letter.

Please consider me for the midwife opportunity. I am including my resume that lists my qualifications and experience.

In my previous role, I was responsible for full scope, evidence based midwifery care to obstetrical and gynecological patients in accordance with approved midwifery and perinatal guidelines.

My experience is an excellent fit for the list of requirements in this job:

  • Current license to practice as a Registered Professional Nurse and Licensed as a Nurse Midwife in the State of New York
  • Master of Science in Nurse Practitioner WH or Midwifery
  • NY Nurse Practitioner license
  • Education/Training – Graduation from an accredited school of Nurse-Midwifery
  • Knowledge, Skills & Abilities – Basic computer skills preferred
  • Current Neonatal Resuscitation Program and BLS certification
  • Excellent teamwork, communication, and collaboration skills
  • Current license without restriction or qualification to practice mid-wifery in the State of Ohio

Cameron Rutherford

In the previous role, I was responsible for leadership in strategy, planning, and expansion of the midwifery program across Banner and within Banner Medical Group.

  • Requires licensure as APN, member of the American College of Nurse Midwives
  • Excellence in customer service when dealing with both external and internal persons while on the job
  • Excellent communication with physicians, patients and employees of the organization, both in person and by telephone
  • Knowledge of professional nursing theory, clinical practice standards, normal maternal / fetal growth and development, and requirements of Advanced practice provider practice
  • Supervises the activities of certified nurse-midwives (CNM's) within the Midwives at Horizon practice
  • Oversees the orientation of new midwives
  • Apprises the Director of Midwifery and the Lead Physician (or her/his designate) in a timely fashion of any significant clinical issues or occurrences that arise from the midwifery practice
  • Carries out the principle duties and responsibilities of the Clinical Faculty CNM as appropriate to his/her Lead role

Thank you in advance for reviewing my candidacy for this position.

Phoenix Green

I would like to submit my application for the midwife opening. Please accept this letter and the attached resume.

Previously, I was responsible for family centered midwifery care to patients in the context of a group practice.

  • Board Certified through the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB)
  • Current unrestricted RN and CNM license in good standing through the commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Current DEA licensure and Prescriptive Authority in the state of Pennsylvania
  • Advanced knowledge of and experience with obstetrics care
  • Rotating call schedule
  • Be able to obtain a Montana RN and CNM licenses with prescriptive authority
  • Experience in L&D as a nurse
  • Master’s In Midwifery (MSN with a focus on Midwifery)

Greer Jones

Previously, I was responsible for patient and family education related to prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum, newborn and interconceptional care.

  • Compassionate and caring of patients
  • Able to work in an intense, concentrated environment
  • Calm and cool-headed with a positive attitude
  • Able to work nights, weekends, extended hours, and holidays
  • Current California Nurse-Midwife certification by evidence of Primary Source Verification
  • Current National Nurse Midwife Certification
  • Current California RN License or temporary license by evidence of Primary Source Verification
  • OR/C-section experience preferred

Thank you for considering me to become a member of your team.

Rory Durgan

In my previous role, I was responsible for full-scope midwifery care in an all-CNM practice group, including independent management of women’s health care focusing primarily on pregnancy, birth, postpartum as well as family planning, gynecological and primary care of women.

  • Demonstrate clinical experience related to obstetrics and the care of women & children
  • Has a collaborative practice agreement with a physician and designated protocols, both filed with New York State Department of Education
  • Proficient computer skills (database)
  • Patient equipment (vitals, suction, defib)
  • Previous experience in a collaborative role
  • A passion for teaching and evidence-based practice
  • Previous nurse midwife experience
  • Acquisition of DEA Number

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