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how to write a review for a home depot employee

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how to write a review for a home depot employee

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A delivery day from FED X hell delivery

Customer service in return's cahier Jane was very helpful to me..Jane asked the store manager and other employees to help me with my damaged water heater replacement .Jane asked Leslie and Michelle to help me get a new water heater that was FED X delivered damaged, Also Keri and Kyle helped to unload my SUV with the damaged water heater / new swap out. By loading into my SUV today.Jane saved me from having a day in hell 2/16/2024 . Fed X delivery driver as very rude by saying it was not his job to bring my water heater 2 story's up to my Condo after I paid Home depot for the extra carry in service. Thank all the HD employees for helping me today,The store manager lady was very sympathetic towards me and also and gave me a customer service discount .Thanks. Nick

Date of experience : February 14, 2024

Totally dissappointed

Today I went to Home Depot to buy 2 pieces of rough saw cedar siding boards for a small repair as I have done in the past. I found several loose pieces stacked in front of the full bundles. The price sticker on the shelve showed a bundle price and a piece price. I took 2 boards to the check out counter and the cashier and lumber attendant informed me that they only sold full bundles. No logical answer was given why the bundle was broken or what will happen to the loose pieces. Absolutely no consideration was given to me for my purchase need or acceptable exlpanation. Dissappointed in such non- customer service.

Date of experience : February 11, 2024

If I could give zero stars

If I could give zero stars, I do it. These lowlife people took my cash for a ship to store order. I got an email from the online order within 2 days that my order would be at the store the next day. I went over a week later and the store employees in Easley, South Carolina refused to let me have my item. Then, I called customer service. The automated system said that my item was at the store and all I had to do was pick it up. Then some lowlife Hispanic fool got on the phone. He couldn't understand my Emglish, and refused to help me. He kept insisting I got an email that I fid not receive. Then, he falsified some information and sent me a bogus email. All three of these people should be fired immediately. Allison in Easley, John who falsely claimed to be a manager at Easley and Andreas in customer service.

Date of experience : February 13, 2024

Avoid Home Depot

This is Home Depot online..If I could do 0 stars I would...NEVER buy a gas dryer from Home Depot! After moving furniture & not drying for a week! So horrible that installers COULD NOT INSTALL GAS DRYER...blaming how the existing dryer (from a major appliance store) prevented it. CLEARLY Home Depot hires installers who have difficulty with certain installations...I'm warning buyers BEWARE of buying major appliances from Home Depot

Date of experience : February 09, 2024

Apathetic employees

They have only self checkout, which is not necessarily bad but when I tried to use a gift card it wouldn't accept it. Some employee finally came over and quickly did something that didn't work so she left. Another female employee came over without even making eye contact and couldn't fix it. She seemed to be in a major hurry then left. I finally just paid cash and left. Will never go back again.

Date of experience : February 07, 2024

I bought a prescription washer and I…

I bought a prescription washer and I pay for the extended warranty for 3 yrs The power washer stops working and I call their warrantee service and they instructed me to take it to their repair center at biville tx For repairs I'm 75 miles away . Do your self a favor do not buy extended warranteeies at Home depot I spoke to the store Manager he refused to help me.

Date of experience : January 28, 2024

Mediocre store, Good customer service

By and large, they're just ok. But recently I had an issue with an order and while it was annoying to have to call customer service to get it sorted, I was able to do so on a single call. They looked it up, went over some options, and were able to execute on a solution immediately, even giving me a discount on the order for the issues. More places need to take care of customer issues so well.

Date of experience : January 26, 2024

Delivery driver threatened me

Ordered a new fridge. Delivery driver and his wife show up with attitude from the very beginning. He tells me he doesn't have to move my old fridge if he doesn't want to, and he can choose to leave my new one in the driveway if he wants. I tell him if he tries that I'll refuse delivery. He insists on trying to move the fridge through a crowded living room and dining room instead of through the garage door which is 4 feet from the fridge location. While my wife and I are trying to move things around to accommodate, he and his wife start packing up to leave and refuse to answer her questions of what they're doing. I tell her not to bother and they can just GTFO. This finally gets the wife's attention who starts yelling at me. I hand her her clip board and tell her to get out of my house and I'm refusing delivery. Her husband repeatedly threatens me, makes motions as if he has a gun in his waistband, and my wife finally has to call the police to get them off my property. If I had a gun for home defense I could have used it and been thoroughly justified. Home Depot didn't care about my complaint and simply refunded my money. Will never shop there again.

Date of experience : August 12, 2023

Selling your personal information,

I purchased doors at the store and online, 5 minutes later I was receiving spam home improvement phone calls from India. I found out that Home Depot sells your personal information without your consent. In their online rules you have to opt out, they should advise you this information before you purchase.

Date of experience : January 25, 2024

We ordered quartz counter tops from…

We ordered quartz counter tops from Home Depot, they contracted out to AMC countertops, when these were installed, they were installed uneven and to large on one side. They did fix the large area but told me pretty much too bad for all the unevenness. I even sent pictures as our backsplash is not able to be caulked because of the large gaps between wall and countertop and our stove looks off because the countertops are so unlevel. I sent pictures and complained to both companies, and they didn't care and try to say well we fixed the large area. Well, I would never do business again with either. In fact, I wrote to BBB as well and they said the same thing, we fixed the oversized countertop. Never again will I shop Home Depot because of their poor service on rectifying the situation. They are the ones that contracted this company. I paid almost 4k for countertops that I know have to have fixed or new by a different company.

Date of experience : December 10, 2023

This company is a joke

This company is a joke. Do not buy windows from them. We have had three different orders of windows and none of them have been right. Here we are 2 yrs and 9 months later still fighting with them. They refuse to give us our money back so we can get another window company. Their customer service is so bad!

Date of experience : January 22, 2024

It arrived - outside the delivery time, and without advance warning that it would be late, and without confirmation it was on its way. customer-service/) is so poor - telephone contact disconnected 6 times after we got through and were waiting to speak to someone, ! Very shoddy and very frustrating! SPOKE TO HOME DEPOT CORPORATE COMPLAINT DESK & GOT HELP IN THE END 1478-270-1220

Date of experience : January 02, 2024

Return scamming their customers!!!

I just read an email about someone being charged for both microwaves despite returning the original microwave that couldn’t be installed. Same is happening here with an appliance I returned. Home Depot claims they have no record of the return!!!! What is going on with Home Depot scamming their customers???

Date of experience : January 09, 2024


DO NOT BUY APPLIANCES AT HOME DEPOT. I live in the delray beach area and lost my mind after home depot handed my order off to the local frigidaire company for delivery. They delivered to the wrong address, and NEVER CALLED AND SAT THERE FOR 20 MINUTES WAITING but the lazy driver wouldn't call??. I spent 3 calls to find out what went wrong--a total of 100 minutes on hold etc. Promises made, then broken for delivery next day, called back for last time, THE DELIVERY company told the call center rep THEY WOULDN'T DELIVER BECAUSE THEY WERE AFRAID IT WOULD HAPPEN AGAIN. what,??? afraid they would deliver to the wrong address again????, I was so angry I canceled. Here it is a week later and i'm still waiting to get my money back. The Home Depot doesn't care because management is inept and lazy. #homedepotsucks

Date of experience : January 18, 2024

I recently had unforgettable experience at Home Depot Burnsville location. Her name is Wendy, very professional and knowledgeable. From the moment we arrived until we leave the store, she went above and beyond to ensure our questions are answered and satisfied with the things we're looking for. Me, my husband and two kids were there looking for flooring and she was great to work with! She knows her stuff and very patient in the process. We felt confident to have made the right decisions with the purchase we made. Highly recommended Person!” Thank you, Wendy!

Physical stores Great, online app Terrible

I am a small business customer of Home Depot and spend over $50k a year at their physical stores. However, their online shopping systems are terrible. I would like to give Home Depot my online business over Amazon, but they constantly let me down. The delivery dates are frequently missed, and the customer service representatives remind me that it's only an "estimate" as stated in their policy. Many times, their inventory management system shows available items, but they cancel my order because they have no stock. Sometimes, the system charges me twice, putting a hold and later releasing the money when the item ships, but I will have the money removed for 3-5 days because of the two charges for the same item. When I call to highlight the issues and ask if there is a way to provide feedback to the online system group, they say no. Home Depot needs to improve their online system because it is not efficient enough for doers like me who want to get more done.

Date of experience : January 19, 2024

Wasted days pay, no delivery

I purchased a gas dryer from Home Depot, they set a date to have the dryer delivered and installed. Since they are unable to give you a time and I had no idea what 4 hour block the dryer would be delivered, I decided to take the entire day out of work today. I received an email at 11:18 this morning letting me know my delivery was successfully rescheduled for the upcoming Friday. I called customer service, spoke with a very pleasant woman, but at the end just a lost day of work. Maybe Home Depot should realize most have to work many days to put away 1000.00 to buy something from them. Swore off home depot 10 years ago, only to get jerked around the very next purchase.

Date of experience : January 15, 2024

Not adhering to their own policies

According to their policy, you're supposed to be able to return a washing machine within forty eight hours of receiving it. But I was just told that i'm not allowed to return it and I need to sell it myself and buy a new one from them. All of this, because they are falsely advertising that this particular machine is quiet. When in fact it is the loudest thing i've ever heard.

Date of experience : January 10, 2024

Delivery people are terrible

Delivery people are terrible. Had to take multiple days off work First came with product but would not deliver it because it was going down a straight staired basement, Second team (another day) did not want to take the old one because it had some water in it. (old fridge was hooked up to a water line ... like most fridges third team kept changing the time. I always chose Home depot over other places, but the unprofessional delivery people they hire are making me rethink where I buy things which is sad and maybe HD will try to rectify this (they should) this frige ending up costing a lot of money with all of our time off waiting for this refridgerator

Date of experience : December 26, 2023


Try using their website to find something. They are more interested in loading A TON of "Recommendations" then just letting you see the item you actually want to see. The site is soooooooooo slowwwwwwwwwww - beyond horrible. I'll spend my money elsewhere.

Date of experience : January 01, 2024

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    Just with the receipt survey, but next time you're in or if you decide to just grab a soda or something, you can just leave your review on that receipt instead. Name mentions definitely result in recognition. If you make the compliment grand enough, management might give the associate an award. :3. Notacurlybrit • 2 yr. ago.

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    While reviewing our credit card statement on 12/20/23, we noticed there was no refund from Home Depot. The refund amount is $552.54. So, I called your "customer service" number and spent 1.5 hours on the phone, another WASTE OF MY TIME. At this point , it's been TWO DAYS OF MISSED WORK and no refund.

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    I just had a really bad experience with 2 customer service employees at my local store and a really outstanding experience with an employee observing the interaction and quickly solved the issue that the other two employees failed to do. All this fuss over 4.99 tulip bulbs I purchased in November.

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    Review your address and other personal information in Self Service every month to ensure Home Depot is able to communicate with you when needed regarding taxes, benefits, etc. From Self Service you can:

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